Organisation of scientific program

Topic Lecture session Poster session
Plenary lectures
Reaction engineering A1-A8 P5
Separation processes and equipment
Extraction B7-B8 P3
Absoption B1-B2 P3
Adsoption and ion exchange B3 P3
Membrane processes D1-D4 P3
Crystallization and dissolution P3
S-L-G separations P1
Hydraulic processes and equipment
Fluidization E5 P1
Mixing E3-E4 P1
Fluid flow E1-E2 P1
Heat transfer processes and equipment
Drying E6 P1
Heat transfer E7-E8 P1
General engineering problems F1
Mechanical design and engineering P1
Phase equilibria and physico-chemical properties C1-C5 P3
Process system engineering G1-G4 P7
Symposium on environmental and safety engineering I1-I6 P7
3rd Conference PRES 2000 H1-H8 P7
Symposium on electrochemical engineering J5-J7 P5
Symposium Powder technology - future trends F3-F7 P1
Symposium on supercritical fluids B5-B6 P3
Symposium on computational fluid dynamics G5-G8 P1
Distillation Symposium C6-C8 P3
Chemical technology for sustainable future J1-J4 P7
Chemical engineering education in the 21st century K3 P7
Symposium on sorption, mass transport and catalytic phenomena in microporous membranes and related materials D5-D7 P3

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