27-31 August 2006, Prague - Czech Republic

Organised by:

Czech Society of Chemical Engineering


Organizing Committee

CHISA 2006
Novotneho Lavka 5
116 68 Praha 1
Czech Republic
Fax: +420 221 082 366

Scientific Committee

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1 August 2006     Information on Arrival is available.

19 July 2006     Final Scientific Program has been displayed. Final acceptation letters are being sent by email.

14 January 2006     PRES 2006 Plenary lectures annoucement:
  • S. J. Perry (University of Manchester, UK):
         Towards a framework for learning and teaching in engineering in the 21st century
  • Luis F. Diaz (President of CalRecovery, Inc., California, USA):
         Achieving High Waste Diversion Rates
  • Stratos Pistikopoulos (Imperial College, London, UK):
         Parametric programming & control
  • Noam Lior (University of Pennsylvania, USA):
         Energy resources and use: the present situation and possible paths to the future

  • 20 December 2005    

    Up to now, over 1000 contributions have been received which are summarised in the List of Submitted Papers. The on-line refereeing procedure has already started and its first part will be terminated by end of December 2005. Thanks to the fast on-line refereeing we can afford to postpone the deadline for submission of new/additional relevant papers up to 9 January 2006. Till that time, you can submit your contribution(s) using the on-line Application Form. The submission before this deadline ensures that the paper (after final acceptance) will be included in the Preliminary Scientific Program. Papers submitted between 9 January 2006 and 15 May 2006 will be accepted mainly for poster presentation and will be listed within the "Additionally submitted papers" on the web site, however, they will be included in the Final Program. Then, additional papers will be still accepted for presentation (only as posters) up to the beginning of the Congress but they will not be included in Congress materials.

    22 November 2005     Plenary lectures annoucement:
  • Greg Lewin (President, Shell Global Solutions International BV - NL):
         Possibilities into reality to create a green energy future
  • Klavs Jensen (Massachussetts Institute of Technology - US):
         Chemical and biological microsystems - a revolution in discovery and development

  • 2 November 2005     List of Submitted Papers is available HERE

    5 October 2005    

    Two additional symposia have beed proposed and included among the Congress topics, namely:

    28. Symposium on multiphase flows in metallurgy, which will be held in a close conjunction with the Topic 8 - Fluid flow and multiphase systems.

    29. Symposium on process intensification and miniaturisation. The objective of this Symposium is to bring together expert researchers in the emerging discipline of Process Intensification and Miniaturisation (PIM) in order define its principles, interdisciplinarity and industrial successes. This will clarify the bounds and potential of PIM and provide a definitive identity and framework for future advancement.

    27 September 2005    

    Please note, that the European forum on teaching safety to chemical engineers (.doc, 40 kB) has been added as a new topic with No. 27. Application for oral or poster presentations are appreciated.