Lectures F

F1 Lectures - Monday morning

General engineering problems

Chairmen: P. Ansourian, M. T. S. Badawy

F1.1 9.30 Design of large-scale steel corrugated silos. P. Ansourian (Univ. Sydney, AU) [197]

F1.2 10.00 The performance of water current turbine system. *M. T. S. Badawy, M. F. Abd-Rabbo1 (N. R. C., Cairo, EG; 1Zagazig Univ., EG) [141]

F1.3 10.30 A study of some rheological properties of HDP modified bitumen. *S. Hinislioglu, E. Agar (Ataturk Univ., Erzurum, TR) [1103]

F1.4 11.00 Solubility of CO2 in mixed alkanolamine solutions and its effect on their corrosivity. R. Yusoff, *M. K. Aroua, M. Z. Sulaiman (Univ. Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, MY) [1253]

F1.5 11.30 Flicker-noise spectroscopy as a general phenomenological basis for a "science of complexity". Apllications to chemical engineering and material science. S. F. Timashev (Karpov Inst. Phys. Chem., Moskva, RU) [1332]

F3 Lectures - Tuesday morning

Symposium Powder technology - future trends


Chairmen: J.-L. Ilari, A. F. Rawle

F3.1 9.30 Keynote lecture: Particle size distribution as a tool for future research programs and prediction of properties. J.-L. Ilari (ENITIAA, Nantes, FR) [1126]

F3.2 10.10 A new approach for the characterization of the joint particle property distribution of micron and submicron particulate systems: biological and synthetic particles. L. H. Garcia-Rubio (Univ. South Florida, Tampa, US) [21]

F3.3 10.40 Developing sensor technique for on-line particle shape characterization. *Zhenhua Ma, H. G. Merkus, B. Scarlett (Delft Univ. Technol., NL) [38]

F3.4 11.10 Nanoparticles characterization by PCS: how to discriminate bimodal distributions. C, C. Lemos, *M. G. Rasteiro (Coimbra Univ., PT) [73]

F3.5 11.40 Attrition, dispersion and sampling effects in dry and wet particle size analysis using laser diffraction. A. F. Rawle (Malvern Instruments, Malvern, UK) [208]

F3.6 12.10 Improving the characteristics of powders prepared by precipitation using a segmented flow tubular reactor. *N. Jongen, M. Donnet, J. Lemaitre, P. Bowen, H. Hofmann (Swiss Fed. Inst. Technol., Lausanne, CH) [49]

F4 Lectures - Tuesday afternoon

Symposium Powder technology - future trends

Agglomeration - mixing

Chairmen: G. Akay, Z. Zhang

F4.1 14.00 Characterising the agglomeration behaviour of calcium phosphate powders by atomic force microscopy. *M. Hofmann, M. Weth1, J. Kuhn1, J. Fricke1, R. Thull (Exp. Zahnmedizin, Wurzburg, DE; 1ZAE Bayern, Wurzburg, DE) [979]

F4.2 14.30 Internal structure of a powder during of its compacting. *V. Valtsifer, N. Zvereva (Inst. Tech. Chem., Perm, RU) [991]

F4.3 15.00 Towards sustainable mineral extraction: a micro-scale investigation of liquid bridges in the spherical agglomeration process. *D. Rossetti, S. J. R. Simons (Univ. Coll. London, UK) [960]

F4.4 15.30 Blending quality of different type gravity blenders - experimental results and theoretical predictions. *G. Dau, F. Ebert, V. Durr, H. Schneider1 (Univ. Kaiserslautern, DE; 1Zeppelin Silo- Apparatetechnik, Friedrichshafen, DE) [840]

F4.5 16.00 The Markov chain modeling of mixing in a hoop mixer. *M. Aoun-Habbache, H. Berthiaux (Ecole Mines, Albi, FR) [380]

F4.6 16.30 Preliminary modelling and validation of agglomerate breakage in processing equipment for waterdispersable granules. *Z. Zhang, C. Tolhurst1, P. Justen1 (Univ. Birmingham, UK; 1Zeneca Agrochemicals, Yalding, UK) [984]

F4.7 17.00 Continuous fluid bed technology - versatile equipment for building of particle size, coating, drying and cooling. M. Jacob, *S. Pfutze (Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, Weimar, DE) [1045]

F5 Lectures - Wednesday morning

Symposium Powder technology - future trends


Chairmen: L. H. Garcia-Rubio, J. Tomas

F5.1 9.30 Keynote lecture: Intensive agglomeration and microencapsulation of powders. *G. Akay, L. Tong (Univ. Newcastle, UK) [993]

F5.2 10.10 Process engineering for nanotechnology. W. Peukert (Tech. Univ. Munchen, Garching, DE) [996]

F5.3 10.40 Mechanics of cohesive nanodisperse particle packings. J. Tomas (Otto-von-Guericke-Univ., Magdeburg, DE) [370]

F5.4 11.10 Particulate material behavior: a proposed mechanism and model. H. Okamoto (Hosokawa Micron Co., Saitama, JP) [816]

F5.5 11.40 Contained processing - closed product transfer for solid forms. R. Jung, J. Schwiebert, *A. Karl (Glatt Engineering, Weimar, DE) [46]

F6 Lectures - Wednesday afternoon

Symposium Powder technology - future trends


Chairmen: W. Peukert, S. J. R. Simons

F6.1 14.00 Food industry and formulation processes a new challenge for powder science and technology. J.-L. Ilari (ENITIAA, Nantes, FR) [1125]

F6.2 14.30 The role of particle technology in climate change research. S. J. R. Simons (Univ. Coll. London, UK) [902]

F6.3 15.00 Focusing powder technology on processing biologically produced products. *G. A. Schurr, A. Boxman, K. Keller (DuPont, Wilmington DE, US) [52]

F6.4 15.30 Relating material properties to the results of impact comminution. *L. Vogel, W. Peukert (Tech. Univ. Munchen, Garching, DE) [995]

F7 Lectures - Thursday morning

Symposium Powder technology - future trends


Chairmen: S. Kobielak, G. I. Tardos

F7.1 9.30 A fluid mechanistic approach to slow (Coulomb) powder flows. G. I. Tardos (City Univ. New York, NY, US) [1285]

F7.2 10.00 Measurement of attractive interparticular forces between porous silica particles with an atomic force microscope under different atmospheric conditions. *M. Weth, M. Hofmann1, J. Kuhn, J. Fricke (ZAE Bayern, Wurzburg, DE; 1Exp. Zahnmedizin (EZM), Wurzburg, DE) [980]

F7.3 10.30 On the vibrational flow of fine powders. *Th. Kollmann, J. Tomas (Otto-von-Guericke Univ., Magdeburg, DE) [318]

F7.4 11.00 Reduction the dynamic flow pressure in grain silo by using discharge tube. F. Shalouf, *S. Kobielak1 (Univ. Derna, LIBYA; 1Wroclaw Univ. Technol., PL) [201]

F7.5 11.30 Transient heat and water vapor adsorption and condensation in a potash bed with external airflow. Quiang Zhou, *R. W. Besant1, Shi-Wen Peng1, G. Strathdee2 (Agrium Partnership Inc., Edmonton, CA; 1Univ. Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, CA; 2Potash Corp., Saskatchewan, CA) [1364]

F7.6 12.00 Modeling of granular material flow. J. Zegzulka (Tech. Univ. Ostrava, CZ) [1339]

F7.7 12.30 Contribution to the study of the laws of flow indifferent parts of a non mechanical L valve. *K. Daoud, F. Bentahar (Inst. Chim. Ind. USTHB, Algiers, DZ) [1288]

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