Lectures G

G1 Lectures - Monday morning

Process system engineering


Chairmen: M. Bakosova, A. Prell

G1.1 9.30 Application of high-gain adaptive lambda-tracking for nonlinear chemical process. *M. Bakosova, M. Karsaiova, M. Ondrovicova (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [99]

G1.2 10.00 DDC type fermentor control - original retrofit of Bioengineering bioreactor. *A. Prell, M. Svojgr, H. Safar, M. Sobotka (Inst. Microbiol., Praha, CZ) [75]

G1.3 10.30 Nonlinear model predictive control with input parameterization: a comparative study on the Van de Vusse reactor. K. Uygun, *U. Akman (Bogazici Univ., Istanbul, TR) [551]

G1.4 11.00 Dual mode control of nonlinear processes. *M. Shahrokhi, M. R. Pishvaie (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [1128]

G1.5 11.30 Surge control of low-speed centrifugal blower. A. S. Abo El-Lail, H. A. Mohamed, *A. Ayyad (Assiut Univ., EG) [120]

G1.6 12.00 Dynamic control of centrifugal blower using a vibratory system. *A. S. Abo El-Lail, H. A. Mohamed, A. Ayyad (Assiut Univ., EG) [121]

G2 Lectures - Monday afternoon

Process system engineering

Simulation, optimisation

Chairmen: M. Kubicek, O. A. Nekhamkina

G2.1 14.00 New simulation method for plant design and process optimizing in mineral and environmental processing. *C. Gerhart, E. Panzer, T. Riller1, T. Neesse1 (PROSPER, Erlangen, DE; 1Univ. Erlangen-Nurenberg, DE) [928]

G2.2 14.30 Patterns in models of cross-flow reactors: Nonlinear and numerical analysis. *O. A. Nekhamkina, B. Y. Rubinstein, M. Sheintuch (Technion, Haifa, IL) [365]

G2.3 15.00 Multi-objective optimization of industrial steam reforming process using genetic algorithm for efficient operation. J. K. Rajesh, S. K. Gupta, G. P. Rangaiah, *A. K. Ray (Nat. Univ. Singapore, SG) [254]

G2.4 15.30 Chemical and phase equilibria computation using homotopy continuation in complex space. *F. Jalali, M. J. Nejad (Univ. Tehran, Tehran, IR) [115]

G2.5 16.00 Optimization of the boric regulation processes at the nuclear power plants of Ukraine. R. Medvedev, *O. Sanginova (Nat. Tech. Univ. Ukraine, Kyiv, UA) [313]

G2.6 16.30 On some new results in adapative random search optimization. *J. Jezowski, R. Bochenek, R. Sloma, G. Poplewski, A. Jezowska (Rzeszow Univ. Technol., PL) [123]

G3 Lectures - Tuesday morning

Process system engineering

Design, synthesis, management

Chairmen: A. Kraslawski, E. Koltsova

G3.1 9.30 Nonlinear dynamics in process design. *M. Monnigmann, V. Gehrke, W. Marquardt (RWTH Aachen, DE) [715]

G3.2 10.00 Creative design of flowsheets based on theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ). Ben-Guang Rong, *A. Kraslawski, L. Nystrom (Lappeenranta Univ. Technol., FI) [926]

G3.3 10.30 Synthesis of high effective chemical engineering processes and schemes on the base of computer support of invention processes. *I. Dorokhov, L. Gordeyev, V. Menshikov (Mendeleyev Univ. Chem. Technol., Moskva, RU) [294]

G3.4 11.00 New concept in chemical process development. S. Sadraei Nouri, N. Bagheri, M. Bozorgzadeh, M. R. Shabani, M. Mehrabi, M. R. Ghassemi, *J. Alaei (NIOC Res. Inst. Pet. Ind., Tehran, IR) [585]

G3.5 11.30 The role of engineering software in the lifecycle of Process Industries. J. Nasarre (Hyprotech Europe, Barcelona, ES) [1448]

G3.6 12.00 Creation of an intelectual information system for crystallization processes equipment designing and for optimization of mass crystallization regimes. V. A. Vasilenko, *E. Yu. Kortchagin, A. M. Chitrin, V. N. Kulikov, A. M. Bessarabov, E. M. Koltsova (Mendeleev Inst. Chem. Technol., Moskva, RU) [757]

G4 Lectures - Tuesday afternoon

Process system engineering


Chairmen: P. Kippax, G. Statyukha

G4.1 14.00 Particle size analysis of concentrated emulsions and suspensions using acoustic attenuation spectroscopy. *P. Kippax, R. Tweedie, D. Higgs, R. Jack (Malvern Inst. Ltd., Malvern, UK) [292]

G4.2 14.30 Reflectance spectroscopy probes for continuous process monitoring of particle size, concentration and chemical composition. L. H. Garcia-Rubio, *A. M. Cardenas-Valencia (Univ. South Florida, Tampa, US) [18]

G4.3 15.00 The set of engineering tasks solved on the base of experimental statistical modeling approach applied to research of polymeric blend system. *G. A. Statyukha, P. Lefleur1, M. Skliar2, A. G. Petran (Nat. Tech. Univ. Ukraine, Kyiv, UA; 1Ec. Politech., Montreal, CA; 2Utah Univ., Salt Lake City, US) [408]

G4.4 15.30 Testing and characterization of activated carbon materials in a gas flow system by pair of piezoelectric sensors. L. V. Rajakovic (Fac Technol. Metall., Beograd, YU) [137]

G4.5 16.00 Liquid core waveguide for study of colloidal systems. *A. Garcia-Lopez, A. M. Cardenas-Valencia, L. H. Garcia-Rubio (Univ. South Florida, Tampa, US) [20]

G4.6 16.30 Fiber optic pH sensor development. *M. Janowiak, H. Huang, S. Chang, L. H. Garcia-Rubio (Univ. South Florida, Tampa, US) [19]

G5 Lectures - Wednesday morning

Symposium on computational fluid dynamics

Mixing processes

Chairmen: H. Van den Akker, I. Fort

G5.1 8.40 Large eddy simulations for industrial flows. *J. Derksen, H. Van den Akker (Delft Univ. Technol., NL) [907]

G5.2 9.10 Three-dimensional numerical simulation of isothermal single-phase turbulent flow in the cubic box. *V. S. Belosevic, M. Z. Stevanovic, J. M. Paprika (Inst. Nucl. Sci. Vinca, Beograd, YU) [315]

G5.3 9.40 Challenges on predictive fluid dynamic modeling of bubble column reactors. *H. A. Jakobsen, H. F. Svendsen (Norwegian Univ. Sci. Technol., Trondheim, NO) [271]

G5.5 10.10 Dynamic simulations of multiphase flow in bubble columns. *G. M. Cartland Glover, S. C. Generalis, N. H. Thomas1 (Aston Univ., Birmingham, UK; 1FRED Ltd., Birmingham, UK) [1216]

G5.6 10.40 Numerical modeling of three-dimensional swirling turbulent flows in vortex chambers. *I. L. Artemov, A. V. Shvab (Tomsk, RU) [411]

G6 Lectures - Wednesday afternoon

Symposium on computational fluid dynamics

Multiphase flow

Chairmen: A. Brucato, B. H. Hjertager

G6.1 14.00 Simulation of the influence of a dispersed solid phase on the internal flow field in jet loop reactors. *P. Mier, M. Kraume (Tech. Univ. Berlin, DE) [23]

G6.2 14.25 CFD simulation of particle distribution in an unbaffled high-aspect ratio stirred vessel. G. Montante1, G. Micale, F. Magelli1, *A. Brucato (Univ. Palermo, IT; 1Univ. Bologna, IT) [41]

G6.3 14.50 CFD calculations of two-phase flow on elements of structured packing. A. Gorak, *B. Szulczewska1, J. Sek1, I. Zbicinski1 (Univ. Essen, DE; 1Tech. Univ., Lodz, PL) [565]

G6.4 15.15 Application of the Euler/Lagrange approach for liquid-solid flows in stirred vessels. S. Decker, *M. Sommerfeld (Martin-Luther-Univ., Halle, DE) [1190]

G6.6 15.40 The influence of the number of phases in Eulerian multiphase simulations. *C. H. Ibsen, T. Solberg, B. H. Hjertager (Aalborg Univ. Esbjerg, DK) [1192]

G6.7 16.05 Process engineering applications of CFD modelling to multiphase systems. *M. Bistolfi, N. Mancini, F. Podenzani (EniTecnologie, San Donato Milanese, IT) [908]

G7 Lectures - Thursday morning

Symposium on computational fluid dynamics

Heat and mass transport

Chairmen: J. Drahos, Z. Jaworski

G7.1 9.30 Numerical studies on jacket heat transfer in stirred tanks. Z. Jaworski (Tech. Univ. Szczecin, PL) [9]

G7.2 9.55 Verification of CFD predictions by tracer experiments. *R. Zitny, J. Thyn (Czech Tech. Univ., Praha, CZ) [1187]

G7.3 10.20 Estimation of oxygen mass transfer in activated sludge aeration tanks by CFD modeling. *A. Cockx, Z. Do-Quang, P. Chatellier, A. Line1 (Lyon. Eaux, Le Pecq, FR; 1INSA, Toulouse, FR) [31]

G7.4 10.45 CFD modelling of mass transfer in spacer-filled slits with semi-permeable membrane walls. V. Geraldes, *V. Semiao, M. N. Pinho (Inst. Sup. Tec., Lisbon, PT) [1026]

G7.5 11.10 Numerical simulation of heat and fluid flow in a reactor with a crystal on its wall. A. G. Churbanov, I. V. Melikhov1, *A. Ya. Gorbatchevski1 (Inst. Math. Model., Moskva, RU; 1Lomonosov State Univ., Moskva, RU) [248]

G7.6 11.35 Original numerical model of thermokinetics of technology processes with a phase change. *F. Kavicka, J. Stetina, B. Sekanina (Tech. Univ. Brno, CZ) [1191]

G7.7 12.00 Interaction of water mist with fire radiation. *E. Keramida, N. Souris, A. Boudouvis, E. Lois, N. Markatos (Nat. Tech. Univ. Athens, GR) [281]

G8 Lectures - Thursday afternoon

Symposium on computational fluid dynamics

Reaction processes

Chairmen: M. Marek, A. K. Ray

G8.1 14.00 A CFD approach to the description of turbulent precipitation in a semi-batch Taylor-Couette reactor. *D. Marchisio, R. O. Fox1, A. A. Barresi, G. Baldi (Politecnico Torino, IT; 1Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA, US) [966]

G8.2 14.25 Simulation of turbulent mixing in precipitation reactors. *A. Pollei, M. Kraume (Tech. Univ. Berlin, DE) [22]

G8.3 14.50 Validation of CFD predictions of gas explosions in a baffled, vented enclosure. *P. Naamansen, T. Solberg, B. H. Hjertager (Aalborg Univ. Esbjerg, DK) [1193]

G8.4 15.15 Predicting flow profiles in a rotating basket reactor. *J. Warna, M. Ronnholm, T. Salmi, K. Paattilammi1 (Abo Akademi, Turku, FI; 1Kemira Chemicals, Oulu, FI) [1050]

G8.5 15.40 Hydrodynamics of emulsion polymerisation at high concentration: effect of non Newtonian characteristics. *M. Marouche, D. Anne-Archard, M. Sengelin, H. C. Boisson (Inst. Mec. Fluides, Toulouse, FR) [839]

G8.6 16.05 Development of a new heterogeneous photocatalytic reactor using CFD. M. F. Kabir, T. K. Sengupta, *A. K. Ray (Nat. Univ. Singapore, SG) [255]

G8.7 16.30 Two-phase gas-liquid flow within bubble columns without and with biochemical reaction: Comparison of numerical simulation and experimental results. *A. Lubbert, K. Junghans, A. Lapin (M. Luther Univ., Halle-Wittenberg, DE) [1052]

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