15th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering
25 - 29 August 2002
Praha, Czech Republic
General Information on Scientific Program


The CHISA Congress with all its topics and specialised symposia supports the concept of sustainable development - a concept aimed at the future of mankind. 
Convinced that chemical engineering includes, masters and creates most of the tools that play a key role in realising this concept, chemical engineers try to find the specific and most effective ways to maximise this effort. This striving includes formulation of new targets of individual branches of chemical engineering science and practice, developing new methods for achieving them, dissemination of relevant information among specialists from Europe and the whole world, and supporting young engineers in entering and understanding the profession.

Final summary and full text

Final summary and full text must be written in English and are requested from authors of all contributions. The deadline for submission of final summary and full text is 31 May 2002. 
The final summary is to be submitted if it is different from the preliminary summary. Both the final summary and full text should be prepared according to the Instructions for Authors. Please follow all instructions very carefully to conform as closely as possible with them. Regrettably, the vast majority of preliminary summaries have not complied with these instructions, therefore they had to be reedited by the Scientific Committee. In these cases, the Organisers are not responsible for possible changes ensuing from such reformatting. The preliminary summary will be used if the final summary has not been received. If the full text is not received the final summary will be used instead.

The best way for submission of final summary is using your personal Internet log-in password that enables you to upload the new summary. This is the easiest way to change the title, authors, affiliations etc. The full text should be sent preferably by e-mail to paper@chisa.cz as an attachment. Do not use fax since the quality is not acceptable for reproduction. In all correspondence please always refer to the serial number assigned to your contribution.
In July, every author will receive a letter confirming location and timing of his paper in the Final Program.

Sets of summaries with pre-prints on CD-ROM

Summaries will be clustered according to the thematic groups as five sets numbered from 1 to 5. One set is included in Congress fee; selection must be specified in the Registration Form. Among Congress materials is the CD-ROM containing full texts of all accepted lectures and posters.
Extra set of summaries and extra CD-ROM may be purchased at the Congress Office at a price of 10 EUR/each and 20 EUR/each, respectively. The sets and CD-ROMs can also be ordered after the Congress by contacting the Organising Committee.
Set 1 - Reaction engineering (Reaction engineering, catalysis and kinetics; Cyclic operation of trickle bed reactors)
Set 2 - Separation processes (Distillation and absorption; Phase equilibrium and fluid properties; Symposium on supercritical fluids; Extraction; Membrane processes; Adsorption and ion exchange; Symposium on micro- and mesoporous materials)
Set 3 - Fluid flow and multiphase systems (Fluid flow; Mixing; Fluidisation; Symposium on transient multiphase flows; Mixing of suspensions; Filtration; Particulate solids)
Set 4 - System engineering (Computer aided process engineering; PRES Conference; Heat transfer processes)
Set 5 - Systems and technology (Symposium on environmental engineering and management; Symposium on process safety; Food processing and technology; Chemical technology for sustainable future; Chemical engineering education)

Hard copies of full texts

Full texts of individual papers may be purchased at the Congress as a printout from the CD-ROM at a price 0.15 EUR/page.

Publication policy

No formal proceedings will be published excepting the pre-prints on CD-ROM. Therefore, authors are free to publish their papers at will after the Congress. Selected papers from PRES 2002 will be published in international journals Applied Thermal Engineering, Heat Transfer Engineering, Journal of Cleaner Production and Resources, Conservation and Recycling.

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