Posters P5, Wednesday

Reaction engineering

P5.1 A critical out looking of lumping model by molecular kinetic simulation of cracking reactions. *M. M. Akbarnejad, J. Zarkesh, A. Badakhshan2, F. Khorasheh1 (Res. Inst. Pet. Ind., Tehran, IR; 1Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR; 2Univ. Calgary, CA) [85]

P5.4 Desulfurization of Iranian high sulfur coal by molten caustic leaching (MCL)process. M. R. Ehsani (Isfahan Univ. Technol., IR) [216]

P5.5 Atmospheric catalytical reforming of the benzene fractions on a mix solid catalysts. S. I. Kolesnikov, *G. I. Viachirev, I. M. Kolesnikov, M. Yu. Kilianov (Russ. State Univ. Oil Gas, Moskva, RU) [233]

P5.6 Effect of mass transfer and catalyst layer thickness on photocatalytic degradation of benzoic acid. D. Chen, F. Li, *A. K. Ray (Nat. Univ. Singapore, SG) [256]

P5.7 Mathematical simulations of reactors for catalytic conversion of methane to syngas with forced concentration cycling. K. Gosiewski (Pedagog. Univ. Czestochowa, PL) [261]

P5.8 Investigation of role of steam in entrained flow coal gasification. *N. D. Crnomarkovic, B. S. Repic, R. V. Mladenovic, M. P. Jovanovic, O. M. Neskovic, M. V. Veljkovic (VINCA Inst. Nucl. Sci., Beograd, YU) [280]

P5.9 Technical aspects of a direct oxidation of hydrocarbon gases to oxygenates. *V. M. Rudakov, V. S. Arutyunov1, V. I. Savchenko, O. G. Sheverdenkina, E. V. Sheverdenkin (Inst. Probl. Chem. Phys., Chernogolovka, RU; 1Semenov Inst. Chem. Phys., Moskva, RU) [298]

P5.10 Modelling the technological process of a direct oxidation of hydrocarbon gases to oxygenates. *V. S. Arutyunov, V. Ya. Basevich, V. I. Vedeneev, O. G. Sheverdenkina1, E. V. Sheverdenkin1 (Semenov Inst. Chem. Phys., Moskva, RU; 1Inst. Probl. Chem. Phys., Chernogolovka, RU) [299]

P5.11 Modeling of catalytic processes. V. N. Pisarenko, *E. V. Pisarenko (Mendeleyev Univ. Chem. Technol., Moskva, RU) [329]

P5.12 Catalytic conversion of torch gases. *B. Adnadjevic, D. Spiridonovic, G. Jaksic1 (Fac. Sci., Beograd, YU; 1Oil Refinery, Beograd, YU) [354]

P5.14 Penicillin G decomposition reaction: its kinetics, stability analysis and modeling. *M. Ardjmand, A. Kheirolomoom1 (Islamic Azad Univ., Tehran, IR; 1Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [386]

P5.15 Kinetic studies for TAME and TAEE production from 2M1B and 2M2B. N. Oktar, K. Murtezaoglu, *G. Dogu, T. Dogu1 (Gazi Univ., Ankara, TR; 1Middle East Tech. Univ., Ankara, TR) [443]

P5.20 Study of divinyl sulfide syntesis by sodium sulfide vinylation in presence of alkali. V. V. Krychkov, *E. F. Stefoglo1, B. A. Trofimov2 (KAOOT Azot, Kemerovo, RU; 1Inst. Coal Chem., Kemerovo, RU; 2Inst. Org. Chem., Irkutsk, RU) [546]

P5.21 Nitrite potassium production by NOx nitrosition of NaOH solution. A. T. Nagirnyak, *E. F. Stefoglo1 (KAOOT Azot, Kemerovo, RU; 1Inst. Coal Chem., Kemerovo, RU) [547]

P5.22 Maintenance of the desirable constant level of the reduction medium in a gas-liquid process on solid catalyst. *I. V. Kuchin, O. P. Zhukova, E. F. Stefoglo (Inst. Coal Chem., Kemerovo, RU) [548]

P5.23 Influence of pressure on the gas-liquid interfacial area and the mass transfer coefficient of an agitated laboratory reactor. *S. Maalej, B. Benadda, L. Barna Turuta (INSA Lyon, FR) [567]

P5.24 New approach for molecular kinetic modeling of thermal hydrocracking. *J. Zarkesh, M. M. Akbarnejad, A. Badakhshan2, F. Khorasheh1 (Res. Inst. Pet. Ind., Tehran, IR; 1Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR; 2Univ. Calgary, CA) [583]

P5.25 Three phase column reactors with organised flow structure. A. E. Kostanian (Inst. Gen. Inorg. Chem., Moskva, RU) [601]

P5.26 Stage of aquatic-oxide pastes formation in production of Fe2O3 catalyst. A. V. Jensa, A. V. Mironov, V. V. Kostutchenko, I. A. Petropavlovskiy, *E. M. Koltsova (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol., Moskva, RU) [643]

P5.27 Identification of kinetic models from fixed bed bioreactors data. *V. Lavric, E. D. Lavric, A. Woinaroschy (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [652]

P5.29 Effects of an electric field on enzymatic reactions with immobilized enzymes. *R. Chmelikova, M. Pribyl, P. Hasal, M. Marek (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [745]

P5.32 Effect of chain transfer to polymer on the molecular weight distribution of polymers formed in living polymerization. *G. I. Litvinenko, A. A. Arest-Yakubovich (Karpov Inst. Phys. Chem., Moskva, RU) [842]

P5.33 Influence of starch indicator on the iodate-arsenous acid reaction system under an external electric field. *L. Forstova, H. Sevcikova, J. H. Merkin1 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Univ. Leeds, UK) [849]

P5.36 Classification of the bromate-sulphite-ferrocyanide oscillator by means of phase transition curves and bifurcation diagrams. *J. Zagora, M. Voslar, L. Schreiberova, I. Schreiber (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [897]

P5.38 Thermal oligomerization and copolymerization of dicyclopentadiene (DCPD). *I. Palmova, J. Kosek1, J. Schongut, M. Marek1 (Chemopetrol, Litvinov, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [931]

P5.39 Effect of vaporization in vaccum gas oil mildhydrocracking: Diesel cetane number improvement. R. Galiasso (Intevep SA, Los Teques, VE) [964]

P5.40 Dynamical simulation of safe control of MTBE reactive distillation. L. Jelemensky, M. Soos, *J. Markos (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [1031]

P5.42 Kinetics of catalytic reduction of 4,4'-dinitrostilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid on C/Pd catalyst. *G. Wielgosinski, K. Sikora, A. Chacuk, T. Machej1 (Tech. Univ. Lodz, PL; 1Inst. Catal. Physicochem. Surf., Krakow, PL) [1133]

P5.43 Studies of Pt-Sn/Mg(Al)O catalysts prepared by impregnation. *L. Bednarova, S. M. Haugen, E. Rytter1, E. A. Blekkan, A. Holmen (NTNU, Trondheim, NO; 1Statoil Res. Cent., Trondheim, NO) [1151]

P5.44 Nonstationary experiments with NOx reduction in Pt based lean-burn monolithic reactor. *R. Jahn, D. Snita, M. Kubicek, M. Marek (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1200]

P5.45 Comparison of mathematical models of catalytic gauze reactor for ammonia oxidation in nitric acid production. *V. Fila, B. Bernauer (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1201]

P5.46 Elaboration, structural and electronic properties of TiO2 powders for organic compounds photodegradation processes. *C. Colbeau-Justin, J.-F. Bocquet, A. Kanaev (Univ. Paris, Villetaneuse, FR) [13]

P5.49 Effect of the carbon source on the microbial exopolysaccharide production, rheological aspects. *M. L. Ramirez-Castillo, L. Tersiguel, M. Sengelin1, G. Goma, J. L. Uribelarrea (INSA, Toulouse, FR; 1IMFT, Toulouse, FR) [1438]

P5.50 Pulse flow microreactor study of toluene oxidation over V/Ti catalyst. *S. B. Ilyin, A. A. Ivanov, S. I. Reshetnikov (Inst. Catal., Novosibirsk, RU) [40]

P5.51 Comparative study of ternary xerogels and aerogels prepared by the method "sol-gel". A. Boucenna, *H. Ait-Amar1, I. M. Kolesnikov2, A. Gherbi (Univ. Boumerdes, DZ; 1USTHB, Algiers, DZ; 2Stat. Acad. Oil Gas, Moskva, RU) [44]

P5.52 Modeling of dynamic behaviour trickle-bed reactor. *D. Skala, P. Houserova, J. Hanika (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [54]

P5.53 Dynamic simulation of the calcium carbonate thermal decomposition in vertical lime kiln. *A. M. Cormos, M. Cristea, S. Agachi, G. Zaha (Babes-Bolyai Univ., Cluj-Napoca, RO) [87]

P5.54 Effect of base/metal ratio on Al-pillared clay. *F. Tomul, S. Balci1 (Koy Hizmetleri Ankara Arastirma Enstitusu, Bakanliklar-Ankara, TR; 1Gazi Univ., Maltepe-Ankara, TR) [117]

P5.56 Kinetic study of sulphur dioxide reaction with calcined limestone. S. Dragan, M. Harasek1, *I. Siminiceanu2 (Univ. Babes Bolyai, Cluj Napoca, RO; 1Tech. Univ. Wien, AT; 2Tech. Univ. Iasi, RO) [144]

P5.57 Kinetics of the alcoholic fermentation as a function of the temperatrure. *A. C. Da Costa, D. I. P. Atala, R. Maciel Filho, F. Maugeri Filho (UNICAMP, Campinas, BR) [159]

P5.58 A kinetic study of leaching of colemanite ore by sulphuric acid. M. Tunc, *M. M. Kocakerim1, A. Yartasi1 (Yuzuncu Yil Univ., Van, TR; 1Ataturk Univ., Erzurum, TR) [223]

P5.59 Dissolution of Kestelek colemanite containing clay minerals in water saturated with sulphur dioxide. O. Kucuk, *M. M. Kocakerim, A. Yartasi, M. Copur (Ataturk Univ., Erzurum, TR) [224]

P5.61 The catalytic dehydrochlorination of polychloroethanes. *M. A. Trushechkina, M. R. Flid, I. I. Kurlyandskaya (Sci. Res. Inst. SYNTEZ, Moskva, RU) [228]

P5.62 The effect of reaction medium on the catalyst of the ethylene oxidative chlorination. *M. R. Flid, I. I. Kurlyandskaya, M. V. Babotina, I. G. Solomonik (Sci. Res. SYNTEZ, Moskva, RU) [229]

P5.63 Scale-up of a photochemical reactor for water treatment. *I. Siminiceanu, M. Neamtu, I. Korosi (Tech. Univ., Iasi, RO) [230]

P5.64 Kinetics of reforming low octane benzene fractions on a mix oxides of catalysts in non-stationary conditions. *I. M. Kolesnikov, A. Marvan, S. I. Kolesnikov (Russ. State Univ. Oil Gas, Moskva, RU) [234]

P5.66 Synthesis of aromatic hydrocarbons. *L. Petrova, E. Sulman, I. Shkilyova (Tver Tech. Univ., RU) [273]

P5.67 Study on the influence of ultrasonic treatment on properties of unsaturated alcohols hydrogenation catalysts. D. Pirog, *M. Sulman, V. Matveeva (Tver Tech. Univ., RU) [275]

P5.69 Reactor system to perform multiphase catalytic processes. *V. I. Savchenko, V. G. Dorokhov (Inst. Probl. Chem. Phys., Chernogolovka, RU) [297]

P5.70 Wastewater treatment in jet loop membrane bioreactor. *E. Yildiz, B. Keskinler, A. Nuhoglu, A. Cakici (Ataturk Univ., Erzurum, TR) [304]

P5.71 Model of hydrogen cyanide synthesis process. *O. A. Tishin, A. F. Katcheguine1, G. V. Ryabtchuk, T. V. Rudakova1 (Volgograd State Tech. Univ., Volzhsky, RU; 1JCS "Volzhsky Orgsynthese" Volzhsky, RU) [323]

P5.72 Optimization of operation conditions of hydrogen cyanide synthesis reactor. *O. A. Tishin, A. F. Katcheguine1, T. V. Rudakova1, M. V. Kryakunov1 (Volgograd State Tech. Univ., Volzhsky, RU; 1JCS "Volzhsky Orgsynthese", Volzhsky, RU) [324]

P5.73 Modeling of catalytic heterogeneous process of octanol synthesis. V. N. Pisarenko, *E. V. Usova (Mendeleyev Univ. Chem. Technol., Moskva, RU) [327]

P5.74 Kinetic experiments planning and kinetic model construction for steam/oxygen/CO2-reforming of natural gas. V. Pisarenko, *Z. Kagramanov, E. Pisarenko, O. A. Folaranmi (Mendeleyev Univ. Chem. Technol., Moskva, RU) [330]

P5.75 The sensitivity and uncertainty of the streptokinaise production. *F. Ungureanu, S. F. Ostafi (Tech. Univ. Iasi, RO) [348]

P5.76 Selective hydrogenation of alpha, beta-unsaturated aldehydes on tin dioxide supported platinum catalysts. *K. Liberkova, R. Touroude (ULP-ECPM, LERCSI, Strasbourg, FR) [363]

P5.77 Optimization of thermal and hydrodynamic characteristic of the metal catalyst carrier used in selective oxidation of hydrocarbons. *W. Krajewski, A. Dubis, A. Kolodziej, Z. Najzarek1 (Inst. Chem. Eng., Gliwice, PL; 1Tech. Univ. Opole, PL) [373]

P5.78 Zeolite systems Cu-, Pd-, Cu-Pd- and Pd-Cu/ZSM-5 as catalysts in CO oxidation. *L. P. Oleksenko, G. M. Telbiz1, I. V. Kuzmich, A. V. Shvetz1, V. K. Yatsimirsky (Kiev Shevchenko Univ., UA; 1Inst. Phys. Chem., Kiev, UA) [384]

P5.79 Mathematical analysis of the performance of a packed bed bioreactor with immobilized permeabilized cells. *P. Acai, V. Bales (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [391]

P5.80 New approximate models for diffusion and reaction in a porous catalyst. M. Szukiewicz (Rzeszow Univ. Technol., PL) [401]

P5.81 Kinetic models in esterification of maleic anhydride with selected aliphatic alkohols. *M. Grzesik, J. Skrzypek, T. Gumula1 (Inst. Chem. Eng., Gliwice, PL; 1Acad. Agric., Krakow, PL) [437]

P5.82 Kinetic models in esterification of methacrylic acid with n-propanol and n-butanol. *M. Grzesik, J. Skrzypek, M. Witczak1 (Inst. Chem. Eng., Gliwice, PL; 1Acad. Agric., Krakow, PL) [438]

P5.83 Nonideal chemical equilibria in synthesis of higher aliphatic alcohols. *M. Grzesik1, A. Ptaszek, J. Skrzypek1 (Acad. Agric., Krakow, PL; 1Inst. Chem. Eng., Gliwice, PL) [439]

P5.84 Study on heterogeneous autocatalytic reactions with transport phenomena. *M. Grzesik1, A. Ptaszek, J. Skrzypek1 (Acad. Agric., Krakow, PL; 1Inst. Chem. Eng., Gliwice, PL) [440]

P5.85 Catalytic synthesis of propionitrile from methanol and acetonitrile over active carbon-supported sodium catalysts. *Fey-long Wang, Wen-bing Lin, Tan-feng Tsai (Providence Univ., Taichung Hsien, TW) [453]

P5.86 Aluminosilicate aerogel with zinc chloride as a catalyst for the Friedel-Crafts reaction. *A. M. Orlovic, D. T. Janackovic, D. U. Skala (Belgrade Univ., Beograd, YU) [456]

P5.87 Modelling of pyrite dissolution by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans. *D. Savic, V. Veljkovic, M. Lazic (Fac. Technol., Leskovac, YU) [459]

P5.88 The kinetics of oxidation of small molecules by complexes of palladium immobilized on the silica surface. *L. P. Oleksenko, V. K. Yatsimirsky, O. Yu. Boldyreva (Kiev Shevchenko Univ., UA) [477]

P5.89 New possibilities in operation of reverse flow reactors. *A. Kocur, J. Thullie (Silesian Univ. Technol., Gliwice, PL) [491]

P5.90 The structure of coal particle during the combustion. *B. Remiarova, R. Zajdlik, J. Markos, L. Jelemensky (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [495]

P5.91 Hydrodynamics of pulsing flow in three-phase chemical reactors for foaming systems. *A. Szlemp, G. Bartelmus, D. Janecki1 (Inst. Chem. Eng., Gliwice, PL; 1Univ. Opole, PL) [496]

P5.93 Use of the origin software to solving of problems overlapping nonisothermal dehydration processes of CuSO4.5H2O. *M. Olszak-Humienik, J. Mozejko (Tech. Univ. Szczecin, PL) [523]

P5.94 Analysis of relationship between Eyring parameters of thermal decomposition of ammonium metavanadate. *M. Olszak-Humienik, J. Mozejko (Tech. Univ. Szczecin, PL) [524]

P5.95 Parallel hydrogenation of aldol and formaldehyde over supported NiCr- and CuCr-catalysts. *T.-K. Rantakyla, T. Salmi, P. Maki-Arvela (Abo Akad., FI) [556]

P5.96 Application of approximate models for modelling of fixed bed reactors. *M. Szukiewicz, R. Petrus (Rzeszow Univ. Technol., PL) [568]

P5.97 Criteria for isothermal conditions in catalytic reaction with step distributed and partially deactivated pellets. *R. Petrus, M. Szukiewicz (Rzeszow Univ. Technol., PL) [569]

P5.98 A study about induction in a batch process of glucoamylase production by Aspergillus awamori NRRL 3112 in a STR bioreactor. *G. R. Macedo, R. H. Bielschowsky, W. Schmiddel1 (UFRN, Natal, BR; 1Esc. Polit. USP, Sao Paolo, BR) [606]

P5.99 Transient kinetic investigation of styrene deep oxidation process on Mn-Al oxide catalyst. V. N. Tomilov, A. N. Zagoruiko, *P. A. Kuznetsov, V. A. Salnikov (Boreskov Inst. Catal., Novosibirsk, RU) [1441]

P5.100 Membrane reactor for enzymatic hydrolysis of penicillin G by penicillin acylase: Experimental results and numerical analysis. *M. Pribyl, R. Chmelikova, P. Hasal, M. Marek (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [673]

P5.101 A study of catalytic oxidation of hydrogen by oxygen in a liquid phase. E. G. Ippolitov, A. V. Artemov, *T. A. Tripolskaya, I. V. Pohabova (Inst. Gen. Inorg. Chem., Moskva, RU) [676]

P5.103 Fibrous cloth catalysts for novel water treatment reactors. *Yu. Matatov-Meytal, Yu. Shindler, V. Barelko, M. Sheintuch (Technion, Haifa, IL) [691]

P5.104 Modelling of lactic acid production in membrane bioreactor. J. Boudrant, M. Fick, N. Menshutina1, *A. Skorohodov1 (CNRS, Vandoeuvre-les Nancy, FR; 1Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol., Moskva, RU) [697]

P5.105 Thermal degradation of passivated direct reduced iron (D.R.I.) pellets. *M. J. San Jose, S. Mendiola1, A. Ortiz de Salazar (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES; 1Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES) [736]

P5.106 Chloration of traces of chloroprene. *M. Karlik, J. Jankovec (Spolana, Neratovice, CZ) [764]

P5.107 Hydrodynamics and mass transfer in the bioreactor with liquid-gas injector distributor. W. Wiechecki (Univ. Technol., Warszawa, PL) [765]

P5.112 Distribution of products, octane index and molecular weight of the gasoline obtained from syngas over a Cr2O3-ZnO/ZSM5 bifunctional catalyst. *J. Erena, J. M. Arandes, J. Bilbao, A. G. Gayubo, De Lasa H. I.\relax 1 (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES; 1Univ. W. Ontario, London, CA) [821]

P5.113 Preparation of high surface area MoO3/MgO by new slurry impregnation method and its hydrodesulphurization activity. T. Klicpera, *M. Zdrazil (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [835]

P5.114 Development of models for advanced control strategies of fixed bed catalytic reactors. *E. C. Vasco de Toledo, R. Maciel Filho (State Univ. Campinas, BR) [856]

P5.115 Analysis of different reduction techniques to develop dynamic models of biochemical and chemical multiphase reactors for applications in advanced control. D. P. Stremel, *E. C. Vasco de Toledo, R. Maciel Filho (State Univ. Campinas, BR) [857]

P5.116 Fluidized bed reactor with variable flow (model and program). *A. G. Zyskin, A. K. Avetisov, Yu. S. Snagovsky (Karpov Inst. Phys. Chem., Moskva, RU) [860]

P5.117 Modelling of mixing in turbulent reacting flows. *V. A. Kaminsky, A. B. Rabinovich, A. Ya. Fedorov, V. A. Frost (Karpov Inst. Phys. Chem., Moskva, RU) [863]

P5.118 Kinetic parameters correlation and rate evolution of ageing of a loaded polymer. *B. Melouani, M. B. Dahmani, A. Benbarkat (Ec. Milit. Polytech., Alger, DZ) [874]

P5.119 New method preparation of imides of 4-aminonaphthalic acid. *V. B. Distanov, T. V. Shlapak, N. V. Ovcharenko, V. F. Berdanova (Kharkov State Polytech. Univ., UA) [878]

P5.120 Preparation technology of 4-dialkylaminonaphthalimides. *V. B. Distanov, V. F. Berdanova (Kharkov State Polytech. Univ., UA) [879]

P5.121 Modeling of inulin depolymerization process for application in antianaemics synthesis. *D. Cvetkovic1, M. Cakic1, S. Zerajic, G. Nikolic1 (Fac. Technol., Leskovac, YU; 1Fac. Technol., Nis, YU) [894]

P5.123 Characterisation of the flow and the mixing in a loop reactor. G. Kaoua, *A. Bensmaili, L. Nouri1 (Univ. Sci. Technol. HB, Alger, DZ; 1Inst. Nat. Ind. Alim., Boumerdes, DZ) [915]

P5.125 Analysis of the nonlinearity and dynamics of stirred reactors on the production of linear polyethylene. *M. Embirucu, E. L. Lima1, J. C. Pinto1 (Univ. Fed. Bahia, Salvador, BR; 1Univ. Fed. Rio de Janeiro, BR) [935]

P5.126 The combined effect of operation and design parameters upon the behavior of tubular pel reactors. *M. Embirucu, E. L. Lima1, J. C. Pinto1 (Univ. Fed. Bahia, Salvador, BR; 1Univ. Fed. Rio de Janeiro, BR) [936]

P5.127 Application of the network-of-zones model for calculation of local hydrodynamic parameters of a bubble column fermenter. *M. Fialova, J. Zahradnik, D. S. Vlaev1, R. Mann1, P. Seichter2 (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ; 1Univ. Manchester Sci. Technology, UK; 2Techmix, Brno, CZ) [972]

P5.128 Kinetics of autoxidation of para-cresol to para-hydroxybenzaldehyde. *J. Dudas, C. J. Parkinson, S. Farnworth, B. Saunders (CSIR Bio/Chemtek, Modderfontein, ZA) [975]

P5.129 Configuration studies on immobilized-cell fluidized-bed reactor system for bioconversion of tryptophan and its hydroxy derivative. *C. Sisak, L. Boross1, L. Orosz2, B. Szajani3 (Res. Inst. Chem. Eng., Veszprem, HU; 1Univ. Horticul. Food Ind., Budapest, HU; 2Agric. Biotechnol. Centre, Godollo, HU; 3COVENT, Budapest, HU) [1003]

P5.130 Transformation of n-butane to aromatic hydrocarbons over Pd-MCM-22 and Pt-SAPO-11 zeolite catalysts. *N. Kumar, R. Byggningsbacka, M. Korpi, L.-E. Lindfors, T. Salmi (Abo Akademi, FI) [1023]

P5.131 Application of a magnetic-tracer method for the characterisation of hydrodynamics in internal-loop airlift bioreactors. *J. Klein, O. Dolgos, S. Pollak, J. Annus, M. Blazej, J. Markos (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [1027]

P5.132 Response of biochemical excitable reactions to periodic pulsed perturbations. *M. Voslar, V. Nevoral, I. Schreiber (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1070]

P5.133 Dynamics of excitable reactions in arrays of CSTRs under periodic perturbations - theory and experiments. *V. Nevoral, I. Schreiber, M. Marek (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1071]

P5.134 Pulse and front waves in reaction-transport and adsorption systems. *M. Kohout, I. Schreiber, M. Kubicek, M. Marek (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1072]

P5.135 Optimization of dissolution of zinc and cadmium in Pb-Cd powder with ammonium sulphate solutions. M. Copur, A. Yartasi, H. Temur, *M. M. Kocakerim (Ataturk Univ., Erzurum, TR) [1093]

P5.137 Study of phenol photodegradation by H2O2/UV. F. Kaci, *F. Bentahar, Y. K. Benkahla (Univ. Sci. Technol. H. Boumediene, Alger, DZ) [1130]

P5.138 Testing of homogeneous catalysts activity in wet air oxidation of activated sewage sludge. *M. Imbierowicz, R. Zarzycki (Tech. Univ. Lodz, PL) [1170]

P5.139 Treatment of trimethylborate in unipolar plasma torch. V. Kudrle, J. Janca, *V. Brozek1 (Masaryk Univ., Brno, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1175]

P5.140 Study of CS2 decomposition in low-frequency gliding plasma discharge. J. Malecek, J. Janca, *V. Brozek1, Z. Babak2 (Masaryk Univ., Brno, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 2Military Acad., Brno, CZ) [1176]

P5.141 Simulation of trimethylbenzene disproportionation over large pore zeolites. *A. Krejci, J. Cejka, J. Hanika1 (Heyrovsky Inst. Phys. Chem., Praha, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1199]

P5.142 Computer simulation of bioreactor at higher pressure. *K. Petera, P. Ditl (Czech. Tech. Univ., Praha, CZ) [1207]

P5.143 Similarities and differences in the response of concentration pulses to external electric fields in chemical and biological excitable media. P. Koci, *J. Lindner, H. Sevcikova, M. Marek (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1224]

P5.144 Curing kinetics and heat transfer in polyester thermosets. *V. Kosar, Z. Gomzi (Univ. Zagreb, HR) [1267]

P5.145 Inorganic membrane elaboration using supercritical fluids. J. Brasseur-Tilmant, C. Pommier, *K. Chhor (Univ. Paris-Nord, Villetaneuse, FR) [1282]

P5.146 Determination of a kinetic model for the polyaddition of bisphenol a with an epoxide liquid resin. F. Falcotet, F. Besancon1, *T. Meyer (Swiss Fed. Inst. Technol., Lausanne, CH; 1Ciba Specialty Chem., Monthey, CH) [331]

P5.147 Dynamics of a slurry reactor for three-phase methanol synthesis. *M. Setinc, J. Levec1 (Nat. Inst. Chem., Ljubljana, SI; 1Univ. Ljubljana, SI) [563]

P5.149 Liquid holdup and pressure drop measurements in a trickle-bed reactor operating at high temperatures and pressures. *D. Nemec, G. Bercic, J. Levec1 (Nat. Inst. Chem., Ljubljana, SI; 1Univ. Ljubljana, SI) [859]

P5.150 Modelling and stability researching of lactic acid production process in membrane bioreactor. *A. Skorohodov, N. Menshutina, M. Fick1, J. Boudrant1 (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol., Moskva, RU; 1INPL-ENSAIA, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, FR) [910]

P5.152 Pd-complexes containing nitroarenes as the key intermediates of an environmentally pure synthesis of aryl isocyanates. *S. T. Orlova, D. N. Kazyulkin, D. V. Paschenko, T. A. Stromnova (Inst. Gen. Inorg. Chem., Moskva, RU) [1308]

P5.153 Hydrothermal reaction of fly-ash with Ca(OH)2 in the preparation of desulfurant sorbents; kinetic study. M. J. Renedo, *J. Fernandez, A. Pesquera, J. A. Irabien (Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES) [1317]

P5.154 Stabilising effect of platinum on supported ruthenium/zirconium catalysts. *A. M. Serrano-Sanchez, P. Steltenpohl1, M. P. Gonzalez-Marcos, J. R. Gonzalez-Velasco (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES; 1Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [1322]

P5.155 Hydrocarbon thermal cracking simulations. *Z. Belohlav, M. Odstrcil1, T. Herink2, J. Lederer2 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Chempex-HTE, Brno, CZ; 2Chemopetrol, Litvinov, CZ) [1329]

P5.156 Application of feed-forwarded neural networks to knowledge-based identification of kinetic models. *P. Zamostny, Z. Belohlav (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1330]

P5.157 Flash pyrolysis of polypropylene and polystyrene in a conical spouted bed. Yields and kinetic study. B. Gaisan, *R. Aguado, M. J. San Jose, M. Olazar, J. Bilbao (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [1342]

P5.158 Chemical engineering simulation of sorption-enhanced steam reforming of methanol for hydrogen production. *Y. Lwin, A. B. Mohamad, Z. Yaakob, W. R. W. Daud (Natl. Univ. Malaysia, Selangor, MY) [1369]

P5.161 Adsorption kinetics for desulfurization at low temperature onto calcium hydroxide. *S. M. Ben-Shebil, A. R. Ozdural (Tripoli Inst. Profes. Technol., LY) [1397]

Symposium on electrochemical engineering

P5.164 An investigation of free convection between plane parallel electrodes during the electrolysis of an aqueous copper sulphate solution. *D. P. Babiuk, V. V. Nechyporuk, B. V. Skip (Chernivtsy State Univ., UA) [127]

P5.165 Natural convection mass transfer in serial electrodes. B. Atabek, *H. Sarac, O. Lacin, O. Korkut (Ataturk Univ., Erzurum, TR) [68]

P5.166 The effect of bed height on mass transfer between fluid and immersed object in liquid fluidized bed of spherical inert particles. O. Lacin, *H. Sarac, B. Atabek, O. Korkut (Ataturk Univ., Erzurum, TR) [69]

P5.170 The effect of pulsed flow on mass transfer to carbon felt electrode. E. Erkoc, *S. Yapici, B. Keskinler, A. Cakici, G. Akay1 (Ataturk Univ., Erzurum, TR; 1Univ. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK) [488]

P5.171 Technological specific of active material paste filling of fiber structure base for electrodes of nickel cadmium batteries. *V. V. Volynsky, S. S. Popova, O. V. Gorbunova (Zavod AIT, Saratov, RU) [112]

P5.172 Electrochemical system on basis of gallium arsenide for conversion of a solar energy. *G. Ya. Kolbasov, V. S. Vorobetz, I. A. Rusetskii (Inst. Gen. Inorg. Chem., Kiev, UA) [747]

P5.173 Hydrodynamic characteristics of the liquid phase above a fluidised bed by laser velocimetry. N. Kechroud, *M. Brahimi, M. Legrand1, J. Comiti1 (Univ. A. Mira, Bejaia, DZ; 1I. U. T., St-Nazaire, FR) [1004]

P5.174 Electrocatalytic activity of nitrogen-containing carbons in the reduction reaction of molecular oxygen in acidic and alkaline media. *V. S. Kublanovsky, S. Y. Oblovatnaya, K. I. Litovchenko (Inst. Gen. Inorg. Chem., Kiev, UA) [320]

P5.176 Kinetics and mechanism of the electrochemical reduction of silver (I) from phosphate electrolytes. V. S. Kublanovsky, K. I. Litovchenko, *O. L. Bersirova, V. A. Emelianov1, L. P. Anufriev1 (Inst. Gen. Inorg. Chem., Kiev, UA; 1Sci. Prod. Amalgam. Integral, Minsk, BY) [319]

P5.180 The analyzer for determination of urea and ammonia concentration in wastewater. I. A. Melaschenko (Kharkiv State Polytech. Univ., UA) [671]

P5.181 Comparison of modern methods of water disinfection. K. Schops, T. Iourtchouk, H. Bergmann, A. Rittel, *K. Bouzek1 (FH Anhalt, Kothen, DE; 1Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [941]

P5.182 Conversion coating using processing technology. M. R. G. A. El-Magd (Nat. Res. Center, Cairo, EG) [237]

P5.183 Electrochemical study on the corrosion behavior of amorphous Fe71Co24Si3B2, Fe52Co25Si10B13 and Fe94Co2Si2P alloys in acidic and basic media. *K. Belhamel, A. Achouri, B. Gherbi, Y. Ramdani (Univ. Bejaia, DZ) [610]

P5.184 Electrochemical characterization of Zn-Cu alloy electrodeposition. *K. Belhamel, S. Sakhriou, F. Lounici (Univ. Bejaia, DZ) [609]

P5.186 The influence of spatial dissipative structuration on the power which is used to deposition of the unit metal mass and on the intensification of the electrolysis in the system Cu/CuSO4, H2O/Cu. V. V. Nechyporuk, *B. V. Skip, S. M. Tkach (Chernivtsy State Univ., UA) [126]

P5.187 Kinetic study of copper cementation by iron in a parallel plate electrochemical reactor and mass transfer correlation. R. Ketrane, M. Brahimi, *L. Makhloufi, A. Djati (Univ. A. Mira, Bejaia, DZ) [1086]

P5.188 Structural-dependent characteristics of zinc-rich coats. *A. S. Soloviev, T. N. Ostanina, N. G. Rossina, O. V. Yaroslavtseva, O. Yu. Subbotina (Ural State Tech. Univ., Ekaterinburg, RU) [239]

P5.189 Modelling of corrosion protection behavior of zinc-rich paints on steel by applying of fractal geometry. T. N. Ostanina, V. M. Rudoi, *O. V. Yaroslavtseva1, A. S. Soloviev, O. Yu. Subbotina1 (Ural State Tech. Univ., Ekaterinburg, RU; 1JSC Fine Metal Pow., Ekaterinburg, RU) [238]

P5.191 Designing of multicomponent oxide coatings by microarc oxidation. *P. I. Butyagin, E. V. Khokhryakov, A. I. Mamaev (Inst. Strength Physics Mat. Sci., Tomsk, RU) [1318]

P5.193 Electrochemical control of surface precipitation of CaCO3 in the absence and presence of some additives. *N. Filip, E. Korin1, A. Bettelheim1 (Nucl. Res. Cent., Beer-Sheva, IL; 1Ben Gurion Univ., Beer-Sheva, IL) [1365]

P5.194 Cadmium recovery in cyanide media from wastewater of cadmium-plating industries by electrochemical methods. *V, Perez-Herranz, E. Ortega, J. L. Guinon, J. Garcia-Anton (Univ. Politec. Valencia, ES) [1373]

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