Lectures I

I1 Lectures - Monday morning

Symposium on environmental and safety engineering

Environment and energy production

Chairmen: J. A. Michalski, B. S. Repic

I1.1 9.30 Recovery of energy from sugar beet pulp. *M. Hutnan, M. Drtil, L. Mrafkova, S. Mico1 (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK; 1EKOPROGRES, Trencin, SK) [861]

I1.2 10.00 Conversion of locked CFCs into HFCs or fluoroethers as new refrigerants. *H. Nishiumi, K. Sato (Hosei Univ., Tokyo, JP) [1304]

I1.3 10.30 Modelling of influence of temperature combustion condition and fuel type on combustion pollutant products emission. *B. S. Repic, Z. G. Kostic, M. P. Jovanovic, N. D. Crnomarkovic, R. V. Mladenovic (Inst. Nucl. Sci. Vinca, Beograd, YU) [277]

I1.4 11.00 Mercury in Podravina natural gas, Croatia. Z. Spiric (INA-Naftaplin, Zagreb, HR) [987]

I1.5 11.30 Equilibria in FGD process - pure system. J. A. Michalski (Inst. Phys. Chem., Warszawa, PL) [553]

I1.6 12.00 Substitution of solvent alkazid by N-methyldiethanolamine as hydrogen sulphide washing agent in the hydrogen processing. J. Posival, P. Weigner, J. Cir, *J. Pospisil1 (Chemopetrol, Litvinov, CZ; 1Intecha, Praha, CZ) [1206]

I1.7 12.30 Issues effecting the selection and execution of remedial technologies for the treatment of fuel oxygenate components of gasoline. *R. Woodward, R. Sloan1 (Sierra Environmental Services, Houston TX, US; 1Lyondell Chem. Co., Crosby TX, US) [1440]

I2 Lectures - Monday afternoon

Symposium on environmental and safety engineering

Solid waste treatment

Chairmen: J. Besida, M. Kobayashi

I2.1 14.00 High temperature sulfidation behavior of reduced zinc ferrite revealed by in situ X-ray diffraction analysis and Mossbauer spectroscopy. *M. Kobayashi, H. Shirai, M. Nunokawa (CRIEPI, Yokosuka, JP) [631]

I2.3 14.30 Catalytic degradation of polyolefinic plastics. *J. Schirmer, J. S. Kim, E. Klemm (Univ. Erlangen-Nurnberg, DE) [71]

I2.4 15.00 A process for the treatment of spent pot lining. *J. Besida, T. K. Pong, R. J. Adrien, T. A. O'Donnell, D. G. Wood (Univ. Melbourne, AU) [881]

I2.5 15.30 Particle liberation and separation of valuables from building rubble. *J. Tomas, M. Schreier, T. Groger (Otto-von-Guericke-Univ., Magdeburg, DE) [371]

I2.6 16.00 On site bioremediation of soil polluted by hydrocarbons in Slovnaft refinery. *V. Bilska, A. Eszenyiova, G. Polakovicova (Slovnaft VURUP, Bratislava, SK) [1237]

I3 Lectures - Tuesday morning

Symposium on environmental and safety engineering

Water and wastewater

Chairmen: J. Derco, M. Dohnal

I3.1 9.30 Qualitative modelling and optimisation of complex environmental systems. D. Kuchar, *M. Dohnal, M. Dohnal, A. Putnova, J. Konecny (Tech. Univ. Brno, CZ) [1418]

I3.2 10.00 Biological denitrification of drinking water in fluidised bed reactor. *J. Derco, J. Dudas1, A. Kassai, K. Kratochvil2 (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK; 1CSIR, Modderfontein, ZA; 2ASIO, Bytca, SK) [1028]

I3.3 10.30 Modeling and Monte Carlo simulation of TCDD transport in a river. B. S. Giri, I. A. Karimi, *M. B. Ray (Nat. Univ. Singapore, SG) [308]

I3.4 11.00 Catalytical membrane reactor for removing of phenol from wastewater. B. Keskinler, *E. Erhan, G. Akay1 (Ataturk Univ., Erzurum, TR; 1Univ. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) [91]

I3.5 11.30 Environmental evaluation of different variants of the chromium compounds production model using chromic wastes. *Z. Kowalski, M. Gollinger1 (Krakow Univ. Technol., PL; 1Univ. Economics, Krakow, PL) [823]

I3.6 12.00 Removal and recovery of toxic metal ions from wastewater by semiconductor photocatalysis. *D. Chen, A. K. Ray (Nat. Univ. Singapore, SG) [472]

I4 Lectures - Tuesday afternoon

Symposium on environmental and safety engineering

Regulated and dangerous substances

Chairmen: J. Baeyens, J. S. Young

I4.1 14.00 Keynote lecture: The use of public dissemination of information to support safe management of chemicals. J. S. Young (Hampshire Res. Inst., Alexandria VA, US) [1209]

I4.2 14.40 Application of life cycle assessment to utilities systems. D. Brennan (Monash Univ., Clayton, AU) [311]

I4.3 15.00 Catalytic hydrodechlorination as a pollution abatement methodology: mechanism and kinetics. *M. A. Keane, D. Yu. Murzin1 (Univ. Leeds, UK; 1Abo Akad., Turku, FI) [395]

I4.4 15.20 Controlling effluent composition in the chlorinated VOC catalytic oxidation. *A. Aranzabal, R. Lopez-Fonseca, J. A. Gonzalez-Marcos, J. I. Alvarez, M. A. Guiterrez-Ortiz, J. R. Gonzalez-Velasco (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [664]

I4.5 15.40 Steam stripping - influence of process parameters on the decontamination of fine-grained particles. *B. Niemeyer1, J. Hohne, A. Eschenbach (GKSS Res. Center, Geesthacht, DE; 1Fed. Armed Forces, Hamburg, DE) [529]

I4.6 16.00 Environmental aspects of the application of anticorrosion protection coatings. A. Nakonieczny, *M. Kieszkowski (Inst. Prec. Mech., Warszawa, PL) [514]

I4.7 16.20 The use of gas membranes for VOC-air separations. D. Van Gauwbergen, *J. Baeyens, C. De Witte, C. Creemers (Cathol. Univ. Leuven, Heverlee, BE) [218]

I4.8 16.40 Removal of VOC from waste gases by biofiltration technology. A. Eszenyiova, *V. Bilska, H. Rajnohova (Slovnaft VURUP, Bratislava, SK) [1236]

I5 Lectures - Wednesday morning

Symposium on environmental and safety engineering

Legislation and risk assessment

Chairmen: F. Babinec, J. Sommer

I5.1 9.30 Keynote lecture: Implementation of the SEVESO II directive. *F. Babinec, T. Pavelka1 (Univ. Technol., Brno, CZ; 1BorsodChem-MCHZ, Ostrava, CZ) [668]

I5.2 9.50 SEVEX view: the new approach for off-site effects analysis & effective emergency planning. A. Dutrieux (ATM-PRO, Nivelles, BE) [1234]

I5.3 10.10 Risk assessment in complex industrial system. *A. Bernatik, F. Babinec1 (Regional EIA Centre, Ostrava, CZ; 1Tech. Univ. Brno, CZ) [974]

I5.4 10.30 Safety and environment management system in microelectronic industry. I. Kunert (Tesla Sezam a.s., Roznov p. Radh., CZ) [1184]

I5.5 10.50 Learning from accidents and near-misses: the approach of the German "Storfall-Kommision". J. Sommer (Berufsgenossenschaft chem. Ind., Heidelberg, DE) [364]

I5.6 11.10 Searching for weak points of your safety management system based on your operational experience. M. Ferjencik (Univ. Pardubice, CZ) [1242]

I5.7 11.30 Computer-aided process safety analysis, modeling, and simulation: physicochemical estimation of hazardous factors using "Chemical WorkBench" integrated software. M. A. Deminsky, *I. A. Kirillov, A. A. Knijnik, A. S. Petrusev, B. V. Potapkin, A. V. Panasenko1, M. I. Strelkova, I. V. Chesigin1 (Kurchatov Inst., Moskva, RU; 1Kinetic Technologies, Moskva, RU) [550]

I5.8 11.50 Methodological aspects of technogenious hazard estimation for the sustainable development of Ukrainian industrial enterprises. *G. A. Statyukha, A. Belous1, T. Bojko, D. Skladannyy (Nat. Tech. Univ., Kyiv, UA; 1Ministry Env. Prot. Nucl. Safety Ukraine, Kyiv, UA) [360]

I6 Lectures - Wednesday afternoon

Symposium on environmental and safety engineering

Safety analysis and management systems

Chairmen: J. Horak, Y. Riezel

I6.1 14.00 Keynote lecture: Manipulation of the coolant recycling ratio as a mean to improve temperature regime safety of a tank reactor with exothermic reaction. J. Horak (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [847]

I6.2 14.20 Preventing a runaway after stirrer failure by injection an inhibiting agent. *A.-W. Platschorre, A. Steiff, P.-W. Weinspach (Univ. Dortmund, DE) [590]

I6.3 14.40 Application of the VisiMix software to the analysis of the inherent safety of chemical reactors. G. Berlin, L. Braginsky, Y. Kokotov, *Y. Nekhamkin (VisiMix Ltd., Jerusalem, IL) [742]

I6.4 15.00 Emergency pressure relief of tempered systems with high viscosity. *A. Hoff, A. Steiff, P.-M. Weinspach (Univ. Dortmund, DE) [589]

I6.5 15.20 A preliminary brainstorm is always preferred to after shock late investigation storm. Y. Riezel (Ashdod Oil Refinery, IL) [633]

I6.6 15.40 The human factor and the risk in the industrial technological processing. *C. M. Florea, A. Pavel, D. Isbasoiu (Petroleum-Gas Univ., Ploiesti, RO) [447]

I6.7 16.00 Phenomenon-oriented approach to reactive gas-dynamics modeling in safety research, design and training: CADYC Software Component Library Case. *I. A. Kirillov, A. S. Petrusev, B. V. Potapkin, A. V. Panasenko1, M. I. Strelkova (Kurchatov Inst., Moskva, RU; 1Kinetic Technologies, Moskva, RU) [883]

I6.8 16.20 Damage assesment on large thin shell structures under impact load by computer modelling. *P. Schneider, F. Zapeca, A. M. Al Khaddour1 (Tech. Univ., Brno, CZ; 1Tech. Univ., Damascus, SY) [1280]

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