15th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering
25 - 29 August 2002
Praha, Czech Republic

You are cordially invited to attend the 15th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering CHISA 2002 to be held in Prague on 25 - 29 August 2002. Please pass this invitation and information to all of your colleagues who might be interested in attending the Congress.

Congresses CHISA – 40 years of promoting international co-operation

In 2002, the CHISA jubilee Congress celebrates its 40th anniversary. The series of International Congresses CHISA taking place in the centre of Europe started in 1962 in Brno, Czech Republic, then continued in Mariánské Lázně, and since 1972 the Congresses have been held in Prague. However, it is worth mentioning that the logo was used for the national event as early as 1956. The word CHISA originates from the Czech acronym for "Chemical Engineering, Chemical Equipment Design and Automation" and later became a "trade mark" for large meetings traditionally devoted to the entire area of chemical and process engineering topics, covering science, research, development and industrial practice.
From the very beginning, CHISA Congresses have emphasised especially East-West-European and later pan-European contacts. Nevertheless, the stepwise development during the last decade testifies a much larger broadening of geographical horizons. This is evidenced by a permanent increase of participation from both the American subcontinents and from the Mediterranean Basin, the Near East, and Asian-Pacific regions. All these facts are transforming the one-time European Congresses into an event of world importance which is of interest for chemical and process engineers.
More than 1250 papers to be presented have been submitted so far and over 1000 participants from more than 60 countries are expected to attend. Seven plenary speakers and fifty keynote lecturers have been invited to deliver their presentations at this year's Congress.

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