27-31 August 2006, Prague - Czech Republic

Organised by:

Czech Society of Chemical Engineering


Organizing Committee

CHISA 2006
Novotneho Lavka 5
116 68 Praha 1
Czech Republic
Fax: +420 221 082 366

Scientific Committee

Technical Support
Orgit Ltd.

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You are cordially invited to attend the 17th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering CHISA 2006 to be held in Prague on 27–31 August 2006.

CHISA Congress history

The series of International Congresses CHISA started in 1962 in Brno, then continued in Mariánské Lázně, and since 1972 the Congresses are being held in Prague – the heart of Europe. However, it is worth mentioning that the name was used as a logo for the national event as early as 1956.

The word CHISA originates from the Czech acronym for “Chemical Engineering, Chemical Equipment Design and Automation” and has become later a "trade mark" for large meetings traditionally devoted to the entire area of chemical and process engineering topics, covering science, research, development and industrial production.

From the very beginning, the CHISA Congresses have emphasised especially the East-West-European and later pan-European contacts. Nevertheless, the stepwise development during the last decade testifies a much larger broadening of geographical horizons. This is evidenced by permanent increase of participation from both the American continents, or from Near East and Asian-Pacific regions. All these facts have transformed the one-time Congresses into an event of world importance.

According to the number of papers submitted so far, more than 1300 contributions and a total attendance of over 1000 participants from more than 70 countries is expected. Two CHISA Congress plenary and four PRES Conference plenary speakers, together with 59 keynote lecturers have been invited to deliver their contributions this year.

Please pass this invitation and information also to your colleagues who might be interested in it.


Board of the Congress

   J. Drahos (Congress Chair, President of the Czech Society of Chemical Engineering)
   J. Garside (EFCE representative)
   I. Wichterle (Chairman of Scientific Committee)
   J. Novosad (Chairman of Organising Committee)
   J. Koubek (Chairman for industrial liaisons)
   P. Stehlik (Chairman of PRES 2006)

Honorary Committee

   J.-C. Charpentier (Past President of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering)
   J. J. Siirola (Past President of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers)
   V. Bales (President of the Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering)
   P. Zuna (President of the Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic)
   T. Misek (Honorary President of the Czech Society of Chemical Engineering)

Organising Committee

J. Novosad (Chairman), J. Skarka (Secretary), L. Blaz, R. Halfar, J. Kugler, Z. Mlynska, J. Nedvedicka, E. Pesinova

Scientific Committees


Reaction engineering, catalysis, and kinetics
J. C. Charpentier (FR), B. Delmon (BE), G. Eigenberger (DE), S. Fogler (US), J. Hanika (CZ), J. Kosek (CZ), M. Marek (CZ), F. Pla (FR), P. Rudolf von Rohr (CH), P. L. Silveston (CA), V. Tukac (CZ)

Separation processes and equipment (distillation, absorption, extraction, membrane processes, adsorption, ion exchange, S-L separations)
H. J. Bart (DE), M. Bleha (CZ), G. Casamatta (FR), R. C. Darton (UK), E. Drioli (IT), W. Hoeflinger (AT), V. Jiricny (CZ), M. Kocirik (CZ), N. N. Kulov (RU), P. Mikulasek (CZ), R. Pohorecki (PL), J. Pridal (CZ), S. Schlosser (SK), V. Stanek (CZ), J. Triska (CZ)

Phase equilibrium and fluid properties
K. Aim (CZ), G. Maurer (DE), E. Stenby (DK), A. Toikka (RU), P. Ungerer (FR), I. Wichterle (CZ)

Fluid flow and multiphase systems (fluid flow, mixing, fluidization)
J. Bertrand (FR), N. Brauner (IL), P. Ditl (CZ), L. S. Fan (US), I. Fort (CZ), J. J. Joshi (IN), J. Li (CN), F. Magelli (IT), R. Mudde (NL), F. Muzzio (US), A. W. Nienow (UK), M. Ruzicka (CZ), K. Svoboda (CZ), K. Tsuchyia (JP), K. Wichterle (CZ), G. Wild (FR)

Heat transfer processes and equipment (heat exchange, drying)
B. Cermak (CZ), Z. Jegla (CZ), L. Liebenberg (ZA), W. Wadekar (UK)

Computer aided process engineering
D. Bogle (UK), E. Eckert (CZ), R. Gani (DK), M. Kubicek (CZ), D. Snita (CZ), G. A. Statyukha (UA)

Particulate solids
J. Dodds (FR), T. Dyakowski (UK), J. Herbst (US), F. Saito (JP), N. Stevulova (SK), J. Strazisar (SI), T. Sverak (CZ), J. Tomas (DE),W. Valderrama R. (CL), W. Valery (AU), S. Verdes (HU)

Chemical engineering education
D. Dorland (US), V. Machon (CZ), M. Molzahn (DE), M. Pitt (UK)

9th Conference "Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction"
[more info: www.conferencepres.com, pres2006@tiscali.co.uk]

Chairmen: J. Klemes (UK), P. Stehlik (CZ)
Vice-chairmen: F. Friedler (HU), S. Pierucci (IT)
Members: M. Bagajewicz (US), Ch. Bouallou (FR), H. Cabezas (US), V. Dovi (IT), A. Espuna (ES), M. C. Georgiadis (GR), A. J. Ghajar (US), T. Gundersen (NO), G. Gruhn (DE), K. Hirata (JP), C. W. Hui (HK-CN), D. Huisingh (US), J. Jelínek (CZ), P. Kapustenko (UA), E. Kenig (DE), A. Kraslawski (FI), T. Kudra (CA), D. Kukulka (US), N.Lior (US), F. Marechal (CH), T. Majozi (ZA), J. P. Meyer (ZA), M. Nakaiwa (JP), M. Narodoslawsky (AT), P. H. Oosthuizen (CA), S. J. Perry (UK), P. Pilavachi (GR), E. Pistikopoulos (UK), V. Plesu (RO), L. Puigjaner (ES), D. Reay (UK), R. Sabadi Diaz (CU), P. Seferlis (GR), R. Smith (UK), M. Sorin (CA), P. Stuart (CA), C. Theodoropoulos (UK), B. Thonon (FR), K. Urbaniec (PL), V. Vaclavek (CZ), E. Worrell (US), G. Wozny (DE), T. Zhelev (IE)

Specialised Symposia

Symposium on environmental engineering
J. Calzia (FR), E. Dinjus (DE), H. Hofbauer (AT), J. Horak (CZ), M. Kubal (CZ), M. Puncochar (CZ), F. Santarelli (IT), J. Venselaar (NL)

Symposium on safety in chemical industry
F. Babinec (CZ), S. Berger (US), M. Considine (UK), B. Fabiano (IT), O. Fredholm (SE), L. Ivanek (CZ), L. Jelemensky (SK), H. J. Pasman (NL), R. Pastorino (IT), J. L. Py (FR), P. J. Schmelzer (DE), J. Skarka (CZ), G. Suter (CH), R. D. Turney (UK)

Symposium on supercritical fluid applications
R. Eggers (DE), Z. Knez (SI), H. Sovova (CZ)

Symposium on food processing and technology
Z. Bubnik (CZ), M. Houska (CZ), J. Iciek (PL), P. Kadlec (CZ), B. McKenna (IE), P. Nesvadba (UK), M. Saska (US), Da-Wen Sun (EI)

Symposium on micro- and mesoporous materials
B. Bernauer (CZ), J. A. Dalmon (FR), M. Eic (CA), P. Hudec (SK), M. Kocirik (CZ), G. M. Rios (FR), O. Solcova (CZ))

Symposium on progress in chemical technology and biotechnology
B. Bernauer (CZ), J. Mikulec (SK), J. Paca (CZ), J. Pasek (CZ), H. P. Schmauder (DE), J. Skarka (CZ), C. R. Soccol (BR)

IMPULSE Workshop on integrated multiscale process units with locally structured elements
A. Bazzanella (DE), J. Drahos (CZ), J. Hanika (CZ), V. Jiricny (CZ)

Symposium on process intensification and miniaturisation
G. Akay (UK), M. Abe (JP), J.-F. Chen (CN), E. Drioli (IT), M. C. Flickinger (US), V. Hessel (GE), R. J. J. Jachuck (US), M. Marek (CZ), R. Pohorecki (PL), A. Stankiewicz (NL), Y. Wang (US)

European forum on teaching safety to chemical engineers
F. Babinec (CZ), J. Skarka (CZ), R. D. Turney (UK)


Congress Venue and Language

The Congress will take place in the premises of the Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture (in Czech: ČVUT–Fakulta stavebního inženýrství a architektury), Praha 6–Dejvice, at crossing of Technická and Thákurova Streets (en route from airport to the city centre; Metro station: Dejvická, line A).

The Congress language is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.

Arrivals, registration and Congress opening

It is assumed that Congress participants will arrive and register starting from Saturday, 26 August 2006. The Congress office will be open for registration, accommodation and information at the Congress site on Saturday, 26 August at 14–19 h., on Sunday, 27 August at 10–19 h., and from Monday till Thursday at 8–17 h.

The Congress will officially begin with the Festive Congress opening on Sunday, 27 August at 20–22 h. in the Ceremonial Halls of Rudolfinum, Metro station: Staroměstská, line A.

Registration for participation

All participants including authors are asked to register for participation before 30 April 2006.
Important: the submission of a contribution or indication of interest DOES NOT substitute the registration for participation.

To register for participation please fill in the interactive registration form available under Application Forms

After entering your personal data you will receive a personal password which will enable you to repeatedly access your user pages.

If you have already received a password and have access to your user pages then, please select “Registration Form” in the menu. After filling it in, the invoice for the registration fee will be immediately generated for you under the button “Review of invoices”. Please follow the payment instructions given there.

If you have any difficulty with the interactive registration form please send an e-mail to org@chisa.cz and you will be immediately advised how to proceed.

Congress fees
Standard registration (before 30 April 2006)       590 EUR
Late registration (after 30 April 2006)       650 EUR
Registration on-site       680 EUR
Students including PhD students       360 EUR
Accompanying family members       free
Rent of exhibition booth at MARCHES 2006 (incl. registration fee for 1 representative)     1.500 EUR
Farewell Party       35 EUR

(fees include 19% VAT)

The registration fee includes attendance at the Congress, Congress materials, invitations to Festive Congress opening and Congress concert. Authors pay the same registration fee as participants without contribution.

At least one of the authors of a submitted contribution must register before 30 April 2006 for the contribution to be included in the Final Program. An already accepted contribution will be withdrawn from the Final Program if the registration fee payment for that author is not settled within the due date indicated in his/her invoice.

Registration fee cancellation and refunds

The registration fee will be refunded (with a deduction of 10 % to cover the handling costs) if participation in the Congress is cancelled in writing before 25 July 2006. No refund will be granted after this date.


Accommodation has been reserved by the CHISA 2006 Accommodation Service (Orgit Ltd). A complete list and specifications of offered hotels and hostels can be found at Hotel/Hostel Guide.
For the reservation please fill in the interactive accommodation booking form available under Application Forms. If you have any difficulty with that form please send an e-mail to org@chisa.cz and you will be immediately advised how to proceed.

Since hotels require substantial deposits before the Congress, participants are kindly requested to settle the accommodation payment in advance and in complete. Upon receipt of the accommodation booking form, the Orgit Ltd. will send you a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to make the payment. Payment should then be transferred within the due date indicated on the invoice.

Please make your reservation before 10 June 2006 to ensure booking of your accommodation as requested.

Accommodation cancellation and refunds

Refunds: 75% within 13–27 July, 50% within 28 July–12 August, 25% within 13–20 August, no refund after 21 August 2006.


Lunches with choice from two or three meals will be available in the Academic Restaurant of the “Masarykova kolej” which is close to the Congress venue. Lunches can be ordered using the services booking form available under Application Forms. Price is 7 EUR per lunch.

Payments in the Congress office

Payments in the Congress office can be settled in cash. USD and EUR will be accepted but Czech Crowns (CZK) are preferred. Major credit cards will be honoured, cheques will not be accepted. Approximate rates of exchange: 1 USD = 23 CZK, 1 EUR = 28 CZK.


No visa is required from citizens of most European countries. Please consult the Czech Embassy or authorities in your country if in doubt. Detailed instructions for granting the Czech visa will be available at the CHISA website in May 2006. The Letters of Invitation will be dispatched to all authors and co-authors in March 2006 together with their Letters of Acceptance. Other participants can request a Letter of Invitation by e-mail to org@chisa.cz


Participants are advised to arrange health and travel insurance and whatever insurance they consider necessary prior to departure. The registration fees do not include provision of insurance. The Organisers do not assume responsibility or liability for personal accidents and loss or damage to belongings caused.

Important deadlines
30 April 2006     Registration at standard fee
30 April 2006     Obligatory registration of one of the authors of a contribution
31 May 2006     Submission of additional contribution (later submissions will be still possible and will be included in the Supplement to the Final Program)
31 May 2006     Submission of final summary and full text
27-31 August 2006     CHISA 2006 Congress

General time schedule
Day Scientific program Time Half-day trips Whole-day trips Evening program
26 August
14:00 – 19:00
27 August
10:00 – 19:00
Prague sightseeing
13:00 – 17:00
Congress opening,
20:00 – 22:00, all invited
28 August
Registration+Congress office
Lecture sessions
Lecture sessions
Plenary lecture
Poster session
8:00 – 17:00
8:30 – 12:30
14:00 – 17:40
10:10 – 11:00
9:00 – 17:00
Mělník Chateau and vineyards
12:30 – 18:30
Karlovy Vary
8:00 – 18:30
Night views of Prague from TV tower
19:30 – 23:30
29 August
Registration+Congress office
Lecture sessions
Lecture sessions
Plenary lecture
Poster session
MARCHES 2006 Exhibition
8:00 – 17:00
8:30 – 12:30
14:00 – 17:40
10:10 – 11:00
9:00 – 17:00
9:00 – 17:00
Pilgrim place Svatá Hora, Příbram
8:00 - 12:00

Karlštejn Castle
Český Krumlov
8:00 – 18:30
Congress concert,
The Municipal House
20:00 – 22:00, all invited
30 August
Registration+Congress office
Lecture sessions
Lecture sessions
Poster session
MARCHES 2006 Exhibition
8:00 – 17:00
8:30 – 12:30
14:00 – 17:40
9:00 – 17:00
9:00 – 17:00
Koněprusy caves
8:00 - 12:00

Kutná Hora
12:30 – 18:30
Pilsner beer and Křivoklát Castle
8:00 – 18:30
River cruise with dinner and music
19:30 - 23:30
31 August
Registration+Congress office
Lecture sessions
Lecture sessions
Poster session
MARCHES 2006 Exhibition
8:00 – 17:00
8:30 – 12:30
14:00 – 17:40
9:00 – 17:00
9:00 – 17:00
Glass factory Crystalex and Lemberk Castle
8:00 - 17:30
Farewell party,
Academic Restaurant in Masarykova kolej
20:00 – 23:00
1 September


Organising Committee
Post mail and Express Courier:
CHISA 2006, c/o Dr. Jan Novosad
Novotneho lavka 5
116 68 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Fax: +420 221 082 366 or +420 233 335 529
E-mail: org@chisa.cz

Scientific Committee
Fax: +420 220 920 661
E-mail: chisa@icpf.cas.cz
For submission of additional paper please use Application forms

CHISA web site: www.chisa.cz/2006


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