15th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering
25 - 29 August 2002
Praha, Czech Republic
Exhibition MARCHES 2002

MARCHES 2002 - the MARket of CHemical Engineering and Services will take place in the premises of the CHISA 2002 Congress. Standard Exhibition booths of 5 m2 floor area will be available for business negotiations and demonstration purposes. A Catalogue of Exhibitors will be distributed to all Congress participants. The price for the renting of a booth, including the Registration Fee for one person, is 970 EUR and should be indicated in the Registration Form when registering. 

An interest in the exhibition should be sent to org@chisa.cz soon, but preferably not later than 15 July 2002

A schematic drawing of an Exhibition booth is shown on Fig.1. The back wall of the Exhibition booth is 2.8 m long and comprises of two poster panels on which promotional material can be pinned up (adhesive tape should not be used). The booth is bounded on the sides by railings 1 m high, filled with cloth. The booth has a floor area of 2.8 x 1.8 m (approx. 5 m2). In the upper part of the poster panels the name of the company/institute should be clearly shown. Lettering at least 6 or 8 cm high should be used. If the exhibiting company cannot provide the company's inscription for the panels, this will be arranged by the CHISA Congress Organising Committee on request.

The booth will be equipped with a table (tables), chairs and an electric supply of 220 V. No other special outfit is offered. If special outfit is required, please contact the CHISA Congress Organising Committee and specify your request. However, the Organisers have relatively limited possibilities in this case.

The Organisers of the Exhibition are not making any special arrangements for catering services or arrangements concerning customs procedures. Please enquire at your countries customs authorities what arrangements have to be made to enable import and export of exhibits in and out of the Czech Republic free of duty. The best solution is to bring all exhibits by car. If you want to send any consignments in advance, please do not send them to the address of the University (there is no storage place) but contact the CHISA Congress Organising Committee.

The floor layout of the Exhibition is shown on Fig.2. The exhibition will be situated in the central hall of the Congress building. Booths 1 to 12 face directly into the corridors through which all the participants will be passing when going to the lecture halls on the 1st floor. Booths 13 to 22 are facing the coffee and poster area. It is thus ensured that all the booths are in the centre of traffic of the Congress participants.

The exhibition booths will be erected by Monday morning, 26 August 2002 when installation can begin. Please note that the Congress is also starting on Monday so that there will be many people in the corridors. Please excuse this inconvenience. The Exhibition will be open on Tuesday 9.00 - 17.00, Wednesday 9.00 - 17.00 and Thursday 9.00 - 13.00 when dismantling can start. Surveillance of the exhibits during closing hours will be arranged but since the Exhibition is on the corridors it cannot be locked up during night hours. Therefore very valuable instruments (not computers) should be deposited in a special room and other valuable exhibits should be covered by a cloth. 

The Exhibition Catalogue will be included in Set 6 of the Summaries, which will be handed out to all participants. 

Instructions for the writing of the text for the Catalogue:
Every exhibiting institute/company can include a one-page text in the Catalogue. The text should be sent preferably by e-mail to org@chisa.cz before 20 July at the latest. Preferably use the Microsoft Word text editor but Postscript (type 1 font), RTF or PDF formats will be accepted. The text should correspond to one page of A4 format. For the Catalogue the page will be reduced to A5 format and so the lettering of the manuscript should be sufficiently large but not smaller than 12 pt. The heading of the page should include the name of the company/institute with address and contacts and possibly also the logo. Any text or figures can be located in the area available. If possible avoid photographs because their quality decreases with reproduction. Coloured parts will be reproduced as black and white.

Fig.1 Schematic drawing of an Exhibition booth

Fig.2 Floor layout of Exhibition MARCHES 2002

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