22-26 August 2004, Prague - Czech Republic
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Lectures F

F1 - Monday morning

Chairpersons: A. W. Nienow, V. Machon

F1.1     8:30   Experiences with application of LDA/PDA methods in an agitated vessel. *Ditl P., Sedivy V., Kysela B. (Czech Tech. Univ., Praha, CZ) [1477]

F1.2     8:50   CFD prediction of homogenization in a tall cylindrical vessel. *Mostek M., Jahoda M., Kukukova A., Machon V. (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [488]

F1.3     9:10   Simulation of mixing processes in a laminar chaotic flow. Roberts E. P. L., *Fuentes J. (UMIST, Manchester, UK) [1332]

F1.4     9:30   The versatility of up-pumping hydrofoil agitators. *Nienow A. W., Bujalski W. (Univ. Birmingham, UK) [69]

9:50   Coffee break, plenary lecture

F1.6   11:30   Experimental studies of mechanically agitated gas - solid - liquid systems. *Karcz J., Kielbus-Rspala A. (Tech. Univ. Szczecin, PL) [563]

F1.7   11:50   Force effects of the macro-instability of flow pattern on radial baffles in a cylindrical vessel stirred with a pitched-blade impeller or a Rushton turbine. *Hasal P., Fort I.1, Kratena J.1 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Czech Tech. Univ., Praha, CZ) [574]

F1.8   12:10   Implementing the time and spatial Dirac (delta) impulses in the numerical solution of the dispersion model. *Siyakatshana N., Kudrna V., Machon V., Cermakova J. (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1633]

F2 - Monday afternoon
PRES 2004

Integrated unit operations

Chairpersons: G. Wozny, T. Zhelev

F2.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: Reactive distillation towers: new strategies for start up. Repke J.-U., Reepmeyer F., *Wozny G. (Tech. Univ., Berlin, DE) [1509]

F2.2   14:20   Keynote lecture: Rate-based modelling of dividing wall columns - a new application to reactive systems. *Mueller I., Kloeker M., Kenig E. Y. (Univ. Dortmund, DE) [1513]

F2.3   14:40   Process improvement by application of membrane bioreactors. *Drews A., Kraume M. (Tech. Univ., Berlin, DE) [1521]

F2.4   15:00   Transesterification of dimethyl carbonate via catalytic distillation. *Richter J., Noeres C., Zielinska-Nadolska I.1, Gorak A. (Univ. Dortmund, DE; 1Inst. Chem. Eng., Gliwice, PL) [1531]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

F2.5   16:00   Modelling, design and optimisation studies of batch and semi-batch reactors. Zheng X., Smith R., *Theodoropoulos C. (UMIST, Manchester, UK) [1512]

F2.6   16:20   Design of a DBD wire-cylinder reactor for NOx emission control - experimental and modeling. *Moscosa Santillan M., Vincent A., Amouroux J. (UPMC/ENSCP, Paris, FR) [519]

F2.7   16:40   Modelling of the Lenzing SO2 recovery process and validation with plant data. *Steindl M., Wolfinger M. G., Sixta H.1, Friedl A.2 (Wood K-Plus, Lenzing, AT; 1Lenzing R&D, Lenzing, AT; 2Univ. Technol., Wien, AT) [410]

F2.8   17:00   Pollutant emissions management in an existing plant by diminishing the production of undesirable compounds: the case of CHF3. *Pantzali M. N., Mouza A. A., Paras S. V. (Aristotle Univ., Thessaloniki, GR) [362]

F2.9   17:20   Integrated cement production with municipal solid waste incineration. Cheung W. H., Choy K. K. H., Hui C.-W., *McKay G. (Hong Kong Univ. Sci. Technol., HK) [1415]

F2.10   17:40   Retrofitting a steel cold rolling mill: economical and environmental benefits. *Sublet R., Sorin M.1, Hammach A.1, Poulin B.1, Thomas J.-S., Cigana J.2 (Veolia Env., Paris, FR; 1CANMET, Varennes Que., CA; 2Anjou Rech., Maisons-Laffitte, FR) [421]

F2.11   18:00   Design and optimisation of the dividing wall column for light hydrocarbon separation in oil refinery. *Isopescu R., Bumbac G., Popescu D. C.1, Grozeanu I.1 (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO; 1SNP Petrom, Ploiesti, RO) [1660]

F3 - Tuesday morning
PRES 2004

E-learning in academia and continuous professional development

Chairpersons: G. Wozny, F. Friedler

F3.1     8:30   Keynote lecture: Improvement of learning of process technology using modern information technology - keynote lecture. *Wozny G., Klein A., Zerry R., Hausmanns C., Urbas L. (Tech. Univ. Berlin, DE) [1156]

F3.2     9:10   Educational environment on technologies for efficient water treatment. Avramenko Y., *Kraslawski A. (Lappeenranta Univ. Technol., FI) [1495]

F3.3     9:30   Development of e-learning applications for chemical engineering education in "POLITEHNICA" University of Bucharest. Plesu V., *Postelnicescu P., Isopescu R., Onofrei R. (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [1183]

9:50   Coffee break, plenary lecture

F3.4   11:10   Keynote lecture: Experiences and future developments in e-learning and e-teaching of engineering education. *Perry S., Klemes J. (UMIST, Manchester, UK) [1469]

F3.5   11:50   Towards a methodology for e-learning in process and chemical engineering. *Jimenez-Esteller L., Gauss B.1, Hausmanns C.1, Urbas L.1, Wozny G.1 (Univ. Barcelona, ES; 1Tech. Univ., Berlin, DE) [1393]

F3.6   12:10   Landfills as a valuable source of experience for (E-)learning in continuous professional development, and not only…. *Meres M., Szafnicki K.1 (Ec. Nat. Sup. Mines, Saint-Etienne, FR; 1Jagellonian Univ., Krakow, PL) [1508]

F4 - Tuesday afternoon
PRES 2004

Integration of renewables; waste processing and management

Chairpersons: A. Kraslawski, P. Glavic

F4.1   14:00   Validation of a biogas production simulation model with real plant data. *Friedl A., Schlegl L., Pfeffer M., Harasek M. (Vienna Univ. Technol., Wien, AT) [774]

F4.2   14:20   Industrial utilization of alternative fuel - thermal processing of sewage sludge. Stasta P., *Boran J., Bebar L., Stehlik P., Oral J. (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [1008]

F4.3   14:40   Optimization of an SOFC-based decentralized polygeneration system for providing energy services in an office-building in Tokyo. *Weber C., Koyama M.1, Kraines S.2, Marechal F., Favrat D. (Swiss Fed. Inst. Technol., Lausanne, CH; 1Univ. Sendai, JP; 2Univ. Tokyo, JP) [1398]

F4.4   15:00   An effective technique for wastewater minimisation in batch processes - 2. Multiple contaminants. *Majozi T. (Univ. Pretoria, ZA) [1022]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

F4.5   16:00   Hybrid system for design of wastewater treatment. *Avramenko Y., Kraslawski A., Menshutina N. V.1 (Lappeenranta Univ. Technol., FI; 1Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol., Moskva, RU) [1366]

F4.6   16:20   Evaluation of the environmental impacts associated to canned tuna manufacture by Life Cycle Assessment. *Moreira M. T., Hospido A., Vazquez M. E.1, Cuevas A.1, Feijoo G. (Univ. Santiago de Compostella, ES; 1Luis Calvo Sanz SA, Carballo, ES) [1128]

F4.7   16:40   Life cycle assessment as an engineer's tool?. *Niederl A., Narodoslawsky M. (Univ. Technol., Graz, AT) [1389]

F4.9   17:20   Heat exchanger network retrofit by genetic algorithms. Bochenek R., *Jezowski J. (Rzeszow Univ. Technol., PL) [217]

F4.10   17:40   Fresh water savings through genetic algorithm optimization. Lavric V., *Iancu P., Plesu V., Ivanescu I.1 (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO; 1PETROM, Bucuresti, AL) [246]

F5 - Wednesday morning
Particulate solids

Material flow

Chairperson: H. Kalman

F5.1     8:30   Keynote lecture: Mechanics of particle adhesion. *Tomas J. (O. von Guericke Univ., Magdeburg, DE) [351]

F5.2     9:10   Scale-up of high shear wet granulation process. Belohlav Z., Brenkova L., Durdil P.1, *Hanika J.2, Lehotsky M.1, Rapek P.1, Tomasek V.1 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Zentiva, Praha, CZ; 2Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [1120]

F5.3     9:30   DEM simulation of cohesive powder flow in Jenike shear cell. *Tykhoniuk R., Tomas J. (O. von Guericke Univ., Magdeburg, DE) [517]

F5.4     9:50   Determination of the stress distribution in a specially instrumented roll press during powder compaction. *Herold D. J., Sommer K. (Tech. Univ. Munchen, DE) [138]

10:10   Coffee break

F5.5   10:50   Damping properties of cohesive particulate solids. Haack A., Kache G., *Tomas J. (O. von Guericke Univ., Magdeburg, DE) [343]

F5.6   11:10   Segregation of particulate solids with different densities. *van der Lans R. P. (Novozymes A/S, Bagsvaerd, DK) [160]

F5.7   11:30   Determination of the stress ratio labda in a special constructed die sensor over the hole height of a tablet. *Haas S., Sommer K. (Tech. Univ. Munchen, DE) [291]

F5.8   11:50   Lateral transportation in a rotating drum. *Kuo H. P., Hsiao Y. C. (Chang Gung Univ., Tao-Yuan, TW) [185]

F5.9   12:10   Study of granular mixing in a vibrated bed with electrostatic force. *Lu L.-S., Hsiau S.-S.1 (Kuang Wu Inst. Technol., Taipei, TW; 1Nat. Cent. Univ., Chung-Li, TW) [732]

F6 - Wednesday afternoon
Particulate solids

Characterization and flow

Chairperson: J. Tomas

F6.1   14:00   Heat transfer to gas-particles flow in dilute state. Haim M., *Kalman H. (Ben-Gurion Univ. Negev, Beer Sheva, IL) [900]

F6.2   14:20   Phase migration in pastes and gels - a fundamentally based method of assessment. Bardesley M. A., *Bridgwater J. (Univ. Cambridge, UK) [75]

F6.3   14:40   Characterization of the wetting properties of hydrophobic powders by means of the capillary rise method. *Thuemmler S., Hoehne D., Husemann K. (TU Bergakademie Freiberg, DE) [288]

F6.4   15:00   The effect of binder solidification rate on granule microstrucure. *Stepanek F., Ansari M. (Imperial Coll., London, UK) [752]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

F6.5   16:00   Aerated discharge of a bin loaded with radially segregated solids. *D'Arco A., Donsi G., Ferrari G., Poletto M. (Univ. Salerno, Fisciano, IT) [894]

F6.6   16:20   DEM simulation of diametrical compression and fracture of particle compounds. *Khanal M., Schubert W., Tomas J. (Otto v. Guericke Univ., Magdeburg, DE) [1024]

F7 - Thursday morning
Particulate solids


Chairperson: E. Forssberg

F7.1     8:30   Keynote lecture: Preparation of nano-particles by means of mechanochemical reaction. Zhang Q., Ito T.1, *Saito F. (Tohoku Univ., Sendai, JP; 1Nittetsu Mining Co., Tokyo, JP) [1030]

F7.2     9:10   Crushing glass and silica particles under an ultrasonic field. *Valderrama R. W., Vargas Y.1, Gutierrez L. (Univ. Technol., Valparaiso, CL; 1Univ. Santiago de Chile, CL) [1497]

F7.3     9:30   Mechanochemical modification of fluidized fly ash for its utilisation in building materials preparing. *Stevulova N. (Tech. Univ. Kosice, SK) [631]

F7.4     9:50   A study on liner shape of an industrial-scale tube mill for cement clinker - from the viewpoint of impact energy of media simulated by DEM. *Mio H., Ito M.1, Kano J., Saito F., Sverak T.2 (Tohoku Univ., Sendai, JP; 1Taiheyio Cement Corp., Tokyo, JP; 2Tech. Univ. Brno, CZ) [1029]

10:10   Coffee break

F7.5   10:50   Breakage behaviour of granulates by compression. *Antonyuk S., Tomas J., Heinrich S., Morl L. (O. von Guericke Univ., Magdeburg, DE) [482]

F7.6   11:10   An improved equation to model power consumption in SAG mills. Magne L., Campi A., *Valderrama R. W.1 (Univ. Santiago de Chile, CL; 1Univ. Technology, Valparaiso, CL) [1485]

F7.8   11:30   Comparison of two discrete models for closed mill-classifier systems. *Kis P. B., Mihalyko C.1, Lakatos B. G.1 (Coll. Dunaujvaros, HU; 1Univ. Veszprem, HU) [495]

F7.9   11:50   Mechanochemical treatment of cellulose. *Turczyn R., Zhang Q.1, Saito F.1 (Silesian Univ. Technol., Gliwice, PL; 1Tohoku Univ., Sendai, JP) [1187]

F8 - Thursday afternoon
Particulate solids


Chairperson: J. Novosad

F8.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: Considering mutual interactions between operating units in the chemical industry. *Kalman H. (Ben-Gurion Univ. Negev, Beer-Sheva, IL) [1042]

F8.2   14:40   Application of electrical tomography for imaging industrial processes. *Dyakowski T. (UMIST, Manchester, UK) [1071]

F8.3   15:00   Pelleting of culinary powders in a climatically adjustable press chamber in consideration of the Tg (Aw) state diagram. *Haas S., Sommer K. (Tech. Univ. Munchen, DE) [315]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

F8.4   16:00   Solution of population balance equations in particulate systems: coupled nucleation, aggregation, and growth. Alexopoulos A. H., *Kiparissides C. (Aristotle Univ., Thessaloniki, GR) [1357]

F8.5   16:20   The production of PCC and its applications. Fernandez A., *Fell D. (Hosokawa Alpine AG, Augsburg, DE) [415]

F8.6   16:40   The effect of adhesion and cohesion forces on the quality of the throughout colored surfaces of slate scales. *Sverak T., Trojan M.1, Strazisar J.2 (Univ. Technol., Brno, CZ; 1Univ. Pardubice, CZ; 2Univ. Ljubljana, SI) [1102]

F8.7   17:00   Generation of titania nanopowder via sol-gel synthesis. *Hintz W., Nikolov T., Yordanova V., Tomas J. (O. von Guericke Univ., Magdeburg, DE) [433]

F8.8   17:20   Granular flow in a louver-walled moving bed with flow corrective elements. *Hsiau S.-S., Smid J.1, Tu W.-D., Peng C.-Y.1 (Nat. Cent. Univ., Chung-Li, TW; 1Energy&Res. Labs., Hsinchu, TW) [581]

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