Lectures D

D1 - Sunday morning
Fluid flow and multiphase systems

Fluid particle dynamics

Chairpersons: T. Sanada, K. Wichterle

D1.1   11:00   Keynote lecture: Drag force on a single bubble. T. Sanada (Shizuoka Univ., JP) [1032] Abstract

D1.2   11:40   Asymmetric deformation of bubble shape – cause or effect of vortex shedding?. *K. Wichterle, M. Vecer, M. C. Ruzicka (Tech. Univ., Ostrava, CZ) [1257] Abstract

D1.3   12:00   On the modeling and simulation of higher order breakage for vertical bubbly flows using the least squares method: Applications for bubble column and pipe flows. *Z. Borka, H. A. Jakobsen (Norweg. Univ. Sci. Technol., Trondheim, NO) [392] Abstract

D1.4   12:20   Study of the dispersed phase behaviour in a pulsed column for oxalate predipitation in emulsion. *A. Amokrane, S. Charton, F. Lamadie, J. P. Klein1, F. Puel1 (CEA, Bagnols-sur-Ceze, FR; 1Univ. Lyon 1, Villeurbanne, FR) [323] Abstract

D2 - Sunday afternoon
Fluid flow and multiphase systems

Bubble mechanics

Chairpersons: P. Basařová, J. Ramírez-Muñoz

D2.1   14:00   Description of the bubble shape on a planar solid surface with variable inclination angle. Z. Brabcová, *P. Basařová, T. Váchová (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [694] Abstract

D2.2   14:20   Analysis of drag laws for clean spherical bubbles in Newtonian liquids. O. G. Galicia-Nequiz, *J. Ramírez-Muñoz, S. Baez-Rodriguez, H. F. Puebla (Univ. Aut. Metrop., Iztapalapa, MX) [606] Abstract

D2.3   14:40   Three-phase contact expansion during the bubble adhesion on an inclined plane. *T. Váchová, P. Basařová, Z. Brabcová (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [657] Abstract

D2.4   15:00   The effects of surfactants on the drag of a bubble. O. G. Galicia-Nequiz, *J. Ramírez-Muñoz, S. Baez-Rodriguez, J. A. Colín-Luna, H. F. Puebla (Univ. Aut. Metrop., Ascapotzalco, MX) [620] Abstract

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

Multiphase flow applications

Chairpersons: S. Homma, T. G. Walmsley

D2.5   16:20   Numerical simulation of film condensation on a cylinder. *S. Homma, Y. Tokunaga, J. Koga, A. Esmaeeli1, G. Tryggvason2 (Univ. Saitama, JP; 1So. Illinois Univ., Carbondale IL, US; 2Univ. Notre Dame, Notre Dame IN, US) [296] Abstract

D2.6   16:40   Performance comparison of different tube cross-sections for heat recovery from particle-laden exhaust gas streams. *T. Walmsley, M. R. W. Walmsley, M. J. Atkins, J. Neale, J. Hoffman-Vocke (Univ. Waikato, Hamilton, NZ) [1136] Abstract

D2.7   17:00   Simulation of a sub-sea gas pipeline in persian gulf to estimate physical parameters. A. Esmaeili (Islamic Azad Univ., Tehran, IR) [1169] Abstract

D3 - Monday morning
Fluid flow and multiphase systems

Emulsions and slurries

Chairpersons: S. Różańska, V. Sobolík

D3.1   11:00   Variety of flow regimes in Taylor-Couette-Poiseuille flow. M. Kristiawan1, A. Faye, *V. Sobolik (Univ. La Rochelle, FR; 1INRA, Nantes, FR) [1457] Abstract

D3.2   11:20   Extensional viscosity of w/o emulsions. S. Rozanska (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [371] Abstract

D3.3   11:40   Experimental study of the flow of suspensions in a horizontal pipe for application in the case of ice slurry. *D. Edelin, F. Fayolle, C. Castelain, C. Josset (Univ. Nantes, FR) [916] Abstract

D3.4   12:00   ERT investigation on horizontal and vertical counter-gravity slurry flow in pipelines. *Y. Faraj, M. Wang (Univ. Leeds, UK) [369] Abstract

D3.5   12:20   The experimental determination of particle-fluid interaction forces in binary-solid liquid suspensions. R. Di Felice, *M. Rotondi (Univ. Genova, IT) [331] Abstract

D4 - Monday afternoon
Fluid flow and multiphase systems

Gas-liquid (-solid) flows

Chairpersons: S. Kumar, J. Navarro-Laboulais

D4.1   14:00   Gas hold up in three phase co-current bubble columns. *S. Kumar, P. Munshi, A. Khanna (Indian Inst. Technol., Kanpur, IN) [102] Abstract

D4.2   14:20   High pressure experiments and simulations in cocurrent bubble columns. *S. Kumar, P. Munshi, A. Khanna (Indian Inst. Technol., Kanpur, IN) [143] Abstract

D4.3   14:40   Using artificial neural networks for the determination of kinetic rate constant from radical and direct gas-liquid ozonation unstationary models. *J. Ferre, S. C. Cardona, J. Navarro-Laboulais (Univ. Politec. Valencia, ES) [345] Abstract

D4.4   15:00   Application of time-series analyses for investigating the analogy between hydrodynamics of gas-solid fluidized-beds and gas-liquid bubble-columns. S. Aryafar, M. Abbasi, N. Mostoufi, R. Sotudeh-Gharebagh, *R. Zarghami (Univ. Tehran, IR) [1000] Abstract

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

Chairpersons: Z. Al-Qodah, J. Havlica

D4.5   16:20   Hydrodynamics and heat transfer characteristics of G-S magnetically stabilized beds consisting of admixtures of shale oil and magnetic particles. *Z. Al-Qodah, M. Al-Busoul (Al-Balqaa Appl. Univ., Amman, JO) [921] Abstract

D4.7   16:40   Characterization of interfacial hydrodynamics in a single cell of shaken microtiter plate bioreactor applying computational fluid dynamics technique. B. Pouran, *G. Amoabediny, M. S. Saghafinia1, M. P. H. Abbas (Univ. Tehran, IR; 1Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [861] Abstract

D5 - Tuesday morning
Fluid flow and multiphase systems


Chairpersons: J. Herguido, K. Svoboda

D5.1     8:30   Modeling the behavior of a fluidized bed by coupling DEM-CFD. *S. Al Arkawazi, C. Marie, K. Benhabib, P. Coorevits (Univ. Picardie, Saint Quentin, FR) [28] Abstract

D5.2     8:50   Three-component solids velocity measurements in the middle section of a riser. *M. N. Pantzali, N. Lozano Bayón, G. J. Heynderickx, G. B. Marin (Univ. Ghent, BE) [181] Abstract

D5.3     9:10   Particle tracking in a Two-Section Two-Zone Fluidized Bed Reactor (TS-TZFBR). Experimental technique and CCBM model validation. I. Julián, *J. Herguido, M. Menéndez (Univ. Zaragoza, ES) [300] Abstract

D5.4     9:30   One dimensional two-fluid model simulations of detached and coupled riser-bubbling bed units in circulating fluidized bed reactor: solid flux sensitivity for heat integration between the riser and the bubbling bed units. *R. Sánchez, Z. Chao, J. Solsvik, H. A. Jakobsen (Norweg. Univ. Sci. Technol., Trondheim, NO) [298] Abstract

D5.5     9:50   CFD modelling on the hydrodynamics of a novel annular FCC catalyst cooler: model validation. *X. Yao, X. Han, F. Sun, Y. Zhang, C. Lu (China Univ. Petrol., Beijing, CN) [231] Abstract

D5.6   10:10   The effect of using alternative distributor on bubbles diameter in fluidized bed reactors. M. Qasemi, *M. Nasiri, M. H. Khani1, A. Ghaemi1 (Semnan Univ., IR; 1Nucl. Sci. Technol. Res. Inst., Tehran, IR) [1308] Abstract

10:30   Coffee break, poster session

D5 - Tuesday morning

Chairpersons: V. Alopaeus, T. Moucha

D5.7   11:00   Keynote lecture: Transfer of mixing knowledge across industries: practical opportunities. *M. K. Dawson, D. A. R. Brown (BHR Group, Cranfield, UK) [342] Abstract

D5.8   11:40   Analysis of dispersed fluid phase mixing and mass transfer with population balances. V. Alopaeus (Aalto Univ., FI) [245] Abstract

D5.9   12:00   Phaseinversion and coalescence in agitated, turbulent liquid/liquid-dispsersions. *S. Maaß, M. Russo, M. Kraume (Tech. Univ., Berlin, DE) [460] Abstract

D5.10   12:20   Inter-phase mass transfer in turbulent liquid-liquid dispersions: a comparative analysis of models. *F. Azizi, A. M. Al Taweel1 (Amer. Univ. Beirut, LB; 1Dalhousie Univ., Halifax NS, CA) [279] Abstract

D6 - Tuesday afternoon

Chairpersons: J. Baldyga, A. W. Nienow

D6.1   14:00   Mass transfer in mechanically agitated fermenters. Physical interpretation of experimental data and a pilot plant study . T. Moucha, V. Linek, *L. Labík (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1228] Abstract

D6.2   14:20   Further studies of micromixing; scale-up, baffling and feed pipe backmixing. M. Assirelli, S. P. Lee, *A. W. Nienow1 (Inst. Chem. Eng. Sci., Singapore, SG; 1Univ. Birmingham, UK) [84] Abstract

D6.3   14:40   The iodide iodate reaction method: considerations on a molecular scale. A. Kölbl (Karlsruhe Inst. Technol., DE) [961] Abstract

D6.4   15:00   Test reactions to study micromixing and mass transfer. *J. Bałdyga, M. Jasińska, J. Trendowska, M. Cooke1, A. Kowalski2 (Warsaw Univ. Technol., Warszawa, PL; 1Univ. Manchester, UK; 2Unilever Res. Dev., Wirral, UK) [604] Abstract

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

D6.5   16:20   Tissue detergency intensification by use of micro and macro scale action on the washing liquid. *R. S. Abiev, V. S. Davydov, Y. V. Gurikhina, V. M. Barabash1 (St. Petersburg State Tech. Univ., RU; 1SIF Mixing, St. Petersburg, RU) [182] Abstract

D6.6   16:40   PIV measurements and POD analysis as a tool to study mixing of non-Newtonian fluids in stirred vessels. *J.-C. Gabelle, A. Liné, J. Morchain, D. Anne-Archard, F. Augier1 (Univ. Toulouse, FR; 1Inst. Fr. Pet., Solaize, FR) [595] Abstract

D6.7   17:00   Power requirements for yield stress fluids in a vessel with forward-reverse rotating impeller. *S. Woziwodzki, J. Słowiński (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [398] Abstract

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