Lectures A

A1 Lectures - Monday morning

Reaction engineering

Reaction kinetics

Chairmen: M. Marek, P. L. Silveston

A1.1 9.30 Keynote lecture: Unique low-temperature sulfuric acid process. M. A. Panthaky, R. V. Vladea, R. R. Hudgins, *P. L. Silveston (Univ. Waterloo, Ont., CA) [1380]

A1.2 10.00 Mixing assessment and accurate dead-time determination of reaction kinetics with stopped-flow spectrophotometry. *M. I. Nunes, M. M. Dias, J. C. B. Lopes (Univ. Porto, PT) [51]

A1.3 10.30 Improving the kinetic model for tert-amyl-methyl ether synthesis by considering the reaction medium. *L. K. Rihko-Struckmann, P. Latostenmaa, A. O. I. Krause (Helsinki Univ. Technol., FI) [359]

A1.4 11.00 Comparison of coal pyrolysis kinetics estimated by thermogravimetric and fluidized bed experiments. *V. Barisic, S. Oka, M. Ilic (Inst. Nucl. Sci. Vinca, Beograd, YU) [410]

A1.5 11.30 In-line conversion monitoring in pmma high conversion polymerization process. *T. Zeilmann, L. Cavin1, T. Meyer (Swiss Fed. Inst. Technol., Lausanne, CH; 1Givaudan Roure, Vernier, CH) [505]

A1.6 12.00 Utilization of supported ruthenium catalyst for improved production technology on the three-phase hydrogenation of xylose to xylitol. *J.-P. Mikkola, T. Salmi, A. Kalantar, E. Toukoniitty (Abo Akademi, Turku, FI) [1139]

A1.7 12.30 Wet oxidation of activated sewage sludge. *R. Zarzycki, M. Imbierowicz, A. Zawadzka (Tech. Univ. Lodz, PL) [1167]

A2 Lectures - Monday afternoon

Reaction engineering

Chemical reactors - dynamics and modelling

Chairmen: J. Markos, T. Salmi

A2.1 14.00 Keynote lecture: Development of rate expressions and parameter estimation strategies for catalytic two- and three-phase processes. *T. Salmi, J.-P. Mikkola, J. Warna, M. Ronnholm (Abo Akad., FI) [712]

A2.2 14.30 Kinetic modelling of single coal particle combustion. L. Jelemensky, *J. Markos, R. Zajdlik, B. Remiarova (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [1032]

A2.3 15.00 Analysis of process nonlinearities for estimating the performance of periodically operated chemical reactors. *R. Gutsche, R. Lange1, J. Frauhammer2, W. Witt (BTU Cottbus, DE; 1M. L. Univ., Halle-Wittenberg, DE; 2Univ. Stuttgart, DE) [1049]

A2.4 15.30 Modeling and multi-objective optimization of an industrial wiped-film poly(ethylene terephthalate) reactor. V. Bhaskar, S. K. Gupta, *A. K. Ray (Nat. Univ. Singapore, SG) [284]

A2.5 16.00 Mesoscale modeling of gas-liquid-solid catalytic processes. *F. Stepanek, P. M. Adler1, M. Marek (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1IPGP, Paris, FR) [431]

A2.6 16.30 A transient model for the performance of dual fuel (natural gas/diesel) catalytic converter. N. Sallamie, *M. Kazemeini1, A. Badakhshan2, M. Soltanieh1, M. Estiri3 (Iran Univ. Sci. Technol., Tehran, IR; 1Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR; 2Univ. Calgary, CA; 3Air Quality Control Co., Tehran, IR) [60]

A3 Lectures - Tuesday morning

Reaction engineering

Chemical reactors - dynamics and modelling

Chairmen: M. Bartke, J. Kosek

A3.1 9.30 Keynote lecture: Polymer particle growth and morphology in heterogeneous catalytic reactors. A. Novak, Z. Grof, *J. Kosek, M. Marek (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [932]

A3.2 10.00 Modeling of commercial gas phase polymerization in bench-scale reactor. *I. Cejpek, J. Kratochvila, J. Mejzlik (Polymer Inst. Brno, CZ) [1154]

A3.3 10.20 Measurement of the kinetics in a heterogeneous catalytic micro-reactor using a flux response technique. *D. J. Richardson, K. Hellgardt, G. Mason, B. A. Buffham (Loughborough Univ., UK) [407]

A3.4 10.40 Study of mixing in an external loop air-lift reactor using RTD and LDA measurements. E. Camarasa, *C. Vial, S. Poncin, G. Wild, N. Midoux, J. Bouillard1, A. Domingues2 (CNRS-ENSIC, Nancy, FR; 1Rhone-Poulenc Ind., Decines, FR; 2Rhodia Brasil Ltd., Paulinia, BR) [761]

A3.5 11.00 Tubular reactor for reactions in liquid-gas-mixtures. *P. Stahl, P. Rudolf von Rohr (ETH Zurich, CH) [611]

A3.6 11.20 Adaptive control of adsorber-reactor systems for treatment of emissions from mobile sources. *J. Jirat, M. Kubicek, M. Marek (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1114]

A3.7 11.40 Gas phase polymerization of butadiene - experimental results and particle modelling. *M. Bartke, K.-H. Reichert (Tech. Univ., Berlin, DE) [1300]

A3.8 12.00 Scale-up and control of a multi-component emulsion polymerization system. *J. P. Theron, J. H. Knoetze, D. De Wet-Roos1, J. F. Engelbrecht1 (Univ. Stellenbosh, Matieland, ZA; 1Plascon Ltd, ZA) [1427]

A4 Lectures - Tuesday afternoon

Reaction engineering

Chemical reactors-dynamics and modelling

Chairmen: L. Jelemensky, V. Tukac

A4.1 14.00 Keynote lecture: Transdisciplinarity in scaling-up chemical reactors - problem, practice and prospect. *Jianghai Li, Mooson Kwauk, L. Reh1 (Inst. Chem. Metall., Beijing, CN; 1Swiss Fed. Inst. Technol., Zurich, CH) [1104]

A4.2 14.30 Phenol wet oxidation influenced by transport phenomena. *V. Tukac, J. Vokal, J. Hanika (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1062]

A4.3 14.50 Parametric study of catalytic gauze reactor for ammonia oxidation in nitric acid production. *V. Fila, B. Bernauer (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1189]

A4.4 15.10 Oxidative dehydrogenation of propane at short contact time. *B. Silberova, M. Fathi, E. S. Nilsen, R. Lodeng1, A. Holmen (Norwegian Univ. Sci. Technol., Trondheim, NO; 1SINTEF Appl. Chem., Trondheim, NO) [1180]

A4.5 15.30 Photocatalytic reduction of NO by CO over TiO2/silica gel in the modified two-dimensional fluidized bed reactor. Tak Hyoung Lim, *Sang Done Kim (Korea Adv. Inst. Sci. Technol., TaeJon, KR) [481]

A4.6 15.50 Simulation formation and evolution deposition in chemical apparatus: nonlinear aspects. A. M. Kutepov, I. V. Melikhov1, A. G. Churbanov2, *A. Ya. Gorbatchevski1 (Moscow State Univ., Moskva, RU; 1Lomonosov State Univ., Moskva, RU; 2Inst. Math. Model., Moskva, RU) [249]

A4.7 16.10 Novel catalytic systems in oxidation-reduction reactions. E. Sulman (Tver Tech. Univ., RU) [274]

A5 Lectures - Wednesday morning

Reaction engineering

Biochemical reactors and processes

Chairmen: V. Bales, R. Mann

A5.1 9.30 Keynote lecture: Strategy for application of immobilized biocatalysts. *V. Bales, P. Acai (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [362]

A5.2 10.00 Application of the network-of-zones model for analysis of performance of industrial bioreactors. J. Zahradnik, *R. Mann1, M. Fialova, D. Vlaev1, S. D. Vlaev2, V. Lossev2, P. Seichter3 (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ; 1UMIST, Manchester, UK; 2Res. Inst. Antibiotics, Razgrad, BG; 3Techmix, Brno, CZ) [971]

A5.3 10.30 Biological oxidation of ferrous sulphate by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans. Comparative study of a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) and a packed-bed bioreactor with immobilised biomass. *J. M. Gomez, D. Cantero (Univ. Cadiz, Puerto Real, ES) [11]

A5.4 11.00 Modeling of thin channel microreactors with gel-immobilized enzymes and/or microbial cells. *P. Hasal, R. Chmelikova, F. Tmej, M. Pribyl, M. Marek (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [658]

A5.5 11.30 Influences of hydrostatic and dynamic pressures up to 300 MPa on enzyme stability at different pH-values and temperatures. O. Braass, *B. Niemeyer1, P. H. Thiesen (Univ. Armed Forces, Hamburg, DE; 1GKSS Res. Cent., Geesthacht, DE) [531]

A5.6 12.00 Nitrification at different inlet ammonium concentration in a fluidized bed reactor. M. Zolezzi, A. Lodi, *M. Rovatti (Univ. Genova, IT) [549]

A5.7 12.30 The kinetic studies of penicillin G acylase-biocatalytic reactions. *A. Kheirolomoom, M. Ardjmand1 (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR; 1Islamic Azad Univ., Tehran, IR) [385]

A7 Lectures - Thursday morning

Reaction engineering


Chairmen: T. Dogu, J. Sefcik

A7.1 9.30 Keynote lecture: Prediction of crystallization diagrams for synthesis of zeolites. *J. Sefcik, A. V. McCormick1 (Swiss Fed. Inst. Technol., Zurich, CH; 1Univ. Minnesota, Minneapolis, US) [639]

A7.2 10.00 In situ drifts study of NO reduction with methane in the presence of oxygen over Pd/TiO2. *G. Karakas, J. Mitome1, U. S. Ozkan1 (Middle East Tech. Univ., Ankara, TR; 1Ohio State Univ., Columbus, US) [732]

A7.3 10.30 Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane and isobutane with chromium-vanadium-niobium mixed oxide catalysts. G. Karamullaoglu, S. Onen, *T. Dogu (Middle East Tech. Univ., Ankara, TR) [396]

A7.4 11.00 Investigation of the catalytic reduction of NOx on supported Rh catalyst with transient techniques. *K. Rahkamaa, U. Pulkkinen, J. Warna, Yi Zhou, T. Salmi, R. L. Keiski (Abo Akademi, FI) [717]

A7.5 11.30 Characterization of porous solids in relation to gas transport. *O. Solcova, H. Snajdaufova, V. Hejtmanek, P. Schneider (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [573]

A7.6 12.00 Rhodium-catalyzed hydroformylation of higher olefins in microemulsions. *C. Miyagawa, J. Kupka, A. Schumpe (Tech. Univ. Braunschweig, DE) [927]

A7.7 12.30 Kinetics of 1,1-diethoxyethane synthesis catalysed by USY zeolites. *A. Fedriani, J. R. Gonzalez-Velasco, R. Lopez-Fonseca, M. A. Gutierrez-Ortiz (Univ. Pais. Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [1307]

A8 Lectures - Thursday afternoon

Reaction engineering

Applied catalysis and processes

Chairmen: J. A. Marques, O. Solcova

A8.1 14.00 Study of the CO2 influence in the in-duct desulfurization process at pilot plant scale. *J. A. Marques, A. Garea, J. A. Irabien (Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES) [183]

A8.2 14.30 Catalytic hydrodesulfurisation of light gas oil over a Ni-Mo catalyst: detailed product analysis and kinetics. *P. Steiner, E. A. Blekkan (Norwegian Univ. Sci. Technol., Trondheim, NO) [576]

A8.3 15.00 Nanostructured vanadia-molybdena catalysts for selective NOx reduction to nitrogen. *M. Najbar, F. Mizukami, S. Niwa1, M. Toba1, P. Kornelak, A. Bialas, A. Gora, A. A. Weselucha-Birczynska (Jagellonian Univ., Krakow, PL; 1Nat. Inst. Mat. Chem. Res., Tsukuba, JP) [1410]

A8.4 15.30 The interactions between nitrite and sulfite ions. Influence of the pH. Kinetic of reaction in weakly acid solution. Susianto, M. Petrissans, *L. Chrusciel, A. Zoulalian (Univ. Nancy, Vandoeuvre les Nancy, FR) [951]

A8.5 16.00 Effect of asphaltenes removal from Iraqi's reduced crude oil on the hydrodesulfurization reactor overall efficiency. *A.-H. A.-K. Mohammed, A. S. Abbas (Univ. Baghdad, IQ) [805]

A8.6 16.30 New method of non-recycle methanol production on the basis of natural gas. V. N. Pisarenko, *E. V. Pisarenko, J. A. Abaskuliev (Mendeleyev Univ. Chem. Technol., Moskva, RU) [328]

A8.7 17.00 Kinetic modeling of hydrodesulfurization reactions in bitumen upgrading. F. Khorasheh (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [1261]

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