Lectures D

D1 Lectures - Monday morning

Separation processes and equipment

Membrane processes

Chairmen: Z. Palaty, H.-H. Schwarz

D1.1 9.30 Macrovoid formation at the preparation of poly(ether imide) hollow fiber membranes using binary dope solvents. *W. Albrecht, Th. Weigel, M. Schossig-Tiedemann, K. Kneifel, R. Hilke, D. Paul (GKSS Res. Centre, Teltow, DE) [543]

D1.2 9.50 Polynorbornene gas permeation membranes: synthesis and characterisation. Chun-tian Zhao, M. do R. Ribeiro, *M. N. Pinho, V. S. Subrahmanyam1, C. L. Gil1, A. P. Lima1 (Inst. Sup. Tec., Lisboa, PT; 1Univ. Coimbra, PT) [1298]

D1.3 10.10 Composite membranes with ultrathin separation layer for gas separation. *Z. Pientka, L. Brozova, M. Bleha (Inst. Macromol. Chem., Praha, CZ) [1252]

D1.5 10.30 Development of fuel-cell membranes based on sulfonated poly(phenylene oxide) and polybenzimidazole. *B. Kosmala, J. Schauer (Inst. Macromol. Chem., Praha, CZ) [1231]

D1.6 10.50 The specific behaviour of NF membranes in the separation of high ionic strength electrolyte solutions. *A. Schoenauer, W. M. Samhaber (J. Kepler Univ. Linz, Leonding, AT) [706]

D2 Lectures - Monday afternoon

Separation processes and equipment

Membrane processes

Chairmen: M. Bleha, W. M. Samhaber

D2.1 14.00 Keynote lecture: Membrane reactors and integrated membrane operations. *E. Drioli, L. Giorno, G. Barbieri (Univ. Calabria, Rende, IT) [1432]

D2.2 14.40 Vapor permeation and pervaporation of n-propanol and i-propanol in polyethylene membrane. *P. Uchytil, R. Petrikovic (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [247]

D2.3 15.00 Composite membranes for methanol separation with pervaporation. *H.-H. Schwarz, R. Apostel, H. Matuschewski1, U. Schedler1 (GKSS Res. Centre, Teltow, DE; 1Poly-An GmbH, Berlin, DE) [422]

D2.4 15.20 Determination of transport parameters of gases and organic, water and alcoholic vapours through polymeric membranes. *K. Friess, M. Sipek, M. Hynek, P. Sysel, V. Sindelar, W. Kujawski1 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Copernicus Univ., Torun, PL) [501]

D2.5 15.40 Software of microfiltration process on membrane. *E. Guseva, L. Gordeev, Yu. Avramenko, N. Menshutina (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol., Moskva, RU) [698]

D2.6 16.00 Multi-objective optimization of membrane separation modules using genetic algorithm. C. C. Yuen, Aatmeeyata, S. K. Gupta, *A. K. Ray (Nat. Univ. Singapore, SG) [101]

D2.7 16.20 Hydrodynamics of membrane modules. *P. Kulik, M. Parti, E. Litvai (Tech. Univ. Budapest, HU) [853]

D2.8 16.40 Modelling and scale-up of reverse osmosis separation. D. Van Gauwbergen, *J. Baeyens (Cathol. Univ. Leuven, Heverlee, BE) [217]

D3 Lectures - Tuesday morning

Separation processes and equipment

Membrane processes

Chairmen: M. N. Pinho, J. Pridal

D3.1 9.30 Comparison of evaporation and membrane separation for the concentration of fruit and vegetable juices in the food and beverage industry. *H. Kranawetter, A. Liebminger, W. M. Samhaber (J. Kepler Univ. Linz, Leonding, AT) [705]

D3.2 9.50 The ceiling cooler - application of membrane absorption for control of air humidity and temperature. *R. Hilke, W. Albrecht, Th. Weigel, D. Paul (GKSS Res. Centre Geesthacht, Teltow, DE) [516]

D3.3 10.10 Investigation of the separation performance with respect to the membrane module arrangement and membrane length. *T. Abfalterer, W. M. Samhaber (J. Kepler Univ. Linz, Leonding, AT) [708]

D3.4 10.30 The analysis of adsorption, selective, and permeable characteristics of track etched ultrafilters of new type. *A. N. Cherkasov, V. N. Petrova, A. E. Polotsky, P. Yu. Apel1, S. N. Dmitirev1, V. Vutsadakis1, A. Yu. Didyk1, O. L. Orelovich1 (State Inst. Highly Pure Bioprep., St. Petersburg, RU; 1JINR, Dubna, RU) [1090]

D3.5 10.50 Diffusivity of inorganic acids in anion-exchange membrane. *Z. Palaty, A. Zakova (Univ. Pardubice, CZ) [784]

D3.6 11.10 Application of a zirconium dioxide membrane in electrodialysis. A. Moheb (Isfahan Univ. Technol., IR) [541]

D3.7 11.30 Pertraction of silver with octylphenylmethanesulfide as a carrier. M. Vajda, *S. Schlosser, K. Kovacova, F. Teixidor1 (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK; 1ICMAB, Bellaterra, ES) [1419]

D4 Lectures - Tuesday afternoon

Separation processes and equipment

Membrane processes

Chairmen: S. Schlosser, P. Uchytil

D4.1 14.00 Influence of high operating pressures on the separation performance of nonporous membranes. *T. Raab, W. M. Samhaber (J. Kepler Univ. Linz, Leonding, AT) [709]

D4.2 14.20 Micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration of technical sugar juice. A. Hinkova, *Z. Bubnik, H. Starhova, P. Kadlec, J. Pridal1 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Mikropur, Hradec Kralove, CZ) [1006]

D4.3 14.40 Semi dead end ultrafiltration of heavy metals ions. J. Maly, P. Tvaruzek1, Z. Malac2, *M. Dohnal (Tech. Univ. Brno, CZ; 1Medco, Brno, CZ; 2Fac. Technol., Zlin, CZ) [1413]

D4.4 15.00 The application of nanofiltration in the salt industry. *W. M. Samhaber, H. Schwaiger1 (J. Kepler Univ. Linz, Leonding, AT; 1Salinen Austria GmbH, Ebensee, AT) [710]

D4.5 15.20 Membrane separation - tests units and NF of sugar juice. *J. Pridal, A. Urban, Z. Bubnik1 (Mikropur, Hradec Kralove, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1060]

D4.6 15.40 Adsorptive fouling due to tannic-membrane interactions in the ultrafiltration of cork processing wastewaters. M. Minhalma, *M. N. Pinho (Inst. Sup. Tec., Lisboa, PT) [1297]

D4.7 16.00 Fuzzy models of membrane biofouling and its investment and operation costs. *M. Dohnal, D. Kuchar (Tech. Univ. Brno, CZ) [1421]

D4.8 16.20 Intensification of surfactant mediated separations by crossflow electrofiltration. *G. Akay, B. Keskinler, P. T. Odirile (Univ. Newcastle, UK) [994]

D5 Lectures - Wednesday morning

Symposium on sorption, mass transport and catalytic phenomena in microporous membranes and related materials

Chairmen: B. Boddenberg, R. Haberlandt

D5.1 9.30 Keynote lecture: Energetics of adsorption of small molecules in zeolites NaY and NaZSM-5. A new statistical mechanics approach to thermodynamic data. *B. Boddenberg, G. U. Rakhmatkariev1, S. Hufnagel, Kh. N. Bakhranov1, J. Viets, W. M. Belokowsky1 (Univ. Dortmund, DE; 1Inst. Chem., Tashkent, UZ) [1174]

D5.2 10.20 Keynote lecture: Simulations of transport processes in zeolites. R. Haberlandt (Univ. Leipzig, DE) [1115]

D5.3 11.10 Modeling silica zeolites with dynamic charge equilibration method. *J. Sefcik, W. A. Goddard1 (Swiss Fed. Inst. Technol., Zurich, CH; 1Calif. Inst. Technol., Pasadena, US) [638]

D5.4 11.30 Simulation of non-linear immobilization kinetics superimposed on intracrystalline diffusion in zeolite crystals. *V. Krystl, B. Bernauer, M. Eic1, M. Kocirik2 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Univ. New Brunswick, Fredericton, CA; 2Heyrovsky Inst. Phys. Chem., Praha, CZ) [1153]

D5.5 11.50 The use of calibration data for analysis of ultrafiltration membranes structure. *A. Cherkasov, V. Chechina (State Inst. Highly Pure Bioprep., St. Petersburg, RU) [1097]

D6 Lectures - Wednesday afternoon

Symposium on sorption, mass transport and catalytic phenomena in microporous membranes and related materials

Chairmen: J. A. Dalmon, B. Bernauer

D6.1 14.00 Keynote lecture: Transport mechanism in zeolite membranes. R. D. Noble (Univ. Colorado, Boulder, US) [1197]

D6.2 14.50 Keynote lecture: Diffusion of molecules in zeolites studided by quasi-elastic neutron scattering. H. Jobic (Inst. Rech. Catal., Villeurbanne, FR) [1118]

D6.3 15.40 Texture analysis of zeolites by t-plot method. *P. Hudec, A. Smieskova, Z. Zidek, P. Schneider1 (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK; 1Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [1111]

D6.4 16.00 Mass and heat transfer limitations in temperature-programmed physisorption. *J. Mugge, P. Heuzeveldt, H. Bosch, T. Reith (Univ. Twente, Enschede, NL) [1065]

D6.5 16.20 Diffusion of water in particles of silicagel. *D. Bobok, Z. Bodnar, E. Besedova (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [726]

D6.6 16.40 Intracrystalline space accessibility at different stages of tetrapropylammonium removal from silicalite-1 crystals. O. Pachtova, K. Ciahotny1, B. Bernauer1, J.-A. Dalmon2, A. Zikanova, *M. Kocirik (Heyrovsky Inst. Phys. Chem., Praha, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 2Inst. Rech. Catal., Villeurbanne, FR) [1155]

D7 Lectures - Thursday morning

Symposium on sorption, mass transport and catalytic phenomena in microporous membranes and related materials

Chairmen: T. Moritz, G. M. Rios

D7.1 9.30 Keynote lecture: An overview on microporous membrane behaviour in various fluids state environment - Applications to separation and reaction. J. Sanchez, *G. M. Rios (UMR, Montpellier, FR) [1069]

D7.2 10.20 Keynote lecture: Graded pore structures in ceramic layers - development, processing and characterization. *T. Moritz, G. Werner1, G. Tomandl1, M. Mangler1 (Fraunhofer-Inst., Dresden, DE; 1Freiberg Univ. Min. Technol., DE) [1124]

D7.3 11.10 High performance ceramic pervaporation membranes. *M. J. Den Exter, H. M. Van Veen, Y. C. Van Delft, P. P. A. C. Pex (Netherlands Energy Res. Found., Petten, NL) [1152]

D7.4 11.30 Zeolite membranes for hydrocarbon separation. *M. Matsukata, M. Nomura, E. Kikuchi, T. Matsufuji1, N. Nishiyama1, K. Ueyama1 (Waseda Univ., Tokyo, JP; 1Osaka Univ., JP) [1102]

D7.5 11.50 Dynamics of vapors and gases permeation in the tubular composite zeolitic membrane. *V. Fila, M. Tayakout-Fayolle1, C. Jallut1, B. Bernauer, J.-A. Dalmon2 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Univ. Claude Bernard Lyon, Villeurbanne, FR; 2Inst. Rech. Catal., Villeurbanne, FR) [1188]

D7.6 12.10 Research in effects of low-temperature plasma on poly(ethylene) terephthalate films irradiated by heavy ions. *L. I. Kravets, S. N. Dmitriev, V. V. Sleptsov1, V. M. Elinson1 (Joint Inst. Nucl. Res., Dubna, RU; 1State Aviat. Technol. Univ., Moskva, RU) [151]

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