15th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering
25 - 29 August 2002
Praha, Czech Republic
Bus Tours

Pilsner Brewery
The brewery is situated in the West Bohemian metropolis Pilsen (Plzen). The general term Pilsner originates from the name of the Prazdroj Brewery (Pilsner Urquell) established in 1842. Refreshment included.
Monday, 26 August, 12.30-18 h.
Price: 37 EUR

Karlovy Vary
A bus tour through the picturesque West Bohemian countryside to Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). The world-renowned spa founded in the 14th century known for its twelve thermal springs and attractive colonnades and parks. An excursion to Becher factory manufacturing the famous Czech liqueur. Lunch included.
Monday, 26 August, 8-18 h.
Price: 46 EUR

Karlstejn Castle
A half-day tour to the Karlstejn Castle 35 km southwest of Prague. The medieval fortress founded in 1348 by the great Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV as representative emperor seat and coronation jewellery treasury. Erected by Mathias of Arras.
Tuesday, 27 August, 12.30-18 h.
Price: 25 EUR

Cesky Krumlov
The old town of Cesky Krumlov charmingly situated above the meandering Vltava River in Southern Bohemia is recorded in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list. The large castle dominates more than three hundred historical buildings representing an appealing urbanesque unity. Lunch included.
Tuesday, 27 August, 8-18 h.
Price: 46 EUR

Kutna Hora
A half-day tour to Kutna Hora - the medieval town founded in the 13th century around a silver mine, 65 km east of Prague. A visit of the splendid Gothic St. Barbara Cathedral and the former Royal Mint once coined Prague silver groschen. Refreshment included.
Wednesday, 28 August, 12.30-18 h.
Price: 25 EUR

Nuclear power plant Temelin and Hluboka Castle
The first part of tour includes an excursion to the nuclear power plant at Temelin. Tour continues to the beautiful Hluboka - originally Gothic castle rebuilt in the Windsor style in the 19th century. Lunch included.
Wednesday, 28 August, 8-18 h
Price: 45 EUR

Konopiste Castle
A castle built in early French Gothic style in the 13th century and rebuilt around 1887 as a hunting chateau by the successor to the Austrian throne Ferdinand d'Este. It houses a valuable collection of weapons, hunting trophies, and works of art.
Thursday, 29 August, 12.30-18 h.
Price: 25 EUR

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