22-26 August 2004, Prague - Czech Republic
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SessionTopicAuthor TeamTitleCountry
0001 F2 3 Askarova*, Lavrishcheva Application of plasma system in the process of low-grade coals burning for optimization of combustion process in fire-chambers KZ
0003 F2 3 Askarova*, Lavrishcheva, Loktionova The modeling of physical-chemical technological process in the fire chambers equipped by swirl burners KZ
0004 G2 6 Jang*, Chu, Che A combined global/local control system robust to model inaccuracy TW
0006 I8 11 Ghaheri* Removal of persistent organic pollutants in petrochemical wastewaters of Iran IR
0007 A4 1 Al-Hammad, Moustafa*, Lin A simplified method of modeling the fluidized-bed reactor SA
0008 I7 11 Neyens*, Baeyens, Dewil, De heyder Fenton peroxidation influences the drying performance of waste activated sludge BE
0009 I7 11 Neyens, Baeyens*, Weemaes The use of ultrasound techniques in wastewater treatment BE
0010 J5 19 Gerrard*, Misiaczek, Paca, Rossi Measuring adsorption mass transfer coefficients in sterile biofilter beds UK
0011 P3 2 Laredo-Sanchez*, Lopez-Cisneros, Alvarez-Ramirez, Cano-Dominguez Naphthenic acids, total acid number and sulfur content profile characterization in Isthmus and Maya crude oils MX
0012 P7 19 Laredo-Sanchez*, Lopez-Cisneros, Alvarez-Ramirez, Castillo-Munguia, Cano-Dominguez Naphthenic acids identification and other corrosiveness related characteristics in crude oil and vacuum gas oils from a Mexican refinery MX
0013 P3 5 Pazuki*, Taghikhani, Ghotbi Correlation of the activity coefficients and the solubilities of amino acids in aqueous solutions using the local composition based models IR
0014 P3 5 Pazuki*, Dashtizadeh Correlation of the mean ionic activity coefficients of electrolytes in aqueous solutions using modified Pitzer equation IR
0016 P3 2 Hamachi*, Mouhab Assessment of critical deposit thickness in crossflow microfiltration of particle suspension FR
0017 P3 5 Pazuki*, Jahanshahi A simple model for estimation of the critical property of alkanes IR
0018 P3 5 Kerouani*, Hab el Homs, Chelali Thermodynamic studies of organic solvent electrolyte mixtures for electrochemical devices DZ
0019 P3 5 Pazuki* Correlation of the osomotic coefficients of electrolyte solutions with the mean spherical approximation (MSA) IR
0020 C4 3 Schildermans*, Baeyens Pulse jet cleaning of rigid filters in gas applications - Experimental investigation and process modelling BE
0022 D5 2 Spasic*, Babic, Marinko, Djokovic, Mitrovic, Krstic Classification of rigid and deformable interfaces in finely dispersed systems: Micro-, Nano-, and Atto-Engineering YU
0023 P5 7 Kamel, Ait-Amar*, Yfsah, Telmoun Comparison of leaching in static mode of simulated inert matrix fuel containing zirconium stabilized by various lanthanides DZ
0024 F6 7 du Plessis* Equivalent surface area of a packed bed ZA
0025 P5 6 Gouveia*, Maciel Filho Expert system development for aid in the bioprocesses design and operation BR
0026 C6 2 Schildermans*, Baeyens, Vanhoutte, Ghesquiere Innovative microfiltration using sintered metal membranes BE
0027 P3 5 Nikookar, Pazuki*, Pahlevanzadeh Measurement and modeling of solubility of CO2 in organic solvents in low temperature range IR
0028 P1 1 Rodriguez, Garcia-Calvo, Fernandez-Alba, Gonzalez*, Prados Mineralization of persistent organic compounds with O3/H2O2 ES
0029 P1 1 Sallam, El-Refai, El-Zanati*, Allam, Shafei, El-Ardi Modeling and simulation of batch acetone-butanol fermentation with immobilized cells of Clostridium acetobutylicum EG
0030 P5 4 Bartoszewicz*, Boguslawski Numerical analysis of fluid flow in heat exchanger with change of main flow direction PL
0031 P5 3 Bouzid, Dizene* Numerical study of different turbulence models applied to compressible flow through a nozzle DZ
0032 J3 19 Yefremova*, Kolesnikov Shungite filler of composite materials KZ
0033 P3 2 Agoudjil*, Kermadi, Larbot Textural study of inorganic porous membrane DZ
0034 F2 3 Vandenwalle*, Degreve, Baeyens The influence of the core-annulus flow of dilute CFB risers on the residence time distribution of the solid and gas phase BE
0035 J7 19 Yefremov, Nauryzbaev*, Yefremova The technology of obtaining of carbon-quartzite briquettes for thermal-electric processes and carbon-mineral sorbents KZ
0036 D5 2 Spasic*, Lazarevic Theory of electroviscoelasticity: fractional approach YU
0037 P3 2 Chemat*, Ait-Amar, Lagha, Bartels, Chemat Ultrasound-assisted extraction of carvone and limonene from caraway seeds DZ
0038 P3 5 Kato*, Kodama, Shinobu, Miyakoshi Vapor-liquid equilibria for binary systems containing limonene with ethanol or 1-propanol JP
0039 P3 5 Kato*, Kodama Vapor-liquid equilibrium of ferrocene or 1,4-dihydroxybenzene in methanol or ethanol JP
0040 P5 3 Is’emin, Kuzmin, Budkova*, Michalev, Kondukov, Kalinin The influence of gas distribution grid on low-grade solid fuels combustion at the fluidized bed RU
0041 P5 4 Vandenwalle*, Baeyens, Smolders Heat transfer from the wall of a CFB-riser to the flowing gas-solid suspension BE
0042 P3 5 Pazuki*, Dashtizadeh, Rohani Modeling of the activity coefficients of electrolytes in aqueous amino acids systems IR
0043 P3 5 Mohseni Ahooie, Pazuki*, Pahlevanzadeh Extension of UNIQUAC-NRF model to study the phase behavior of NH3-CO2-H2O system IR
0045 P1 1 Alimardanov*, Tahirova, Veliyeva Kinetical regularities and mechanism of reaction of dehydroalkylation of cyclohexane hydrocarbons with methanol on modified H-ZSM-5 AZ
0046 P1 1 Akhundov, Alimardanov*, Veliyeva Modelling of the oxidative dehydrogenation of alciyclic hydrocarbons to dienes AZ
0047 P5 3 Moussous*, Bensmailli Hydrodynamic characterization of viscous solutions through RTD method in a stirred tank reactor DZ
0048 P3 5 Resa*, Gonzalez, Concha, Goenaga, Iglesias Enthalpies of mixing, heat capacities and thermodynamic properties of alkyl acetates + corn oil at 298.15 K ES
0049 P3 5 Resa*, Gonzalez, Goenaga, Concha, Iglesias Influence of temperature on ultrasonic velocity measurements of ethanol + water + ethyl acetate mixtures ES
0050 P5 7 Hsu*, Chuang Deposition of charge-regulated particles to a planar charged surface TW
0051 D6 2 Meindersma*, Podt, Klaren, de Haan Selection of ionic liquids for the extraction of aromatic hydrocarbons from aromatic/aliphatic mixtures NL
0052 P5 3 Boyarintsev*, Lednev, Savin, Savina Vortex rings propagation in homogeneous and stratified mediums RU
0053 P7 19 Mrozinski*, Kikiewicz Power consumption in disc refiners PL
0054 P7 19 Kalwaj, Mrozinski* Problems of the heat in the hammer mill for cereal grains PL
0055 B7 14 Hives*, Thonstad Electrical conductivity of low-melting electrolytes SK
0056 P1 1 Trejo, Ancheyta* A kinetic study of hydrocracking of asphaltenes MX
0058 P3 2 Tseng*, Jiang Distributions of electrical potential and ionic species in lipid structures TW
0059 G7 4 Jafari Nasr*, Tahmasebi Application of heat transfer enhancement on vertical thermosyphon reboilers using tube inserts IR
0061 E4 3 Sha*, Laari, Turunen Implementation of population balance into multiphase-model in CFD simulation for bubble column FI
0062 P3 5 Krechetova*, Kagan, Shpilrain Thermodynamic analysis of stability of the binary liquid-metal solution as a homogeneous single-phase system RU
0063 P5 6 Lopashov, Volynsky*, Kolesnikov, Tsymbalenko Automated control system of nickel hydroxide precipitation RU
0064 A7 1 Lambert*, Ferauche, Brasseur, Pirard, Heinrichs Pd-Ag/SiO2 and Pd-Cu/SiO2 cogelled xerogel catalysts for selective hydrodechlorination of 1,2-dichloroethane into ethylene BE
0065 A8 1 Galiasso T.* Sequential hydroprocessing (SHP) for diesel upgrading VE
0066 P5 6 Gasanov, Bogatov*, Kasimov, Mamedov Measurement of expenditure and moisture content of oil on long distance pipe lines with application of the personal computer AZ
0067 G1 6 Kasimov, Mamedov, Bogatov*, Gusejnov Software packages for simulation and optimization chemical-technological processes AZ
0068 C4 2 Benli-Gonul*, Ozcan The relation between the surfactant concentration and the surface charge of clay minerals during vacuum and pressure filtration TR
0069 F1 3 Nienow*, Bujalski The versatility of up-pumping hydrofoil agitators UK
0070 C1 2 Jelinek* Revamp of C3-splitter for higher capacity and product purity CZ
0071 J7 19 Hosseini*, Abedinzadegan, Hesam, Vahidi, Seyed Matin Development of novel hybrid solutions for natural gas processing IR
0073 P1 1 Malik*, Stefuca, Bales Immobilization, mass transfer, and kinetics of carboxylesterase in a flow calorimeter SK
0074 P1 1 Pozdnyakova*, Rodakiewicz-Nowak, Turkovskaya Peculiar catalytic properties of the yellow laccase from the fungus Pleurotus ostreatus D1 RU
0075 F6 7 Bardesley, Bridgwater* Phase migration in pastes and gels - a fundamentally based method of assessment UK
0076 B4 8 Savelski*, Dahm, Farrell, Hesketh Process Simulators in the ChE curriculum US
0077 B4 8 Savelski* A new chemical engineering senior elective course: principles of food engneering US
0078 P1 8 Savelski*, Dahm, Farrell, Hesketh Non-traditional laboratory experiments: olive oil manufacturing and testing US
0079 P5 4 Zake, Barmina, Turlajs, Ramata, Meijere* Experimental study of the electric field-enhanced heat transfer from swirling combustion LV
0081 P1 8 Savelski*, Farrell Guilt-free chocolate: introducing freshmen to chemical engineering US
0082 D7 15 Chemkhi*, Zagrouba, Jomaa, Puiggali, Bellagi Thermodynamic study of moisture sorption/desorption in clay TN
0083 E6 3 Ausner*, Hoffmann, Repke, Wozny Flow measurements of film flows down flat and structured inclines DE
0084 A1 1 Fernandes*, Lona Multizone circulating reactor modeling for gas-phase polymerization BR
0086 P7 11 Kieszkowski*, Nakonieczny Some results of implementation of Cleaner Production methods into plating shops PL
0087 B7 14 Hives*, Ambrova, Fellner Behaviour of sulphur in aluminium cells - electrochemical reactions SK
0088 A7 1 Vogelaar*, van Langeveld, Eijsbouts, Moulijn How do HDS catalysts work? New insights in reaction mechanism and active phase using quasi in-situ FTIR NL
0089 A8 1 Haringa* Intensified ring hydrogenation processes CH
0090 A4 1 Pohorecki*, Moniuk, Molga Numerical simulations of non-isothermal gas absorption with an exothermic reaction PL
0091 P1 1 Gawdzik, Gajda, Dziwlk, Wlodarczyk*, Mederski, Sofronkov Kinetics of decomposition of H2O2 over oxides of f-metals PL
0092 P3 15 Kokunov*, Gorbunova, Detkov The polymer tin(II) oxalates with nitrogen-containing counter-ion RU
0093 A4 1 Valdes Parada*, Ochoa Tapia An approximate solution for a transient two phase-CSTR with non-linear kinetics MX
0094 C1 2 Thiele*, Repke, Faber, Thielert, Wozny Desorption under vacuum in packed towers of H2S-NH3-CO2-solutions containing sodium hydroxide DE
0095 C8 2 Venter*, Kuipers, de Haan Gas assisted mechanical extraction of cocoa butter from cocoa nibs NL
0096 P7 19 Sirotina, Pavlicheva, Vasilenko* Data base “Mendeleyev University for Russian economy” RU
0097 D8 15 Wu, Lu* Highly porous tin oxide nanowires TW
0098 P3 5 Mohseni Ahooie, Pazuki*, Pahlevanzadeh Measurement and modeling of solubility of CO2 in ammonia aqueous solution at low temperature IR
0099 H4 10 Chemkhi*, Zagrouba, Jomaa, Puiggali, Bellagi Drying of clay: modeling of the thermo-hydro-viscoelastic behavior and experiments TN
0100 J5 19 Rostami*, Khodaie, Rashtchiyan Some studies on nitrification of Shiraz petrochemical wastewater IR
0101 P7 12 Abdelbaki*, Bouzid, Bouali, Gaceb Statistical approach to the analysis of the strength of pipes used in gazoducs DZ
0102 P7 19 Sarrafzadeh*, Navarro, Ghommidh Study of oxygen effects on sporulation of Bacillus thuringiensis by dielectric measurements FR
0103 P5 6 Cvetkovic*, Barac Terming a logistic system by means of Petri's networks YU
0104 P1 1 Garona, Erena*, Arandes, Aguayo, Bilbao Effect of the operating conditions on the synthesis of dimethyl ether over CuO-ZnO-Al2O3/gamma-Al2O3 bifunctional catalysts ES
0105 P1 1 Arandes, Erena*, Azkoiti, Torre, Bilbao Valorization of polystyrene-butadiene/light cycle oil blends over HY zeolites ES
0106 P3 15 Gherbi*, Boucenna, Bakha Adsorption of carbon monoxide, nicotine and tar compounds on zeolites DZ
0107 P5 4 Rolland* Thermal-hydraulic behaviour of Liquefin, LNG process using multiple exchangers in parallel, in case of natural gas feed loss FR
0108 A2 1 Rodrigues*, Lona, Franco Study of dextran enzymatic synthesis using maltose as acceptor: yield and molecular weight BR
0109 G3 6 Rodrigues*, Lona, Franco Factorial design and simulation of panose production: dextransucrase acceptor reaction BR
0111 P5 6 Cormos*, Agachi Modeling and simulation of sodium beta-alaninate synthesis: comparison between commercial softwares RO
0112 C5 2 Belhamel*, Benamor, Ludwig Nickel ion-selective PVC membrane electrode based on new t-octyl calix[6]arene derivative DZ
0113 B7 14 Bergmann* Photovoltaics and electrochemistry - problems in development and design of disinfection apparatuses DE
0114 P1 14 Bergmann* Products and by-products in the electrolysis of drinking water with very low chloride concentration DE
0115 P1 1 Tishin, Kozlov, Rudakova, Belousov*, Safonov Aromatic amines synthesis on cellular high-porous catalysts RU
0116 P5 7 Gmachowski* The kinetics of aggregated system separation as dependent on primary particle size PL
0118 P5 6 Cormos*, Agachi Modeling and simulation of pantolactone extraction process RO
0119 G8 4 Timoumi, Mihoubi*, Zagrouba Drying of apple and carrot: modeling and simulation of physical phenomena TN
0120 G8 4 Timoumi, Mihoubi*, Zagrouba Water sorption, infrared drying kinetics and shrinkage of apple and carrot TN
0121 G8 4 Timoumi, Mihoubi*, Zagrouba Infrared drying of apple slices: Water sorption proprieties, kinetics and quality changes TN
0122 J3 19 Talaat*, Sorour, Abulnour, Shaarawy Prospectives for preparation of activated carbon from Maghara coal EG
0124 I1 17 Chemkhi*, Zagrouba, Bellagi Evolution of the density and the rheological behaviour of potato during convective drying TN
0125 P5 10 Chemkhi*, Zagrouba, Bellagi Thermal study and evaluation of a flat-plate solar collector performance TN
0126 H4 10 Khiari*, Ben Mabrouk, Sassi Experimental and numerical study of a solar convective tunnel drier FR
0127 P5 3 Terasaka*, Inoue, Kakizaki, Niwa Interfacial area and rising velocity of single bubble measured 3-dimensionally using laser sensors JP
0128 P5 10 Khiari*, Marias, Zagrouba, Vaxelaire Numerical survey of incineration mechanisms and products in a sewage sludge fluidized bed combustor FR
0129 P5 10 Khiari*, Ben Mabrouk Financial investigation of solar plants at low temperature FR
0130 P3 2 Fieg, Gruetzmann* Development of an automatic procedure for startup operations of industrial distillation columns DE
0131 C1 2 Fieg, Kapala, Gruetzmann* Multivessel batch distillation: experimental investigations with respect to industrial applications DE
0132 P5 7 Elajnaf*, Carter, Rowley, Lough Electrostatic characterisation of inhaled particulate solids UK
0133 P1 1 Gentsler*, Simagina, Stoyanova, Tayban, Netskina, Tsybulya, Kryukova Catalytic hydrodechlorination of chlorobenzene and hexachlorobenzene on carbon supported bimetallic catalysts RU
0134 C4 2 Mihoubi*, Vaxelaire, Zagrouba, Bellagi Mechanical dewatering of residual sludge: Mathematical model and numerical simulation TN
0135 P5 10 Alferov, Usanov, Misnikov, Sulman* Peat-mineral compositions as a novel product based upon biofuel RU
0136 E7 3 Leong* Principles of particle bridging by small molecules - structure and configuration AU
0137 H4 10 Mihoubi*, Vaxelaire, Zagrouba, Bellagi Thermal dewatering of residual sludge: modeling and simulation TN
0138 F5 7 Herold*, Sommer Determination of the stress distribution in a specially instrumented roll press during powder compaction DE
0140 I1 17 Sun*, Wang Development of a mathematical model for vacuum cooling of cooked meats IE
0141 G7 4 Zitny*, Thyn Axial dispersion model in finite element analysis of heat and mass transfer in pipes CZ
0142 C1 2 Cesur, Kucukkural* Comparing different batch distillation column configurations: conventional, inverse, with a middle vessel and multivessel TR
0144 P1 20 Andreev*, Makarshin, Parmon Decomposition of methanol in the microreactor with direct resistance heating and a monolithic copper catalyst RU
0145 P1 20 Andreev*, Makarshin, Parmon Direct resistance heating of copper catalyst in microreactor: features in the reaction of methanol decomposition RU
0146 D5 2 Steinmetz*, Bart Droplet hydrodynamics in a Kühni-miniplant extraction column DE
0147 P5 7 Heim, Olejnik*, Pawlak Effect of the number of grinding media contact points on ceramic body grinding rate PL
0148 P7 11 Zake, Barmina, Turlajs, Ramata, Meijere* Greenhouse gas mitigation from the swirling combustion LV
0149 I2 17 Houska*, Strohalm, Kocurova, Totusek, Triska, Vrchotova, Gabrovska, Paulickova High pressure and foods CZ
0150 P5 6 Berezowski*, Smula, Kurpas Influence of chosen working parameters of the tubular chemical reactor with mass recirculation on fractal dimension of dynamical solutions of system PL
0151 C6 2 Kargari, Kaghazchi*, Soleimani Mass transfer investigation of liquid membrane transport of gold (III) by methyl iso-butyl ketone mobile carrier IR
0152 I4 18 Sarbak*, Szczypior Model studies of odour removal and decolorization on modified activated carbon PL
0153 A5 1 Sohrabi*, Zareikar Modeling and application of the continuous two impinging streams reactors in heterogeneous liquid-liquid reactions IR
0156 G4 6 Sassu*, Leoni, Erby, Delitala, Baratti, Melis Reaction oriented characterization of aromatic in diesel fuels by deconvolution of HPLC-RI profiles IT
0157 J1 12 Saeger*, Steinbach Safety aspects of the scale-up of an organic peroxide synthesis DE
0158 C5 2 Law*, Mohamad Salicylic acid by electrodialysis MY
0159 P7 11 Nagorniy*, Nemets Sand and water made products - a new greenpeace technology UA
0160 F5 7 van der Lans* Segregation of particulate solids with different densities DK
0161 E7 3 Darton*, Bain, Breward The investigation of liquid flows with surface tension gradients UK
0162 J1 12 Bundschuh*, Krocker, Steinbach Thermokinetic evaluation of an esterification reaction in semibatch mode DE
0164 D6 2 Prochazka*, Heyberger, Volaufova Diluent effects in amine extraction of sulfuric acid CZ
0165 P7 17 Hruskova*, Svec, Jirsa Correlation between milling and baking parameters of wheat varieties CZ
0166 P3 2 Ogurtsov*, Waldberg Precipitation of mist drops in high-speed fibrous filters RU
0167 P5 4 Kavicka*, Stetina, Sekanina, Ramik, Heger Simulation of heat transfer under air-water cooling jets CZ
0168 P3 2 Danilov*, Moon A model for estimating liquid hold-up in counter-current packed columns KR
0169 A6 1 Yeow, Wickramasinghe*, Han, Leong A new method of processing the time-concentration data of reaction kinetics AU
0170 J2 12 Flores* Behavior of the relief systems and hydrogen-fueled flares installed on the hydrotreating or hydrodesulphurization plants in the petroleum industry MX
0171 G8 4 Boss, Koroishi*, Maciel Filho Freeze drying process: aplication for orange juice BR
0172 A7 1 Steiner*, Mantle, Dummer, Hutchings, Gladden Investigating the role of pore structure and hydroxyl characteristics on selectivity in enantioselective hydrogenation reactions UK
0173 H4 10 Nikzat*, Suenaga, Kubota, Deguchi, Watanabe, Kobayashi, Hasatani Microwave-enhanced adsorption heat pump JP
0174 A8 1 Vafadjoo*, Sohrabi Optimization of direct conversion of methane to methanol in a catalytic fixed bed reactor IR
0175 G8 4 Borisova, Chub*, Matveev, Klenov, Noskov Research of mass-transfer in fibrous sorption-active materials RU
0179 A7 1 Tavasoli*, Karimi, Mortazavi, Khodadadi, Sadagiani, Mousavian Comparison the effects of ruthenium and rhenium on characterization and catalytic properties of cobalt catalyst in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis IR
0180 P7 17 Kadlec*, Dostalova, Houska, Strohalm, Culkova, Hinkova, Starhova High pressure treatment of germinated chickpea seeds CZ
0181 P7 17 Kadlec*, Skulinova, Dostalova, Valentova, Hinkova, Hoke, Kyhos, Bubnik, Houska Vacuum microwave drying of germinated pea seeds CZ
0182 I2 17 Hoffman* Visualisation of a boiling process in a plate evaporator CZ
0183 P1 9 Kasperczyk*, Bartelmus The application of trickle-bed reactors for the biopurification of air from volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) PL
0184 P3 2 Smidova*, Mikulasek The influence of ionic strength on microfiltration of anatase dispersion CZ
0185 F5 7 Kuo*, Hsiao Lateral transportation in a rotating drum TW
0186 E4 13 Wiemann*, Mewes Numerical calculation of backmixing and mass transfer in bubble columns DE
0187 P7 19 Paca, Jr.*, Paca, Kosteckova, Stiborova Aerobic phenol degradation by immobilized mixed microbial population in flow reactors CZ
0188 H2 10 Kronberger*, Luisser, Hofbauer Analysis of a power plant concept with inherent separation of CO2 – chemical-looping combustion AT
0190 P7 19 Mikulic*, Nenadovic Mikulic Assessment of the systems performances of naphthalene intermediates conversion as the multipurposes multibatch chemical processes YU
0191 P7 9 Nenadovic Mikulic, Mikulic* Improvements and modeling of the rheological properties of the different bitumen’s with polymers and tensides YU
0192 P1 1 Berezowski*, Grabski, Bodzek Nonlinear dynamics of heterogeneous and homogeneous tubular chemical reactors with heat feedback by external double-pipe heat exchanger PL
0193 A7 1 Lakina, Sulman*, Matveeva, Sidorov, Valetsky, Tsvetkova, Bronstein Pt-containing polymeric catalytic systems in direct L-corbose oxidation to 2-keto-L-gulonic acid RU
0195 P3 2 Mikulasek*, Kusnierik Separation of aqueous dye-salt solutions by nanofiltration: experimental observations and analysis of negative salt rejection CZ
0196 H2 10 Tan, Khoo* Use of LCA to investigate the environmental impact of carbon sequestration in the ocean SG
0197 P7 17 Usatikov, Shazzo, Borovsky, Tivkov* Bulk of the grain as an active media with heat and moisture transfer and gaseous exchange in the storage process RU
0198 G6 4 Klaesson, Assadi*, Savic, Ferrari High fogging systems, advantages and drawbacks of cold and hot water injection SE
0199 D8 15 Zaleski*, Wawryszczuk, Borowka MCM-41 template removal studied by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy PL
0200 E5 3 Matveev*, Koptyug, Khanaev, Barysheva, Borisova, Chub, Klenov, Noskov NMR studies of liquid, gas and solid particles flow in catalysis RU
0201 P7 17 Prihoda, Peroutkova* An effect of potassium iodate on the properties of wheat dough and products with a rich fat-sugar formula CZ
0202 P7 19 Istomina*, Bobrov, Grenberg Analog formation of vapor-phase process of alcoholates hydrolysis for oxides powders production RU
0203 P1 8 Menshikov, Bobrov*, Biryukov Creation of vocational training systems for innovation project realization RU
0204 P5 1 Iranshahi, Hakimelahi, Sotudeh-Gharebagh*, Mostoufi, Sarrafzadeh Simulation of a laminar flow reactor for catalytic conversion of starch IR
0205 P1 1 Sabiri*, Zanati, Hadjiev, Bourseau Mixing in bioflow bioreactor under aerated conditions FR
0206 P5 6 Jensa*, Polunin, Kostutchenko, Petropavlovskiy, Koltsova Information system for extrusion forming process of catalyst pastes RU
0207 P5 6 Abasheva*, Sigaev, Koltsova Cellular automata for simulation of nanostructured glasses RU
0208 P3 2 Karpunina*, Silos, Lieb, Koltsova, Kind Investigation and simulation of the secondary nucleation’s mechanism in a FC-Crystallizer RU
0209 P3 5 Mulero*, Galan, Cachadina, Cuadros A new model for the calculation of the surface tension of non-polar fluids based on molecular parameters ES
0210 P3 5 Cachadina, Mulero*, Cuadros Fit of excess enthalpies of binary mixtures when one endothermic-exothermic change occurs in the mixing process ES
0211 P7 17 Svec*, Hruskova Change of wheat dough fermentograph characteristics by influence of formula ingredients CZ
0212 C8 16 Zizovic, Stamenic, Orlovic*, Skala Mathematical modelling of lamiaceae family extraction by supercritical carbon dioxide YU
0213 P3 5 Mulero*, Cachadina, Cuadros Normal boiling density for non-polar fluids from correlations ES
0214 P3 5 Mulero*, Roman, Cuadros Saturation properties from simple modifications of the van der Waals and Dieterici equations of state ES
0215 P5 3 Ibjatov*, Akhmadiev, Kholpanov, Fazilzyanov Calculation of the process of an inspissation of suspensions on rotary permeable surfaces RU
0216 P5 10 Je¿owski*, Bochenek, Ziomek, Jezowska A robust random search optimization algorithm for nonlinear problems PL
0217 H6 10 Bochenek, Je¿owski* Heat exchanger network retrofit by genetic algorithms PL
0218 G8 4 Boss*, Maciel Filho, Toledo Optimisation development for freeze drying process BR
0219 P7 11 Gruber, Puncochar* Recovery of palladium from multimetallic solutions produced by leaching of electrotechnical wastes CZ
0220 J2 11 Jabbour*, Rault-Doumax, Dandrieux, Dusserre Development of a crisis management model to predict concentration after a chemical spill into river FR
0221 G4 6 Sefcik*, Bonanomi, Morari, Morbidelli Reachability analysis and control of turbulent coagulators CH
0222 P3 2 Cambiella*, Benito, Pazos, Coca Prados Efficiency of centrifugal separation in the treatment of waste emulsified oils ES
0223 P1 1 Perez-Herranz, Guinon*, Garcia-Anton, Reyes, Sanchez-Vilches, Mestre Regeneration of etching solutions using electrochemical reactors provided with porous ceramic diaphragms ES
0224 A7 1 Khosravi, Ashrafizadeh*, Feyzi A study on the effect of various promoters on the characteristics of Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalyst IR
0225 P7 11 Koyanaka*, Endoh, Matsuda Advanced impact-grinding system for the recycling of scrap electronics JP
0226 H5 10 Jegla* Conceptual design of radiant chamber and preliminary optimisation of process tubular furnace CZ
0227 B7 14 Ye*, Rihko-Struckmann, Munder, Sundmacher Conversion and selectivity behaviour of an electrochemical membrane process DE
0228 B5 14 Szpyrkowicz* Effect of stirring on the performance of electro-coagulation and electro-flotation for the removal of dyes from textile wastewater IT
0229 P1 14 Orynbekova*, Mendaliyeva Electric oxidation of Mo in solutions of diverse composition KZ
0231 P1 1 Larruy, Font, Fortuny, Stuber, Fabregat, Bengoa* Elimination of aromatic compounds by abiotic oxidation at low temperature ES
0232 P7 17 Branyik*, Vicente, Kuncova, Podrazky, Teixeira Kinetics of brewing yeast accumulation on the surface of spent grains: A biocatalyst for brewing application PT
0233 P7 11 Kumar*, Singhal, Rai Lysimeteric treatment approach for pulp and paper mill effluent using column height as a variant IN
0234 C6 2 Savolainen*, Keskinen, Kallas Modeling of multicomponent gas and vapor permeation through rubbery membranes FI
0235 G6 4 Tellez*, Young, Svrcek Multivariable control rules for heat-integrated plants CA
0236 P7 17 Iciek*, Wawro, Gruska Pulsed electric field as an alternative processing of beet roots before extraction PL
0237 P7 9 Fernandez, Cambiella*, Benito, Pazos, Coca Prados, Ruiz, Rios Stability of oil-in-water emulsions used in an industrial copper rolling process ES
0239 C8 16 Balachandran*, Mawson, Kentish The supercritical extraction of gingerol from fresh ginger: experiments and modeling AU
0240 G6 4 Repic*, Mladenovic, Dakic Trial testing of lime baking by pulverized coal in real conditions of a lime-kiln furnace YU
0241 P1 14 Grigoriev*, Baranov, Kalinnikov, Borisova, Fateev Water balance of PEM fuel cell: model and experiment RU
0242 P1 1 Lavric* Optimizing the fed-batch chemical reactor for the polyethylene pyrolysis RO
0243 P5 10 Lavric*, Weyten, De Ruyck, Plesu, Lavric Modeling SCWO with Aspen RO
0244 P7 11 Kobylin*, Salminen, Ojala, Liukkonen Multiphase thermodynamics for CO2 in environmental and industrial applications in aqueous media FI
0245 P5 3 Jinescu, Lavric*, Vasilescu, Benga A new inner circulating fluidized bed drying concept for controlled particle removal RO
0246 F4 10 Lavric, Iancu*, Plesu, Ivanescu Fresh water savings through genetic algorithm optimization RO
0247 P1 1 Vacaru, Salageanu, Lavric* Neural networks applied to the cultivation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a large-scale bioreactor to optimize a bacterial immunomodulator production RO
0248 J6 19 Barta*, Paca, Bajpai, Schmauder Aerobic biodegradation of nitroaromatics in aqueous solution by a mixed culture in batch and continuous systems CZ
0249 J6 19 Kosteckova*, Pronayova, Paca, Jr., Paca, Kozliak Aerobic biodegradation of nitrophenols in aqueous solution by a mixed culture CZ
0250 P5 6 Lavric*, Raducan, Woinaroschy Batch reactor optimal control using genetic algorithm RO
0251 J5 19 Cermakova*, Paca, Auria, Soccol Biofiltration of toluene, ethanol, and hexane by a compost bed biofilter CZ
0252 P1 1 Lavric*, Ofiteru, Woinaroschy Step versus impulse feeding of a fed batch animal cell bioreactor RO
0253 H8 10 Lavric*, Weyten, De Ruyck, Plesu, Lavric Chemical reactors energy integration applied to SCWO RO
0254 P1 1 Gasanova, Mustafaeva, Nagieva, Abbasov, Terner, Nagiev* Selective oxidation of ethanol with hydrogen peroxide over iron porphyrin catalysts AZ
0255 P5 6 Aboltins*, Morozovs, Zukova Mathematical modelling for acetic anhydride diffusion in solid wood LV
0256 I1 17 Hejlova*, Blahovec, Vacek Sloughing of potatoes cultivated under different conditions CZ
0257 J5 19 Misiaczek*, Gerrard, Paca Biofiltration and modelling in the styrene-air system CZ
0258 A6 1 Demeestere*, De Visscher, Dewulf, Van Leeuwen, Van Langenhove Heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of gaseous trichloroethylene: experimental data and new kinetic model BE
0259 A8 1 Wojcik*, Jagielska, Mostowicz, Sadoska, Dyczewski, Szarlik Oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over zeolite catalyst in fixed-bed reactor PL
0260 I2 17 Aboltins*, Berzins Computer modelling of grain drying LV
0261 H7 10 Manninen*, Hakanen, Kaijaluoto, Hakala An integrated multiobjective design tool for pulp and paper process design FI
0262 P3 2 Hendrich*, Hynek, Sipek, Machkova Determination of permeability and diffusion coefficients of organic vapors in flat polymer membranes CZ
0263 P5 3 Pereiro, Rodriguez, Canosa, Tojo* Dynamic viscosities of binary mixtures of dialkyl carbonates with cycloalkanes from 293.15 to 313.15 K. Correlation and prediction ES
0264 P3 2 Akhmadiev, Ibjatov, Kholpanov, Bekbulatov* Hydrodynamics of heterogeneous mediums in tubes and channels with permeable walls RU
0265 P3 2 Friess, Machkova, Sipek*, Bartovska, Sysel, Izak Sorption of organic compounds in low density polyethylene membrane CZ
0266 P3 2 Garcia Lorenzo*, Alvarez Blanco, Riera, Alvarez Fernandez, Coca Prados Sunflower oil miscella degumming with polyethersulfone membranes. Effect of process conditions and MWCO on fluxes and rejections ES
0267 J5 19 Paca*, Klapkova, Halecky, Sedlacek, Soccol, Gerrard Waste gas treatment in biotrickling filter CZ
0268 A3 20 Cominos*, Hessel, Hofmann, Kolb, Zapf, Delsman, de Croon, Schouten Micro reactor for selective oxidation of CO in low power fuel cell applications DE
0269 G5 6 d’Anterroches*, Gani Group contribution based process flowsheet synthesis, design and modelling DK
0271 H8 10 Soderman*, Pettersson Structural optimisation of distributed energy systems FI
0272 I2 17 Bubnik, Henke*, Kadlec, Hinkova, Pour Database of the properties of sucrose, sucrose solution and food CZ
0273 B7 14 Caire*, Dalard Modelling the corrosion of aluminium in presence of small particles of carbon in a water - polyethylene glycol (PEG) mixture FR
0274 G4 6 Serin*, Cezac, Broto, Mouton Sulfur in natural gas transportation: deposition and solubility FR
0275 A2 1 del Amor Villa*, Wichmann Lipase catalysed synthesis of biotensides from renewable sources DE
0276 P1 8 Vasilenko*, Mescheryakova, Bobrov, Gordeev The training course "A protection of the objects of the intellectual property" as a basis process for the transfer of technologies RU
0277 C5 2 Palaty*, Zakova Competitive transport of hydrochloric acid and zinc chloride through anion-exchange membrane CZ
0278 A5 1 Aguado, Prieto, Gonzalez*, Arabiourrutia, Olazar, Bilbao Spouted bed reactors for upgrading of wastes ES
0279 A8 1 Gonzalez*, Aguado, Prieto, Olazar, Bilbao Pyrolysis of HDPE in the 450-700 oC range ES
0280 P5 6 Custodio, Rezende, Maciel Filho* A software to dynamic predictions of oil extraction evaporation plants BR
0281 P3 2 Vazquez, Chenlo-Romero, Pereira-Goncalves, Vallejo-Senra* Absorption enhancement due to circular waves generated into stagnant liquids ES
0282 P7 17 Vazquez, Chenlo-Romero, Moreira, Fernandez-Herrero* Analysis of sodium chloride and water contents in the bulk of chestnuts during osmotic dehydration ES
0283 P3 2 Gomez-Diaz, Mejuto, Navaza, Sanjurjo* Carbon dioxide transfer to water in oil microemulsions ES
0284 I2 17 Nguyen* Combined concentration process for thermally sensitive liquids AU
0285 G5 6 Sales-Cruz*, Gani Modelling of bioprocesses through a computer-aided modelling system DK
0286 P3 2 Eksangsri*, Habaki, Kawasaki Concentration of medicine by liquid-liquid extraction; influence of solvents transfer across interphase TH
0287 D7 15 Colina, Caballero*, Costa Characterization of pore structure of kaolin modified by reaction with sulfuric acid at high temperature ES
0288 F6 7 Thuemmler*, Hoehne, Husemann Characterization of the wetting properties of hydrophobic powders by means of the capillary rise method DE
0289 P7 17 Seres*, Filipovic, Gyura Application of decolourization on sugar-beet pulp in bread production YU
0291 F5 7 Haas*, Sommer Determination of the stress ratio labda in a special constructed die sensor over the hole height of a tablet DE
0292 G6 4 Martini, Salvagnini, Taqueda* Development and performance evaluation of a falling-film evaporator with film promoter in a pilot plant BR
0293 P1 14 Pinto, Colina, Costa* Electrochemical decomposition of nitrobenzene on a tubular electrochemical reactor with a Ti anode and Cu cathode ES
0294 P1 14 Pinto, Colina, Costa* Electrochemical decomposition of nitrobenzene on an electrochemical reactor with graphite anodes and cathodes ES
0295 C1 2 Colan, Salvagnini, Taqueda* Experimental measure of the mass transfer coefficient into a liquid falling film with film promoter BR
0296 G6 4 Carradori*, Mora Bejarano, Salvagnini, Taqueda Experimental measuring of the steam economy in a triple effect falling film evaporator with film promoter, in laboratory scale BR
0297 C1 2 Stanek*, Svoboda Experimental observation and model description of overshoot phenomena in the countercurrent packed bed column near the flooding point CZ
0298 P7 11 Chern*, Wang, Lee Extraction of heavy metals from wastewater treatment sludge TW
0299 P1 1 Ali-zadeh*, Nagieva, Magerramov Gas-phase synchronous oxidation of 2-picoline by hydrogen peroxide AZ
0300 P3 2 Petrescu*, Pirlog, Mamaliga, Petrescu Gas-solid mass transfer at fixed bed adsorption RO
0301 P1 1 Colina, Caballero*, Costa High-temperature reaction of kaolin with sodium hydrogensulfate. A study of its reaction mechanism ES
0302 P1 1 Colina, Caballero*, Costa High-temperature reaction of kaolin with sulfuric acid - SO3. A study of its reaction mechanism ES
0303 C1 2 Ondracek*, Jiricny Hydrodynamic behaviour of counter - current bubble bed and packed bed in series CZ
0304 P1 1 Vrtovsek*, Ros Impacts of Reynolds number on nitrification process in fixed bed biofilm reactors in conventional conditions SI
0305 P1 1 Atutxa*, Aguado, Valle, Gayubo, Bilbao Kinetic modelling of catalytic pyrolysis of biomass in a conical spouted bed reactor ES
0306 P3 2 Gomez-Diaz, Navaza, Sanjurjo* Mass transfer in relation with bubble distribution in a gas/liquid column ES
0307 E8 3 Chiti*, Saito, Kimata, Bujalski, Song, Jolly, Nienow Mixing and scale-down/scale-up studies related to the cleaning of molten aluminium UK
0308 G4 6 Moldovanyi*, Lakatos, Szeifert Model predictive control of continuous MSMPR crystallizers HU
0309 B6 14 Fateev*, Grigoriev, Kalinnikov, Porembsky, Ostrovsky, Pekhota Modeling and engineering of PEM fuel cell RU
0310 P5 4 Merino, Borquez*, Canales Modeling of coriander seeds drying with superheated steam in an impingement dryer CL
0312 A4 1 Zeyer, Kulkarni, Kienle* Nonlinear dynamics in reactor separator systems DE
0313 P5 3 Spidla, Micale, Grisafi, Brucato, Machon* CFD simulations of the clear liquid layer formation in dense solid-liquid suspension CZ
0314 G1 6 Cota*, Young, Svrcek, Morris, Satyro Open source chemical process simulation with Sim42 CA
0315 F8 7 Haas*, Sommer Pelleting of culinary powders in a climatically adjustable press chamber in consideration of the Tg (Aw) state diagram DE
0316 P3 2 Kuznetsov*, Toikka Phase transitions, phase equilibria and selectivity in pervaporation process RU
0317 P5 4 Souza*, Salvagnini, Taqueda Processes variables and fouling in a falling film evaporator with a film promoter BR
0318 P7 17 Soronja Simovic*, Filipovic, Levic Rusk with high fiber content YU
0319 A7 1 Lin*, Kuo, Kuo Synthesis and application of nanophase nickel ferrite catalysts TW
0320 E5 3 Kristal*, Jiricny, Stanek The CFD simulation and an experimental study of hydrodynamic behaviour of liquid-solid flow CZ
0321 P5 7 Velikovska*, Mikulasek The influence of Li+, Na+, K+ on the zeta- potential of alumina dispersions CZ
0322 P3 5 Kostjushko*, Ochkin, Nechaevsky, Gladilov Thermodynamic calculation of equilibrium in TBP-HNO3-H2O system RU
0323 C7 16 Gamse*, Miguel Rodriguez, Cocero Supercritical fluid techniques for production of micron and submicron particles ES
0325 D6 2 Godwin* Counter-current extraction of natural products using the VIPEX(TM) technology ZA
0326 P7 11 Chen*, Chern, Wu Decomposition kinetics of organic pollutants in water by Fenton reaction TW
0327 C1 2 Ivanescu, Popescu*, Dobre, Grozeanu, Isopescu Dividing wall column - a new challenge for separation systems RO
0328 P7 11 Abbruzzese, Delalio, Ubaldini* North Italian wastewater sludges characterisation before biotreatment for agriculture applications IT
0329 H8 10 Iacob, Popescu*, Ivanescu, Plesu Pinch analysis - a tool for energy management within and across industrial plants RO
0330 I8 11 Dvorak*, Jandova, Jiricny Recovery of metallic zinc from ZnO fly dust CZ
0331 A7 1 Hajek*, Kumar, Maki-Arvela, Salmi, Murzin Selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde over metal supported molecular sieves FI
0332 J4 19 Kulatsky, Protiven, Savenkov* Ammonium saltpetre with improved physico-mechanical properties UA
0333 P5 4 Wankowicz*, Kaminski Analysis of a spherical vapour bubble collapse time PL
0334 P5 6 Lazarevic* Analysis of linear autonomous time delay fractional order systems: finite time stability YU
0335 A4 1 Toukoniitty*, Maki-Arvela, Warna, Salmi, Murzin Application of transient methods in three-phase catalysis: Asymmetric catalytic hydrogenation FI
0337 P5 6 Mouza*, Antoniadis, Paras Building novel equipment modules for a commercial process simulator: the compact plate heat exchanger case GR
0338 P1 1 Ippolitov*, Kruglikova, Kabluchaya, Shlyakhova Catalytic decomposition of inorganic peroxide compounds RU
0339 G3 6 Guerra*, Ricciardi, Laborde, Domenech CFD simulations applied to the assessment of pollutant transfers in process operations FR
0340 P1 1 Thullie, Bodzek* Circulating reaction zone in a double-bed chemical reactor PL
0342 H8 10 Kaggerud*, Gundersen Chemical and process integration: Synergies from co-production of power and chemicals from natural gas, with CO2-capture NO
0343 F5 7 Haack, Kache, Tomas* Damping properties of cohesive particulate solids DE
0344 P1 8 Kulkov*, Koltsova, Skitchko, Jensa Development of the supply with information for creation of electronic manuals for remote training (“Methods of synergetics in chemistry and chemical technology”) RU
0345 P1 1 Thullie, Kurpas* Efficiency of reverse flow reactors with interstage injection PL
0346 P1 20 Tmej*, Hasal, Marek Enzymatic separating micro-reactor with mass-transport enhancement by electric field CZ
0347 P3 16 Bernasek*, Sovova Enzyme catalyzed lipolysis in supercritical fluids CZ
0348 P5 3 Laari*, Kainulainen, Turunen Estimation of solid-liquid mass transfer for multiphase CFD FI
0349 E7 3 Machac*, Bendova, Siska, Stern Flow of viscoelastic fluids through fixed beds of particles CZ
0350 D2 5 Bogdanic* Group-contribution methods for estimating the properties of polymer systems HR
0351 F5 7 Tomas* Mechanics of particle adhesion DE
0352 P1 1 Znad*, Bales, Markos, Kawase Modeling and simulation of gluconic acid production in an internal loop airlift bioreactor SK
0353 P7 12 Sekulova*, Babinec Modifications to plant CZ
0354 P1 1 Erceg Kuzmic*, Vukovic, Bogdanic, Fles Molecularly imprinted crosslinked copolymers prepared by thermal degradation of poly(methacryl-N,N'-dicyclohexylurea-co-ethylene glycol dimethacrylate) HR
0355 G1 6 Gomez*, Reneaume, Roques Optimal design of a catalytic distillation column using Mixed Integer Non Linear Programming MINLP with a non equilibrium stage model FR
0356 J6 19 Batzias*, Sidiras Optimal design of adsorption tower equipped with a novel packed biomass bed for colouring-processes-wastewater treatment GR
0357 H1 10 Gorsek, Glavic*, Bogataj Optimal specialty chemical plant retrofit with combined heat and power production SI
0358 P7 17 Vazquez, Chenlo-Romero, Moreira, Fernandez-Herrero* Osmotic dewatering of chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) using ternary solutions at different temperatures ES
0359 G2 6 Lazarevic* PDalpha-type iterative learning control for fractional LTI system YU
0360 P5 7 Milasinovic*, Radosavljevic, Jakovljevic, Dokic-Baucal, Terzic Physical, chemical and wet-milling properties of various maize genotypes YU
0361 J3 19 Klimov*, Echevsky, Aksenov, Meged, Adzhiev, Korsakov, Tlekhourai, Sevostyanova Pilot and enlarged tests of complex processing of hydrocarbon feed - BIMT-ARCON technology RU
0362 H2 10 Pantzali*, Mouza, Paras Pollutant emissions management in an existing plant by diminishing the production of undesirable compounds: the case of CHF3 GR
0363 P5 3 Bendova*, Stern, Siska, Machac Rheological behaviour of model viscoelastic solutions of polymers CZ
0365 A5 1 Tukac*, Chyba, Hanika Selectivity of wet oxidation in trickle-bed reactor at periodical operation CZ
0366 C7 16 Nagahama*, Guo Ma, Kato Separation of isopropanol from aqueous solutions by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction JP
0367 C8 16 Sovova*, Sajfrtova, Opletal, Bartlova Solute-solute and solute-matrix interactions in the SFE from plants CZ
0368 P1 1 Aksenov*, Klimov, Echevsky Synthesis of premium motor fuels from oil distillates over zeolite catalyst. Long run catalytic test RU
0370 P1 1 Protiven, Goncharov, Savenkov* Technology of the oxide catalysts for ammonia oxidation UA
0371 P5 6 Zabolotsky*, Michailova, Koltsova The creating of the software for the process of synthesis of liposomes RU
0372 I6 11 Thompson*, Winkler, Griffin, Stuetz, Cartmell The fate and removal of pharmaceuticals during sewage treatment UK
0373 P5 7 Tyurnikova*, Medvedev, Koltsova The modeling of manufacture of reception of stability nanoparticles TiO2 RU
0374 P1 1 Savenkov*, Bliznjuk To the questions of heterogeneous molecular nitrogen oxidation by nitric acid vapor UA
0375 G1 6 Silos*, Karpunina, Koltsova Use Model Vision Studio for simulation some chemical technological processes RU
0377 I1 17 Iciek*, Papiewska, Molska Inactivation of Bacillus stearothermophilus spores during thermal processing of media PL
0379 P7 17 Pajin*, Jovanovic Influence of high melting milk fat fraction on quality and fat bloom stability of chocolate YU
0380 H3 10 Kowalski, Rajewska, Rybicki* Mechanical effects in saturated capillary-porous materials during convetive and microwave drying PL
0381 P3 5 Chen, Tsai, Li, Li* Vapor pressures, densities, viscosities, and heat capacities of the mixed-solvents desiccants TW
0382 P7 17 Jovanovic*, Pajin, Lazic Shelf life of dragee based on a sunflower kernel YU
0383 P7 17 Krysiak, Motyl-Patelska, Iciek* Influence of the roasting process on physicochemical cocoa bean properties PL
0384 H5 10 Georgiadis*, Kikkinides, Athanasios Mathematical modeling and optimization of hydrogen storage in metal hydride beds UK
0385 D6 2 Maretic, Bogdan, Vasic-Racki, Zelic* Mathematical modeling of continuous enzyme extraction by aqueous two-phase system HR
0386 P5 6 Melo, Vasco de Toledo, Hasan, Maciel Filho* Alternative procedure for two-layer optimization and control strategies for real time integration of a three-phase catalytic reactor for the production of cyclohexanol BR
0387 P1 1 Mariano*, Vasco de Toledo, Silva, Maciel Filho Study of the phase change effect in three-phase slurry catalytic reactor using mathematical modelling BR
0388 P3 5 Shevchenko*, Kulichenko Application of O/W emulsions stabilized by surfactants in titrimetric analysis of hydrophobic organic substances UA
0389 P7 11 Lameiras, Quintelas*, Tavares Bacterial biofilm supported on granular activated carbon and on natural zeolites - an application to wastewater treatment PT
0390 C7 16 Habulin*, Primozic, Knez Cellulase catalyzed hydrolysis of carboxymethyl cellulose at atmospheric pressure and in SC CO2 SI
0391 A4 1 Travnickova*, Kohout, Schreiber, Kubicek Effects of convection on spatiotemporal solutions in a model of a cross-flow reactor CZ
0392 C7 16 Schwinghammer*, Marr, Siebenhofer Esterification of acetic acid with methanol in compressed carbon dioxide AT
0393 P5 3 Szmolke, Anweiler* Image analysis in gas-solid mixture research PL
0394 E3 3 Harteveld*, Julia, Mudde, van den Akker Large scale vortical structures in bubble columns for gas fractions in the range of 5%-25% NL
0395 C6 2 Huber*, Marr, Siebenhofer Mass transfer of Zn2+ in rigid surface pore type membranes AT
0396 P3 5 Goharrokhi*, Ghotbi, Taghikhani New algorithm for thermodynamic study of solubility of CO2 in AMP (2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol) by modified Kent-Eisenberg model IR
0397 P5 6 Gordeev, Glebov, Telyatnikov* Prediction of properties of oils and oil fractions by means of neural networks RU
0398 P5 3 Szmolke* Pressure drop in model heat exchanger with gas-solid mixture flow PL
0399 J2 12 Schoenfeld*, Dudlik, Neuhaus, Schlueter, Prasser Pressure surges in pipe systems: impact on plant safety, detection, analysis and prevention methods DE
0400 P7 11 Sulc*, Ditl Simple semiempirical flocculation kinetics model CZ
0401 P5 6 Egorov*, Savitskaya, Dudarov, Zhavoronkov Using the artificial neural networks for solving the environmental tasks RU
0402 I3 17 Hinkova*, Bubnik, Pour, Henke, Kadlec Application of cross-flow ultrafiltration on inorganic membranes in purification of food materials CZ
0403 P3 2 Doroschuk*, Kulichenko Cloud point extraction: structure and hydrophobity influence on substrates distribution between water and non-ionic surfactant phases UA
0404 P7 11 Vassilyev*, Rudakova, Belousov, Tsapkova, Ivankina, Tishin Computer forecast of carcinogenic hazard of rubber sulphonamide accelerators RU
0405 G5 6 Krajnc, Novak Pintaric, Glavic* Design approach to the problem of energy integrated process synthesis SI
0406 P3 2 Machkova*, Sipek, Friess, Hynek, Hendrich Determination of sorption and diffusion coefficients of organic compounds in Teflon AF 2400 CZ
0407 I1 17 Burdo*, Kovalenko, Ryashko Food solutions concentrates producing process modelling UA
0408 P1 1 Tishin*, Harritonov, Katcheguine, Rudakova, Belousov Mathematical model of industrial morpholine synthesis process RU
0409 P3 2 Bonet, Calvet, Galan*, Costa, Thery, Meyer, Meyer, Gerbaud Shortcut design of single feed reactive columns: Minimum reflux, optimum reflux and number of plates ES
0410 H2 10 Steindl*, Wolfinger, Sixta, Friedl Modelling of the Lenzing SO2 recovery process and validation with plant data AT
0411 I8 11 Benhabib, Simonnot*, Appert-Collin, Sardin PAH diffusion from coal tar particles sampled from a contaminated soil FR
0412 P3 2 Rosso, Habulin*, Primozic, Novak, Paolucci-Jeanjean, Knez, Rios Preparation of enzymatic membranes by immobilization with sol-gel method SI
0413 P3 16 Barjaktarovic*, Skrinjar, Skerget, Knez, Sovilj Recovery of pumpkin seed oil by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction: A comparison with conventional solvent extraction YU
0414 P5 6 Skitchko*, Panikov, Koltsova Simulation and analysis of biomass oscillations in a chemostate cultures RU
0415 F8 7 Fernandez, Fell* The production of PCC and its applications UK
0416 A3 20 Wojik*, Kirschneck, Kober, Marr The usage of microreaction technology in liquid-liquid extraction processes AT
0418 A6 1 Nieminen, Kangas*, Salmi, Murzin Kinetics of n-butane skeletal isomerization over Pt-H-mordenite FI
0419 P7 9 Beliaev*, Kraslawski Literature-based discovery in product design FI
0420 P7 12 Tchmykhalova*, Vasin, Terentiev, Stupko, Shinkareva Problems of ecological and industrial safety during coal-mining activity RU
0421 F4 10 Sublet*, Sorin, Hammach, Poulin, Thomas, Cigana Retrofitting a steel cold rolling mill: economical and environmental benefits FR
0422 I8 11 Ouvrard*, Morel Rhizospheric processes controlling PAH phytoremediation FR
0423 P5 3 Stammitti, Ledanois, Gonzalez-Mendizabal* USBMultiFlow v1.0: Program for the evaluation of multi-phase flow systems in pipes VE
0425 P5 4 Houdek*, Zitny, Reitspiesova PIV and FEM for description of flow anomalies in continuous ohmic heater CZ
0426 H3 10 Menshutina, Gordienko*, Voynovskiy, Kudra A dynamic analysis of drying energy consumption RU
0427 A5 1 Mikkola*, Bernechea, Aumo, Murzin Hydrogenation of Citral: Slurry or Monolith? FI
0428 J3 19 Toukoniitty*, Mikkola, Eranen, Salmi, Murzin The effect of microwave irradiation on the esterification of propionic acid with ethyl alcohol in a single-mode microwave loop reactor FI
0429 I3 17 Vente*, Bosch, de Haan, Bussmann Interactions between sugars and adsorbents to improve sugar separations NL
0430 A4 1 Koci*, Stepanek, Kubicek, Marek Modelling of CO oxidation in digitally reconstructed porous Pt/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst CZ
0432 P1 8 Reis, Wolf-Maciel* Computational calculation of residue curve maps: an additional teaching tool BR
0433 F8 7 Hintz*, Nikolov, Yordanova, Tomas Generation of titania nanopowder via sol-gel synthesis DE
0434 P5 3 Sulc*, Ditl How good is the postulate L~d in an agitated vessel? CZ
0435 E5 3 Gotaas*, Havelka, Roth, Hase, Weigand, Jakobsen, Svendsen Influence of viscosity on droplet-droplet collision behaviour: experimental and numerical results NO
0436 P1 1 Villegas*, Kumar, Salmi, Murzin Isomerization of n-butane over Pt modified SAPO-5 and mordenite zeolite catalysts FI
0437 P3 2 Ito, Reis, Wolf-Maciel* Recovering phenol from wastewater through azeotropic distillation BR
0438 P5 6 Duarte, Ender, Maciel Filho* Parameter adjustment using Kalman filter of advanced control strategy applied to fermentation process BR
0439 P3 5 Wong*, Su, Chou 1-octanol/water partition coefficient of several ionic liquids TW
0440 P5 3 Cherrarred, Dizene*, Benmansour 3-D modelisation of streamwise injection in interaction with a compressible transverse flow DZ
0441 P7 12 Kotek, Fajmonova*, Puskeilerova A discusion of change management as a tool of safety management CZ
0442 P5 6 Bartasson*, Mattedi, Maciel Filho A fuzzy-predictive hybrid controller for a copolymerization process BR
0443 G2 6 van der Lee*, Young, Svrcek A generalised automated tuning algorithm for model predictive controllers CA
0444 D5 2 Saien*, Barani A mass transfer coefficient model for low interfacial tension extraction systems IR
0445 A4 1 Sahebdelfar, Kazemeini* A mathematical model for deactivation of methanol synthesis catalyst by sintering IR
0446 P5 6 Duarte, Ender, Maciel Filho* A methodology for on-line learning of neural networks in control strategy development BR
0447 B4 8 Farrell*, Savelski, Hesketh, Slater A model for collaboration between academia and industry US
0448 P5 6 Yamamoto, Strapssson*, Woiciechowski, Soccol, Paca A neural network was used in the optimization of the solid state fermentation process, for fumaric acid production BR
0449 P1 1 Simonov*, Yazykov, Parmon A new approach to organize the catalytic reactions RU
0450 P5 6 Ferreira Rezende, Coutinho*, Barbosa, Maciel Filho A platform free approach to implement real time integration process by two layer architecture BR
0451 B6 14 Eshagh Nimvar, Rowshanzamir*, Khoshnoodi, Eikani A pseudo-homogeneous model for catalyst layer of PEM fuel cell IR
0453 I4 18 Ojala*, Lassi, Keiski Abatement of odorous gas emissions: from sampling and analysis to a pilot-scale application FI
0454 P5 3 Kapranova*, Lebedev, Bytev, Zaitsev Accoding of the surface ehegy in the model of suspension diverging flow impact interaction with the breaker ???? RU
0455 P3 5 Modarress, Dehghani* Activity coefficients of mixed electrolytes IR
0456 P3 2 Safekordi* Adsorption of tannin from pomegranate juice IR
0457 P7 17 Parrondo, Laca, Herrero, Garcia, Diaz* Advancing dairy whey in the chain value by fermentation/separation processes ES
0458 P7 11 Arinci, Erdol-Aydin*, Okutan Air quality modelling of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from forest fire on selected region Marmaris in Turkey TR
0460 P5 3 Roh*, Jung, Kim An experimental and modelling study of internally circulating fluidised bed incinerator KR
0461 F2 3 van der Lee*, Hulme, Kantzas, Hugo Analysis of gas-solid fluidised bed pressure fluctuations for different particle size distributions of a linear-low-density polyethylene resin CA
0462 P5 4 Barba*, Lamberti, d'Amore Analysis of heat and mass transfer phenomena in food processed by DSC IT
0463 H7 10 Cardona*, Sanchez Analysis of integrated flowsheets for biotechnological production of fuel ethanol CO
0464 P1 1 Kukula*, Hasal, Schreiber Analysis of non-linear phenomena due to imposed electric fields in an enzyme membrane reactor-reservoir system CZ
0465 A1 1 Vasco de Toledo*, Maciel Filho Analysis of the dynamic behaviour of the CSTR polymerisation reactor using diferent strategies cooling: jacket and semi-flooded horizontal condenser BR
0466 P7 11 Cickaric*, Rajakovic, Dersek Analysis of trace anions in high purity waters in the power plants by suppressed ion chromatography YU
0467 P5 3 Cipolato, Donida, Tannous* Analysis of the transport disengaging height in the fluidized bed of heterogeneous particles BR
0468 P5 6 Vetrov*, Sidorkin, Menshutina, Leuenberger Application of case-based reasoning approach in tablet formulation support system RU
0469 P7 11 Lobacheva*, Toikka Application of solvent sublation for the removal and determination of trace elements in aqueous solutions RU
0470 P5 3 Anweiler*, Ulbrich Application of videogrammetry in flow pattern recognition PL
0471 E3 3 Evans*, Nguyen, Machniewski Applying drift-flux to predict the transition from bubbly to churn-turbulent flow in a plunging liquid jet bubble column AU
0472 P1 1 Jeronimo*, Moura, Ribeiro, Souza, Sousa Appreciation and utilization of lactics subproducts: protein extraction and catalytic hydrogenation of the lactose BR
0473 P3 2 Rabelo*, Soler, Tambourgi, Pessoa Junior Aqueous two-phase systems formed by PEO-PPO-PEO block copolymers: effect of experimental conditions on enzyme recovery using experimental design BR
0474 P7 17 Ovidiu*, Pavelescu Aspects concerning the influence of the maceration conditions on the physico-chemical and sensorial composition for obtaining the red wines RO
0475 P5 10 Statjukha*, Pidmohilnyy, Bojko, Bendyug Assessment explosion-proof and fire risk industrial targets in a context of strategy of sustainable development UA
0476 P3 15 Solcova*, Soukup, Schneider Axial dispersion in single pellet-string column with non-standard packing particles CZ
0477 B4 8 Farrell*, Savelski, Hesketh, Slater, Kauser Beer, water, and coffee: hands-on introduction to product design US
0478 I6 11 Yaghmaei*, Mesgari Shadi Benzene, toluene and xylene (BTX) biodegradation in aqueous solution and gaseous phase IR
0479 J5 19 Angelova, Bejar, Mutafov, Schmauder* Bioavailability of substrates in processes of biodegradation and biotransformation DE
0480 I4 18 Sercu*, Demeestere, Baillieul, Verstraete, Van Langenhove Degradation of isobutyraldehyde and its intermediates in a compost biofilter BE
0481 J4 19 Jimenez*, Ramos, De la Torre, Eugenio, Perez, Ariza Bleaching of abaca soda pulp with peracetic acid ES
0482 F7 7 Antonyuk*, Tomas, Heinrich, Morl Breakage behaviour of granulates by compression DE
0483 P5 4 Akhmadiev*, Gilfanov Calculation of process of nonlinear heat exchange at film flowage of two-phase dispersion mediums of a software to surfaces of composite geometry RU
0484 P3 2 Alexandrova*, Rollet, Dimitrov, Saboni Carrier mediated transport of Ni(II) in three phases pertraction system FR
0485 P1 1 Morales-Cabrera*, Marroquin de la Rosa, Viveros Garcia, Ochoa Tapia Catalyst deactivation by coke formation in an isothermal fixed-bed reactor: Mathematical modelling through approximate single-pellet effectiveness factor MX
0486 A8 1 Kadhum, Oun*, Al-Halluj Catalytic reforming with high activity catalyst LY
0487 P5 3 Mostek*, Kukukova, Jahoda, Machon CFD prediction of flow and homogenization in a stirred vessel CZ
0488 F1 3 Mostek*, Jahoda, Kukukova, Machon CFD prediction of homogenization in a tall cylindrical vessel CZ
0489 P5 3 Mostek*, Jahoda, Machon CFD simulations of continuous stirred tank reactors CZ
0490 C7 16 Miguel Rodriguez*, Cocero Alonso, Gamse Co-precipitation of lycopene by continuous supercritical antisolvent process ES
0491 P3 2 Gorri*, Casado, Urtiaga, Ortiz Comparative study of commercially available polymeric membranes for the dehydration of acetic acid/water mixtures by pervaporation ES
0492 P3 2 Djennaoui, Kibboua, Azzi* Comparative study of the plasmapheresis in a Couette-Taylor device DZ
0493 P1 20 Kober*, Marr, Wojik, Kirschneck Comparing different mixing principles using a homogeneous catalysed reaction AT
0495 F6 7 Kis*, Mihalyko, Lakatos Comparison of two discrete models for closed mill-classifier systems HU
0496 J3 19 Minigulov, Ban, Pisarenko, Mozgunov, Pisarenko* Complex processing of produced waters of gas fields of Russia RU
0497 P5 10 Satvati*, Zarifiana Comprehensive investigation about energy-loss amount in ammonia plant (KHPC; Khorassan Petrochemical Complex) and presentation some applicable recommendations to reduce it IR
0498 P3 2 Noriler*, Soares, Meier, Barros, Wolf-Maciel Computational fluid dynamics applied to diffusional separation process BR
0499 I2 17 Jelinski*, Sadowska, Tobota, Fornal Computer vision method for monitoring of the changes of cheese texture PL
0500 P5 6 Reis, Mascolo, Wolf-Maciel* Characterization of reactive systems: reactive azeotropes and residue curve maps BR
0502 P1 1 Filho*, Maciel Filho Concurrent engineering for reactor design of fixed bed catalytic reactors BR
0503 P1 1 Stefoglo*, Kuchin, Zhukova, Kravtsov Conditions of effective catalyst use in gas-liquid processes on solid catalyst RU
0505 D2 5 Radfarnia, Ghotbi*, Taghikhani Correlation of the experimental data for LLE of PEG + DEX + water mixtures using a modified UNIQUAC-NRF model IR
0506 P1 1 Boucenna*, Zamoum, Dekkar, Gherbi, Kolesnikov Cracking and isomerization of petroleum load of the n-hexadecane with aluminosilicats catalysts (Al, Ni, Mo, Co, Zr) presence, application of the “sol-gel” method DZ
0507 P1 8 Menshutina, Shishulin*, Goncharova, Leuenberger Creation of web-based education tools: internet-portal for the education in pharmaceutics area RU
0510 J1 12 Reuse*, Fierz Characterisation of pressure and temperature rise of run-away reactions using temperature-programmed measurements CH
0511 P3 2 Ito, Martins, Batistella, Wolf-Maciel* Characterisation of products obtained from falling film distillation BR
0512 P5 4 Cvengros*, Kocsisova, Lutisan Characteristics of the horizontal wiped-film evaporator SK
0513 P1 1 Maki-Arvela*, Kumar, Hajek, Salmi, Murzin Chemoselective hydrogenation of nerol and cinnamaldehyde over Pt-SiO2, Pt-H-Y and Pt-H-MCM-41 catalysts FI
0514 D4 2 Rivero*, Ortiz Chromium removal by ion exchange: Analysis of the regeneration step ES
0515 J6 19 Schmauder*, Schlufter, Fricke, Paca Degradation of herbicides in soil and water DE
0516 P5 6 Vasconcelos*, Santos, Oliveira, Kunert, Maciel Filho, Wolf-Maciel Delayed coking improvements through feed characterisation BR
0517 F5 7 Tykhoniuk*, Tomas DEM simulation of cohesive powder flow in Jenike shear cell DE
0518 P3 2 Wutzel*, Samhaber Derivatized polymeric nanoparticle layers on porous surfaces AT
0519 H2 10 Moscosa Santillan*, Vincent, Amouroux Design of a DBD wire-cylinder reactor for NOx emission control - experimental and modeling FR
0520 P3 2 Rivera, Cardona* Design of reactive extraction and extractive reaction (RE) processes by shortcut methods CO
0521 P5 6 Costa, Maciel Filho* Detailed modelling of a batch cooling crystallization process for real time process integration BR
0522 P7 12 Szepesi* Determination of airborne concentration in the environment of closed system HU
0523 P3 5 Bezerra, Duarte, De Souza* Determination of solubility data for the system Ni2+, Cl-/H2O, TBP/kerosene using four different methods BR
0524 P1 1 Tagliari, Franco, Paca, Soccol* Determination of the growth kinetics parameters of Rhizopus delemar in solid-state fermentation BR
0525 P7 11 Stanojevic*, Radic, Simic Determining the technical characteristics of the aeration systems for oil refinery's waste water treatment YU
0526 D6 2 Steensma*, Kuipers, de Haan, Kwant Development and optimisation of an enantioselective extractant for chiral separation of amino-alcohols by reactive extraction NL
0527 A2 1 de Lathouder*, Kapteijn, Moulijn Development of a monolithic bioreactor: carbon ceramic composites as carriers for enzyme immobilization NL
0528 P1 20 Kawakami*, Sera, Sakai, Ono, Ijima Development of a silica monolith-immobilized enzyme microbioreactor JP
0529 J4 19 Allahverdi*, Skvara Development of an acid resistant geopolymeric cement IR
0530 P5 6 Costa, Maciel Filho* Development of an user-friendly software for batch cooling crystallization process simulation and optimization: an open CAD approach BR
0531 B7 14 Tsypkin*, Marshall, Borresen, Hagen, Tunold Development of Ir-based anode catalytic layer for water electrolysis with polymer electrolyte membrane NO
0532 P1 1 Voslar*, Schreiber Development of methods for quantitative study of excitability in three-dimensional dynamical systems CZ
0534 P7 11 Abbruzzece, Kornilovich, Pshinko, Spasyonova, Klischenko* Deactivation of clay sludges with complexones UA
0535 P7 19 Gordeev*, Komissarov, Zelenev, Nguyen, Lukjanov Diagnostics of influence of the composition and structure of composite polymeric materials on their electrophysical properties RU
0536 I2 17 Rastrelli, Piccinelli, Del Prete, De Simone, Barba*, d'Amore Food under microwave processing: dielectric behavior and effects on phenolic constituents IT
0537 P7 11 Czajka* Dioxins in natural environment antropogenic and geochemical aspects of dioxins occurrence PL
0538 P5 6 Kun*, Szeifert, Chovan, Nagy, Toth, Czeller Dynamic modelling of polyethylene chlorination for process development and control HU
0539 P3 2 Wolf-Maciel, Reis, Pescarini* Dynamic performance of multicomponent distillation process based on simultaneous mass and heat transfers BR
0540 A4 1 Pesek*, Schreiberova, Schreiber Dynamical regimes in two mass-coupled CSTRs with a chemical pH-oscillatory reaction CZ
0541 P7 11 Yamasaki*, Makihata, Fukunaga Efficient phenols removal of wastewater from phenolic resin plants using crosslinked cyclodextrin particles JP
0542 P7 11 Erdol-Aydin*, Okutan, Ekinci Effect of moisture of Yeniköy-Agacli coal on emissions in a boiler TR
0543 P1 1 Yamashita*, Kobayashi, Hayakawa Effect of agitation and electrolysis on ultrasonic decomposition of organic compounds JP
0544 G8 4 Collares*, Finzer, Kieckbusch Effect of compression and shear forces on the detachment of a maltodextrin film during drying on inert solid surfaces BR
0545 P5 3 Ounnar, Arrar, Bentahar* Effect of nozzle length on the characteristics of jet immersed in particular media DZ
0546 P7 11 De Rivas*, Gutierrez-Ortiz, Lopez-Fonseca, Gonzalez-Velasco Effect of water in the catalytic combustion of chlorinated VOCs over ceria/zirconia solid solutions ES
0547 I5 11 Bagherpour*, Nikazar, Sanati Effects of water content of packings on the removal efficiency and performance of biofilters treating hydrophobic compounds with emphasis on alpha-pinene IR
0548 P5 6 Tsiakis, Pantelides, Levis, Papageorgiou, Georgiadis*, Sanidiotis Efficient production scheduling of a large-scale industrial facility UK
0549 P7 11 Kapustin*, Kolesnikov, Garschin Electroflotation - universal technology for water resources environmental protection RU
0550 P7 11 Abbruzzece, Kornilovich, Mischuk, Klischenko*, Kovalchuk Electrochemical detoxication of the clay sludges UA
0551 P1 1 Ardjmand*, Behbehani Empirical modeling of the stability kinetics of veterinary probiotic contains microorganism of the pediococcus acidilactici species IR
0552 P5 10 Tovazhnyansky, Kapustenko, Ulyev*, Perevertylenko, Boldyryev, Demirskiy Energy saving and emission reduction at the sugar-plant with take into acount of condensate heat of return steam in process integration UA
0553 E2 3 Reis*, Vicente, Teixeira, Mackley Enhanced mass transfer rates of a novel oscillatory flow meso reactor PT
0554 P1 1 Dijkstra, Weyten*, Keurentjes, Willems Enzymatic catalysis in scCO2 for kinetic resolution of chiral alcohols in batch and continuous mode BE
0555 P7 17 Florentino*, Almeida, Costa, Santos, Macedo Ethanol production utilising whey of a typical cheese from Northeast Region of Brazil BR
0556 P7 17 Naseri*, Behbehani Evaluation of chemical and baking properties of major wheat varieties of IRAN and introduction of suitable flour blends IR
0557 P5 4 Krajewski*, Kolodziej Evaluation of inserts intensifying heat transfer inside the tubes based on entropy generation criteria PL
0558 H6 10 Kukulka*, Devgun Transient evaluation of process surfaces used in fouling applications US
0559 P7 17 Hornes*, Queiroz Evaluation of the growth of cianobacteria Aphanothece microscopica Nägeli in the effluent of fishing industry BR
0560 P5 4 Major-Godlewska, Karcz* Experimental analysis of the heat transfer process in an agitated vessel equipped with an outer jacket and inner vertical coil PL
0561 D4 2 Fernandes*, Sochard, Mocho, Broto, Dumas Experimental and theoretical determination of adsorption isotherms for non-ideal VOC mixtures FR
0562 P7 11 Semra, Simonnot*, Sardin Experimental investigation of the dispersion of an adsorbing solute in chemically heterogeneous porous media FR
0563 F1 3 Karcz*, Kielbus-R¹pala Experimental studies of mechanically agitated gas - solid - liquid systems PL
0564 E6 3 Matamoros*, Alvarez, Lopez de Ramos, Gonzalez-Mendizabal Experimental study on upward two-phase flow patterns in vertical and inclined pipes VE
0565 A3 20 Slouka, Lindner*, Postler, Snita Experiments with micro- and nanostructurized systems under influence of an external electric field CZ
0566 P3 2 Moghrani, Maachi* Extraction of essential oils of the Myrtle and Eucalyptus by drive with the steam. Modelling of mass transfer DZ
0567 P3 16 Sousa*, Costa, Souza, Camara Extraction of Ocimun Sanctun L. with carbon dioxide pressurized and comparison with conventional methods of extraction BR
0568 F2 3 Tannous*, Ramos Factorial planning for the identification of flow regimes of heterogeneous particles in a fluidized bed BR
0569 P5 3 Goncalves*, Costa, Falaguasta, Coury Film fraction in Pease-Anthony Venturi scrubbers BR
0570 P5 7 Grossmann*, Tomas Flow and compression properties of cohesive powders in the medium pressure range DE
0571 P5 3 Shirai, Yamashita* Fluctuations of static pressure in a bubble column JP
0572 P3 2 Perez*, Elman Fluid-dynamic study of a liquid-liquid extraction column filled with SMVP packing VE
0573 G6 4 Smeethe*, Drogemuller, Wood, Bujalski Fluid dynamics in a tube equipped with wire matrix inserts UK
0574 F1 3 Hasal*, Fort, Kratena Force effects of the macro-instability of flow pattern on radial baffles in a cylindrical vessel stirred with a pitched-blade impeller or a Rushton turbine CZ
0575 P7 19 Gordeev, Komissarov*, Zelenev, Nguyen, Lukjanov Forecasting change of crystallizability, structure and properties of polymeric materials in loading filler RU
0577 G7 4 Everaert, Baeyens* Fundamentals and control of heat exchanger fouling BE
0578 P1 8 Mosto*, Savelski, Hecht, Farrell Future of chemical engineering: integrating biology into the ChE curriculum US
0580 P7 19 Sramek*, Ditl, Neumanova Gas purification by combined method adsorption - catalytic oxidation CZ
0581 F6 7 Hsiau*, Smid, Tu, Peng Granular flow in a louver-walled moving bed with flow corrective elements TW
0582 P7 11 Mohamadbeigy*, Farahani Green chemistry in water treatment plant IR
0583 P5 5 Lamberti, De Santis* Heat transfer and phase change during fast cooling of thin polymer film IT
0584 P1 1 Vasco de Toledo*, Maciel Filho Heterogeneous dynamic models and control of the multiphase slurry reactor: catalytic hydrogenation reaction of phenol to cyclohexanol BR
0585 D3 5 Garcia-Sanchez*, Eliosa-Jimenez, Silva-Oliver High-pressure vapor-liquid equilibria in the nitrogen-n-heptane system MX
0586 D5 2 van Delden*, Kuipers, de Haan Hydraulic characteristics of caprolactam extraction in the Bateman Pulsed Column NL
0587 P5 3 Ulyev* Hydrodynamic entrance length with the laminar diffuser flow in the constant width coaxial conic channel UA
0588 P7 17 Novy*, Zitny Identification of fouling model in flow of milk at direct ohmic heating CZ
0589 P5 4 Bubnovich*, Toledo Ignition and combustion of lean methane – air mixtures at inert porous media CL
0590 P1 14 Kuznetsov* Impedance of the corrosion models with homogenous and heterogenous surfaces of the metal CH
0591 A8 1 Pisarenko*, Ban, Pisarenko, Novikov, Gordeev Improved industrial process of high-octane hydrocarbon and oxygenated motor fuel production RU
0592 A6 1 Kubicka*, Ronnholm, Salmi, Murzin Improved kinetic data from product analysis: A chemometrical approach FI
0593 P3 2 Myasnikov*, Uteshinsky Impurity redistribution in a crystal layer - melt system as a result of entrapment and subsequent migration of liquid inclusions RU
0594 I6 11 Everaert, Baeyens* In-situ soil remediation by bio-venting BE
0595 P1 1 Gordeeva*, Gordeev, Rudakovskaya Increasing of fermentation processes in cascade of two continuous fermentors RU
0596 P5 6 Ziyatdinov* Increasing the efficiency of wastewater biotreatment on the basis of the system approach RU
0597 P7 11 Stevulova*, Estokova Indoor PM10 monitoring and characterisation SK
0599 A2 1 Batalla-Mayoral, Rodriguez-Hernandez, Chavarria-Hernandez* Influence of media formulation on the productivity of the bioinsecticide nematode Steinernema carpocapsae, during the monoxenic liquid production MX
0600 E1 3 Krasowska*, Krzan, Malysa Influence of n-pentanol and alpha–terpineol adsorption on bubble rising velocity and collisions with interfaces PL
0601 P5 4 Boguslawski* Influence of pressure distribution on local heat transfer on flat surface impinged by free jet PL
0602 P3 16 Galvao, Costa, Amorim, Santana, De Souza, Sousa* Influence of solvent flow rate in the kinetics extraction of the Cimbopogon winterianus J. oil with pressurized carbon dioxide BR
0603 P7 17 Collares*, Finzer, Kieckbusch Influence of the nature of the solid drying support on the detachment of dried maltodextrin films BR
0604 P5 7 Bogoevski*, Burevski Influence of the pore size into amorphous SiO2 precipitate upon the difference between measured and real values of specific surface area and density MK
0605 B7 14 Mangold*, Krasnik, Sundmacher Instabilities and pattern formation in high temperature fuel cells DE
0606 E5 3 Harasek*, Horvath, Jordan Investigation of dependence of gas flow on the geometry of cyclonic separators by CFD simulation AT
0607 E2 3 Karimi*, Tavasoli, Bakhtiary, Jafari Nasr, Khodagholi Investigation of hydrodynamic parameters and modeling of an internal loop airlift reactor IR
0608 A4 1 Vollbrecht*, Seidel-Morgenstern Investigation of methanol synthesis under transient and steady-state conditions DE
0609 P7 11 Scholtus, Simonnot*, Morel, de Donato, Leclerc-Cessac Investigation of the transport of organic complexing solutes in Callovo-Oxfordian argilites: column experiments and modelling FR
0610 P1 1 Shkilyova*, Artyomov, Sulman IR-spectroscopy in the study of substituted acetophenones RU
0611 D6 2 Perva-Uzunalic*, Skerget, Knez Isolation of active ingredients from green tea (Fanning Belas, China) SI
0612 A6 1 Machli*, Boudouris, Lemonidou Kinetic modelling of ethane and propane gas phase oxidative dehydrogenation GR
0613 J7 19 Prado, Soccol*, Vandenberghe, Woiciechowski, Paca Kinetic study of Aspergillus niger LPB 21 growth in citric acid production by solid-state fermentation of cassava bagasse in semi-pilot scale BR
0614 P5 10 Beznosyk, Bugaeva, Je¿owski, Statjukha* Kinetics investigation and design of nitrogen oxides absorption by tributylphosphate UA
0615 P1 1 Queiroz, Zepka, Lopes* Kinetics of simultaneous removal of nitrogen and organic matter from effluent or rice parboilization in biological reactor of complete mixture by cianobacteria: study of increase in the scale of the process BR
0616 I4 11 Vujic*, Vojinovic-Miloradov, Basic, Ubavin, Vujic, Cabradi, Tomasevic Landfill gas modelling and risk assessment in the purpose of the good managing in municipal landfill of Novi Sad YU
0618 P1 1 Ben Brahim*, El Maouia Leaching of calcined Tunisian phosphate ore by acetic acid solution: Texture studying and related kinetics analysis TN
0620 D3 5 Reckova*, Rehak, Uusi-Kyyny, Pokki, Aittamaa Liquid–liquid equilibria in ternary systems isopentane + tert-butanol + water and n-pentane + tert-butanol + water at 293.15 K CZ
0621 D3 5 Chen*, Chang, Gueguen Liquidus projection of the quaternary Sn-Ag-Cu-Ni system and the alloy’s phase formation sequence during solidification TW
0622 B6 14 Bletzacker*, Prat, Quintard Macro-scale modelling of PEM fuel cells FR
0623 P3 2 Nwal Amang*, Alexandrova, Schaetzel Mass transfer characterization of Donnan dialysis : A case of a bi-ionic chloride-nitrate strip solution FR
0624 P3 2 Boucard, Ciceron, Alexandrova, Saboni* Mass transfer modelling in nanofiltration membrane : Comparison between two models FR
0625 P5 6 Wiggers*, Meier, Barros, Wolf-Maciel Mathematical modelling and simulation of a pilot plant of solid waste pyrolysis BR
0626 A3 20 Snita*, Postler, Lindner, Pribyl, Kosek, Marek Mathematical modelling of ionic micro- and nano-systems CZ
0627 P5 6 Nenaglyadkin, Koltsova*, Rakov Mathematical simulation of kinetics of the carbon nanotubes formation during the catalytic pyrolysis of methane RU
0628 G3 6 Ilyina-Sidorova*, Koltsova, Chianese Mathematical simulation of mixing process in a spinning disk reactor RU
0629 P5 3 Haakana*, Kolehmainen, Turunen Measurement and visualization of gas and liquid hold-up, bubble size and flow distributions in a ceramic monolith structure FI
0630 E3 3 Majumder, Kundu*, Mukherjee Mechanism of dissolution of dispersed phase in isothermal two-phase bubble column reactor IN
0631 F7 7 Stevulova* Mechanochemical modification of fluidized fly ash for its utilisation in building materials preparing SK
0632 J3 19 Pisarenko*, Ban, Pisarenko, Nikitina Methanol production from low pressure natural gas of gas fields of Russia RU
0633 P3 2 Castro Dantas*, Dantas Neto, Beltrame, Oliveira, Nascimento Microemulsion as surface modifier agent in color removal from textile wastewater BR
0634 A3 20 Kroschel*, Ehrfeld, Merkel Microreaction technology as a way to solve scale-up problems DE
0635 P1 1 Goharrokhi, Gotbi*, Torabi, Taghikhani Minimization of Gibbs free energy using a new algorithm IR
0636 G8 4 Menshutina, Korneeva*, Goncharova, Leuenberger Model development of atmospheric freeze drying in fluidized bed RU
0637 P5 6 Menshutina, Sokolov*, Tarutina, Sofiev Modeling and analysis of membrane bioreactor stability RU
0638 J3 19 Kosar*, Gomzi, Sintic Modeling and optimization of the continuous vulcanization process HR
0639 P1 1 Ardjmand*, Mazahery, Kazemeini Modeling for kinetic of degradiation of aflatoxin B1 in pistachio by radiation and humidity IR
0640 P1 1 Vrsalovic Presecki*, Vasic-Racki Modelling of the alcohol dehydrogenase production in baker's yeast HR
0641 P3 2 Hernandez*, Castro, Laredo-Sanchez, Ochoa Tapia Modelling adsorption kinetics for a batch system: analysis of the influence of adsorbent particle size MX
0642 P3 2 Eikani*, Rowshanzamir Modeling and simulation of superheated water extraction of essential oils IR
0643 P3 2 Willems*, Schouten, Kuipers, de Haan Modelling of oilseed expression: from hydraulic press to screw press NL
0644 A1 1 Rached, Hoppe, Pla* Modelling of the elaboration of high impact polyamide blends synthesis by reactive extrusion FR
0645 J5 19 Gerrard, Hornung*, Schmauder Modelling the bacterial synthesis of cellulose DE
0646 D1 5 Seyed Matin, Jalili* Molecular dynamics simulation of the PVT behavior of methane and oxygen IR
0647 P7 19 Carvalho, Oishi, Woiciechowski*, Soccol Monascus pigments stability in solution regarding pH and temperature BR
0648 G3 6 Kohout*, Stepanek Multi-scale modelling of vacuum contact drying UK
0649 G5 6 Burian* Multi agent systems and batch process control CZ
0650 H5 10 Iwakabe*, Nakaiwa, Huang, Nakanishi, Zhu, Rosjorde, Ohmori, Endo, Yamamoto Multicomponent separation by heat-integrated distillation column (HIDiC) JP
0651 P3 2 Garcia*, Allegre, Moulin, Charbit Nanofiltration: effect of the mineral salt concentration on the mass transfer FR
0653 A7 1 Fino*, Russo, Saracco, Specchia Nanostructured La-Cr perovskite catalysts for diesel soot combustion IT
0654 P1 1 Marroquin de la Rosa, Valencia Lopez, Ochoa Tapia*, Viveros Garcia Naphtha hydrotreatment reactor model MX
0655 B4 8 Tannous*, Zactiti New approach to learner evaluation of an undergraduate engineering course BR
0656 C2 2 Sanchez, Cardona* New perspectives for designing reactive distillation processes CO
0657 A3 20 Kirschneck*, Kober, Wojik, Marr New plant concepts using methods based on microchemical engineering AT
0658 P5 6 Cherenkov*, Koltsova Chaos control during crystallization via extended method of time-delayed feedback RU
0660 P5 6 Vasconcelos*, Spandri, Wolf-Maciel On-line optimization applied to large scale plants BR
0661 P5 3 Kos* Opportunities for measuring the radial phase in circulating fluidization reactors PL
0662 H6 10 Arellano-Garcia*, Wendt, Li, Wozny Optimal batch process design and operation under uncertainty DE
0663 P1 1 Grzesik*, Ptaszek, Maryanczyk Optimisation of methanol synthesis process PL
0664 P5 6 Ferreira Rezende, Maciel Filho*, Costa Optimization of a three phase hydrogenation reactor: an approach for large scale system BR
0665 P7 19 Karacan*, Ozden, Karacan Optimization of conditions for the preparation of activated carbon from Turkish coal by chemical activation TR
0666 J6 19 Moreira*, Woiciechowski, Soccol, Paca Optimization of the production of fumaric acid by solid state fermentation using citrus pulp as support and nutrients source BR
0667 P5 4 Vonica, Candin* Optimization working method of heat pumps systems with ammonia vapors mechanical compression RO
0668 P1 1 Grzesik*, Skrzypek, Ptaszek Optimum temperature profiles in a fixed bed reactor for a complex reactions system with external diffusion PL
0669 I6 11 Bagherpour*, Nikazar, Sanati, Bonakdarpour Parameters affecting performance of biofilters treating hydrophobic and hydrophilic volatile organic compounds from contaminated air streams IR
0670 P7 19 Orhan, Avcibasi-Guvenilir* Partial purification and characterization of protease enzyme from Bacillus Subtilis bacteria TR
0672 P7 19 Gerze, Saloglu-Omay*, Guvenilir Partial purification and characterization of protease enzyme from Bacillus subtilis megatherium bacteria TR
0673 P3 2 Falaguasta*, Steffens, Coury, Goncalves Performance evaluation of a plate-wire electrostatic precipitator operating on fine particle removal BR
0674 D2 5 Nichita* Phase envelope construction for mixtures with many components MX
0675 E5 3 Verstraete*, Duplan, Gauthier Pilot plant evaluation of a novel FCC riser separator system FR
0676 H5 10 Olujic, Gadalla, Sun*, de Rijke, Jansens Pinch analysis based conceptual design of heat-integrated distillation columns NL
0677 G5 6 Guenine* Pipeless batch plant scheduling and control RU
0678 P7 11 Czajka* Polluted sites registration as a tool for monitoring of environmental safety state PL
0679 D7 15 Solcova*, Schneider Pore-size distribution from liquid expulsion permporometry CZ
0680 P5 7 Stefanovic*, Cojbasic, Andric Possibilities for flying ash application in cement industry YU
0682 G3 6 Yamada*, Tsukamoto, Takahashi, Tada, Fukunaga, Yokoyama Prediction of film elongation behaviour in drawing between rolls JP
0683 P7 9 Karakas, Tuter, Guvenilir* Preparation and determination of properties of nettle extract from underground and upperground parts of nettle TR
0684 C6 2 Konecny*, Samhaber Preparation and characterization of ceramic zirconia and hafniumdioxide membranes by a sol-gel dip-coating method AT
0686 P3 2 Torabi Esfahani, Nouri Khorasani*, Amin, Tabrizchi Preparation of KCl from carnallite with purity of higher than 99% at laboratory scale IR
0687 P7 11 Yamasaki*, Makihata, Fukunaga Preparation of spherical porous crosslinked cyclodextrin polymers and their application as a sorbent for phenols removal of wastewater JP
0688 P5 10 Meshalkin*, Klimenkova, Soboleva Principles of expert system development for decision making in gas emissions reduction RU
0690 P7 11 Koltsova, Soboleva* Principles of mathematical modeling and optimization for new industrial dihydrate-hemihydrate process applied to low-grade phosphorites for energy saving and waste reduction RU
0692 H8 10 Fino*, Russo, Saracco, Specchia Process intensification pathways in the treatment of incinerator flue gases IT
0693 H5 10 Halasz, Niederl, Narodoslawsky* Process synthesis as a means for technology development AT
0694 P7 19 Alberton, Vandenberghe, Assman, Fendrich, Paca, Soccol* Production of xylanase by Streptomyces viridosporus T7A by solid-state fermentation in semi pilot scale BR
0695 E3 3 Yamashita*, Kohsaka Profiles of gas bubble and bubble passage frequency in a bubble column JP
0696 P1 1 Ustariz, Laca, Garcia, Diaz* Protease production from bovine serum albumin fermentation highly affected by oxygen supply ES
0697 P7 11 Gorchakov, Ivanov*, Chulok Protection of environment in processes of biodamage of lubricating oil products RU
0698 P3 2 Fele*, Grilc Protein separation in aqueous two-phase system SI
0699 P3 2 Gonzalez*, Garcia Lorenzo, Riera, Alvarez Purification of lactic acid from fermentation broths by ion exchange resins ES
0700 P5 3 Grzesik*, Ptaszek, Maryanczyk Modelling of thixotropy phenomena in water solution of potato starch and xanthan gum PL
0701 P1 1 Tanashev*, Isupova, Ivanova, Kharina, Pankratiev, Kruglyakov, Moroz, Litvak, Parmon Rapid thermal treatment of inorganic materials in a centrifugal flash reactor as a stage of catalysts preparation. Investigation of CTA products RU
0702 P5 6 Maciel Filho, Wolf-Maciel, Meleiro, Costa, Toledo* Real time process integration: steps to buil-up and practical implementation BR
0703 H5 10 Gadalla, de Rijke*, Olujic, Jansens, Jobson, Smith Reducing CO2 emissions in heat-integrated distillation systems NL
0704 J6 19 Kozliak*, Sundstrom, Seames, Phutane, Jalan, Paca Remediation of 2,6-dinitrotoluene in common building materials: wood and concrete US
0705 P7 11 Yamashita*, Sekiguchi, Tadakawa Removal of volatile organic compound in air by plant oil JP
0706 D4 2 Dunnewijk*, Bosch, de Haan Reverse flow adsorption for the recovery of homogeneous catalysts: determination of adsorption kinetics by the zero length column method NL
0707 P1 1 Kovalenko, Sukhinin, Perminova, Simakov, Komova, Tanashev* Rotor-inertial bioreactor for the heterogeneous biocatalytical processes RU
0708 P1 1 ¯arczynski*, Gorzka, Kazmierczak, Szczepaniak, Stufka-Olczyk Oxidation of 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane at monolithic catalysts containing platinum and rhodium PL
0710 P7 19 Lucena, Alvarez, Garcia Lorenzo, Riera*, Alvarez Separation of beta-lactoglobulin from whey protein concentrate ES
0712 P5 10 Rowshanzamir*, Jadid, Eikani Setting national priorities for energy standards in Iran IR
0713 G2 6 Farzi*, Mehrabani-Zeinabad, Sheikholeslam Simulation and control of a distillation column with a fuzzy logic controller IR
0714 G4 6 Jara*, Garea, Irabien Simulation and optimization of the production process of phthalic anhydride using Aspen Plus ES
0715 J4 19 Honda*, Yachida Molecular simulation of paper tear characteristics using finite element method with a “fiber block model” JP
0716 C2 2 Vigon, Gordeev, Artemyeva, Kolevatykh* Simulation of solvent recuperation process in production of thermopolymers (polysulphone, polyestersulphone) RU
0717 P1 1 Grzesik*, Ptaszek Simultaneous heterogeneous autocatalytic reactions and external mass transport phenomena in a fixed-bed reactor PL
0718 D5 2 Saein*, Riazikhah, Ashrafizadeh Single drop mass transfer variation in contaminated liquid-liquid extraction IR
0719 A6 1 Tavasoli*, Ghalbi Ahangari, Karimi, Bakhtiary, Khodagholi Single step H2S removal using chelated iron solution: reaction kinetics and reactor modeling IR
0720 J4 19 Jimenez*, Ramos, Rodriguez, De la Torre, Angulo, Ferrer Soda pulp from abaca. Influence of the operational variables ES
0721 P1 8 Massa, Tannous* Development of software for application in polymerisation processes in agitated and fluidised bed reactors BR
0722 D3 5 Seyed Matin, Vahidi*, Hosseini, Goharrokhi Solubility of CO2 in aqueous solutions of N-methyldiethanolamine using the modified Kent-Eisenberg model IR
0723 P3 2 Rychkov, Cherny, Kirillov* Sorption extraction of rare-earth metals from mixed solutions with complexing ionites and cryogranulated iron hydroxide RU
0724 D2 5 Toikka* Stability analysis of phase diagrams and tests of thermodynamic data on multicomponent systems RU
0725 A5 1 Stefoglo*, Kuchin, Kravtsov Stability and steady states multiplicity in gas-liquid continuous stirred tank reactor with taking into account the temperature influence on gas solubility RU
0726 P1 1 Menshutina, Guseva*, Nizhegorodova, Boudrant State-of-the-art on the studies about physical-chemical stresses during bacterial cultivation in bioreactor RU
0727 G7 4 Hassimi*, Chetouani, Abdelghani-Idrissi State estimation by the Luenberger observer of a tubular heat exchanger with internal heat source FR
0728 G3 6 Mulas*, Pulis, Tronci State estimation issues in activated sludge processes IT
0729 I7 2 Dantas Neto*, Castro Dantas, Pinheiro, Araujo, Moura Studies of diesel-contaminated soil remediation using microemulsions and surfactant solutions BR
0730 D5 2 Moscosa Santillan*, Vanance, Ye, Amouroux Study and simulation of transfer phenomena in a pulsed liquid-liquid extraction column using image analysis FR
0731 I8 11 Chen, Chou* Study of carbon dioxide utilization by pressure swing adsorption reactor TW
0732 F6 7 Lu*, Hsiau Study of granular mixing in a vibrated bed with electrostatic force TW
0733 E7 3 Neffah, Belaadi*, Bensmailli Study of characteristic of mixing and flow behaviour of viscous fluid in continuous loop reactor DZ
0734 D1 5 Radfarnia, Taghikhani*, Ghotbi Study of phase behavior of VLE and LLE for binary polymer solutions using a new free-volume model based on the Guggenheim theory IR
0735 P5 3 Basarova*, Horn, Korinek Study of the meniscus depression at the three phase contact of the floating particle using image analysis method CZ
0737 I5 11 Niederl, Narodoslawsky* Sustainability evaluation of processes on the base of renewable resources AT
0738 P1 1 Salminen*, Garcia Serrano, Reza, Zeifert, Hesiquio Synthesis and characterization of Co-Ni hydrotalcites MX
0739 D8 15 Derylo-Marczewska*, Marczewski, Skrzypek Synthesis and characterization of ordered mesoporous silica materials PL
0740 P3 15 Goworek*, Derylo-Marczewska, Zgrajka, Stefaniak, Kusak Synthesis and sorption properties of porous melamine-formaldehyde resins PL
0741 P3 15 Kumar*, Villegas, Salmi, Murzin Synthesis of Pt-VPI-5 zeolite and Pt-MCM-41 mesoporous material for isomerisation of n-butane FI
0742 P3 15 Derylo-Marczewska*, Gac, Popivnyak Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of MCM-41 materials prepared by various synthesis and impregnation methods PL
0743 P7 11 Gorzka*, ¯arczynski, Paryjczak, Kazmierczak, Michniewicz Oxidation of 2,4-dichlorophenol at granular catalysts containing platinum, copper and manganese PL
0744 G2 6 Karacan*, Moslempour, Hapoglu, Alpbaz Temperature control of products of the packed distillation column by using nonlinear adaptive generic model control TR
0745 A8 1 Inarra*, Gonzalez-Marcos, Guil, Gutierrez-Ortiz Test reactions for industrial naphtha reforming catalysts characterisation: comparative behaviour between Sn or Re addition to Pt/Al2O3 catalyst ES
0746 P3 15 Kostova*, Spojakina, Solcova, Jiratova Textural properties of zirconium-modified mesoporous silicates containing 12-molybdophosphoric heteropoly acid BG
0747 P7 17 Tita*, Tita, Titu The analysis of the teleme cheese texture processed through the traditional proceeding and through ultrafiltration using the factorial experiments RO
0748 P5 10 Statjukha*, Kvitka, Je¿owski, Dzhygyrey The application of conceptual design procedures to the retrofit of existing wastewater treatment systems UA
0749 P5 7 Danciu*, Danciu The comparative analysis of degrinding degree in breaking proces,between classic way of grinding and the intensive grinding process RO
0751 I3 17 Collares, Finzer, Kieckbusch* The drying of food pastes - sugar cane, gum Arabic and maltodextrin solutions - and the glass transition phenomenon BR
0752 F6 7 Stepanek*, Ansari The effect of binder solidification rate on granule microstrucure UK
0753 P1 1 Grzesik*, Gumula, Skrzypek The effect of catalyst used on the kinetics of isobuthyl methacrylate synthesis PL
0754 E5 3 Guella, Marion, Lepinasse, Saboni* Free falling droplet submitted to vaporization FR
0755 P3 2 Aleksic*, Bankovic-Ilic, Lazic, Veljkovic, Skala The effects of operating conditions on the gas holdup in a multiphase reciprocating plate column with rashig rings placed in interplate spaces YU
0756 P7 17 Tita*, Oprean, Aleman The evolution of some physico - chemical parameters in the maturation system of the cheese products in brine RO
0757 D2 5 Nichita* The four-equation flash MX
0758 P7 11 Laskova*, Samankova, Tabas, Babinec The environmental risk assessment - groundwater and soil pollution CZ
0759 A2 1 Juliastuti, Baeyens*, Suwarno, Ismail, Musfil, Degreve The inhibition of nitrification by reaction intermediates: the modified Anthonisen diagram BE
0760 P5 4 Vonica, Candin* The optimization of cooling absorbtion systems using the finite time thermodynamics method RO
0761 P5 4 Vonica, Candin* The optimization of heat pumps absorbtion systems using the finite time thermodynamics method RO
0762 P7 11 Czarnecka, Czajka* The plan of wastes economy as a basic tool in wastes management PL
0763 P1 1 Stamenkovic, Stamenkovic, Bankovic-Ilic*, Lazic, Veljkovic, Skala The pressure variation at the bottom of a reciprocating plate bioreactor filled with non-Newtonian liquids YU
0764 E1 3 Horn*, Basarova, Machon The study of elementary steps in the flotation process using image analysis method CZ
0765 P7 19 Markovic*, Radovanovic, Marinovic-Cincovic, Babic, Radovanovic The thermal stability of nano and micro silica reinforced NBR/CSM rubber blends YU
0766 B4 8 Brennan* The undergraduate chemical engineering design project - where is it heading? AU
0767 P7 17 Collares*, Finzer, Kieckbusch The use of a rotary dryer containing stainless steel balls for the production of powdered maltodextrin (DE 10) BR
0768 E2 3 Trilleros Villaverde*, Diaz Martin, Redondo Martin Three phase hydrodynamic behavior on airlift tanks (ALT) ES
0769 D7 2 Scheer*, Vasco de Toledo, Maciel Filho, Wolf-Maciel Towards an efficient procedure to the dynamic adsorption problem BR
0770 P3 5 Radfarnia, Bogdanic* The UNIQUAC-NRF segmental interaction model for vapor-liquid equilibrium calculations for polymer solutions HR
0771 P5 10 Iacob*, Crisbasanu, Popescu, Ivanescu, Iancu Upgrading water piping systems of industrial complex RO
0772 P7 19 Tacla, Kaskantzis Neto, Paca, Soccol* Use of industrial residues for hydrogen sulfide biofiltration BR
0773 P1 14 Arce*, Andres, Viguri Use of the urine test on the evaluation of the nickel exposition ES
0774 F4 10 Friedl*, Schlegl, Pfeffer, Harasek Validation of a biogas production simulation model with real plant data AT
0775 P3 2 Salem*, Boukhalfa, Allia Valorization of a vegetable biomass for the removal of the cadmium from aqueous solutions DZ
0776 D2 5 Garcia-Sanchez, Nichita* Vapor-liquid equilibria of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon mixtures using the PC-SAFT equation of state MX
0777 E4 3 Soares*, Noriler, Wolf-Maciel, Voss, Barros, Meier Verification & validation in CFD: tridimensional and transient model for multiphase flow BR
0778 P3 5 Grzesik*, Ptaszek Viscoelasticity retardation phenomena in maize starch and guar gum water solutions PL
0779 A5 1 Kuzmin*, Parmon, Pravdina, Yavorsky, Yavorsky Vortex centrifugal multiphase reactor RU
0780 E1 3 Xiao, Tan* Wall effect on bubble formation at a submerged orifice SG
0781 P3 16 Borovsky, Koshevoi*, Dolgov Working out energy-efficient process flowsheets of vegetable material extraction by means of carbon dioxide RU
0782 P7 12 Rudniak, Machniewski*, Milewska, Molga Application of CFD for the detection of thermal runaway in homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction systems PL
0783 G2 6 Hapoglu, Altuntas, Vural, Ozkan*, Alpbaz Application of self-tuning PID control to the limestone dissolution process TR
0784 C2 2 Kotai*, Lang, Modla Batch extractive distillation as a hybrid process: separation of azeotropes of minimum boiling point HU
0785 C2 2 Kotai, Lang*, Modla Batch heteroazeotropic rectification under continuous and mixed entrainer feeding HU
0786 I6 11 Zgajnar-Gotvajn*, Zagorc-Koncan Biotreatability characterization of municipal landfill leachate from an old landfill using multilevel approach SI
0787 P5 4 Soare* Contact thermal resistance of the extended surface with circular “L” – fins RO
0788 P1 1 Kim*, Hong, Song, Lim, Lee Destruction of 2-chlorophenol with/without basic catalysts under supercritical water and hydrogen peroxide KR
0789 P1 8 Salmi, Warna* Determination of flow patterns by using urban pieces of art FI
0790 P3 15 Soukup*, Solcova, Schneider Determination of transport characteristics from counter-current gas diffusion measurements CZ
0791 J7 19 Pouchkov*, Tourenko, Reva Development of structure and technological bases of obtaining of blocked polyisocyanates for rise of adhesion of rubbers to the brass metal cord RU
0792 P7 2 Lopez, Diaz* Dissolved air flotation of polyester fibres in low concentrations ES
0793 G8 4 Sghaier, Prat, Nasrallah Drying processes in the presence of salt pore-scale modelling TN
0794 P5 10 Tovazhnyansky, Kapustenko, Perevertaylenko, Boldyryev*, Garev Energy saving retrofit of refrigerating section of dairy factory with using of modern methods of process integration and high effective heat exchangers UA
0795 J7 19 Bastos*, Queiroz, Zepka, Volpato, Lopes, Severo Estimation of single-cell protein production by Aphanothece microscopica Nägeli in the rice parboilized effluent BR
0796 P7 19 Lopez*, Alfaro, Garcia, Garrote, Diaz Ethanol pulping from tagasaste (Chamaecytisus proliferus L.F. ssp palmensis) ES
0797 P1 20 Knapkova, Pribyl*, Lindner, Marek Evaluation of electric potential distribution from the distribution of reacting ionic tracers in microchannels – tool for experiments CZ
0798 P5 3 Mendizabal, Gonzalez-Mendizabal* Experimental determination of upward Taylor bubbles velocities in vertical pipes VE
0799 C4 2 Mladenchev*, Tomas Filtration and flow properties of compressed fine limestone filter cakes DE
0800 E2 3 Klein*, Vincente, Domingues, Jurascik, Teixeira Hydrodynamic analysis of a continuous airlift bioreactor with flocculating high cell density system PT
0801 P5 3 Machniewski*, Bin, Rudniak, Evans Hydrodynamics and mass transfer characteristics of a rotating cylindrical gas sparger PL
0802 C4 2 Safaeefar, Ang*, Tade, Reyhani Influences of type of seeds on product crystal size of manganese sulphate monohydrate in salting out batch crystallisation AU
0803 P1 1 Tasbihi*, Feyzi, Alavi Isobutane dehydrogenation on the Pt/Sn/Al2O3 catalyst IR
0804 E7 3 Macias, Braga, Cariati, Souza, Cruz*, Pereira Leak detection in pipelines. Pressure transient analysis BR
0805 E3 3 Sirinek*, Ditl, Linek, Kordac kLa measurement by Dynamic Sulfite Method in agitated vessel CZ
0806 H6 10 Bonfill, Arbiza, Canton, Guillen*, Mele, Espuna, Puigjaner Metaheuristic multiobjective optimization approach for the scheduling of multiproduct plants ES
0807 P5 4 Meglouli* Methodology of optimisation of the thermic interchange network in refinement DZ
0808 P1 20 Pribyl*, Snita, Marek, Hasal Modeling of an immunoassay in a microstructured device CZ
0809 P5 3 Vlaev, Fialova* Modeling of bubble column reactors gas proliferation: previous and present achievements CZ
0810 P5 6 Labidi*, Zafra, Pelach, Mutje Modelisation of deinking operation ES
0811 P5 10 Tovazhnyansky, Kapustenko, Khavin*, Demirsky Modernization of distillery plant with using of plate heat exchangers UA
0812 P1 1 Emami, Alavi* Oxidation of n-butane to maleic anhydride IR
0813 P7 17 da Silva, Sobral, Kieckbusch* Phase transitions of frozen and freeze-dried camu-camu (Myrciaria dubia (H.B.K.) Mc Vaugh) pulp with and without additives BR
0814 P5 3 Korinek*, Basarova, Machon Plastics flotation with regard to the maximum and minimum particle size CZ
0815 F4 10 Turon, Labidi*, Paris Process redesign with genetic algorithm ES
0816 A6 1 Bernas*, Holmbom, Salmi, Murzin Production of conjugated linoleic acid by heterogeneous catalysis - kinetic modeling FI
0817 P7 11 Gularte, Loizeau, Gurierrez, Diaz* Salts effects in phenol adsorption by sandy natural soils ES
0818 I2 17 Wijntje*, Bosch, de Haan, Bussmann Selective adsorbents for triglycine recovery from multicomponent process streams NL
0819 C2 2 Tronci*, Frau, Bezzo, Barolo, Baratti State estimation of a distillation column through a grey model-based geometric observer IT
0821 P1 1 Oliveira Fontes, Fernandes de Sousa, De Souza*, Benachour, Gomes Synthesis and kinetics study of the niobium carbide obtained from niobium oxide by gas-solid reaction under H2/CH4 atmosphere in a rotary cylinder reactor BR
0822 P7 17 Danciu*, Danciu The comparative analysis of the secondary products extractions, from the first breaking step, between intensive (modern) wheat grinding and the classic one RO
0823 P7 2 Prodanchuk, Chekmeneva*, Gudz, Hudaikulova , Roik, Kulichenko, Stepanets The complex approach to the investigating of physico-chemical properties of cosmetic raw UA
0824 H6 10 Tovazhnyansky, Kapustenko*, Perevertaylenko, Arsenyeva The plate heat exchangers for high duties UA
0825 P5 4 Shashkov*, Zolotukhina, Kolenchits Thermаl diffusion factor of binary mixtures containing vapours of spirits BY
0826 P1 1 Lugovskaya*, Anufrieva, Golubtsov, Krylova Thermoactivation of the natural schungite catalyst of the neutralization reaction of the exhaust gases and the styrol synthesis RU
0827 P7 19 Pouchkov*, Tourenko, Kablov Use of polyvinyl chloride in quality of promoter of adhesion RU
0828 I8 11 Silva, Quinta-Ferreira* Wet oxidation of acrylic acid over a CuO-ZnO/Al2O3 catalyst PT
0829 C4 2 Mauschitz*, Koschutnig, Hoeflinger The influence of filter regeneration on the internal particle rearrangement of nonwovens for cleanable dust filters AT
0831 E3 3 Zajac, Anweiler*, Ulbrich Analysis of hydrodynamic of two phase flow in bubble column using digital image processing PL
0832 D1 5 Hidouche, Dahmani* HSE Conformal Solution Theory: Prediction of isobaric vapour liquid-equilibrium data of binary systems of butyl chlorides with heptane, cyclohexane and toluene at 101.3, 80.0 and 53.3 kPa DZ
0833 P7 19 Savkovic-Stevanovic* Plant operation management system YU
0834 P7 9 Porfiryeva*, Khozin, Fomin Properties of modified sulfur-organic astringents for road covering RU
0835 P7 9 Porfiryeva*, Akhmetov, Iusupova, Akhmadiev, Gabbasov Quantum-chemical research of sulfur-silicagel interaction RU
0836 P3 2 Cremasco*, Hritzko, Linda Wang Separation of Taxol(R) from multicompent mixture using simulated moving bed BR
0837 P3 2 Starquit, Cremasco* Simulation of the separation of Taxol(R) from multicomponent mixture in a simulated moving bed BR
0838 P7 9 Porfiryeva*, Medvedeva, Gerasimov Sulfur concrete on the base of ashes wastes of heatplants and oligoorganophospates RU
0839 P7 12 Egorov*, Peskova, Makarova The classification and estimation system of hazard chemical agents and their mixes RU
0840 P5 4 Candin*, Candin The influence of environment temperature on the performances of the amplifier heat transformer RO
0841 P5 4 Candin*, Candin The influence of the secondary energetic resources temperature and the feeding mode on the performances of the amplifier heat transformer RO
0842 P1 1 Magerramov*, Nagieva, Allakhverdiyev The reduction reaction of dimethylthiophen in presence of hydrogen peroxide and biomimetical catalyst – EDTA Fe3+ OH/Al2O3 AZ
0843 P1 1 Atmani, Bensmailli* Modeling of continuous loop reactor DZ
0844 P7 17 Dobias*, Voldrich, Curda Heating of canned fruits and vegetables - deaeration and texture changes CZ
0845 P1 14 Kuleshov*, Telnov Proton transfer in electrochemical systems with ion exchange membrane RU
0846 P3 2 Gumnitsky*, Jurym, Venger Features of process of abstraction from a solid phase in conditions of vacuum operation of a system UA
0847 P7 11 Dewulf*, Van de Velde, Van Langenhove Biomass based renewable fuels: an exergetic cradle to grave approach BE
0848 P5 6 Vasconcelos*, Spandri, Wolf-Maciel Comparison of PID and MPC for control of a heavy oil fractionator BR
0849 F2 3 Siska*, Dolecek, Bendova, Machac Effect of rheological behaviour of the fluid on the fluidized bed structure in liquid-solid fluidization CZ
0850 P5 6 Petraev*, Reznichenko, Rakov, Soboleva, Koltsova Application of information and expert systems in the field of nanoglandular substance form RU
0851 P5 3 Matsuda*, Hatano Circulating fluidized bed with swirl flow riser and its application to photocatalytic NOx treatment JP
0852 G4 6 Gloeckler*, Kolios, Eigenberger Efficient calculation of the periodic steady-state in reverse-flow reactors DE
0853 P5 3 Jirout*, Moravec, Rieger, Heiser Electrochemical and visual measurement of particle suspension with pitched six-blade turbine CZ
0854 P7 11 Dimitrov, Elain, Sire, Hadjiev, Le Fellic* Monitoring in situ the dynamics of biofilm in an aerobic fibrous-bed bioreactor: a microspectroscopic approach FR
0855 I6 11 Espino-Garcia, Batalla-Mayoral, Rodriguez-Hernandez, Chavarria-Hernandez* Monoxenic liquid production of the bioinsecticide nematode Steinernema carpocapsae using a culture medium containing acid whey MX
0856 J2 12 Rajakovic*, Drakic, Janackovic The improvement of analyzing the characteristics of electrical insulating oil with the metal-in-oil analysis and the adsorption of contaminants YU
0858 I8 11 Derco*, Mitalova Treatment of resistant organic pollutants by ozone SK
0859 I7 11 Zarkovic*, Rajakovic, Krgovic, Acevski Water quality control and closing up of water systems in the pulp & paper industry YU
0860 P5 6 Vasilenko, Kortchagin, Koltsova, Kulkov, Suleymanov* IS "Crystalogue" for equipment design and for optimization of mass crystallization processes RU
0861 P5 6 Gordeev, Koznov*, Korzhova, Zhurilova The system of synthesis of scheme multicomponent distillation RU
0862 P5 3 Alvarez, Alvarez, Cancela*, Maceiras Influence of cooking and freeze-thawing cycles on rheological properties creams ES
0863 E7 3 Cancela, Alvarez*, Maceiras Rheological behaviour of fresh and cooked fruits ES
0864 P5 10 Pinto*, Luz Jr., Wolf-Maciel Process intensification applied to wastewater treatment containing phenol BR
0865 P3 5 Pinto*, Lintomen, Meirelles, Wolf-Maciel Prediction of liquid-liquid equilibria in mixed-solvent electrolyte systems using UNIFAC method BR
0866 P7 11 Darton*, Ndonji, Johnson The removal of oestrogens from treated water UK
0867 P3 2 Pinto, Lintomen*, Meirelles, Wolf-Maciel Saline extraction process for recovering organic acids BR
0868 I5 11 Bolhar-Nordenkampf*, Furnsinn, Hofbauer Exergetic and energetic evaluation of biomass based IGCC processes AT
0869 P3 2 Pinto*, Lintomen, Wolf-Maciel Dynamic simulation applied to ethanol dehydration using the extractive saline distillation process BR
0870 P1 1 Spas, Schreiberova, Schreiber* Bifurcation diagrams for the hydrogen peroxide–thiosulfate–Cu2+ reaction in the CSTR and classification of its mechanism CZ
0871 P1 1 Bakes*, Schreiberova, Schreiber Dynamical response of the pH-oscillatory reaction hydrogen peroxide-thiosulfate-Cu2+ in the CSTR to external pulses CZ
0872 P7 9 Moscicki*, Mitrus Microstructure of the thermoplastic starchy biopolymers and extruded film PL
0874 P7 11 Sinirkaya*, Kocakerim, Boncukcuoglu, Kucuk Recovering of boron from tincal wastes TR
0875 D8 2 Ozkan*, Kaya, Ozkan A dynamic study for adsorption of NOX on Pt, Pd-ZSM-5 coated monolithic catalyst TR
0876 P1 8 Kapustin*, Maksimov About creation educational specialized www-site RU
0877 G5 6 Ramirez*, Gani About the study of reaction separation with recycle systems through a systematic approach DK
0878 A6 1 Ashoori, Taghizadeh*, Rostami Dehka Kinetic modeling of the catalytic hydrogenation of rapeseed oils IR
0879 H1 10 Markowski*, Urbaniec, Budek, Grabarczyk Minimum energy expenditure in the thermal separation of hydrocarbon mixtures at low temperature PL
0880 I7 11 Aleksic*, Rajakovic, Jovanic, Lazic Oil emulsion treatment optimization using design of experiments methodology YU
0881 D5 2 Kysela*, Ditl The measurement of floc size and flocculation kinetics by the laser knife and digital camera CZ
0882 D2 5 Sadowski* Thermodynamics of polymer systems DE
0883 J5 19 Emelianov*, Shaihutdinov Intensive aerobic technologies in alcohol industry RU
0884 A4 1 Salmi, Warna*, Kangas, Musakka How to avoid the modelling of interfacial mass transfer in the presence of chemical reactions and interfacial mass transfer effects FI
0885 G1 6 Sisler*, Teipel, Skrivanek, Ditl Simulation of solids processes using commercial software CZ
0886 F1 3 Jahoda*, Kudrna, Cermakova, Majirova, Veverka, Machon Time dependence of tracer concentration in a system of non-ideal continuous mixers CZ
0887 P1 1 Mekhtiyeva*, Kurbanova, Aliyeva, Magerramov, Allakhverdiyev Synthesis of the 2-alkylaminotiozolin-4-ons AZ
0888 P1 1 Magerramov*, Allakhverdiyev The electrophilic addition of twelwe-membered cyclic olefines to iodine (III) reagents in "doping" conditions AZ
0889 P1 1 Magerramov, Mirbagirova, Allakhverdiyev* In the condition of "doping" electrophilic compouds of oxyrans with reagent of trivalent iodine AZ
0890 P1 1 Magerramov, Mustafayev, Veliyeva*, Allakhverdiyev Reactivity of hexabromo- and 5,5-dimetoxytetrabromo-1,3-cyclopentadienes in diene synthesis with propargyl ethers of p-substituted benzoic acids AZ
0891 P5 7 Teipel*, Sisler, Fuhr, Mikonsaari, Forter-Barth The use of different laser light methods for particle size analysis DE
0892 D1 5 Chudakov, Morachevsky, Prikhodko*, Reshetova, Victorov, Vinogradova Calculations of homogeneous azeotropes for binary and ternary fluid mixtures with the aid of the hole lattice quasichemical equation of state RU
0893 I3 17 Cifarelli, Parascandola, Poletto*, Saracino Adsorption of beta-galactosidase and hydrolysis of lactose in a fluidized bed of zeolite pellets IT
0894 F6 7 D'Arco*, Donsi, Ferrari, Poletto Aerated discharge of a bin loaded with radially segregated solids IT
0895 A3 20 Zamostny*, Belohlav, Herink Application of laboratory micro-reactor in theoretical and applied technological research of steam cracking CZ
0896 P1 1 Ozkan*, Ucan, Ozkan, Pamuk, Bicer Application of the Box Wilson optimization method to the removal of sulfur dioxide by the liquid phase in a periodically operating trickle bed reactor with an activated carbon bed TR
0897 P7 11 Mokaddem, Ourabah, Kadri, Sadaoui* Coupling of the biological and physicochemical processes for the depollution of the aqueous effluents containing cadmium DZ
0898 P3 5 Candin*, Vonica, Jaºcanu Equations for calculating the thermodynamic state parameters for ammonia with a great number of coefficients for each phase RO
0899 P3 5 Candin*, Jaºcanu, Vonica Equations for calculating the thermodynamic state parameters for water with a great number of coefficients for each phase RO
0900 F6 7 Haim, Kalman* Heat transfer to gas-particles flow in dilute state IL
0902 P3 2 Vinel, Bouallou* Modeling of absorption column for acid gases by alkanolamine solution FR
0904 P7 11 Cuba*, Kovanda, Hilaire, Jiratova Properties and combustion activity of hydrotalcite-like compounds calcined at various temperatures CZ
0905 P1 1 De Souza*, Oliveira Fontes, Carvalho, Medeiros, Gomes Tantalum-niobium carbide synthesis from tantalite mineral (Fe, Mn)(Ta1-xNbx)2O6 in rotary cylinder reactor at low temperature BR
0907 F6 7 Zegzulka* Angle of internal friction in first flow mechanism CZ
0908 P5 7 Zegzulka* Angle of internal friction in second flow mechanism CZ
0909 P7 17 Pokorny*, Farouk Mansour, Pudil, Janda Effect of different protein sources on the flavour of extruded wheat flour CZ
0910 P7 11 Ocic*, Maceiras Environmental protection and standards in oil refineries YU
0911 P5 3 Paces*, Kosek, Marek Mathematical modeling of perfusion in capillary electro-chromatography CZ
0912 P5 6 Dorokhov, Nikulina, Surzhkov, Elistratov* Ontology as a principle of formalization of a subject domain of chemical technology RU
0913 F2 3 House*, Saberian, Briens, Berruti, Chan Injection of a liquid spray into a fluidized bed: methods for improving the initial liquid dispersion CA
0914 H8 10 Lee*, Fan, Park, Lee, Shafie, Bertok, Friedler Unified approach for determining multiple flux distributions and pathways: maximization of acetate production KR
0915 P7 11 Kazmierczak*, Kaczmarek Application of gold catalyst in total oxidation of 1,2-dichloropropane PL
0916 P7 11 Kazmierczak*, Misiak Effect of platinum catalyst KP-910 on emission of dioxins in the process of 1,2-dichloropropane oxidation PL
0917 P3 2 Nastaj*, Chybowska Experimental determination of adsorption equilibria of 1-butanol and toluene on Sorbonorit-4 activated carbon PL
0918 P5 4 Lazaar, Hazami, Kooli, Farhat*, Belghith Conditioning of greenhouses tunnels by the capillary heat exchanger TN
0919 P5 10 Hazami*, Kooli, Lazaar, Farhat, Belghith Buildings air-conditioning by a passive system using renewable energy TN
0920 P5 10 Kooli, Hazami*, Lazaar, Farhat, Belghith Performance of a passive aquarium’s conditioning system TN
0921 P7 11 Gularte, Gutierrez, Diaz* Phenol biodegradation in sandy soils ES
0922 P1 1 Jurascik*, Fabiny, Vandakova, Annus, Markos Modelling of fermentation in an airlift bioreactor SK
0923 P1 1 Holikova, Markos*, Jelemensky Study of the coal combustion in the fluidised bed laboratory reactor SK
0924 G5 6 Belohlav*, Herink, Lederer, Zamostny Model aided management in ethylene cracking process CZ
0925 J2 12 Krajciova, Jelemensky*, Molnar, Markos Safety analyses of a tubular flow reactor SK
0926 P7 11 Castelo-Branco, Marques, Quinta-Ferreira* Environmental protection: Mn supported oxides for decolouration of Orange II solutions PT
0927 J2 12 Kisa*, Mierka Jr., Jelemensky, Stopka, Markos Dispersion of dangerous gases modeled by CFD approach SK
0928 P7 11 Quina, Bordado, Quinta-Ferreira* Chemical immobilisation of contaminants in solid wastes PT
0929 P1 1 Zadrazil*, Sevcikova Electric field effects on the onset of density instability of an autocatalytic reaction front CZ
0930 A7 1 Salejova, Kosek*, Nevoral, Solcova, Schneider Effective transport properties of the reconstructed porous catalyst carriers CZ
0931 P1 1 Nevoral*, Koci, Schreiber, Kubicek, Marek Nonlinear dynamics of CO, hydrocarbons and NOx conversion in the monolithic catalytic reactor CZ
0932 P1 20 Nevoral*, Salejova, Kosek, Marek Reconstruction of porous media from electron microscopy images CZ
0933 P3 2 Cermakova*, Yang, Uchytil, Seidel-Morgenstern Transport of binary mixture of adsorbable gases in Vycor glass CZ
0934 P7 17 Stern, Pokorny* Psychorheology of dressings CZ
0935 P1 1 Brozek*, Srank, Mastny, Neufuss Photocatalytic properties of plasma sprayed ilmenite CZ
0936 P7 19 Brozek*, Flemr Transport of carbon in plasma treatment of tungsten carbide CZ
0937 11 Cotman*, Zagorc-Koncan, Zgajnar-Gotvajn Fractionated procedures - tools for toxicity characterization of tannery effluents SI
0938 P5 3 Jahoda*, Hasal, Fort Analysis of dynamics of free liquid surface motion in a stirred tank CZ
0939 P1 1 Chanfreau*, Cognet, Condoret Electrocarboxylation using supercritical CO2 FR
0940 C2 2 Wentink*, Conde, Kuipers, de Haan, Scholtz, Mulder Alpha-olefin separation from olefin isomers by reactive extractive distillation: effects of ligand structure NL
0941 P1 1 Bobak*, Novak, Kosek Sorption equilibria of ethylene and 1-hexene in LLDPE CZ
0942 P1 1 Horackova, Grof, Kosek* Effect of the distribution of catalyst activity on the morphogenesis of polyolefin particles CZ
0943 J2 12 Bharatiya* Effective HAZOP studies in the hydrocarbon processing industry SA
0944 P3 2 Pridal*, Pridal, Urban Experimental photocatalytic flow reactor CZ
0946 C2 2 Kordac*, Linek, Moucha Experimental study on mass transfer mechanism in gas–liquid dispersions CZ
0948 P7 17 Matyka, Szmigielski, Moscicki* Evaluation of chosen protein traits in full fat soybean seeds by means of bromocresole purple index (BCPI) method PL
0949 J1 12 Snoyes* How modelling of explosions aids in manufacture's Atex certification process BE
0950 P3 2 Bendjama*, Schaetzel Pervaporative transfer of ethyl acetate aqueous mixture through polydimethylsiloxane membranes DZ
0951 P3 2 Mowla*, Sayyad Amin, Naseh Simulation of heap leaching process in sarcheshmeh copper complex IR
0952 P3 5 Taranenkova*, Shabanova, Deyneka Thermodynamic data for compounds of the system CaO-BaO-Fe2O3 UA
0953 G2 6 Laaouad*, Grigoriev Application possibilities of recent control approaches on chemical and petrochemical plants DZ
0954 P1 1 Gayubo*, Alonso, Atutxa, Amundarain, Aguayo Design of the MTO process over a SAPO-34 catalyst in a fluidized bed with catalyst circulation ES
0955 C5 2 Kudela*, Schauer, Richau, Mohr Electrochemical properties of membranes made of poly(1,4-phenylene sulfide) CZ
0956 I7 11 Balazs, Both, Tomosy* Energy saving waste water treatment by evaporation HU
0958 A5 1 Tarverdi*, Mortazavi, Khodadadi, Mohajerzadeh Non-oxidative non-catalytic methane conversion to high molecular weight hydrocarbons using dielectric barrier discharge reactor IR
0959 A6 19 Yahia*, Melnikova Synthesis of the amino and alkoxyderivatives sym-triazines containing fragments of sterically hindered phenol DZ
0960 P3 5 Alvarez*, Alvarez, Cancela, Correa, Garcia-Rosello, Navaza Application of neural networks to prediction of surface tensions of binary aqueous solutions ES
0961 P5 10 Badell*, Pastor, Pereira, Bautista, Puigjaner Integrating operative and financing planning with investment options of water reuse in industry ES
0963 P3 2 Amory, Mohammed* Synthesis of cation exchange fibers IQ
0964 C5 2 Fila, Bouzek* A macrohomogeneous approach to the modelling of the mass transfer through the ion selective membrane under industrial brine electrolysis conditions CZ
0965 P1 14 Holzhauser, Bouzek*, Lange, Juttner Activity of alternative anodes based on Nafion-polypyrrole-Pt composites for methanol oxidation reaction CZ
0966 D7 15 Keil* Adsorption and transport in micro- and mesoporous materials DE
0967 G5 6 Gani* Computer-aided methods and tools for product-process synthesis & design DK
0968 P3 2 Bakalar, Schlosser*, Bugel Hybrid adsorption and microfiltration process for removal of metals from aqueous solutions SK
0969 B6 14 Moravcova, Holzhauser, Bouzek*, Juttner Nafion – Polypyrrole composite as a novel material for PEM fuel cell CZ
0970 P3 2 Selatnia*, Madani, Bakhti, Chergui Biosorption of Ag+ ions from aqueous solution by a bacterial dead Streptomyces rimosus biomass DZ
0971 P7 11 Barinov, Prozorov, Shcheglov, Tkachenko* Ground cleaning using chemical reagent RU
0972 P7 11 Prozorov, Shcheglov, Nikolaevsky, Tkachenko* Researches on increase of efficiency of electrokinetic process of ground cleaning from radionuclides RU
0974 E7 3 Kumar, Nigam* Numerical simulation of fully developed flow in bent helix IN
0975 P1 1 Prikopsky*, Wellig, von Rohr Operating results from a SCWO pilot plant with a transpiring wall reactor CH
0976 G3 6 Godula*, Sevcikova An emergence of transient pacemakers in a one dimensional excitable medium CZ
0978 P7 11 Bychkova*, Zouev Graphite particle - contribution to ecological safety RU
0980 P7 9 Aksakal*, Hanyaloglu, Yildirim, Mutlugun Calcium hydroxyapatite dip-coating on Ti-6Al-4V and stainless steel (316L) substrates by using an intermadiate-coating layer TR
0981 P1 14 Dzyazko, Mahmoud*, Lapicque Electrical conductivity and transport properties of inorganic membranes containing hydrated zirconium dioxide FR
0983 P7 19 Ucuncu*, Aktan, Ozabacigil, Buyukokuroglu, Akyuz, Altas Protective effect of melatonin on experimental otitis media with effusion in guinea pigs TR
0985 I7 11 Daneshvar*, Khataee Advanced chemical oxidation of textile dye acid red 14 in water by fenton and photo-fenton processes IR
0986 P5 6 Illoul*, Selatnia, Aberkane, Baba-Ammi Control of an absorption packed column using fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy logic DZ
0987 P1 14 Amirinejad, Rowshanzamir*, Eikani Current status and future prospects of fuel cell technology in Iran IR
0988 D1 5 Lisal*, Smith, Breannan Molecular-level simulations of reacting systems in bulk and confinement CZ
0991 P3 2 Mellouk*, Rezzoug, Allaf Improvement of extraction of wood volatiles by instantaneous controlled pressure drop technology (DIC). Kinetics and comparative quality in the case of Red cedar FR
0992 A2 1 Al-Qodah*, Daghistani Production of protease by thermophilic bacteria JO
0993 C6 2 Teramoto*, Kitada, Shimizu, Ohnishi, Matsuyama Removal and enrichment of gases by novel hollow fiber facilitated transport membrane module and novel capillary tube-type gas absorber/stripper module JP
0996 P1 1 Sharifnia, Mortazavi*, Khodadadi, Nazari FTS selectivity enhancement by distributing H2 along a fixed-bed reactor IR
0997 I7 11 Aghamiri*, Bayat, Moheb Application of sorbent materials for oil spill cleanup IR
1000 H4 10 Snezhkin, Boryak, Marchevsky, Seminskyi* Energy-saving mode of drying for vegetative materials UA
1001 P5 10 Ocic*, Maceiras Energy optimization in oil refinery process YU
1002 P5 4 Bouhadef, Kahalerras*, Chikh Experimental study of thermal convection in a channel provided with a porous block DZ
1003 P3 2 Meziane, Kadi*, Lamrous Kinetic study of oil extraction from olive foot cake DZ
1004 A6 1 Mallalah, Ali, Mahdi* Kinetics of the esterification reaction of acetic acid with butanol over Amberlyst 15 catalyst KW
1005 P1 1 Laoufi*, Bentahar Photolysis of phenol in aqueous solution by H2O2/UV processing a helical reactor DZ
1006 P3 2 Chahboub*, Madani, Selatnia Water treatment of rejections of textile industry and oil refinery by ultrafiltration and nanofiltration DZ
1007 P5 10 Ucekaj*, Bebar, Kohoutek, Stehlik Control of VOC emissions from fixed roof tank CZ
1008 F4 10 Stasta, Boran*, Bebar, Stehlik, Oral Industrial utilization of alternative fuel - thermal processing of sewage sludge CZ
1009 G7 4 Hojjati*, Omidkhah, Panjeh Shahi A new approach for area targeting and retrofit design for heat exchanger network with mixed materials of construction and types IR
1011 G7 4 Hojjati*, Omidkhah, Panjeh Shahi Heat exchanger network design with mixed materials of constructions IR
1012 P5 10 Bonischova*, Hribkova, Kohoutek, Stehlik, Jegla Users friendly computational support in heat exchangers design CZ
1013 P7 15 Addoun*, Bouchenafa-Saib Activation of lignocellulosic materials to produce active carbon as catalyst support DZ
1014 E6 3 Ghorai, Nigam* Gas-liquid two phase flow in coiled flow inverter IN
1016 C3 2 Khelassi*, Maidi, Bendib, Wilson Control system design for distillation columns using artificial intelligence DZ
1017 C4 11 Aldaco*, Irabien Crystallization process for recovery of fluoride from industrial wastewaters ES
1019 P1 1 Armas Marin, Papa*, Lopez Nieto, Solsona, De Risi, Rosillo n-Butane oxidative dehydrogenation on some VMgO supported or promoted catalysts VE
1020 P1 1 Armas Marin, Papa*, Lopez Nieto, Solsona, De Risi, Rosillo n-Pentane oxidative dehydrogenation on some VMgO supported or promoted catalysts VE
1021 P5 3 Fadavi*, Chriastel A new idea to improve mass transfer in the airlift reactor SK
1022 F4 10 Majozi* An effective technique for wastewater minimisation in batch processes - 2. Multiple contaminants ZA
1023 G2 6 Khelassi*, Maidi Control system design for dual separation DZ
1024 F6 7 Khanal*, Schubert, Tomas DEM simulation of diametrical compression and fracture of particle compounds DE
1025 H6 10 Majozi* Heat integration of multipurpose batch plants using a continuous-time framework ZA
1026 P1 1 Koltsov* Mechanisms of catalytic oxidation reactions with auto-oscillation regimes RU
1027 P5 10 Buchta*, Filip, Bebar, Stehlik Heavy metals as pollutants in incinerators - “downwards analysis“ CZ
1028 P5 10 Filip*, Buchta, Bebar, Stehlik Improvements of wet scrubbing process in units for thermal processing of wastes CZ
1029 F7 7 Mio*, Ito, Kano, Saito, Sverak A study on liner shape of an industrial-scale tube mill for cement clinker - from the viewpoint of impact energy of media simulated by DEM JP
1030 F7 7 Zhang, Ito, Saito* Preparation of nano-particles by means of mechanochemical reaction JP
1031 P3 2 Mahramanlioglu*, Bicer, Misirli, Tuncay Adsorption of binary liquid mixtures on activated carbon TR
1032 P7 11 Mahramanlioglu*, Kizilcikli, Misirli, Bicer Adsorption of diuron on the adsorbent produced from coal mining wastes TR
1033 H6 10 Lutcha*, Ljubicic Application of twisted tube heat exchangers technology in plants capacity up-rating CZ
1034 A1 1 Novak*, Bobak, Kosek Degassing of porous particles of semi-crystalline polyolefins CZ
1035 P7 11 Mahramanlioglu*, Ozgen, Misirli, Tuncay Effect of temperature on the distribution coefficient of propionic acid TR
1036 P5 10 Kermes*, Hajek, Nekvasil, Stehlik, Bebar, Oral Evaluation of different approaches for prediction of NOx emissions concentration from gas flames CZ
1037 E4 3 Librovich*, Nowakowski, Lue Modelling of bubble column reactor UK
1038 P7 18 Kubiak*, Ojczyk, Kosecki Odour sensors for the rapid evaluation of rapeseed quality PL
1039 P5 10 Sponar*, Bebar, Puchyr, Stehlik Simple computational tool for calculation of units for thermal processing of wastes CZ
1040 P5 10 Sponar*, Stehlik, Bebar Simple mathematical model of heat recovery steam generator CZ
1041 P5 6 Dasmeh* A computer program for better design and simulation of vertical thermosyphon reboilers IR
1042 F8 7 Kalman* Considering mutual interactions between operating units in the chemical industry IL
1044 P3 2 Mahramanlioglu*, Guclu, Kizilcikli, Misirli Removal of Cr(VI) by the adsorbents produced from coffee residues TR
1045 P5 4 Boudraa*, Bouhadef, Kahalerras Experimental study of the effect of porous matrix insertion on heat transfer enhancement in an electronic card DZ
1046 P3 2 Schrotterova*, Nekovar Re(VII) extraction by primary amine from aqueous sulphuric acid solutions CZ
1047 B6 14 Yang, Allen*, Scott, Christenson, Roy A study of PtRu catalysts formed on Ti support by thermal decomposition for methanol oxidation UK
1048 P1 1 Basov, Scott*, Winterton, Davies Alkene hydrogenation in a catalytic membrane ionic liquid reactor UK
1049 B6 14 Shen, Roy, Scott*, Yu Preparation and characterisation of Pt deposition on ion conducting membrane for making electrodes in the direct methanol fuel cell UK
1050 P1 14 Shen, Scott*, Kuhlman, Roy, Horsfall, Walsby, Lovell Radiation grafted membranes for direct methanol fuel cells UK
1051 D1 5 Aghamiri*, Modarress, Mansoori VLE calculation for ternary and quadric mixtures of associating fluids IR
1052 H7 10 Thonon* Challenge for industrial, building and residential heat pumps FR
1053 P1 1 Khoyi*, Yaghmaei Simulation of competition between two microorganisms in a biofilm reactor based on different growth models IR
1054 P1 1 Siminiceanu*, Neamtu, Bobu Kinetics of paracetamol oxidation in water by the UV/H2O2 photochemical process RO
1055 P3 15 Chemkhi*, Zagrouba, Bellagi Chemical analyses and composition of three different clays TN
1056 P1 1 Habibi*, Vasheghani-Farahani An inhibition study on kinetics and thermodynamics of isobutyl methacrylate-lauryl methacrylate copolymerization system by thermal analysis methods IR
1057 P5 10 Dvorak*, Bebar, Stulir, Stehlik, Oral Compact equipment for catalytic destruction of pollutants in waste gases CZ
1058 P3 2 Brozova*, Janata, Toman, Spevacek, Vlcek, Masar, Latalova Synthesis of poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) hydrogels crosslinked with multifunctional polyisobutylene CZ
1059 B5 14 Robinson*, MacDonald, Kristal, Ondracek, Jiricny Diaphragm selection for the descending bed electrowinning cell CZ
1060 P3 2 Kravets*, Dmitriev, Gilman, Drachov Modification of hydrodynamic properties of poly(ethylene) terephthalate track membranes by plasma method RU
1061 C5 2 Dmitriev, Kravets*, Sleptsov, Elinson Preparation of membranes with controlled water permeability RU
1062 P5 3 Perez-Castilla, Tovar, De Freitas, Lopez de Ramos* Liquid brigde rupture high speed visualization VE
1063 P5 7 Fekete*, Peciar, Hanzel The process of extrusion’s input characteristics in extruder of the special design SK
1065 P5 10 Lazaar*, Kooli, Hazami, Farhat, Belghith Pollution reduction by the use of a hybrid system for greenhouse conditioning TN
1066 P5 6 von Poser, Gruhn* Computer-aided performance analyses of batch multi-product plants DE
1067 P5 7 Juriga*, Peciar Mixing of particulate material - investigation of selected parameters influencing to the energy consumption SK
1068 F2 3 Epstein* Classification of particles by liquid fluidization: sorting versus sizing CA
1069 P5 4 Gorin*, Vakhguelt, Al-Zubaidy Coupled heat and mass transfer by natural convection from sources in a saturated porous medium MY
1070 I3 17 McKenna*, Lyng, Brunton, Shirat Advances in radio frequency and ohmic heating of foods IE
1071 F8 7 Dyakowski* Application of electrical tomography for imaging industrial processes UK
1072 E1 13 Biesheuvel* Vorticity and bubbly flows NL
1073 A8 1 Dudas*, Hanika, Lepuru, Barhuysen Hydrogenation of thymol in a trickle bed reactor CZ
1074 P5 3 Domanova*, Dzianik, Jelemensky Approximate description of tangential and axial velocity component under the swirl flow condition in an annulus SK
1075 C5 2 Tishchenko*, Bleha, Simunek, Bartonova, Hodrova Chitin/Chitosan-based macroporous membranes in protein and enzyme separations CZ
1076 E4 13 Dorao, Jakobsen* Challenges on population balance modelling of the coalescence and breakage processes in bubble column reactors NO
1077 C4 11 Rodriguez*, Aurelle Application of freezing crystallization phenomena in wastewater treatment: an economic option for the removal of a wide variety of compounds FR
1078 H6 10 Picon-Nunez*, Lopez-Robles, Miranda-Alvarez Alternative design approach for multipass and multi-stream plate heat exchangers for use in heat recovery systems MX
1079 I3 17 Stevanovic*, Pavasovic, Cokesa, Veres Apparatus with a vibro-rotationg mixer for osmotic dehydration of fruits and vegetables YU
1081 P5 6 Bessarabov*, Jdanovich, Avseev, Koltsova Development of an analytical monitoring system of high-purity chemical substances on the CALS (ISO-10303 STEP) concept basis RU
1082 A5 1 Gascon, Tellez, Herguido, Menendez* Different configurations and upscaling of two-zone fluidized bed reactor for selective oxidation of butane to maleic anhydride ES
1083 P5 6 Debeljkovic, Lazarevic*, Stojanovic, Jovanovic, Milinkovic Discrete time deleyed system stability theory in the sense of Lyapunov: an application to chemical engineering and process technology YU
1084 P7 19 Vinarov*, Sokolov Effective industrial bioreactor for aerobic processes RU
1085 P3 16 Aleksovski*, Sovova, Poposka Extraction of sage oil: comparison between hydrodistillation and supercritical CO2 extraction MK
1086 G6 4 Karimi, Ghalbi Ahangari, Ghadiryan, Tavasoli* Fired heaters design algorithm and software developments IR
1087 E8 3 Minayev, Smirnov* Fluid flow and movement solid particles phenomena in tundish during continuous casting steel UA
1089 P7 11 Skoblja*, Koutsky, Malecha Hot gas cleaning application for biomass gasification CZ
1090 D3 5 Eftekhari, Taghizadeh*, Naderi, Eliassi Improved correlations for predicting the viscosity of Iran crude oils IR
1091 P7 11 Vinarov*, Sokolov, Smirnov Industrial biofilter for purifying of gaseous organic discharges RU
1092 P3 16 Mikenin*, Yermakova, Anikeev Modeling of the processes for organics oxidation in supercritical water RU
1093 A1 1 Kozak, Kosyanchuck*, Menzheres, Nizelskii Modification of polymer compositions with blocked polyisocyanates UA
1094 P7 19 Vinarov*, Kucharenko, Bukov New biotechnology for utilization of liquid waste from alcohol fabric RU
1095 P5 3 Masiuk*, Rakoczy Parametrical sensitivity of the transient process in time domain for a new static mixing device PL
1096 P5 3 Masiuk*, Kawecka-Typek, Rakoczy Pressure drop factor, friction factor and energy consumption index for a new static mixing insert PL
1097 2 Adani* Silver recovery from photographic and medical X-ray process effluents by activated carbon UK
1098 P3 2 Aguado, Polo, Bernal, Menendez*, Coronas, Santamaria Removal of pollutants from indoor air using zeolite membranes ES
1099 H4 10 Avaliani*, Kordzakhia, Avaliani Solar energy linear focus optical concentrators for drying GE
1100 C4 2 Asakuma*, Ukita, Maeda, Fukui Surface topography of KDP crystal with dye additive JP
1101 I8 11 Holoubek* The case of persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic compounds (PBTs) in the environment CZ
1102 F8 7 Sverak*, Trojan, Strazisar The effect of adhesion and cohesion forces on the quality of the throughout colored surfaces of slate scales CZ
1103 A6 1 Alibegic*, Tsuneda, Hirata Oxidation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs) in a bubble column photochemical reactor. In search for a cost-effective reactor design JP
1104 E8 3 Martin, Rendueles, Diaz* The steel converter, a stirred G-L-L’ multiphase flow system ES
1106 I7 11 Arslan*, Cesur Environmental impact minimization in paper and corrugated board industry TR
1107 P1 14 Pogrebova, Iantsevitch* Increase of a corrosion stability silicided coatings by oxidizing UA
1108 P7 11 Meijere*, Gedrovics, Zake, Barmina Kinetic study of co-firing of wood granules with propane/air supply LV
1109 P1 1 Niaei*, Salari, Towfighi A study on coke deposition and coking inhibitors during naphtha pyrolysis in jet stirred-reactor system IR
1110 P3 5 Linek*, Moravkova, Wagner (P, V, T, x) measurements of the benzene + 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene system at temperatures from 298.15 K to 328.15 K and at pressures up to 40 MPa CZ
1111 P5 6 Stojanovic*, Debeljkovic, Lazic, Veljkovic D-stability analysis of time delay technological systems with multiple time delays YU
1112 P5 6 Stojanovic*, Debeljkovic, Lazic, Veljkovic Stability of time delay technological systems with nonlinear perturbations YU
1113 H3 10 Kutsakova* Drying of liquid and pasty products in a modified spouted bed of inert particles RU
1114 G4 6 Valipour*, Motamed Hashemi, Saboohi Mathematical modeling of reaction in iron ore pellet with syngas IR
1115 P1 1 Salari*, Rostamizadeh Producing ultra-low sulfur fuel via oxidative desulfurization IR
1116 P3 2 Pammesberger*, Samhaber Reverse osmosis recovery of natural occurring monoterpenes from aqueous methanolic solutions AT
1117 P3 5 Linek, Moravkova* Temperature dependence of excess molar volumes in systems octane -aromatic hydrocarbons CZ
1118 P3 5 Chaudhari, Salavera, Esteve*, Coronas Vapor-liquid equlibria for 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane+monoethylene glycol dimethyl ether from 283.15 K to 353.15 K ES
1119 P3 5 Salavera, Libotean, Chaudhari, Esteve*, Coronas Vapour-liquid equilibria for the systems ammonia/water/sodium hydroxide ES
1120 F5 7 Belohlav, Brenkova, Durdil, Hanika*, Lehotsky, Rapek, Tomasek Scale-up of high shear wet granulation process CZ
1121 E6 3 Tihon* Solitary waves dynamics of liquid film flows CZ
1122 P5 3 Zolnaj*, Jelemensky, Janata CFD analysis of the shape factor influence on the helical duct flow SK
1123 P5 3 Bouhadef*, Ouatiki, Younsi 2D surface waves induced by an obstacle lying in the bottom of a hydraulic channel DZ
1124 I5 11 Seltzer, Mulato, Tilara, Maffia* Analysis of the use of collagen fibrils to accelerate the dewatering of sludge US
1125 P1 1 Belomestnykh*, Isaguliants, Kornischev Catalysts for dehydrogenation and selective oxidation of alcohols to carbonyl compounds RU
1126 J3 19 Skala*, Orlovic Determination of the optimal structure of petrochemical complex in Serbia YU
1128 F4 10 Moreira*, Hospido, Vazquez, Cuevas, Feijoo Evaluation of the environmental impacts associated to canned tuna manufacture by Life Cycle Assessment ES
1129 A8 1 Mariaca-Dominguez*, Rodriguez-Salomon, Salazar-Sotelo Feedstock quality and operational conditions predict FCC product yields MX
1130 F2 3 Tilara, Maffia* Fluidization characteristics of collagen beads US
1131 P3 2 Nikolic*, Nikolic, Veljkovic, Skala Gas hold-up in a three phase reciprocating plate column YU
1132 P5 3 Sulc*, Ditl How good is the postulate eps/N3d2 = const. in an agitated vessel? CZ
1133 H4 10 Li*, Ye Modeling of diffusion in ellipsoidal solids: a simplified approach to solving some drying problems CN
1134 G7 4 Farhadi*, Davani, Ardalan New correlation for natural convection of finned tube A-type air cooler IR
1135 G8 4 Shahhosseini*, Sadeghi, Saber Optimal flight design for cascading rotary dryers IR
1136 P7 9 Renedo*, Fernandez Preparation and characterization of desulfurant sorbents using CaO/Ca(OH)2 and different sources of silica as supports ES
1137 A2 1 Csanadi*, Sisak Production of fructooligosaccharides catalyzed by immobilized fructosyl transferase HU
1138 A2 1 Kukula*, Schultz, Schroder, Sundmacher, Hasal Multi-functional unit combining a fuel cell and an enzyme electro-membrane reactor: Concepts, design, experiments CZ
1139 G6 4 Farhadi*, Bahrami Babaheidary, Motamed Hashemi Radiative models for the furnace side of a bottom-fired reformer IR
1140 E6 3 Mouzai*, Bouhadef Rainsplash effects on overland flow regime and on sediment concentration DZ
1141 P3 2 Ozgen, Mahramanlioglu*, Tuncay Removal of paracetamol in column systems TR
1142 P7 19 Raskovic, Despotovic-Kostic, Zarubica* The influence of UV radiation on colour of organic coatings with TiO2 pigment YU
1143 P3 2 Vyazmina*, Vyazmin, Vartanov The optimal regimes of extractive distillation for ethanol production RU
1144 P3 2 Mahramanlioglu*, Guclu, Kizilcikli, Cinarli, Misirli The removal of anionic naphthalene derivatives by the adsorbents produced from spent bleaching earth TR
1145 P3 16 Sova*, Lack, Seidlitz Thin-film extractor for high viscous materials AT
1146 C8 16 Glisic, Milojevic, Bacic, Dimitrijevic-Brankovic, Orlovic, Skala* Vacuum and supercritical fractionation of the essential oil of Juniperus communis L. and analysis of different fractions behavior against some bacteria, yeasts and fungus YU
1147 B5 14 Macova, Bouzek* The electrochemical reduction of nitrate on copper - zinc alloys in weakly alkaline solution CZ
1148 G6 4 Ait Hammou, Lacroix* A hybrid system for the simultaneous thermal storage of solar and electric energy CA
1149 G2 6 Bakosova*, Ondrovicova, Karsaiova Application of adaptive lambda-tracking for control of a fan heater SK
1150 G5 6 Janssens-Maenhout*, Dechamp, Thevenon, Dransart Auditing of batch processes IT
1151 E5 3 Picciotto, Marchioli, Soldati* Coupling mechanisms between coherent structures and micro-particles in turbulent boundary layer IT
1152 P1 1 Kaluza, Zdrazil*, Vit Determination of saturated monolayer coverage in MoO3/Al2O3 catalysts by slurry impregnation method CZ
1153 P3 5 Drobiova*, Mahdi DNA precipitation in the presence of multivalent and polyelectrolyte salts KW
1154 P7 11 Ferzik, Klisova, Lapisova*, Petrikova, Rychtera, Melzoch Degradation of distiller‘s slops by thermophilic bacteria CZ
1155 P7 2 Czyzak, Hoogland, Allaf, Sobolik* Extraction of tea treated by DIC process FR
1156 F3 10 Wozny*, Klein, Zerry, Hausmanns, Urbas Improvement of learning of process technology using modern information technology – keynote lecture DE
1157 E3 13 Cartellier* Induced agitation and the prediction of phase distributions in laminar bubbly flows FR
1158 P7 11 Ferzik, Petrikova, Klisova, Rychtera, Melzoch, Lapisova*, Vanags Indirect PID control of DOC and temperature in fed-batch waste treatment cultivation CZ
1159 P5 10 Hospido, Moreira*, Feijoo Life Cycle Assessment of beef production in Galicia (Spain) ES
1160 E8 3 Wichterle* Modeling of gas bubble breakup in liquid steel CZ
1162 H7 10 Zerry*, Wozny MOSAIC, a web-based approach to chemical process modeling DE
1163 G6 4 Klima*, Vrba, Zitny, Allaf, Sobolik Numerical simulation of microwave heating in DIC reactor FR
1164 P7 9 Jiratova*, Markvart Precipitation of ammonium aluminium alum by ammonia in the presence of ammonium nitrate CZ
1165 P1 1 Gulkova*, Solcova, Zdrazil Simplified sol – gel method for preparation of mesoporous MgO support CZ
1166 A5 1 Kronberger*, Loffler, Hofbauer Residence time distribution of solids in a fluidized bed fuel reactor of a chemical-looping combustion prototype AT
1168 G7 4 Riihimaki*, Muurinen, Keiski Thermal analysis of a plate heat exchanger in fouling conditions – analysis of process information and calculations based on design equations FI
1169 P7 9 Vazquez, Lopez-Suevos, Freire, Gonzalez-Alvarez*, Antorrena Determination of the curing behaviour of a tannin-phenol-formaldehyde resin using thermal analysis techniques ES
1170 P5 4 Klima*, Vrba, Allaf, Sobolik Dielectric properties of selected fruits and vegetables treated and non-treated by DIC FR
1171 P5 3 Markopoulos*, Bahouma, Tagia, Pantuflas, Babalona Power consumption in gas-liquid contactors agitated by dual turbines: viscosity effects GR
1172 P7 11 Vazquez, Alonso, Freire, Gonzalez-Alvarez*, Antorrena Removal of phenol from aqueous solutions using a packed-bed of Pinus pinaster bark ES
1173 P3 2 Eckert, Vanek* Substitute mixtures in the simulation of petrochemical processes CZ
1174 P7 11 Quintero, Feijoo*, Moreira, Lema Anaerobic biodegradation of hexachlorocyclohexane isomers in polluted soils ES
1175 P5 10 Rivela, Hospido, Moreira, Feijoo* Life cycle assessment of medium density fibreboard (MDF) manufacture ES
1176 P1 1 Shopova* Synthesis of ZSM-5 type from raw material MK
1177 P7 11 Mahramanlioglu*, Cinarli, Kizilcikli, Guclu, Misirli Removal of dyes by the adsorbents produced from coffee residues TR
1178 P3 16 Bocevska*, Sovova Supercritical CO2 extraction of essential oil from yarrow MK
1179 G2 6 Shahrokhi*, Baghmisheh Modeling, simulation and control of a methanol synthesis fixed bed reactor IR
1180 E2 3 Giusti, Lucci, Soldati* Transfer mechanisms for microbubbles in turbulent boundary layer IT
1181 P5 6 Zahrubsky*, Nevoral, Koci, Kubicek, Marek Complex dynamics of CO oxidation in catalytic converter CZ
1182 J7 19 Niaei*, Towfighi, Sadrameli, Masoumi Experimental and sensitivity analysis of a thermal cracking pilot plant for the pyrolysis of hydrocarbons IR
1183 F3 10 Plesu, Postelnicescu*, Isopescu, Onofrei Development of e-learning applications for chemical engineering education in “POLITEHNICA“ University of Bucharest RO
1185 P5 10 Lundgren*, Pettersson Practical, environmental and economic evaluation of different options for horse manure management SE
1186 A6 1 Huuhtanen*, Rahkamaa-Tolonen, Maunula, Keiski Reaction intermediates in selective catalytic reduction of NO by propene in the presence of excess oxygen over Pt-loaded zeolite catalysts FI
1187 P5 7 Turczyn*, Zhang, Saito Mechanochemical treatment of cellulose JP
1188 P3 2 Dobre, Stoica, Sturzoiu*, Ofiteru Metals’ removal from aqueous solutions: experimental study and mathematical modelling RO
1189 P1 1 Belohlav, Eckert, Herink, Vanek*, Zamostny Non-traditional characterisation of AGO fraction for the modelling of pyrolysis processes CZ
1190 E8 3 Du* Slag-metal mixing zone in ladle treatment SE
1191 I5 11 Driessen*, Yspeert, Engelaar Anaerobic treatment of chemical industry effluents NL
1192 P5 6 Ondrovicova*, Bakosova, Karsaiova, Caran, Dermisek Application of Simatic 300 to distillation column control SK
1193 H6 10 Larsson*, Wang, Dahl Development of a method for analysing energy, environmental and economic efficiency for an integrated steel plant SE
1194 D1 5 Ungerer*, Ahunbay, Contreras-Camacho, Lachet, Boutin, Pascual Improved intermolecular potential energy model for phase equilibrium predictions involving organic compounds FR
1195 E7 3 Sarraf*, Havrda, Herbig Optimization of the rheological properties of nano-sized yttria-stabilized tetragonal polycrystals zirconia slurries for aqueous slip-casting CZ
1196 D7 15 Pascual, Contreras-Camacho, Boutin, Ungerer*, Bellat, Limborg-Noetinger, Thomas Prediction of adsorption properties of hydrocarbons and polar compounds in zeolites by Monte Carlo simulation FR
1197 P5 7 Palarcik*, Jandera, Svoboda A study of an influence of pH on zeta potential of titanium dioxide particles in different dispersion environments CZ
1198 P7 19 Svoboda, Robesova, Palarcik* Coated fertilizers CZ
1199 P5 4 Simek, Andertova*, Havrda, Andert Model of membrane drying Al2O3 gel layers CZ
1200 P5 3 Tlaskal, Andertova*, Havrda Study of suspensions rheological behavior for preparation of functionally graded ceramic materials CZ
1201 P1 1 Vidensky, Plat*, Jirkovsky The effect of calcium nitrate and phosphoric acid as reaction products to the course of decomposition Kola super-apatite by nitric acid CZ
1202 H3 10 Cenkowski*, Hong, Scanlon, Arntfield Mathematical modelling and computer simulation of heat and mass transfer during infrared processing (micronization) of yellow peas CA
1203 P3 5 Nichita* A reduction method for phase equilibrium calculation with cubic equations of state MX
1204 P5 10 Karthikeyan*, Rajamohan, Rajasimman, Pradeepkumar Adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) modeling of anaerobic reactor treating industrial effluent IN
1205 P1 1 Dudas*, van Coller, Lepuru Alkylation of m-cresol on a bench-scale trickle bed reactor ZA
1206 P5 6 Vaclavek, Schongut*, Krupicka Balance computations from measured process data for the information system and production control CZ
1207 I5 11 Hofbauer* Biomass gasification – a promising route for the future AT
1209 P5 6 Batzias*, Siontorou Computer aided fault diagnosis and corrective action when using a biosensor under extreme conditions GR
1210 P5 10 Batzias*, Siontorou Computer aided optimal determination of biosensors replacement program for keeping a cleaner environment in underground mine operations GR
1211 P5 6 Karsaiova*, Bakosova, Ondrovicova Control system based on simplified mathematical model SK
1212 P5 10 Onofrei*, Daciana, Bita Coupling configurations between two solid/gas chemical heat pumps in order to obtain cooling/heating systems with high performances RO
1213 P3 5 Aparicio*, Alcalde, Garcia, Leal, Davila Cubic and SAFT EOS analysis of the PVTx properties of the NMP + methanol solvent ES
1215 P1 8 Plesu*, Bita, Onofrei Development and implementation of an integrate e-learning system for chemical engineering – challenges and opportunities RO
1216 P7 9 Heydenrych* Development of a novel process to produce carbonyl sulphide ZA
1217 B6 14 Juttner*, Bouzek, Lange, Moravcova Electrocatalytic properties of a mixed Pt-polypyrrol catalyst for the anodic methanol oxidation DE
1218 E7 3 Wein*, Vecer, Tovcigrecko, Sobolik Electrodiffusion flow diagnostics for liquids displaying Apparent Wall Slip CZ
1219 P5 3 Vecer*, Wein Fluidity and slip characteristics of aqueous polymer solutions CZ
1220 I4 11 Batzias*, Siontorou GIS-based landfill monitoring by means of dedicated biosensors GR
1221 P5 10 Onofrei*, Daciana, Bita High temperature heat pumps with high energy efficiency performance RO
1222 J3 19 Kittel*, Pelant Hydrocracking versus fluid catalytic cracking for production of clean fuels CZ
1223 I6 11 Lopez-Cuellar, Rodriguez-Hernandez, Chavarria-Hernandez* Kinetic modelling of Xenorhabdus nematophilus growing in a liquid medium based on aguamiel from Mexican maguey-pulquero (Agave spp.) MX
1224 P3 5 Aparicio*, Alcalde, Garcia, Leal, Davila Liquid – liquid equilibria of lactam containing binary systems. Cubic and SAFT EOS analysis ES
1225 D8 15 Hudec*, Toth, Smieskova Microactivity-tests of FCC catalyst modified with ZSM-5 zeolites SK
1226 G1 6 Barkmann*, Sand, Tylko, Engell, Schembecker MINLP optimisation of reactive distillation columns using a heuristic based initialisation scheme DE
1227 P7 17 Henke*, Bubnik, Hinkova, Pour Model of a sugar factory with bioethanol production in program Sugars(TM) CZ
1228 P1 1 Pontes*, Embirucu, Maciel Filho Model, simulation and analysis development for solution ethylene polymerization reactors BR
1229 H3 10 Defo*, Fortin, Cloutier Modeling superheated steam vacuum drying of wood CA
1230 A4 1 Kryl*, Koci, Kubicek, Marek, Maunula, Harkonen Modelling of automotive catalytic converters for diesel engines CZ
1231 P3 2 Painmanakul, Hebrard* New method for determining the liquid side mass transfer coefficient (kl) FR
1232 P5 6 Simon*, Csermely, Vago Overhauling study of a planned propylene carbonate plant by flowsheet simulation HU
1233 D8 15 Sarraf*, Havrda Preparation of high dense Alumina–Toughened Zirconia (ATZ) nano-composites from highly fluid slips by colloidal processing CZ
1234 P7 11 Zarubica*, Miljkovic, Purenovic Removal of cadmium and refining of cyanide wastewaters by new composite material YU
1235 P5 3 Vecer*, Wein Rheometric study of Apparent Wall Slip effect CZ
1236 P5 4 Sadeghi, Shahhosseini*, Karimi Simulation of fixed beds with exothermic reactions IR
1237 P5 3 Wein*, Vecer Software VSWork for computer aided rheometry under Apparent Wall Slip CZ
1238 P5 3 Andertova*, Havrda The effect of rheological behavior of ceramic pastes on extrudate microstructure CZ
1239 P7 11 Kovacevic, Veljkovic*, Lazic, Skala The chemical treatment of used metalworking fluids from a non-ferrous metal-processing plant YU
1240 I8 11 Maugans*, Bettinger, Adams, Doyle The use of wet air oxidation to destroy neutralized chemical warfare material US
1241 P3 5 Alcalde*, Aparicio, Garcia, Leal Thermophysical behavior of alkylbenzoate + n-alkane mixed solvents. Cubic and SAFT EOS study ES
1242 P5 4 Wein*, Tovcigrecko, Sobolik, Mansurov Transient heat and mass transfer to a circular sink at low Péclet numbers CZ
1243 P3 2 Lapisova*, Vlcek, Melzoch, Rychtera, Ferzik Treatment of distillery stillage: ceramic membrane application CZ
1245 H4 10 Efremov, Kudra* Calculation of the effective diffusion coefficients by applying a quasi-stationary equation for drying kinetics RU
1246 B5 14 Siminiceanu, Coteþ, Harasek*, Friedl Electrodialysis of aqueous ammonium sulphate solutions RO
1247 P5 6 Vasickaninova*, Bakosova Fuzzy controller design for distillation column SK
1248 P5 7 Kang, Kim*, Choi Morphological modification of calcium carbonate in crystallization using reverse micelle system KR
1250 P3 5 Angelov*, Gourdon, Brunet Simplified equilibrium relations for the system water-acetone-butylacetate BG
1251 P5 7 Chang, Lee, Kim* Synthesis of mono-dispersed spherical particles of silica using seed particles KR
1252 C3 2 Prokopova*, Rejl, Linek, Moucha Determination of partial mass transfer coefficients from concentration profiles in a distillation column CZ
1253 P3 5 Iosif*, Vilcu, Duta, de Loos High-pressure phase behaviour of the system consisting of R-23 and 1-phenylpropane RO
1254 H7 10 Lilien*, Marechal, Lerson, Pochet A heat piloted residential 5 kW fuel cell BE
1255 C4 2 Kitamura*, Sugimoto Control of polymorphism in crystallization of pharmaceuticals JP
1256 G2 6 Bildea, Dimian* Design and control of chemical reactors in recycle systems NL
1257 P3 2 Downarowicz, Nastaj* Development of an granular activated carbon electrothermal regeneration system to VOC’s recovery PL
1258 H3 10 Tarasiewicz* Modeling, simulation and control; case study for wood drying systems (WDS) and clinker rotary kiln (CRK) CA
1259 P3 5 Bernauer*, Dohnal, Roux, Roux-Desgranges Temperature dependence of limiting activity coefficients for nitrobenzene, aniline, and cyclohexylamine in water CZ
1260 P5 10 Mazana*, Wardle, Muredzi The generalized minimum variance control of the temperature of the feed sulfur dioxide and air mixture in the contact process ZA
1261 P3 15 Lopez, Figueroa*, Mendoza, Garcia, Martinez, Prokhorov The use of ultrasonic technique for evaluating the hardness of corn kernels MX
1262 P3 2 Mehdizadeh* Design of reverse osmosis modules for multi-component seawater desalination systems QA
1263 P3 2 Mehdizadeh*, Molaiee-Nejad, Chong Modeling of reverse osmosis transport for the case of solute-membrane affinity in multi-component aqueous systems QA
1264 C5 2 Mehdizadeh* Using energy-exergy analysis for membrane processes desalination plants QA
1265 A7 1 Fila*, Spatenka, Bernauer, Sobalik Deactivation of microporous catalysts during non-oxidative methane aromatization CZ
1266 D8 2 Juristova, Fila*, Andertova, Zikanova, Bernauer, Lhotka Development of inorganic supports suited for microporous layer deposition - synthesis and characterization CZ
1267 P1 1 Sedlarova, Vidensky, Plat* Kinetic study of limestone in reaction with sulphuric acid CZ
1268 C6 2 Fila*, Sklenickova, Bernauer, Pires, Pachtova, Miachon, Kocirik Separation of light alkanes and CO2 in tubular silicalite-1 membrane CZ
1269 P1 1 Fila*, Bernauer, Spatenka, Sobalik Thermodynamic study of non-oxidative methane transformation CZ
1270 P7 1 Smirnov, Lynin, Lokteva, Konorev* Catalytic hydrogenation of solid chlorinated hydrocarbons. Technology of treatment waste products RU
1271 E2 13 Serizawa* Flow characteristics and application of micro bubble containing bubbly two-phase flow JP
1272 E2 3 Manasseh* Passive acoustic analysis of complex bubbly flows AU
1273 P1 1 Dogan*, Guruz Oxygen delignification kinetics and mass transfer at ultra low consistency TR
1274 H8 10 Vaclavek* Audit for energy savings in sites with chemical processes CZ
1275 A8 1 Jibril, Al-Zahrani, Abasaeed* Oxydehydrogenation of propane on supported tungstate catalysts SA
1276 P5 6 Ji*, Jonsson, Yan Implementation of a real thermodynamic property model in IPSEpro SE
1278 C4 2 Rahimi*, Aghamiri A parametric study of pressure drop in non-isothermal Venturi type scrubbers IR
1279 I5 11 Vossughi*, Moslehi, Alemzadeh Determination and bioremediation of petroleum pollutant in the Persian Gulf coast IR
1280 P1 1 Konorev*, Zanaveskin Formation of carbon monoxide in the catalytic oxidation process of chlorinated hydrocarbons RU
1281 B4 8 Wood*, Shallcross, Parkinson Chemical engineering education and “output driven accreditation” – how are the world’s universities meeting this challenge? AU
1282 P3 2 Moskal, Nastaj* Improvement induction heating efficiency of bed composed of activated carbon and iron granular mixture PL
1283 P5 3 Bauer, Roy, Schubert*, Al-Dahhan, Lange Investigation of gas-liquid distribution in a monolith reactor using Computed Tomography (CT) DE
1284 P1 1 Schubert*, Buschmann, Bauer, Lange Kinetics of alpha-methylstyrene hydrogenation on Pd/activated carbon catalyst DE
1285 I6 11 Vijayagopal*, Viruthagiri Kinetic modeling of biodegradation of phenol in batch studies using Bacillus circulans IN
1287 D4 2 Duda*, Davis, Danner Phase equilibria and diffusion studies of polymer-solvent systems utilizing inverse gas chromatography US
1288 B5 14 Chin*, Zhou Wastewater treatment using a rotating barrel electroplater US
1289 D2 5 Moshfeghian*, Maddox, Johannes A consistent C6+ distribution for generation of natural gas phase envelope KW
1290 P1 1 Konorev*, Zanaveskin, Bulanov The treatment of by-product dichloroacetic acid by method of catalytic hydrogenation. Investigation of catalyst deactivation process RU
1291 P3 2 Zgolli*, Tlili, Ben Amor Influence of the water concentration and the speed of degazage on the nature of the germination of CaCO3 TN
1292 A1 1 Alhamad, Romagnoli, Gomes* A modelling framework based on population balances for optimum operation and advanced control of emulsion polymerization AU
1293 P7 11 Stuber, Paradowska, Font, Fortuny, Fabregat* Continuous fenton promoted wet peroxide oxidation of organic pollutants ES
1294 P3 5 Chen*, Chen Interfacial wetting behavior for type V and type VI binary mixtures: a density functional approach TW
1295 P1 1 Lee*, Chou, Lin Kinetic behavior of synthesis and hydrolysis of ethyl benzoate over Amberlyst 39 TW
1296 D8 15 Gunduz, Dimitrova, Dimitrov, Yilmaz* Liquid-phase transformation of alpha-pinene over beta zeolites TR
1297 C6 2 Kertesz, Schlosser* Simulation of simultaneous membrane based solvent extraction and stripping of phenylalanine in hollow fiber contactors SK
1298 C7 16 Wu, Lee, Lin* Nano-particles formation for pigment red 177 via a continuous supercritical anti-solvent process TW
1299 P1 1 Smirnov, Berlin, Gorin, Konorev*, Tarkhanova New technology of catalytic processing of perchloromethane RU
1300 D4 2 Chingombe*, Saha, Wakeman Removal of trace metals and organic micropollutants from water UK
1301 P1 20 Miyake*, Ueda, Sano Synthesis of metal oxide in the capillary-tube reactor JP
1302 P3 5 Wu*, Chen Wetting behaviour of water + butanol mixtures under high pressure/temperature TW
1303 D4 2 Del Valle*, Gutierrez, Ruiz, Galan Bioprocess scale-up: development of advances techniques and equipment for the separation of mixtures proteins using IMAC ES
1304 P3 2 Benaissa*, Elouchdi Effect of co-ions on cadmium sorption kinetics from aqueous solutions by dried sunflower leaves DZ
1305 P7 11 Bliznakovska*, Mandzukov, Pop Kostov Implementation of ISO 14001 as a contribution to better economic success - KONTI HIDROPLAST, Gevgelija MK
1306 D4 2 Benaissa*, Attar Screening of new sorbent materials for acid dyes removal from aqueous solutions DZ
1307 H2 10 Koschel*, Coxam, Rodier, Majer Calorimetric measurements for modelling elimination of carbon dioxide by dissolution in aqueous systems FR
1309 D6 2 Shibata*, Ohata, Murayama, Yamamoto Separation and recovery of acids from waste acid mixture containing phosphoric, nitric and acetic acids with solvent extraction JP
1310 D4 2 Shibata, Yanase, Murayama*, Yamamoto Development of separation process of tetra-methyl ammonium hydroxide using ion exchange resin JP
1311 P3 16 Vaquero*, Beltran, Ganado Extraction of fat from pork skin by using supercritical carbon dioxide ES
1312 D3 5 Ballerat Busserolles, Costa Gomes, Husson*, Jacquemin, Mayer, Padua Experimental determination of thermophysical and phase equilibrium data for selected ionic liquids FR
1313 P5 10 Mazana* Neural Network GPC (NNW GPC) control of a fixed-bed catalytic reactor ZA
1314 A2 1 Buchholz*, Huebner The insect cell – an effective expression system DE
1315 P3 2 Efremov*, Kudra, Milovanov Using a modified quasi-stationary method for adsorption kinetics RU
1316 P5 3 Bunganic*, Ruzicka, Drahos A visual and acoustic study of bubble formation CZ
1317 D5 2 Wongkittipong, Brunet*, Prat, Gourdon, Casamatta, Damronglerd A new pulsation policy in pulsed column applied to solid-liquid extraction FR
1318 F2 3 Nijenhuis*, Korbee, Lensselink, Kiel, van Ommen A method for agglomeration detection and control in industrial fluidized beds NL
1319 P5 10 Maranon*, Ulmanu, Fernandez, Anger, Castrillon Ammonium removal using natural and synthetic zeolites ES
1320 J6 19 Srinivas*, Preetha, Viruthagiri Biosorption of copper (II) by mixed culture of Aureobasidium Pullulans and ArthrobacterSp. in packed bed column IN
1321 J6 19 Preetha*, Viruthagiri, Ramesh Biosorption of copper by Rhizopus arrhizus in batch and continuous mode IN
1322 P3 5 Hadj-Kali*, Gerbaud, Joulia, Boutin, Ungerer Direct calculation of azeotropic points by Monte Carlo simulation FR
1324 I3 17 Di Giacomo*, Aloisio, Del Re, Martinez de la Ossa High yield process for the production of carrot juice IT
1325 A2 1 Pramanik* Kinetic modeling and simulation of bioreactor for ethanol production using Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast isolated from toddy IN
1326 P1 1 Horak* Model aided optimisation of batch exothermic catalysed reactions using on-line reaction calorimetry CZ
1327 C3 2 Al-Fadala*, Abdalla, Mohammad Optimization of fractionation units using column targeting approach (CTA) QA
1328 I4 18 Mannebeck* Quality management for olfactometry DE
1330 P5 10 Amidpour*, Javan Retrofitting on oil refinery IR
1331 I4 18 Maxeiner*, Mannebeck Round robin test olfactometry 2003 DE
1332 F1 3 Roberts, Fuentes* Simulation of mixing processes in a laminar chaotic flow UK
1333 G4 6 Abdalla*, Al-Fadala, Al-Qadi, Mehdizadeh, Abu Nada Simulation of the modified Claus process using Aspen Plus QA
1335 A7 1 Masende*, Kuster, Ptasinski, Janssen, Katima, Schouten Support and dispersion effects on activity of platinum catalysts during wet oxidation of organic wastes NL
1336 A5 1 Churchill* The interaction of chemical reactions and transport: Combined reactors and exchangers US
1337 P1 1 Garg, Chand, Mishra* Thermo-chemical precipitation of kraft pulping effluent IN
1340 J4 9 Al-Saadoon* Economics of GTL plants US
1342 A2 1 Ravikumar*, Viruthagiri Studies on the production of penicillin G acylase using Escherchia coli ATCC11105 IN
1343 P5 4 Sander*, Glasnovic Mathematical modelling of drying HR
1344 P1 1 Pinter*, Tungler, Nagy, Vida, Kovacs, Kerezsi A laboratory steam-cracking reactor to characterize raw materials HU
1345 G4 6 Perendeci, Arslan, Tanyolac, Celebi* ANFIS modeling for advanced process control in an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant under unsteady conditions TR
1347 A5 1 Lapkin*, Bozkaya, Plucinski Selective oxidation of olefins by molecular oxygen in a structured reactor UK
1348 C6 2 Pientka*, Belafi-Bako, Bleha Biohydrogen concentrating by polymeric membranes CZ
1349 G1 6 Pladis, Papadopoulos, Kiparissides* Computer aided design of LDPE autoclaves GR
1350 P1 1 Choi*, Lee, Lee Computer implementation of simplifying stiff metabolic systems KR
1351 G4 6 Kotoulas, Kiparissides* Dynamic simulation of particle size distribution in suspension polymerization reactors GR
1353 P5 3 Kuo* Effect of non–instantaneous disposition on the general measures of distribution kinetics in a modified mammillary compartmental model TW
1354 P7 11 Loncaric Bozic, Koprivanac, Papic, Vujevic* Organic synthetic dyes; persistent water pollutants HR
1355 D8 2 Kammona, Dini, Kiparissides* Porous polymeric nanoparticles as water purification systems GR
1356 P7 17 Hatamipour*, Majidi, Abdi, Farboodnia Potentials for industrial utilization of citrus byproducts IR
1357 F8 7 Alexopoulos, Kiparissides* Solution of population balance equations in particulate systems: coupled nucleation, aggregation, and growth GR
1358 P5 10 Arce*, Mambrilla, Andres, Viguri Waste minimization in a vans coating installation ES
1359 E5 3 Conan*, Decarre, Masbernat, Line Analysis of liquid-liquid flows in horizontal pipes: state of the art and 1-D models FR
1360 P1 1 Dhumal, Saha* Application of Genetic Algorithm for evaluation of kinetic parameters of coal pyrolysis IN
1361 P1 1 von Blottnitz*, Sadat-Rezai, Vardy Conversion of plant oils to methyl-ester fuels: considerations for reactor design in commercial and small-scale production ZA
1362 A8 1 Huang, Liu, Tsai, Wang* Development of xylene isomerization process over Pt/ZSM-5 TW
1363 P5 8 Matijasevic*, Otmacic, Tomac Dimensional analysis and scale-up HR
1364 P7 11 Fatmawati*, Kosseva, Kent Effect of dissolved oxygen level on degradation of waste whey under thermophilic conditions ID
1365 E5 3 Galinat*, Dalmazzone, Noik, Masbernat, Guiraud Experimental study of drop break-up dynamics downstream a restriction in a liquid-liquid duct flow FR
1366 F4 10 Avramenko*, Kraslawski, Menshutina Hybrid system for design of wastewater treatment FI
1367 D4 2 Liu*, Lin, Lee, Ruaan Hydrophobic contribution of amino acids in peptides TW
1368 E1 13 Lin*, Lin Mechanisms of in-line two bubble coalescence in a non-newtonian fluid TW
1369 H1 10 Al-Rabiah* Optimisation of a commercial olefin plant using pinch analysis SA
1370 H2 10 Salhi, Tondeur, Latifi* Optimisation of energy requirements of a PSA process for CO2 recovering FR
1371 P1 1 Mohammed* Production of purified lead from lead alloy using air as an oxididizing agent IQ
1372 P3 2 Galan, Calzada, Rivero*, Ortiz Separation and concentration of Cr(VI) from ground waters by membrane solvent extraction ES
1373 P3 2 Moussa, Jimenez-Esteller* Synthesis and optimization of pressure swing distillation sequences ES
1374 P5 10 Ozcelik, Ozcelik* Synthesis and thermoeconomic optimization of distillation sequences TR
1375 P1 1 Jen, Hsu, Lin* Support effect on the hydrodechlorination of chlorobenzene over Pd catalysts TW
1376 C3 2 Moussa, Jimenez-Esteller* Synthesis of heterogeneous distillation sequences: general procedure and case studies ES
1377 P7 17 Hatamipour*, Hadjikazemi Changes in structure and density of potato during free convection drying IR
1378 P3 2 Ambrozek*, Nastaj, Rudnicka Nonisothermal adsorption equilibria of toluene, isopropyl alcohol and carbon tetrachloride on activated carbons PL
1379 P3 2 Ambrozek* Theoretical studies of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) recovery from waste air streams in cyclic thermal swing adsorption (TSA) system with fixed bed of polymeric adsorbent PL
1380 A5 1 Brucato, Cassano, Grisafi, Montante, Rizzuti*, Vella Modelling of radiant fields in flat heterogeneous photoreactors IT
1381 P5 10 Maranon*, Castrillon, Alonso, Rodriguez, Mori A study of coagulation-flocculation in cattle manure ES
1383 P3 2 Bastani*, Sahraeian Drop formation mass transfer coefficient under jetting condition IR
1384 P1 1 Ghasem, Hussain* Dynamic bifurcation behavior of polyolefins produced in catalytic fluidized bed reactors MY
1385 H1 10 Zhelev* Energy recovery and environmental concerns addressed through emergy-pinch analysis IE
1386 P3 5 Babic*, Aim Experimental study of vapour-liquid equilibria of binary systems carbon dioxide + aliphatic alcohol (methanol, ethanol, 1-propanol, 2-propanol) CZ
1387 H2 10 Pranghofer High durability ePTFE membrane filtration and catalytic destruction of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans long-term experience at European incineration plants DE
1388 P3 2 Schauer* Ion-exchange membranes based on sulfonated poly(1,4-phenylene sulfide) CZ
1389 F4 10 Niederl*, Narodoslawsky Life cycle assessment as an engineer’s tool? AT
1390 P5 6 Lopez, Maranon*, Roces, Machon, Rodriguez, Vazquez Modelling of an activated sludge plant using Simulink ES
1391 P5 3 Patino-Palacios*, Simonin Particle turbulence and interactions in polydisperse gas-solid flow based on Eulerian multiphase modeling FR
1392 C8 16 Lindt* Supercritical fluids in the formation of polymeric foams US
1393 F3 10 Jimenez-Esteller*, Gauss, Hausmanns, Urbas, Wozny Towards a methodology for e-learning in process and chemical engineering ES
1395 H1 10 Chan*, Hui Flexibility study of a utility system HK
1396 H6 10 Reverberi, Chiarioni*, Veglio, Dovi Kinetic-induced noise effects and thermal response of a batch chemical reactor IT
1397 E8 3 Lindt* Materials and process design with glassy polymeric foams US
1398 F4 10 Weber*, Koyama, Kraines, Marechal, Favrat Optimization of an SOFC-based decentralized polygeneration system for providing energy services in an office-building in Tokyo CH
1399 P5 3 Alekseenko, Antipin, Cherdantsev*, Kharlamov, Markovich Waves on vertical liquid film sheared by turbulent gas flow RU
1401 E6 3 Alekseenko*, Markovich Large-scale structures in impinging jets and falling films RU
1402 H4 10 Wang*, Fon Applications of MATLAB-based software to drying simulation TW
1403 A3 20 Viljoen* Principles of rapid polymerase chain reactions: mathematical modeling and experimental verification US
1404 J4 19 Silveston*, Lohi, Hudgins, Croiset, Napapan, Rapatplan Production of sulfuric acid or organicsulfonates using a cyclic process with an activated carbon catalyst and supercritical carbon dioxide as an extractant CA
1406 P7 17 Martinez Nieto*, Rodriguez Vives, Gimenez Casares, Lozano Pena, Cobo Munoz Kinetics of changes in waxes and aliphatic and free alcohols of the virgin olive oils during the storage in warehouse ES
1407 P7 11 Erol*, Thoming ECO-optimal process integration of metal finishing DE
1408 C3 2 Belaissaoui*, Thery, Meyer, Meyer, Gerbaud, Joulia Feasability analysis and design of reactive distillation processes involving vapour phase chemical reactions FR
1409 P5 6 Alves*, Nascimento, Loureiro, Floquet, Joulia Multi-objective optimization of industrial nylon-6,6 polymerization process in a twin-screw extruder reactor using genetic algorithm approach FR
1410 P5 6 Alves*, Nascimento Neural network based approach for modeling and optimization applied to an industrial isoprene unit production FR
1412 P3 2 Bart*, Kisutcza Solving problems in liquid extraction on the computer using Mathcad(R) US
1413 P7 17 Zarguili, Maache-Rezzoug*, Loisel Study of the effect of hydrothermal process conditions on the properties of maize starch FR
1415 H2 10 Cheung, Choy, Hui, McKay* Integrated cement production with municipal solid waste incineration HK
1416 P5 3 Simcik*, Blazej, Ruzicka, Drahos, Wichterle Bubble column simulation with Fluent CZ
1417 H4 10 Koziol, Araszkiewicz*, Oskwarek, Lupinski Microwave drying of porous materials PL
1418 J6 19 Straka*, Paca, Jr., Kuncarova, Musilova Decomposition of natural gas by thermal anoxic processes CZ
1420 P3 5 Arce, Rodil*, Rodriguez, Soto (Tert-amyl ethyl ether + ethanol) separation using ionic liquids ES
1421 P3 5 Arce, Marchiaro, Martinez-Ageitos, Soto* Citrus essential oil terpenless by liquid-liquid extraction ES
1422 P1 1 Kubickova*, Snare, Maki-Arvela, Salmi, Murzin Decarboxylation of carboxylic acids over heterogeneous catalysts FI
1424 P7 17 Tita* The influence of the conditioning treatments applied on wines on their physico-chemical and sensorial composition RO
1426 P7 17 Tita* Using some types of membranes in the ultrafiltration process of the milk RO
1427 P5 10 Klemes*, Bulatov, Tsahalis, Meshalkin, Shuvaev, Kapustenko, Friedler Recommendations on environmentally safe performance of a processing plant on the basis of analysis of pollution concentration distribution fields UK
1428 I7 10 Meres*, Szafnicki, Formisyn, Szczepaniec-Ciêciak Landfill Gas (LFG) utilization: how to optimise it vs. the influence of meteorological parameters? FR
1429 P3 5 Lugo*, Lopez, Comunas, Garcia, Fernandez P-rho-T measurements and EOS predictions of glycol ethers between 283.15 and 353.15 K at pressures up to 25 MPa ES
1430 D1 5 Garcia*, Lugo, Fernandez Study of the phase diagram types and p-rho-T behavior in CO2 + n-alkane systems using PC-SAFT ES
1431 P7 19 Polyanchukov* The corrosion monitoring in acid media: management of corrosion processes and corrosion protection of complex systems RU
1432 G7 4 Allouache, Chikh* Thermodynamic analysis in a parallel flow annular heat exchanger DZ
1433 J7 6 Balku, Berber* Constrained dynamic optimization using evolutionary algorithm in activated sludge systems TR
1434 C7 16 Adami*, Reverchon, Jarvenpaa, Huopalahti Criteria for drugs processability by supercritical antisolvent micronization FI
1435 P3 5 Pensado, Comunas*, Lugo, Fernandez Experimental dynamic viscosities of 2,3-dimethylpentane up to 60 MPa and from 303.15 to 353.15 K using a rolling ball viscometer ES
1436 I2 17 Nesvadba*, Allais Physical methods for monitoring the quality of oil in deep fat frying UK
1437 H2 10 Klemes*, Li, Bulatov Techno-economic modelling and cost functions of CO2 capture processes UK
1438 I1 17 Nesvadba* The impact of food processing on quality UK
1439 P7 11 Dohnal, Kucerova* Water reclamation - a decision support system CZ
1440 P7 11 Kotovicova* Regional projects cleaner production as an implement on the road to sustainability CZ
1441 J2 12 Naumann*, Mathonat, Andre A reaction calorimeter and calorimetric tools for safety testing on a laboratory scale FR
1442 P1 1 Ivanova, Petit, Pitchon* Low temperature oxidation of CO and hydrocarbons over supported gold catalysts for automotive applications FR
1443 B5 14 Cheng*, Kelsall Modelling potentials, concentrations and current densities in three-dimensional electrodes for metal recovery from dilute liquid effluents UK
1444 P3 2 Torabizadeh*, Shojaosadati, Tehrani Preparation and characterisation of bioemulsifier from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and its application in food products IR
1445 P3 5 Comunas*, Reghem, Baylaucq, Boned, Fernandez Pressure and temperature effect on the volumetric properties of several monoethylene glycol monoalkyl ethers (methyl ether, ethyl ether and isopropyl ether) ES
1446 P7 17 Akhmetova*, Sibgatullin, Sharin, Rumyantsev, Akhmadiev Using a vacuum device in processes of bee-keeping products’ drying and disinfecting RU
1447 J7 19 Cata Salgado, Gonzalez Suarez*, Gonzalez Cortes, Turrado Saucedo System of procedures in the consideration of the uncertainty in the development of clean technologies that you/they use the biomass of cane of sugar like matter prevails CU
1448 P7 19 Cata Salgado, Gonzalez Suarez*, Pedraza Garciga, Oquendo Ferrer Potentialities of the agroindustry of the sugar cane in the production of hydrocarburant liquids from lignocelluloses residuals CU
1449 P7 19 Oliva Conyedo, Lopetry, Gonzalez Suarez*, Pedraza Garciga Technical and economical possibilities of producing bioethanol cane considering the use of lignocelluloses residuals CU
1450 P7 19 Mesa Garriga, Oliva Conyedo, Lopetry, Barreiro, Gonzalez Suarez* Preliminary design of the pretreatment area of polyols and phenols production CU
1451 P5 10 Magyar*, Hancsok, Kallo, Lengyel Investigation of the production of engine gasoline blending component of reduced sulfur, olefin and aromatic content HU
1452 P5 10 Varga*, Hancsok, Kallo, Stumpf Selection of key sulphur compound for determination of optimal process parameters for reducing heteroatom content of gas oils HU
1453 H7 10 Hancsok, Magyar*, Keresztury, Nguyen, Kallo Investigation of energy and feedstock saving production of isoparaffin fractions HU
1454 P3 2 Tvaruzek, Dohnal*, Plesek, Malac Ad hoc low cost membrane contactors with hollow fibers CZ
1455 P3 2 Tvaruzek, Dohnal* Polysialate membranes with active fillers CZ
1456 P3 5 Lopez, Daridon, Plantier, Boned, Fernandez* Temperature and pressure dependences of thermophysical properties of diglyme from ultrasonic measurements ES
1457 P3 2 Cascaval*, Galaction, Oniscu Fractionation of carboxylic acids mixtures obtained by citric fermentation using facilitated pertraction RO
1458 F1 3 Galaction*, Cascaval, Oniscu, Turnea Modelling of oxygen transfer in stirred bioreactors for bacteria, yeasts and fungus broths RO
1459 H5 10 Master*, Chunangad, Boxma, Kral, Stehlik Most frequently used heat exchangers from pioneering research to applications worldwide US
1460 P5 3 Ouatiki, Younsi*, Bouhadef, Zitoun, Guendouzen Free surface waves induced by two or many coupled obstacles DZ
1461 C3 3 Akramov*, Jiricny, Stanek Qualitative analysis and control with the entrance conditions in the model of counter-current packed column RU
1462 P7 17 Camargo*, Moretti, Ledo Sorption isotherms and quality of the dried tomato processes with osmotic dehydration, antioxidant application and tomato triple concentrate addition BR
1463 P3 3 Akramov*, Nazmutdinova, Stanek The qualitative and numerical analysis of the periodical regimes in the counter-current chemical reactors RU
1464 P5 6 Kovac Kralj*, Glavic Decreasing the flow rate of CO2 in methanol process using NLP model SI
1465 P5 3 Vlaev*, Nikov, Martinov Local shear and skin friction distribution in agitated tanks to improve component mixing and product structure BG
1466 P7 19 Lukic*, Rajakovic, Drakic Transformer oil furan compound analysis in evaluation of power transformers age YU
1467 P3 2 Stevanovic*, Mitrovic, Cvetkovski Process of gallium recovery from Bayer process liquor (sodiumaluminate solution) – development and computer simulation YU
1468 D7 15 Brabec*, Zikanova, Kocirik Permeability of grain boundaries in well defined silicalite-1 polycrystalline layers and single crystals CZ
1469 F3 10 Perry*, Klemes Experiences and future developments in e-learning and e-teaching of engineering education UK
1470 P7 11 Aissani*, Hachemi Samplling technique at the outlet of rejection chimney DZ
1471 P7 11 Basu* Thinking of sustainable development by different companies IN
1472 P7 17 Martinez Nieto*, Rodriguez Vives, Gimenez Casares, Lozano Pena, Cobo Munoz, Hodaifa Study of the composition of wastewaters of olive and olive oil washers, and its preliminary treatment ES
1473 P3 2 Peter*, Schauer, Bleha Microporous polysulfone membranes prepared by the phase inversion process in the presence of a surfactant CZ
1474 P1 1 Towfighi*, Karimzadeh, Niaei, Saedi Application of dynamic programming method in optimal control and simulation of an industrial naphtha cracker IR
1475 P5 10 Kapustenko, Meshalkin, Shuvaev, Salamikov, Nagorniy* Calculation of distribution fields of toxic pollutions and development of a computer map of concentrations in the atmospheric air of the toxic emissions around the large industrial plant UA
1476 D7 15 Zikanova, Kocirik, Hrabanek*, Bernauer Effect of non-zeolitic pores on the transport of species through silicalite-1 membranes CZ
1477 F1 3 Ditl*, Sedivy, Kysela Experiences with application of LDA/PDA methods in an agitated vessel CZ
1478 P3 15 Snablova Frycova*, Sysel, Chanova, Bernauer, Kocirik Properties of silicalite-1 - polyimide composites CZ
1479 G3 6 Zhuang, Oshima, Chiu* Multiple-models based nonlinear predictive control strategy with application to polymerization reactor control SG
1482 B5 14 Mahmoud, Muhr, Lapicque* Analysis of electrical phenomena occurring in ion-exchange assisted electrodialysis for treatment of rinsing solutions FR
1483 P3 19 Gominsek, Lubej*, Pohar Precipitation of gypsum from waste sulfuric acid and lime SI
1485 F7 7 Magne, Campi, Valderrama* An improved equation to model power consumption in SAG mills CL
1487 P5 3 Zamir*, Brauner, Ullmann An investigation into the flow phenomena in a phase transition extraction column, based on solvent mixtures with a critical point of miscibility IL
1488 P7 12 Baikov*, Lukashevich, Kirillov Estimations scale of damages and possibility of resistance against demolition high scraper building as result of special hydrodynamic phenomena after aircraft impact (by materials accident 11 September 2001) RU
1489 E8 3 Bottcher*, Senk, Gudenau Injection of solids in melts - using a coherent jet DE
1490 P7 12 Lukashevich*, Kirillov, Rossinsky, Roitman, Pasman Integrated Virtual-Reality based software tools for risk assesment and buildings resistance under combined hazardous effects RU
1491 P1 1 Mohammad Alizadeh*, Towfighi, Karimzadeh Modeling of catalytic coke in thermal cracking furnaces IR
1492 5 Oberholz* Chemicals in 2010 – system solutions for the customer DE
1493 5 Andreta* Towards the Lisbon goals: the knowledge based industry BE
1494 H7 10 Narodoslawsky*, Niederl, Halasz Utilising renewable resources economically – new challenges and chances for process development AT
1495 F3 10 Avramenko, Kraslawski* Educational environment on technologies for efficient water treatment FI
1496 D2 5 Aim*, Babic, Nezbeda, Vlcek Fluid-phase equilibria in alkanol + carbon dioxide systems: supplemented database and molecular-based equation of state modelling CZ
1497 F7 7 Valderrama*, Vargas, Gutierrez Crushing glass and silica particles under an ultrasonic field CL
1498 G5 6 Kukal*, Kolska Non-dimensional model for vaporization enthalpy of organic compounds CZ
1499 H1 10 Smith* Rethinking process development in fine and specialty chemicals UK
1501 P1 1 Maduna, Gomzi, Zrncevic* Catalytic liquid-phase oxidation of phenol aqueous solutions HR
1502 P7 11 Rachu*, Aurelle, Saipanich Simulation program on hydrocarbon polluted wastewater treatment processes FR
1503 P5 7 Saberian, Briens*, Berruti, McDougall, Weber, Chan Effect of liquid properties on agglomeration in fluidized beds CA
1504 H2 10 Pelet*, Favrat, Leyland Optimisation of integrated energy systems for remote communities considering economic, LCA factors and gaseous emissions with evolutionary algorithm CH
1505 P5 3 Ariyapadi, Berruti*, McMillan, Zhou, Briens Penetration depth of a gas-liquid spray jet in a gas-solid fluidized bed CA
1506 P7 4 Nahid*, Bronlund, Cleland, Oldfield, Philpott Modelling heat transfer for wrapped and unwrapped pallets of butter cartons NZ
1507 P7 1 Eikani*, Rowshanzamir Techno-economic analysis of natural gas based syngas production technologies: An overview IR
1508 F3 10 Meres*, Szafnicki Landfills as a valuable source of experience for (E-)learning in continuous professional development, and not only… FR
1509 H8 10 Repke, Reepmeyer, Wozny* Reactive distillation towers: new strategies for start up DE
1510 P3 5 Esmaeilzadeh*, Roshanfekr A new three parameter cubic equation of state IR
1511 P1 1 Kamberovic*, Korac, Sinadinovic Autoclave oxidation and thiourea leaching of refractory ores from Serbia YU
1512 H6 10 Zheng, Smith, Theodoropoulos* Modelling, design and optimisation studies of batch and semi-batch reactors UK
1513 H8 10 Mueller*, Kloeker, Kenig Rate-based modelling of dividing wall columns – a new application to reactive systems DE
1514 P5 3 Mowla*, Naderi The effect of polymer on drag reduction in horizontal pipe two-phase flow IR
1515 P7 11 Soudmandasli*, Abbaspour, Abassnezhad, Soltan Mohammadzade Sludge preparation for anaerobic treatment of slaughterhouse wastewater using hybrid UASB reactor IR
1516 P7 11 Ayatollahi*, Mohabatkar, Soudmandasli Effect of temperature and salinity on porous media plugging by bacteria IR
1517 1 Sertic-Bionda*, Gomzi, Saric Testing of hydrodesulfurization process in small trickle - bed reactor HR
1518 2 Delitala*, Ferino, Melis Sulfur removal from gasoline by means of silica and silica – palladium adsorbents IT
1519 10 Brinkmann*, Ebert, Ohlrogge, Wenzlaff Future directions of integrated distillation-permeation processes DE
1520 10 Marchevsky, Seminskyi* A novel plant for extraction and drying of milk protein UA
1521 10 Drews*, Kraume Process improvement by application of membrane bioreactors DE
1522 19 Esmaeilzadeh*, Goodarznia, Pouranfard An experimental study of EOR by water flooding in Iran SIRRI- D Field IR
1523 1 Holub, Hankova, Jerabek* Influence of partial neutralization on catalytic activity of ion exchange resin CZ
1524 3 Broz*, Fort, Sperling, Jambere, Haisser, Rieger Pumping capacity of pitched blade impeller in tall vessel with a draught tube CZ
1525 2 Cuda*, Pospisil, Havelka Applications of reverse osmosis for industrial water treatment CZ
1527 1 Njapha*, Neomagus, Everson Gasification kinetics of high-ash South African coal chars ZA
1528 12 Lipi* Risk Assessment Methodology CZ
1529 2 Al-Fariss* The application of column flotation technology in the beneficiation of Saudi phosphate ores SA
1530 5 Alcalde*, Aparicio, Garcia, Leal, Davila Thermophysical properties of N-methylpyrrolidone + water + methanol mixed solvents at 298.15 K ES
1531 10 Richter*, Noeres, Zielinska-Nadolska, Gorak Transesterification of dimethyl carbonate via catalytic distillation DE
1532 1 Njapha*, Neomagus, Everson Reaction kinetics associated with low temperature combustion of high ash South African coal chars ZA
1533 2 Mooney*, MacElroy, Kozachok, Cuffe, Tacke Atomistic modelling of inorganic permselective membranes for CO2 recovery IE
1534 19 Mander*, Singh High throughput process development - successful tools for real applications UK
1535 1 Belatel*, Katrib, Garin Catalytic reactions of methylcyclohexane on partially reduced MoO3 FR
1536 19 Mrkvickova*, Blaha, Pavlica Laboratory UV-ageing of epoxy and unsaturated polyester resins used in pultrusion CZ
1537 19 Sidorenkova*, Vcelar, Blaha, Osivkova, Mrkvickova Cylindrical symmetry of pultruded composite rods CZ
1538 3 San Jose*, Alvarez, Ortiz de Salazar, Olazar, Bilbao Effect of solid density on trajectories and cycle times in conical spouted beds ES
1539 E5 3 Singh, Joseph* Fluid dynamics of floating particles US
1540 11 Cervekova*, Blaha, Meegoda, Vondruska Predicting the release of contaminants from stabilized/solidified waste based on long-term leaching test CZ
1541 3 San Jose*, Alvarez, Ortiz de Salazar, Olazar, Bilbao Stability of sawdust beds in drying in conical spouted beds ES
1542 2 Sadoun, Hassaine-Sadi* Studies on transport mechanism of chromium (III) extraction from sulfuric acid by di(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl) phosphonic acid (CYANEX) DZ
1543 10 Jansen*, Koppejan, Hetland, Klemes, Pipio EMINENT accelerates market introduction of promising early stage technologies for transport and energy UK
1544 4 Constantinescu, Iacob, Popescu*, Dascalu, Huiban Industrial researches regarding thermal transfer intensification and fouling decrease in heat exchangers RO
1545 1 Sasaki*, Saito, Yamamoto, Hayakawa, Adschiri, Arai, Goto, Hirose Degradation kinetics and mechanism of D-xylose in water at hydrothermal and supercritical conditions to recover useful chemical intermediates JP
1546 16 Sasaki*, Sekiguchi, Arai Direct production of glycolaldehyde from microcrystalline cellulose in supercritical water under the non-catalytic condition JP
1547 17 Marciniak*, Adamiec Experimental analysis of microencapsulation of oil/matrix/water system PL
1548 2 Megouda, Hamlat, Kadi*, Brahimi Sorption of natural uranium by Algerian bentonite DZ
1549 19 Dohnalova, Kucerova* A fuzzy pooling of investment cost knowledge CZ
1550 19 Dohnalova, Dohnal, Lajtkepova, Kucerova* Qualitative analysis of interface between macroeconomics and large investments into process industries CZ
1551 2 Tvaruzek, Plesek, Malac, Dohnal* Universal membrane module for filtration and contacting CZ
1552 10 Kehagiopoulos*, Iordanidis, Voutetakis, Vasalos Feasibility and efficiency of CO2 sorption-enhanced hydrogen production from bio-oil for PEM fuel cells GR
1553 7 Sliva*, Zegzulka 3-Dimensional indicator for a silo stress/pressure observation CZ
1557 19 Benayada* Optimization and formulation of a silicate based-muds for drilling DZ
1558 19 Gavrilovski*, Milojevic, Pavlovic Modelling of metallurgical properties of sinter of iron ores YU
1560 19 Fernandez, Renedo* Preparation and utilization of desulfurant sorbents obtained by hydration of lime and fly ash in sea water ES
1562 2 Garcia, Ciceron, Alexandrova*, Saboni Nitrate ions retention by nanofiltration: I. Experimental study and membrane comparison FR
1563 2 Garcia, Ciceron, Alexandrova*, Saboni Nitrate ions retention by nanofiltration: II. Mass transfer modelling FR
1564 5 Kolska*, Zabransky, Ruzicka, Gani Estimation of enthalpy and entropy of vaporization and of liquid heat capacity by a group contribution method CZ
1565 11 Alsheyab*, Munoz Treatment of raw water by O3 and O3/H2O2 processes ES
1566 5 Gonzalez*, Mozo, Villa, Riesco, Garcia de la Fuente, Cobos Application of the Kirkwood-Buff theory to the study of interactions in liquid mixtures containing dialkyl carbonates and alkanes, benzene, CCl4 or 1-alkanols ES
1567 5 Mozo, Garcia de la Fuente*, Gonzalez, Cobos Densities, speeds of sound and isentropic compressibilities of mixtures of some n-alkoxyethanols with dibutyl ether at 293.15, 298.15 and 303.15 K ES
1568 5 Gonzalez*, Mozo, Garcia de la Fuente, Cobos DISQUAC predictions on HE of ternary mixtures containing: one alcohol, one polar compound and one hydrocarbon; or two alcohols and one hydrocarbon or a polar compound; or three alkanols ES
1569 5 Villa, Riesco, Garcia de la Fuente*, Gonzalez, Cobos, Garriga, Perez, Gracia Isothermal vapor-liquid equilibria for the 1-propanol + di-n-propylamine ES
1570 5 Riesco, Villa, Gonzalez, Garcia de la Fuente*, Cobos Molar excess enthalpy and molar excess volumes for binary mixtures containing amines ES
1571 5 Mozo, Gonzalez, Garcia de la Fuente*, Cobos Thermodynamics of mixtures containing ethers. Part III. Liquid-liquid equilibria for 2,5,8,11-tetraoxa-dodecane or 2,5,8,11,14-pentaoxapentadecane + selected n-alkanes ES
1572 5 Gonzalez*, Cobos, Garcia de la Fuente DISQUAC predictions on liquid-liquid equilibria and molar excess functions of liquid mixtures containing N,N-dialkylamides ES
1573 5 Gonzalez*, Mozo, Garcia de la Fuente, Cobos Thermodynamics of binary mixtures containing alkoxyethanols and 1-alkanols or monooxaalkanes ES
1574 5 Gonzalez*, Mozo, Garcia de la Fuente, Cobos Thermodynamics of binary mixtures containing aniline ES
1575 5 Gonzalez*, Cobos, Garcia de la Fuente Thermodynamics of binary mixtures containing N-alkylamides ES
1576 19 Rezaei*, Taeb, Sahebdelfar An assessment between conventional existing technologies for producing synthesis gas IR
1577 3 Tihon, Bourdette*, Vejrazka, Pallares, Saluena Dynamic behaviour of an impinging air jet under excited flow conditions ES
1578 3 Basic* Hydrodynamic characteristics of a bubble boiling regime with artificially produced nucleation sites SI
1579 11 Stamatovic*, Pavlovic, Acimovic, Boljanac Chemical processing of hardface alloy grinding waste YU
1580 19 Rezaei*, Jazayeri Making a bleaching clay based on the bentonite clays IR
1581 15 Pavlovic*, Martinovic, Vlahovic, Djordjevic Mechanoactivation of cordierite formation in the MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 systems YU
1582 15 Vlahovic*, Boljanac, Martinovic, Vidojkovic Mechanochemical activation of mixture for obtaning low-melting glass of PbO-B2O3-SiO2 systems YU
1583 19 Martinovic*, Jovanic, Vlahovic, Pavlovic New approach of non-stationary melting process of SiO2 YU
1584 11 Rezaei*, Taeb Non-thermal plasma treatment of automotive exhaust gases IR
1585 11 Butusov, Meshalkin* New approach to the exposure-response study of the industrial impact on forest RU
1586 11 Lafi* Removal of heavy metal ions from industrial wastewater by sulphureted hydrogen water JO
1587 7 Sliva* The practicability of a flowability improvement CZ
1588 7 Renedo*, Fernandez Use of lignosulphonates as modifiers of CaCO3 specific surface area for desulfurization ES
1589 15 Capek*, Hejtmanek A relationship between capillary pressure and permeability as revealed by a pore network model CZ
1590 12 Bharatiya*, Mubaddel Safety considerations in the design of LPG pressure storage vessels SA
1592 3 Mandal*, Kundu, Mukherjee Comparative study of two-phase gas non-Newtonian liquid flow in upflow and downflow bubble column IN
1593 1 Mashirev*, Kolegov, Kolegov, Lobanov, Melnikov, Mirinov, Orlov, Znonarev Stale of kinetics processes solid state+gas=solid state+gas and use of model equations of reaction mechanism when studying non-isothermal conditions RU
1594 2 Kedari, Coll, Fortuny*, Goralska, Sastre Studies on the recovery and separation of Ir(IV) and Ru(III) from chloride solutions using Cyanex 923 as an extractant ES
1595 2 Fara*, Cernin, Mejta, Jandova, Tvrznik Purification of raw glycerol water by electromembrane processes CZ
1596 15 Karacan*, Karacan Development of porous structure of activated carbons from Turkish lignite with different chemical reagents TR
1597 19 Astanovsky*, Astanovsky New design mass-transfer apparatus for adverse gases cleaning after smelting furnaces RU
1598 19 Liakopoulou-Kyriakides*, Psomas, Kyriakidis Characterization of Xanthan gum produced by Xanthomonas campestris in synthetic and chemically defined complex media GR
1599 6 Maddah, Mehrabani-Zeinabad*, Pishvaie Dynamic simulation of reactive distillation columns using the equilibrium stages model IR
1600 3 Mena*, Rocha, Teixeira, Drahos, Ruzicka Effect of solids on flow regime transition in three-phase bubble columns PT
1601 2 Polotskaya, Pen’kova, Toikka* Pervaporation membranes based on fullerene – polyphenylene oxide compositions RU
1602 17 Collares*, Mei, Kieckbusch Powder instant properties of maltodextrin of different molecular weights obtained by steam agglomeration BR
1603 7 Zegzulka* Angle of internal friction – mechanisms of particle movement CZ
1604 11 Ziagova*, Aslanidou, Papaioannou, Dimitriadou, Liakopoulou-Kyriakides Biosorption of Cr(VI) and Cd(II) using bacterial biomass GR
1605 10 Holczinger, Biros, Friedler, Sarkozi* Acceleration tools for batch process scheduling HU
1607 10 Adonyi*, Biros, Friedler Effective scheduling of a large-scale paint production system HU
1608 11 Pohorely, Svoboda*, Hartman, Trnka Emissions of nitrogen oxides and behavior of heavy metals in atmospheric fluidized bed incineration of dried sewage sludge CZ
1609 1 Ojha*, Pradhan, Samanta Synthesis of zeolite from fly ash for catalytic cracking and alkylation of phenol IN
1610 10 Anantharaman*, Abbas, Gundersen Energy Level Composite Curves – a new graphical methodology for the integration of energy intensive processes NO
1611 3 Musemic* A step-like variant of double diffusive convection in salt stratified water solution BA
1612 5 Focke*, Grobler Low-pressure vapour-liquid data reduction using only equilibrium composition data ZA
1613 10 Novaki*, Bertok, Friedler, Fan Automated synthesis of flowsheets for azeotropic-distillation systems: two case studies HU
1614 12 Paliukh*, Elyseev Using interval analysis techniques to monitor safety of chemical process RU
1615 3 Fialova*, Drahos Regime transition in bubble column reactors: effect of design parameters and liquid phase properties CZ
1616 1 Nagiev, Faradzhev*, Mamedov Research of process of oxidation by peroxide compound of hydroqen of natural gas in methanol AZ
1617 3 Sibachir*, Bouhadef, Mansouri Effects of rainfall intensity, slope and soil properties on splash erosion DZ
1618 9 Kampars* Thermal stability of biodiesel LV
1619 1 Iliyas, Al-Khattaf* Xylene transformation over USY zeolite: A reactant converted catalyst decay model SA
1620 3 Daoud*, Abchiche Experimental analysis of hydrodynamics and influence of temperature in a food dryer DZ
1621 3 Mattar*, Mohamed, Eissa, El-Demerdash, Halfa Nitrogen behaviour during ESR of conventional and new grade of AISI M41 high speed steel EG
1622 5 De Cominges, Pineiro, Vijande, Legido, Garcia* Measurement and analysis of the density and surface tension variation with temperature for n-heptane + ethanol mixtures ES
1623 6 Calder* Integrating engineering activities through multi:- discipline, site, tasking software UK
1624 1 Chahma, Roux*, Bensakhria, Antonini Multi-cycles reduction and oxidation of CuO particles in the chemical-looping combustion FR
1625 19 Otrisalova*, Lapcik, Blaha Biodegradable hydrogels for pulsed drug delivery CZ
1626 2 Lubert, Lang-Lazi*, Barna, Moszkowicz, Kollar-Hunek Solution of transport equations by random walk model HU
1627 1 Fulem, Spatenka*, Fila, Bernauer CFD modeling of steady state and dynamic behavior of microchannel reactor for exothermic reactions CZ
1628 11 Hlavackova*, Parascanu, Barna, Fernandez Copper retention in soil material: comparison between batch and continuous laboratory experiments FR
1629 14 Kalyvas*, Brandon Effective diffusivity measurements of binary gaseous mixtures with relevance to solid oxide fuel cell anode operation. A new proposed method for the interpretation of diffusion data UK
1630 3 Koza*, Jahoda Equalization of composition fluctuations in tank series with bypass CZ
1631 1 Ghaffari, Ngian, Romagnoli, Gomes* Ethylene oxide production in an industrial catalytic reactor: Advanced modelling and optimisation AU
1633 3 Siyakatshana*, Kudrna, Machon, Cermakova Implementing the time and spatial Dirac (delta) impulses in the numerical solution of the dispersion model CZ
1634 1 Homayonifar*, Saboohi, Firoozabadi Methane decomposition, an alternative system for iron reduction process (MIDREX) IR
1635 10 Zielinska, Bialobrzewski*, Markowski Modelling of carrot drying using a quasi - stationary method PL
1636 1 Spatenka*, Fulem, Fila, Bernauer, Germani Steady-state and dynamic simulations of the water-gas shift reaction in a microchannel catalytic reactor CZ
1637 2 Holba*, Kitajou, Suzuki, Nishihama, Yoshizuka, Ikegami, Monde Performance of benchmark plant of lithium recovery from seawater using a novel lambda-MnO2 adsorbent JP
1638 3 Siyakatshana*, Kudrna, Machon Solving the stochastic differential equation for 'closed' continuous flow systems CZ
1639 10 Goula*, Adamopoulos Spray drying of tomato pulp: Effect of feed concentration GR
1640 2 Garcia, Cuellar* Study of the adsorption of BSA on macroreticular poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) microparticles with different structural characteristics ES
1641 11 Cedzynska, Izydorczyk* Thermal plasma as a method for utilization medical wastes PL
1644 3 Cvetinovic*, Tihon, Vejrazka, Drahos Effect of external excitations on the axisymetrical air jet flow structures - investigations of the jet impinging on a flat surface YU
1645 3 Cvetinovic*, Tihon, Vejrazka, Drahos Effect of external excitations on the axisymmetrical air jet flow structures - investigations of the free jet YU
1646 1 Yerlikaya, Cirli*, Okutan Effect of UV light on polymer modified bitumen TR
1648 11 Xu, Ting* Bioleaching of incineration fly ash by Aspergillus niger: mold morphology and calcium oxalate precipitation SG
1649 11 Aung, Ting* Bioleaching of spent hydroprocessing catalyst by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans SG
1650 11 Sheng, Ting*, Chen Biosorption of heavy metals by pretreated Sargassum sp.: investigation on mechanism and modeling SG
1651 1 Galiasso T.* Simulation of the effect of recycling the unconverted residue in an “Ebullated” bed type hydrocracker VE
1652 4 Maria*, Nicolae, Ion, Liviu-Ionel Installation for Technological Steam Producing RO
1654 11 Basu* Total sustainability correlates with personal development among the whole society IN
1655 1 Choudhury, Park, Chung*, Chung Modeling of annular photoreactor for the treatment of industrial effluents KR
1657 3 Stanovsky, Ruzicka*, Drahos, Wichterle Case-study of problems encountered at small bubble formation CZ
1658 3 Simcik*, Ruzicka, Drahos, Wichterle CFD of bubble columns on different scales CZ
1660 10 Isopescu*, Bumbac, Popescu, Grozeanu Design and optimisation of the dividing wall column for light hydrocarbon separation in oil refinery RO
1662 3 Bunganic*, Ruzicka, Drahos High-speed images of bubble formation CZ
1663 10 Ciornei*, Bumbac, Turcu, Ivanescu, Ilie Hydrogen management in an oil refinery RO
1664 3 Zdimal*, Ruzicka Length-scale hierarchy in aerosol mechanics CZ
1665 10 Plesu, Bumbac, Ciornei*, Ivanescu, Popescu Modelling and simulation of operation for the TAME synthesis by catalytic distillation RO
1666 3 Lisal*, Ruzicka Multiscale aspects of fluid mechanics CZ
1667 10 Bumbac, Plesu*, Ciornei, Gheorghita, Duca Solutions for thermal coupling between hydrogen plant and hydrofining plant in a refinery site RO
1668 3 Dorao*, Jakobsen The kernel effect in the Population Balance Equation NO
1669 10 Bercaru*, Marcov-Tacu, Plesu, Iancu, Bumbac, Bercaru, Bologa Cost evaluation in engineering graduation projects - software CostEval RO
1670 10 Marcov-Tacu*, Plesu, Bercaru Properties extractor for generation COLOM files from Process Simulation Environment RO
1671 15 Chernyak, Tarasova, Zrazhevskij, Yukhymenko* The nano-particles generation in plasma - liquid systems UA
1673 11 Machac*, Krystl, Chalupa Laboratory research of wet FGD and mathematical modelling CZ
1674 1 Ayude*, Cassanello, Martinez, Haure Phenomenological approach to understand the behavior of trickle bed reactors with liquid flow modulation AR
1675 1 Imoberdorf, Irazoqui*, Alfano Photocatalytic degradation of tetrachloroethylene in gas phase on TiO2 films: A kinetic study AR
1676 1 Pernicone* Nanotechnology for industrial catalysts IT
1677 19 Belaid*, Carsky Effect of additives on activated carbon from coal tar pitch ZA
1678 1 Chian, Timm* Chemical reaction analyses of anhydride-cured epoxy resins US
1679 6 Janacova*, Kolomaznik, Vasek Optimization of liquids consumption at washing processes realized in tanning drum CZ
1680 6 Vasek*, Kolomaznik, Janacova Recycling technologies control CZ
1681 2 Al-Mubaddel* An efficient adsorptive transport method for pollutant removal from aqueous streams SA
1682 2 Nurbaº [Nourbakhsh]*, Bal Isolation of Laurus nobilis L. and Thymus L. oils by extraction and distillation methods TR
1683 1 Bol'shakov*, Sergeeva, Shpigun, Lunina Autocatalytic cobaltizing of ceramic support RU
1686 1 Laudani*, Habulin, Knez Lipase-catalysed synthesis of n-octyl oleate. A kinetic study SI
1690 17 Zactiti, Kieckbusch* Potassium sorbate diffusion in biodegradable calcium alginate films: effect of the antimicrobial agent concentration and crosslinking degree BR
1691 17 Chalermchat*, Dejmek Enhancement of solid-liquid expression by pulsed electric field pretreatment: study on potato SE
1693 3 Larfi, Cherrarred, Benkahla* Numerical analysis of hydrodynamic characteristics of a turbulent axisymmetric jet DZ
1694 11 Bien, Cedzynska, Izydorczyk* Phytoremediation of soil polluted by inorganic compounds of mercury PL
1695 3 Johansson*, Westerlund CFD modeling of the quench in a pressurized entrained flow black liquor gasification reactor SE
1696 16 Borovsky, Koshevoi*, Latin Developing process flowsheets of vegetable material extraction by means of carbon dioxide RU
1697 5 Chih-Kang*, Li-Jen Effect of isomeric structure on wetting behavior of water + butanol mixtures TW
1698 9 Marra Jr., Falaguasta*, Rodrigues, Coury Electrostatic charge in airborne particles: the influence of the aerosol generation on the particle charge distribution BR
1699 6 Jirak, Husakova* Image analysis of heterogeneous mixtures by virtual instruments CZ
1700 11 Buczkowski*, Iglinski, Szymanski, Dejewska, Lemanowska Immobilization and phyto-extraction of heavy metals PL
1701 13 Janssens-Maenhout*, Dechamp Monitoring of the interface movement of a bubbling dip tube by the pressure signal IT
1702 17 Shakir, Suyasov* Studying of lipolytical fermental complex of Yarrowia lipolytica properties RU
1703 17 Suyasov*, Shakir Studying of yeast’s cultures fermentation processes on fatty substratum RU
1704 10 Bondaruk*, Zielinska, Markowski The effect of operating conditions on the quality of microwave dehydrated potato cubes PL
1705 1 Muzen, Fraguio, Ayude*, Martinez, Cassanello Catalytic wet oxidation of alcohols in trickle bed reactors with liquid flow modulation AR
1707 8 Costa, Colina*, Martinez, Caballero A general overview of the present situation of studies in forensic science and engineering in non-UK EU countries ES
1708 10 Roldugina, Suyasov*, Shakir Allocation and studying of natural microflora of clearing constructions of meat-processing industries RU
1709 3 Andreev*, Manchev, Rashev, Nenova Alloying of steel melts by nitrogen bubbling (at partial pressure of 10 bars) BG
1710 3 Safri*, Bouhadef, Khellaf Comparative study of the effect of carboxymethyl cellulose and polyox in the flow of the mixtures of mud DZ
1711 10 Karetkine, Shakir, Suyasov* Increase of substratum consumption efficiency by nutrient medium ultrasonic preprocessing RU
1712 11 Zagorc-Koncan, Zgajnar-Gotvajn* Industrial pilot-scale pretreatment effectively reduced toxicity of wastewater from synthetic resin production SI
1713 3 Rashev*, Jekova, Saraivanov Unique installation and method of levitating drop for studying under gas pressure the system “metal - slag - gas” BG
1716 1 Mignaqui, Ayude*, Haure Selectivity analysis in a cycled trickle bed reactor for catalytic wet air oxidation AR
1717 17 Tovarova, Thoma, Curda*, Kulozik Separation of caseinomacropeptide from cheese whey using membrane technology CZ
1718 10 Oreshnikova, Suyasov*, Shakir Stage of sowing material reception optimization for biodegradation of fat-containing waste products efficiency improvement RU
1719 5 Ai, Chen, Fei* Equilibrium solubilities of CO2 in two mixed solvents CN
1720 2 Sulaymon*, Mohammed Separation and hydrodynamic performance of air-kerosen-water system by bubble column IQ
1721 19 Strapssson, Woiciechowski*, Yamamoto, Soccol, Paca Neural network used at the optimization of the solid state fermentation process for fumaric acid production from cassava bagasse BR
1722 7 Zouev*, Semyonov, Arestov Centrifugal separation of loose material with whirled vibration using RU
1723 17 Curda*, Rudolfova, Stetina, Dryak Dried buttermilk containing galactooligosaccharides – process layout and its verification CZ
1724 8 Ignatyuk* Formation of modern engineering-chemical specialists: societal demands, point of view, conditions of development and realization of their professional - personal potential UA
1725 11 Benzaoui*, Bouabdallah Wastewater treatment, desalination and reuse DZ
1726 3 Ghorbanpour*, Khanchi, Kolahian The effects of baffles on chemical operation and hydrodynamics in a bubble fluidized bed reactor IR
1727 1 Obalova, Jiratova*, Kovanda, Pacultova, Lacny, Mikulova Co-containing mixed oxides and their activity in catalytic decomposition of nitrous oxide CZ
1729 17 Piska*, Zarubova, Louzecky, Karami, Filip Properties and crystallization of fat blends CZ
1730 5 Fulem, Ruzicka, Straka*, Ruzicka Vapor pressure of aliphatic branched alkanols C4 and C5 CZ
1731 17 Borovsky*, Koshevoi, Krjukov Heat-and-mass transfer analysis for vegetable, fruit and grain storage in controlled atmosphere RU
1732 6 Kasiri, Ghayyem* Mathematical modeling of H2S and CO2 absorption column using alkanolamine solutions IR
1733 6 Kasiri*, Hormozdi Investigating the effect of liquid entrainment in gas phase on absorption columns performance IR
1735 17 Eszes*, Fenyvessy Comparisons of heat treatment calculations carried out with variable and constant thermal diffusivity HU
1736 6 Chulok, Mitritchev* Integrated batch process scheduling system for lubricant oil production with time-reliability control. RU
1737 1 Pernicone*, Pinna, Signoretto, Melada A key property for industrial catalysts: mechanical strength IT
1738 3 Blazej*, Jurascik, Markos, Drahos Scale influence on the volumetric oxygen mass transfer coefficient in airlift reactor with internal loop CZ
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