Lectures K

K3 Lectures - Tuesday morning

Chemical engineering education in 21st century

Chairmen: J. E. Gillett, V. Machon

K3.1 9.30 Chemical engineering education - can a 10-year-old experiment provide the real paradigm shift for the future? *D. C. Shallcross, J. L. Gravina, D. G. Wood (Univ. Melbourne, AU) [150]

K3.3 10.00 Implementation of sustainable development into industrial and university chemical engineering. *S. M. Lemkowitz, G. H. Harmsen1, G. Korevaar, G. H. Lameris (Delft Univ. Technol., NL; 1Shell Res. Dev. Centre, Amsterdam, NL) [554]

K3.4 10.30 Integration of safety, health, environment and societal questions into engineering education and industrial training. *S. M. Lemkowitz, H. J. Pasman1, B. A. Schupp (Delft Univ. Technol, NL; 1TNO Def. Res., Delft, NL) [555]

K3.5 11.00 Chemical process safety - a challenge to chemical engineering education. J. Horak (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [846]

K3.6 11.30 Information systems globalization, integration, knowledge based reengineering and teaching. P. Burian (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [325]

K5 Lectures - Wednesday morning

Chemical engineering education in 21st century

Chairmen: J. E. Gillett, J. Lovland

K5.1 9.30 Teaching sustainable development to chemical engineering students. *A. Azapagic, S. Perdan, R. Clift (Univ. Surrey, Guildford, UK) [1368]

K5.2 10.00 I-HEAT-ED: The use of Java supported web browser format for interactive education in heat transfer. *Y. O. Devres, T. Duran (Istanbul Tech. Univ., Maslak, TR) [871]

K5.3 10.30 Psychrometric properties of humid air: calculation procedures and interactive education in Java supported web browser format. *Y. O. Devres, G. Bingol (Istanbul Tech. Univ., Maslak, TR) [872]

K5.4 11.00 Putting sustainability into engineering teaching. *R. C. Darton, R. H. Booth (Univ. Oxford, UK) [1312]

K5.5 11.30 Introducing of reaction modeling and design software tools into chemical engineering and process safety education. *I. A. Kirillov, B. V. Potapkin1 (Inst. Phys. Technol., Dolgoprudnyi, RU; 1Kurchatov Inst., Moskva, RU) [1425]

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