Posters P1, Monday

Hydrodynamic processes and equipment

Fluid flow

P1.2 Memory functions of yarn extension. *D. T. Stojiljkovic, D. M. Pejic, V. M. Petrovic (Fac. Technol., Leskovac, YU) [295]

P1.3 Examination of cotton warp rheological properties before and after weaving. V. Petrovic, *D. T. Stojiljkovic1, Z. Branovic, D. Pejic1 (Tech. Fac., Zrenjanin, YU; 1Fac. Technol., Leskovac, YU) [35]

P1.6 Optimization of tire crumb modified bitumen by Taguchi technique. *S. Hinislioglu, O. U. Bayrak (Ataturk Univ. Eng., Erzurum, TR) [905]

P1.7 Viscometry of food fluids under apparent wall slip. V. V. Tovcigrecko, M. Vecer, *O. Wein (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [759]

P1.9 Measurement and evaluation of drag coefficient for settling of spherical particles in pseudoplastic fluids. *G. Matijasic, A. Glasnovic (Univ. Zagreb, HR) [77]

P1.10 Flow of solid/liquid suspensions in horizontal pipes: an improved design strategy. R. G. Alexandre, *M. G. Rasteiro (Coimbra Univ., PT) [72]

P1.11 Studies on chosen characteristics of the polymer solution jets. L. Broniarz-Press, *L. Boguslawski (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [48]

P1.12 Determining dispersion characteristics of emulsion sprays. *M. N. Romanova, D. O. Bitev, A. I. Zaitsev (Yaroslavl State Tech. Univ., RU) [203]

P1.13 The increased mixing property of turbulent multicomponent flow in view of dimensional analysis. *V. Press, L. Broniarz-Press, J. Szymanowski (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [948]

P1.14 An experimental study of liquid-liquid flow in horizontal pipes. C. Oronel-Colmenares, M. E. Aguilera, *D. Gonzalez-Mendizabal (Univ. Simon Bolivar, Caracas, VE) [838]

P1.15 Effects of the liquid phase physical properties on flow patterns in liquid-gas flow in horizontal pipes. R. Carvallo, *A. L. Lopez de Ramos1, D. Gonzalez-Mendizabal1 (Univ. Exp. Polit., Barquisimeto-Lara, VE; 1Univ. S. Bolivar, Caracas, VE) [79]

P1.16 Effect of the temperature-dependent viscosity on the laminar velocity profile in the entrance region of a circular tube. V. Mik (Inst. Hydrodyn., Praha, CZ) [851]

P1.17 How to handle high viscous emulsions in transportation. *S. Sevic, S. Perin-Vujin (NIS-Naftagas, Novi Sad, YU) [301]

P1.18 Hindered settling of polydisperse suspension. *C. Gerhart, J. Duck, T. Neesse (Univ. Erlangen-Nurnberg, DE) [734]

P1.19 Fluidization of non-spherical particle beds with non-Newtonian fluids. R. Teichman, B. Siska, *I. Machac (Univ. Pardubice, CZ) [868]

P1.20 Effect of bubble column size on homogeneous regime stability. *M. Ruzicka, J. Zahradnik, J. Drahos, M. Fialova, N. H. Thomas1 (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ; 1Aston Univ., Birmingham, UK) [1144]

P1.22 Modeling of two-phase flow instability associated with heat and mass transport. *M. D. Noskov, A. D. Istomin (Seversk Technol. Inst., RU) [480]

P1.23 Non-Newtonian fluid mixing in a slender tank. L. Broniarz-Press, *S. Woziwodzki (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [1024]

P1.24 Falling surfactant solutions flow down plate surface. L. Broniarz-Press, *D. Dulska (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [949]

P1.25 Some notes on making flow profiles uniform in the high diameter process equipment. E. Roj (Fertil. Res. Inst., Pulawy, PL) [500]

P1.26 A new laminar gap-type flowmeter (experimental investigations). *J. Wojtkowiak, C. Oleskowicz-Popiel (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [515]

P1.27 Use of neural network for identification of bubbling mode from a submerged orifice. C. A. O. Nascimento, *J. Drahos1, R. Guardani, M. Ruzicka1, A. Lubbert2 (Univ. Sao Paulo, BR; 1Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam, Praha, CZ; 2M. Luther Univ., Halle, DE) [1198]

P1.28 Breakup of expanding bubbles moving in low viscosity liquid. *K. Wichterle, J. Wichterlova, L. Kulhankova, T. Peprica (Tech. Univ., Ostrava, CZ) [1272]

P1.29 Power-law fluid flow and heat transfer in a porous channel. S. Chikh, *A. Boumedien, K. Bouhadef (USTHB, Alger, DZ) [1366]

P1.30 Particle velocity in shallow spouted beds. *M. J. San Jose, M. Olazar, M. A. Izquierdo, S. Alvarez, J. Bilbao (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [1371]

P1.31 Effect of operating conditions in the spout shape in shallow spouted beds. *M. J. San Jose, M. Olazar, M. A. Izquierdo, A. Ortiz de Salazar, J. Bilbao (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [1372]

P1.32 Characterization of bubbles in a bubble column by image analysis. C. Freitas, A. L. Amaral, M. Fialova1, E. C. Ferreira, J. Zahradnik1, *J. A. Teixeira (Univ. Minho, Braga, PT; 1Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [1374]

P1.33 The influence of surfactants on the hydrodynamics and mass transfer in thin liquid films. *T. R. Sosnowski, L. Gradon, M. Skoczek, J. Holyst (Warsaw Univ. Technol., PL) [1381]

P1.36 Predicting of settling rates of spherical particles in non-Newtonian fluids. *S. M. Ben-Shebil, G. M. El-Shereef (Tripoli Inst. Profes. Technol., LY) [1399]

P1.37 Surface waves artifically forced on flowing liquid films. J. Tihon, V. Penkavova, V. Sobolik, *O. Wein (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [1403]

P1.38 Bubble rise in swirl flow. *K. Wichterle, L. Kulhankova, J. Wichterlova (Tech. Univ. Ostrava, CZ) [1406]

Hydrodynamic processes and equipment


P1.39 Asymptotic power characteristics and efficiency of screw agitators in a tube. *F. Rieger, V. Novak (Czech Tech. Univ., Praha, CZ) [317]

P1.40 Erosion wear of axial flow impellers in industrial suspension. *I. Fort, J. Medek1, F. Ambros (Czech Tech. Univ., Praha, CZ; 1Tech. Univ., Brno, CZ) [770]

P1.41 Energy dissipation in flocculation and dispersion tanks - study. *R. Sulc, P. Ditl (Czech Tech. Univ., Praha, CZ) [1054]

P1.42 Resistance of the blade of a self-aspirating disk impeller. *C. Kuncewicz, J. Stelmach (Tech. Univ., Lodz, PL) [466]

P1.43 Effect of number reciprocating plate agitators on mixing energy. S. Masiuk (Tech. Univ. Szczecin, PL) [489]

P1.44 Heat transfer to pseudoplastic fluid in an agitated vessel with a vertical coil. *J. Karcz, M. Major (Tech. Univ. Szczecin, PL) [375]

P1.45 Local heat transfer in a slender agitated vessel equipped wirh multistage impellers. *J. Karcz, L. Masin1, F. Rieger1 (Tech. Univ. Szczecin, PL; 1Czech. Tech. Univ., Praha, CZ) [376]

P1.46 Experimental studies of heat transfer process in an agitated vessel equipped with vertical tubular coil. *J. Karcz, M. Michalska (Tech. Univ. Szczecin, PL) [377]

P1.47 Gas hold - up and power consumption for gas - liquid system agitated in a slender vessel of 0.4m3 volume. *J. Karcz, R. Siciarz (Tech. Univ. Szczecin, PL) [378]

P1.48 Liquid-gas-solid mixing in stirred vessels. *V. M. Barabash, N. N. Smirnov1, V. E, Zielenski (C J-S C Sci. Ind. Firm Mixing, St. Petersburg, RU; 1Tech. Univ., St. Petersburg, RU) [773]

P1.49 SIF "Mixing" - producer of modern mixing equipment. *V. M. Barabash, M. A. Belevitskaya (C J-S C Sci. Ind. Firm Mixing, ST. Petersburg, RU) [774]

P1.50 Gas dispersion and mixing power characteristics of a novel impeller: the effect of blade angle. *M. Martinov, S. D. Vlaev (Inst. Chem. Eng., Sofia, BG) [723]

P1.51 Evaluation of a novel energy-saving impeller for chemical process industries. *L. Pesl, P. Seichter (TECHMIX, Brno, CZ) [785]

P1.52 Mixing in the systems solid - non Newtonian fluid. L. Broniarz-Press, J. Borowski, *A. Kalek-Skraburska (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [942]

P1.53 Effect of the tank baffle shape on mixing of complex systems. L. Broniarz-Press, *A. Trybus (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [943]

P1.54 Mixing of non-conventional suspension in a tank reactor. P. Wesolowski (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [947]

P1.55 Statistical analysis of the effect of various parameters on the mixing of a viscous polymer solution with a double helical ribbon impeller. *C. O'Reilly, D. Rooney (Queen's Univ. Belfast, UK) [1429]

Symposium on computational fluid dynamics

P1.56 Numerical simulation of the gas-liquid flow in a square cross-sectioned bubble column. *N. Deen, T. Solberg, B. H. Hjertager (Aalborg Univ. Esbjerg, DK) [1194]

P1.58 Interdrop coalescence with mass transfer: variable-velocity computations of film drainage. *A. Saboni, S. Alexandrova, C. Gourdon1 (Univ. Caen, Saint Lo, FR; 1ENSIGC, Toulouse, FR) [625]

P1.59 Interdrop coalescence with mass transfer: comparison of the approximate drainage models with numerical results. *A. Saboni, S. Alexandrova, D. Hadjiev, C. Gourdon1, A. K. Chesters2 (Univ. Caen, Saint Lo, FR; 1ENSIGC, Toulouse, FR; 2Eidhoven Univ. Technol., NL) [628]

P1.60 Thermocapillary motion of a gas bubble parallel to two plane walls. *Huan. J. Keh, Po Y. Chen (Nat. Taiwan Univ., Taipei, TW) [579]

P1.62 Theoretical comparisons among tools for the study of stirred tanks-application of CFD simulations. *V. M. Bezerra, R. Maciel Filho1 (Univ. Fed. Rio Grande Norte, Natal, BR; 1Univ. Campinas, BR) [81]

P1.63 Electric field driven processes in micro-fluidic devices. M. Paces, J. Havlica, *J. Kosek, D. Snita, M. Marek (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1223]

Hydrodynamic processes and equipment


P1.64 A two- dimensional gas-solid fluidized bed for fluidodynamic characterization. J. J. Prieto, *G. Ramos, M. Garcia, J. Guardiola (Univ. Alacala, Alcala de Henares, ES) [192]

P1.65 Bubbles characteristics in 2D fluidized bed using image analysis. *G. Ramos, J. J. Prieto, J. Guardiola (Univ. Alcala, Alcala de Henares, ES) [193]

P1.67 Fluidization in the system solid - polymer solution. *L. Broniarz-Press, P. Agacinski (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [950]

Hydrodynamic processes and equipment

Solid-liquid-gas separations

P1.71 Time-scales interactions on cell recycle system with cross-flow filtration. E. D. Lavric, *V. Lavric (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [651]

P1.73 Measurement of zeta potentials in concentrated aqueous suspensions of ceramic powders using electroacoustics. R. Greenwood (Univ. Birmingham, UK) [901]

P1.74 Gas permeability of composite aerogel-glass fibre filters. *Z. Pakowski, A. O. Zebida, M. Glebowski, U. Nowacka (Tech. Univ. Lodz, PL) [368]

P1.75 Influence of surface forces on the porosity of fine-grained filter cakes. *J. Duck, E. Zvetanov, D. Purevjav, T. Neesse (Univ. Erlangen-Nurnberg, DE) [735]

P1.77 Mathematical modeling of suspension separation in a filtering centrifuge. *F. G. Akhmadiev, R. I. Ibyatov, R. R. Fazilzyanov (Kazan State Acad. Arch. Build., RU) [390]

P1.78 On the reasons of discrepancy between theoretical and experimental data of aerosol particle filtration efficiency in fibrous filters in the inertial regime. A. Podgorski (Warsaw Univ. Technol., PL) [250]

P1.82 Determination of size of a disperse phase emulsion given on separation in a hydrocyclone. *D. A. Baranov, A. Kutepov (State Univ. Env. Eng., Moskva, RU) [794]

P1.83 Filtering in gyrating streams. *D. A. Baranov, N. Danilov, I. Baranova (State Univ. Env. Eng., Moskva, RU) [795]

P1.84 Mathematical modeling of flotation process in air sparged hydrocyclones proceeding from minimum expenditure. *D. A. Baranov, M. G. Lagutkin, G. V. Pavlovsky (State Univ. Env. Eng., Moskva, RU) [792]

P1.86 Centrifugal separator for granular materials. *P. G. Zuev, A. V. Esin (Kuban State Technol. Univ., Krasnodar, RU) [1302]

P1.87 Improving filtration rate downstream of titanium dioxide precipitation through the use of new seeding procedure. *S. Sathyamoorthy, M. J. Hounslow1, G. D. Moggridge (Univ. Cambridge, UK; 1Univ. Sheffield, UK) [1327]

P1.88 Mass dispersion in the process of the convective-inertial removal of aerosol particles in mechanical filters. A. Podgorski (Warsaw Univ. Technol., PL) [1402]

Mechanical design and engineering

P1.89 Cryosystems reservoir - pump. The problems and outlook. Ya. L. Brailovsky (State Univ. Refrig., Odessa, UA) [37]

P1.90 Torque of butterfly valves located downstream of an elbow. F. Danbon, *C. Solliec, P. Olivier1 (Ec. Mines, Nantes, FR; 1K. S. B AMRI, Gradignan, FR) [346]

P1.91 Influence of the non-uniform flow on performance of industrial equipment. E. Roj (Fertil. Res. Inst., Pulawy, PL) [499]

P1.92 Effect of the injection parameters of toothed wheels and type of polyamide material on the kinematic gear ratio of a belt transmission with these wheels. *A. M. Al-Zubiedy, J. Flizikowski (Univ. Technol. Agric., Bydgoszcz, PL) [650]

P1.96 Solid lubricating coatings Cu - MoS2 obtained by electroplating. *V. S. Pervov, Yu. A. Politov1, E. V. Makhonina1 (State Univ. Envir. Eng., Moskva, RU; 1Kurnakov Inst. Gen. Inorg. Chem., Moskva, RU) [720]

P1.100 Mechanical properties of composites: optical fiber - magnetic powders. *A. Milutinovic-Nikolic, N. M. Talijan, R. Aleksic1 (Inst. Chem. Technol. Metall., Beograd, YU; 1Fac. Technol. Metall., Beograd, YU) [406]

P1.101 Investigation of disc refiner ST300S to processing of paper stock. *Z. Kikiewicz, A. Mrozinski (Univ. Technol. Agric., Bydgoszcz, PL) [526]

P1.102 Stability of layered structure in oxide ceramics. *I. A. Zvereva, Yu. E. Smirnov, A. M. Toikka (St. Petersburg State Univ., RU) [312]

P1.103 AgSnO2 powders for ecological electrical contact materials. *E. Enescu, S. Gavriliu, M. Rusu, A. Bratulescu, A. Boruz1 (Res. Dev. Inst. Elect. Eng., Bucuresti, RO; 1Econ. Stud. Acad., Bucuresti, RO) [345]

P1.104 Modelling of metal powder forming from gaseous phase. V. M. Rudoi, S. V. Altinov, I. V. Frichberg1, *N. V. Kichkoparov1, O. Yu. Subbotina1 (Ural State Tech. Univ., Ekaterinburg, RU; 1Inst. Metall., Ekaterinburg, RU) [473]

P1.106 Deformation and TEM analysis 6082 Al alloy in cold forging. *B. Aksakal, Y. Atici1, S. C. Hanyaloglu (Ataturk Univ., Erzurum, TR; 1Univ. Firat, Elazig, TR) [1022]

Heat transfer processes and equipment

Drying and heat transfer

P1.107 Influence of different parameters in the kinetics of the convective-microwave drying of agar gel plates. A. B. Bonafonte, *O. Iglesias, J. L. Bueno (Univ. Oviedo, ES) [78]

P1.108 System of data bases on novel issues in drying. *V. Tsoukanov, N. Menshutina (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol., Moskva, RU) [113]

P1.109 The influence of heating method on drying kinetics. *J. Prlic Kardum, A. Sander, D. Skansi (Univ. Zagreb, HR) [204]

P1.110 Transport properties in drying of solids. *A. Sander, J. Prlic Kardum, D. Skansi (Univ. Zagreb, HR) [205]

P1.111 Desorption isotherms of chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) at several temperatures (5-50 C). G. Vazquez-Una, F. Chenlo-Romero, *R. Moreira-Martinez, E. Mate-del Rincon (Univ. Santiago de Compostela, ES) [641]

P1.112 Thermal treatment kinetics modelling of multicomponent dispersed charge for fibre optics. *A. M. Bessarabov, N. V. Menshutina, S. V. Goncharova (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol., Moskva, RU) [699]

P1.113 Modelling of heat and mass transfer during particulate solids drying in a rotating drum. V. Pershin, V. Negrov, S. Mischenko, *A. Tkachev (Tambov State Tech. Univ., RU) [967]

P1.114 Vacuum freeze drying of the disordered porous materials as relaxation problem of moving boundary with internal heat generation. J. F. Nastaj, *B. Ambrozek, R. Kuzminsky (Tech. Univ. Szczecin, PL) [1034]

P1.115 Microwave heating and drying of germinated pea. P. Kadlec, A. Rubecova, *J. Kaasova, V. Pour, Z. Bubnik (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1043]

P1.116 Microwave treatment of rice. *J. Kaasova, P. Kadlec, Z. Bubnik, V. Pour (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1044]

P1.118 Simultaneous heat and mass transfer during filmwise condensation inside a vertical tube. I. Kotcioglu, A. Bolukbasi, *H. Sarac (Ataturk Univ., Erzurum, TR) [64]

P1.119 The effect of uneven water distribution and damage of fill on cooling tower performance. A. Vehauc, *Z. Jovanovic (Inst. Nucl. Sci. VINCA, Beograd, YU) [429]

P1.120 An exergy concept model as for use in analyses of thermo-mechanical and chemical energy conversions. J. Kozaczka (Univ. Min. Metall., Krakow, PL) [511]

P1.121 Conjugate convective heat/mass transfer in chemical apparatus with deposition on its wall and armature. *I. V. Melikhov, A. G. Churbanov1, A. Ya. Gorbatchevski (Lomonosov State Univ., Moskva, RU; 1Inst. Mat. Modeling, Moskva, RU) [557]

P1.124 An isopropanol-acetone-hydrogen chemical heat pump system. *O. Kincay, E. Bolat (Yildiz Tech. Univ., Istanbul, TR) [1168]

P1.125 Experimental investigation of the augmentation of thermal performances of tubular heat exchangers with wire-coil inserts. *R. Milenkovic, B. Vasiljevic, F. Kosi (Univ. Belgrade, Beograd, YU) [124]

P1.126 Influence of the impinging, turbulent jet on the local heat transfer distribution. L. Boguslawski (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [88]

P1.127 Study of convection heat transfer in free non-isothermal air jet by means of interferometry. *M. Pavelek, E. Janotkova (Tech. Univ., Brno, CZ) [213]

P1.128 Convection heat transfer in suction air duct. *E. Janotkova, M. Pavelek (Tech. Univ., Brno, CZ) [214]

P1.129 Laminar heat transfer in the constant width coaxial conic channels. L. M. Uliev (Kharkiv State Polytech. Univ., Kharkiv, UA) [336]

P1.130 Fouling of a shell and tube preheater in a refinery plant. *L. Oufer, A. Mouheb, O. Kaci, F. Boukeffa (USTHB, Alger, DZ) [341]

P1.131 Mathematical modeling of radiative heat transfer by laser beam to the spinning porous disk. *G. Karakas, P. March1, U. S. Ozkan1 (Middle East Tech. Univ., Ankara, TR; 1Ohio State Univ., Columbus, US) [731]

P1.132 Intensification of HVAC equipment thermal efficiency by plate-split fin heat exchangers. *D. Gajic, M. Isakov, D. Pantovic1 (Inst. Kirilo Savic, Beograd, YU; 1HK "Energoprojekt", Beograd, YU) [392]

P1.133 Experimental climbing film evaporator. M. Kminek, *Z. Bubnik, K. Melzoch, Z. Kokoska, V. Pour (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1005]

P1.134 Method of asymptotic interpolation in chemical hydrodynamics and theory of heat and mass transfer. *A. V. Vyazmin, I. A. Denisov1, A. D. Polyanin2 (Karpov Inst. Phys. Chem., Moskva, RU; 1Inst. Phys. Technol., Moskva, RU; 2Inst. Probl. Mech., Moskva, RU) [47]

P1.135 Comparative study of film promoters in falling-film evaporators. W. M. Salvagnini, *M. E. S. Taqueda (Esc. Polit. Univ. Sao Paulo, BR) [176]

P1.136 Optimum mesh of the woven wire used as film promoter in the falling-film evaporator. M. E. S. Taqueda, W. M. Salvagnini, B. A. Righi, *M. L. M. Bejarano (Esc. Polit. Univ. Sao Paulo, BR) [177]

P1.137 Experimental evaluation of the overall average coefficient of heat transfer for a falling-film evaporator with film promoter. W. M. Salvagnini, *M. E. S. Taqueda, C. L. V. Jose (Esc. Polit. Univ. Sao Paulo, BR) [178]

P1.138 Optimization of a cane sugar process evaporation system with the desirability function D(X) evaluation. M. L. M. Bejarano, *M. E. S. Taqueda, W. M. Salvagnini (Esc. Polit. Univ. Sao Paolo, BR) [179]

P1.139 Heat exchangers with unified finned flat tubes. *I. Dzyakau, V. Kiselev, V. Sukonkin, J. Kislou (Taspo Ltd., Minsk, BY) [310]

P1.140 Heat transfer in a static mixer. S. Masiuk (Tech. Univ. Szczecin, PL) [490]

P1.142 The influence of slag basicity on copper losses in the reverb furnace slag. *N. Mitevska, Z. D. Zivkovic1 (Copper Inst., Bor, YU; 1Univ. Belgrade, Bor, YU) [809]

P1.143 Irreversibility minimization in heat exchangers. D. Slepcevic, *D. M. Gojak1 (Metaling plus, Beograd, YU; 1Fac. Mech. Eng., Beograd, YU) [990]

P1.144 Sorption processes at an energy accumulation. B. Ch. Draganov, *T. V. Morosuk1, T. Gulko2 (Ukr. Nat. Agric. Univ., Kiev, UA; 1Odessa State Acad. Refrig., UA; 2Chelyabinsk State Agr. Univ., RU) [1016]

P1.145 The problems of design of the regenerative heat-exchanger with the water-ammonia mixture. *T. V. Morosuk, C. V. Morosuk (Odessa State Acad. Refrig., UA) [1017]

P1.146 Method of analogies at the modeling of processes of evaporation of a liquid into a vapor-gas mixture. L. I. Morosuk, *T. V. Morosuk (Odessa State Acad. Refrig., UA) [1018]

P1.148 Combined zone-elements method for solving complex heat transfer problems in highly irregular calculation areas. O. Yu Kuleshov, *V. M. Sedelkin (Saratov State Tech. Univ., RU) [1258]

P1.150 Drying of value added liquid residues in a spouted bed of inert particles. *M. Amazouz, M. Benali, T. Kudra (Nat. Resour. Canada, Varennes, CA) [1286]

P1.152 Dynamic of air-blast spray in the double swirl stabilized flame. *R. Hadef, K. Merkle1, B. Lenze1, W. Leuckel1 (Univ. Oum El Bouaghi, DZ; 1Engler-Bunte-Inst., Karlsruhe, DE) [1085]

P1.153 Full analysis of low finned tube heat exchangers. M. R. Jafari Nasr (Tehran, IR) [605]

Symposium Powder technology - future trends

P1.154 Production of tugsten metal powder by H2 reduction in rotary furnace using recycled ammonium paratungstate made from hardmetal scrap. *J. Zavadil, L. Sarman, V. Dufek1 (HMZ, Bruntal, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. technol., Praha, CZ) [1353]

P1.156 Tensile test of powder bed and image analysis methods for the evaluation of unraveling state of the polymer fiber lumps in the powder matrix. *M. Satoh, Y. Sugai1 (Osaka Prefect. Univ., JP; 1Cent. Rech. Europ., Gonesse, FR) [268]

P1.157 Powder design for UV-attenuating agent with high transparency for visible light. *M. Satoh, T. Iwasaki (Osaka Prefect. Univ., JP) [267]

P1.158 Mechanism of capillary adhesion in powders. The effect of contact separation rate on adhesion force. I. Opalinski, *M. Chutkowski, R. Petrus (Rzeszow Univ. Technol., PL) [402]

P1.159 Capillary adhesion in powders. Model calculations for critical humidity. *I. Opalinski, M. Chutkowski (Rzeszow Univ. Technol., PL) [403]

P1.160 Hydroxyapatite nanocrystals. *V. F. Komarov, I. V. Melikhov, V. N. Roudin1, A. V. Severin, E. I. Suvorova2, V. E. Bozhevolnov (Lomonosov Moscow State Univ., Chem. Dept., Moskva, RU; 1Sci. Res. Inst. Fertil., Moskva, RU; 2Crystall. Inst., Moskva, RU) [166]

P1.161 The effect of quartz content on the mechanochemical activation of kaolinite. E. Kristof-Mako (Univ. Veszprem, HU) [1378]

P1.163 Surface effects of particles undergoing rapid gravity flow. A. A. Ukolov, *V. N. Dolgunin, D. N. Allenov, O. O. Ivanov (State Tech. Univ., Tambov, RU) [4]

P1.164 Method of control of size segregation in a vibrated gravity flow of particulate solids. A. N. Kudy, *V. N. Dolgunin, A. A. Strigin (State Tech. Univ., Tambov, RU) [5]

P1.165 Economic and technological aspects of disintegration technology. *G. R. Bychkova, P. G. Zuev (Kuban State Technol. Univ., Krasnodar, RU) [1352]

P1.166 Device for direct measurement of the lateral stress ratio. *D. Hohne, U. Schunemann, K. Husemann (Bergakademie Freiberg, DE) [1066]

P1.167 A study about sliding friction power screw system. M. A. Asy (Menoufia Univ., Shabin El-kom, EG) [1358]

P1.168 Vibrofeeding of bulk solids: theory and experiment. *V. Pershin, S. Barishnikova, D. Kalypin, S. Egorov (State Tech. Univ., Tambov, RU) [968]

P1.169 The ordered mixing of bulk solids. *V. Pershin, A. Pasko, M. Sviridov, Yu. Selivanov (State Tech. Univ., Tambov, RU) [969]

P1.171 Research of the new rotor mixer of powder materials. *I. A. Zaitsev, M. Yu. Tarshis, L. V. Korolyov, D. O. Bytev (Yaroslavl State Tech. Univ., RU) [285]

P1.172 On calculation of mixers of powder materials with marked fields of behaviour of powder medium. *M. Yu. Tarshis, A. I. Zaitsev, V. A. Bibikov, I. A. Zaitsev (Yaroslavl State Tech. Univ., RU) [286]

P1.174 Practical application of the theory of roll press design. *M. Hubert, A. Molnar, I. Jasso (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [356]

P1.175 Influence of an extruder rotor pressure effect on a extrusion process. *R. Fekete, I. Jasso (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [357]

P1.176 The symmetrical problem of the powder deairation by the densification roller set-up. *A. B. Kapranova, A. I. Zaitsev, V. A. Vasiljev (Yaroslavl State Tech. Univ., RU) [659]

P1.177 Adaptation of rod-mill for feed production. J. Kalwaj (Univ. Technol. Agric., Bydgoszcz, PL) [828]

P1.179 Centrifugal granulation of coal tar pitch. *G. Cadar, M. Hrebenciuc1, V Daranga1 (Metall. Res. Inst., Bucuresti, RO; 1Steel Plant SIDEX, Galati, RO) [830]

P1.180 Driving torque in drum granulation. A. Heim, *T. Gluba, A. Obraniak (Tech. Univ., Lodz, PL) [890]

P1.181 Disintegration of microorganism in the bead mill with a bell-shaped impeller. A. Heim, *M. Solecki (Tech. Univ. Lodz, PL) [713]

P1.182 The effect of particle size composition and wetting on the rate of granule thickening during dolomite granulation. *T. Gluba, R. Grabowski (Tech. Univ., Lodz, PL) [889]

P1.183 The effect of particle size distributions of a raw material on the strength properties of a product obtained during drum granulation. T. Gluba (Tech. Univ., Lodz, PL) [891]

P1.186 Measurement of the impact force of air blast devices. *G. Dau, F. Ebert, M. Roth1 (Univ. Kaiserslautern, DE; 1Agrichema, Budenheim/Rhein, DE) [841]

P1.187 Influence of solid phase concentration on cut size of aerodynamic classifier. V. P. Zhukov1, *H. Otwinowski, V. E. Mizonov1 (Tech. Univ. Czestochowa, PL; 1Ivanovo State Power Univ., RU) [1089]

P1.188 Use of image analysis to measure particle size distribution of wheat flour. *H. Havlatova, J. Prihoda, E. Zdarska (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1434]

P1.189 Failure of granular solids flow. *J. Zegzulka, J. Polak, S. Hlavacka1 (Tech. Univ. Ostrava, CZ; 1BELTPLAST, Brno, CZ) [1338]

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