Plenary lectures

Sunday morning

Chairperson: J. Drahoš

A1.1     8:30   Chemical engineering challenges for a post-nuclear and post-fossil energy future. G. Kreysa (Eppstein, DE) [1365] Abstract

A1.2     9:30   Process heat transfer enhancement to upgrade performance, throughput and reduced energy use. M. J. Gough (Cal Gavin Ltd., Alcester, UK) [701] Abstract

Monday morning

Chairperson: P. Stehlík

A3.1     8:30   Energy, water and raw materials: an integrated solution. E. Drioli (ITM-CNR, Univ. Calabria, Rende, IT) [1388] Abstract

A3.2     9:30   Power from the deserts: vision or reality?. H. Mueller-Steinhagen (Tech. Univ., Dresden, DE) [1384] Abstract

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