22-26 August 2004, Prague - Czech Republic
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Lectures H

H1 - Monday morning
PRES 2004

Integrated process design

Chairpersons: J. Klemes, K. Hirata

H1.1     8:30   Keynote lecture: Rethinking process development in fine and specialty chemicals. *Smith R. (UMIST, Manchester, UK) [1499]

H1.2     9:10   Energy recovery and environmental concerns addressed through emergy-pinch analysis. *Zhelev T. (Univ. Limerick, IE) [1385]

H1.3     9:30   Minimum energy expenditure in the thermal separation of hydrocarbon mixtures at low temperature. *Markowski M., Urbaniec K., Budek A., Grabarczyk R. (Warsaw Univ. Technol., Plock, PL) [879]

9:50   Coffee break, plenary lecture

H1.4   11:10   Keynote lecture: Flexibility study of a utility system. *Chan P., Hui C.-W. (Hong Kong Univ., HK) [1395]

H1.5   11:50   Optimal specialty chemical plant retrofit with combined heat and power production. Gorsek A., *Glavic P., Bogataj M. (Univ. Maribor, SI) [357]

H1.6   12:10   Optimisation of a commercial olefin plant using pinch analysis. *Al-Rabiah A. A. (King Saud Univ., Riyadh, SA) [1369]

H2 - Monday afternoon
PRES 2004

Emissions minimisation

Chairpersons: P. Stehlik, R. Smith

H2.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: High durability ePTFE membrane filtration and catalytic destruction of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans long-term experience at European incineration plants. Pranghofer G. G. (W. L. Gore&Assoc., Putzbrunn, DE) [1387]

H2.2   14:40   Analysis of a power plant concept with inherent separation of CO2 - chemical-looping combustion. *Kronberger B., Luisser M., Hofbauer H. (Vienna Univ. Technol., Wien, AT) [188]

H2.3   15:00   Optimisation of energy requirements of a PSA process for CO2 recovering. Salhi D., Tondeur D., *Latifi M. A. (CNRS-ENSIC, Nancy, FR) [1370]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

H2.4   16:00   Keynote lecture: Effective scheduling of a large-scale paint production system. *Adonyi R., Biros G., Friedler F. (Univ. Veszprem, HU) [1607]

H2.5   16:40   Optimisation of integrated energy systems for remote communities considering economic, LCA factors and gaseous emissions with evolutionary algorithm. *Pelet X., Favrat D., Leyland G. (EPFL, Lausanne, CH) [1504]

H2.6   17:00   Techno-economic modelling and cost functions of CO2 capture processes. *Klemes J., Li B., Bulatov I. (UMIST, Manchester, UK) [1437]

H2.7   17:20   Calorimetric measurements for modelling elimination of carbon dioxide by dissolution in aqueous systems. *Koschel D., Coxam J.-Y., Rodier L., Majer V. (Univ. Blaise Pascal/CNRS, Aubiere, FR) [1307]

H2.8   17:40   Use of LCA to investigate the environmental impact of carbon sequestration in the ocean. Tan R. B. H., *Khoo H. H. (Nat. Univ. Singapore, SG) [196]

H3 - Tuesday morning
PRES 2004


Chairpersons: Z. Y. Li, A. Koziol

H3.1     8:30   Keynote lecture: Modeling, simulation and control; case study for wood drying systems (WDS) and clinker rotary kiln (CRK). *Tarasiewicz S. (Laval Univ. Quebec, CA) [1258]

H3.2     9:10   Mathematical modelling and computer simulation of heat and mass transfer during infrared processing (micronization) of yellow peas. *Cenkowski S., Hong J. T., Scanlon M. G., Arntfield S. D. (Univ. Manitoba, Winnipeg MB, CA) [1202]

H3.3     9:30   Modeling superheated steam vacuum drying of wood. *Defo M., Fortin Y., Cloutier A. (Univ. Laval, QC, CA) [1229]

9:50   Coffee break, plenary lecture

H3.4   11:10   Mechanical effects in saturated capillary-porous materials during convetive and microwave drying. Kowalski S. J., Rajewska K., *Rybicki A. (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [380]

H3.5   11:30   A dynamic analysis of drying energy consumption. Menshutina N. V., *Gordienko M. G., Voynovskiy A. A., Kudra T.1 (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol., Moskva, SA; 1CANMET, Varennes Que., CA) [426]

H3.6   11:50   Experimental and numerical study of a solar convective tunnel drier. *Khiari B., Ben Mabrouk S., Sassi M.1 (INRST, Hammam-Lif, TN; 1Ec. Nat. Ing., Monastir, TN) [126]

H3.7   12:10   A novel plant for extraction and drying of milk protein. Marchevsky V. N., *Seminskyi O. O. (Nat. Tech. Univ. Ukr., Kyiv, UA) [1520]

H4 - Tuesday afternoon
PRES 2004


Chairpersons: S. Cenkowski, S. Tarasiewicz

H4.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: Microwave drying of porous materials. Koziol A., *Araszkiewicz M., Oskwarek A., Lupinski M. (Tech. Univ., Wroclaw, PL) [1417]

H4.2   14:40   Modeling of diffusion in ellipsoidal solids: a simplified approach to solving some drying problems. *Li Z. Y., Ye J. S. (Tanjin Univ. Sci. Technol., CN) [1133]

H4.3   15:00   Energy-saving mode of drying for vegetative materials. Snezhkin Y. F., Boryak L. A., Marchevsky V. N.1, *Seminskyi A. O.1 (Inst. Eng. Thermophys., Kyiv, UA; 1Nat. Tech. Univ., Kyiv, UA) [1000]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

H4.4   16:00   Keynote lecture: Applications of MATLAB-based software to drying simulation. *Wang D.-C., Fon D.-S.1 (De Lin Inst. Technol., Tu-Chen, TW; 1Nat. Taiwan Univ., Taipei, TW) [1402]

H4.5   16:40   Modelling of carrot drying using a quasi - stationary method. Zielinska M., *Bialobrzewski I., Markowski M. (Univ. Warmia Mazury, Olsztyn, PL) [1635]

H4.6   17:00   Spray drying of tomato pulp: Effect of feed concentration. *Goula A. M., Adamopoulos K. G. (Aristotle Univ. Thessaloniki, GR) [1639]

H5 - Wednesday morning
PRES 2004

Integrated & advanced design

Chairpersons: D. Kukulka, K. Urbaniec

H5.1     8:50   Keynote lecture: Multicomponent separation by heat-integrated distillation column (HIDiC). *Iwakabe K., Nakaiwa M., Huang K., Nakanishi T.1, Zhu Y., Rosjorde A.2, Ohmori T., Endo A., Yamamoto T. (Nat. Inst. Adv. Ind. Sci. Technol., Ibaraki, JP; 1Kimura Chemical Plant, Hyogo, JP; 2Norwegian Univ. Sci. Technol., Trondheim, NO) [650]

H5.2     9:30   Pinch analysis based conceptual design of heat-integrated distillation columns. Olujic Z., Gadalla M. A., *Sun L., de Rijke A., Jansens P. J. (Delft Univ. Technol., NL) [676]

H5.3     9:50   Process synthesis as a means for technology development. Halasz L., Niederl A.1, *Narodoslawsky M.1 (Univ. Veszprem, HU; 1Graz Univ. Technol., AT) [693]

10:10   Coffee break

H5.4   10:50   PRES Plenary: Most frequently used heat exchangers from pioneering research to applications worldwide. *Master B. I., Chunangad K. S., Boxma B.1, Kral D.2, Stehlik P.3 (ABB Lummus Heat Transfer, Bloomfield NJ, US; 1ABB Lummus Heat Transfer, The Hague, NL; 2Tenza Inc., Brno, CZ; 3Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [1459]

H5.5   11:30   Keynote lecture: Reducing CO2 emissions in heat-integrated distillation systems. Gadalla M. A., *de Rijke A., Olujic Z., Jansens P. J., Jobson M.1, Smith R.1 (Delft Univ. Technol., NL; 1UMIST, Manchester, UK) [703]

H5.6   12:10   Mathematical modeling and optimization of hydrogen storage in metal hydride beds. *Georgiadis M., Kikkinides E.1, Athanasios S.2 (Imperial Coll. London, UK; 1Aristotle Univ., Thessaloniki, GR; 2Nat. Cent. Sci. Res Demokritos, Athens, GR) [384]

H5.7   12:30   Conceptual design of radiant chamber and preliminary optimisation of process tubular furnace. *Jegla Z. (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [226]

H6 - Wednesday afternoon
PRES 2004

Integrated & advanced design

Chairpersons: M. Georgiadis, V. Plesu

H6.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: Transient evaluation of process surfaces used in fouling applications. *Kukulka D. J., Devgun M. (State Univ New York, Buffalo NY, US) [558]

H6.2   14:40   Development of a method for analysing energy, environmental and economic efficiency for an integrated steel plant. *Larsson M., Wang C., Dahl J. (Lulea Univ. Technol., SE) [1193]

H6.3   15:00   The plate heat exchangers for high duties. Tovazhnyansky L. L., *Kapustenko P. O.1, Perevertaylenko O.1, Arsenyeva O. P.1 (Nat. Tech. Univ., Kharkiv, UA; 1SODRUGESTVO, Kharkiv, UA) [824]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

H6.4   16:00   Keynote lecture: Alternative design approach for multipass and multi-stream plate heat exchangers for use in heat recovery systems. *Picon-Nunez M., Lopez-Robles J. L., Miranda-Alvarez C. (Univ. Guanajuato, MX) [1078]

H6.5   16:40   Application of twisted tube heat exchangers technology in plants capacity up-rating. *Lutcha J., Ljubicic B.1 (Koch-Glitsch-Cee, Brno, CZ; 1Brown Finetube, Koch-Glitsch, Dudelange, LU) [1033]

H6.6   17:00   Optimal batch process design and operation under uncertainty. *Arellano-Garcia H., Wendt M., Li P., Wozny G. (Tech. Univ. Berlin, DE) [662]

H6.7   17:20   Metaheuristic multiobjective optimization approach for the scheduling of multiproduct plants. Bonfill A., Arbiza M. J., Canton J., *Guillen G., Mele F. D., Espuna A., Puigjaner L. (Univ. Polit. Catal., Barcelona, ES) [806]

H6.8   17:40   Heat integration of multipurpose batch plants using a continuous-time framework. *Majozi T. (Univ. Pretoria, ZA) [1025]

H7 - Thursday morning
PRES 2004

Industrial application & optimal design

Chairpersons: E. Kenig, T. Majozi

H7.1     8:50   Keynote lecture: An integrated multiobjective design tool for pulp and paper process design. *Manninen J., Hakanen J.1, Kaijaluoto S., Hakala J. (VTT Processes, Jyvaskyla, FI; 1Univ. Jyvaskyla, FI) [261]

H7.2     9:30   Investigation of energy and feedstock saving production of isoparaffin fractions. Hancsok J., *Magyar S., Keresztury L., Nguyen K. V. S., Kallo D.1 (Univ. Veszprem, HU; 1Hung. Acad. Sci., Budapest, HU) [1453]

H7.3     9:50   MOSAIC, a web-based approach to chemical process modeling. *Zerry R., Wozny G. (Tech. Univ. Berlin, DE) [1162]

10:10   Coffee break

H7.4   10:50   PRES Plenary: Utilising renewable resources economically - new challenges and chances for process development. *Narodoslawsky M., Niederl A., Halasz L.1 (Tech. Univ., Graz, AT; 1Univ. Veszprem, HU) [1494]

H7.5   11:30   Keynote lecture: Challenge for industrial, building and residential heat pumps. *Thonon B. (Greth, Grenoble, FR) [1052]

H7.6   12:10   A heat piloted residential 5 kW fuel cell. *Lilien J. L., Marechal F.1, Lerson S., Pochet N. (Univ. Liege, BE; 1Ec. Polytech. Fed. Lausanne, CH) [1254]

H7.7   12:30   Analysis of integrated flowsheets for biotechnological production of fuel ethanol. *Cardona C. A., Sanchez O. J.1 (Nat. Univ. Colombia, Manizales, CO; 1Univ. Caldas, CO) [463]

H7.9   13:10   Autothermal sorption-enhanced steam reforming of bio-oil/biogas mixture and energy generation by fuel cells: concept analysis and process simulation. Iordanidis A. A., *Kechagiopoulos P. N.1, Voutetakis S. S., Lemonidou A. A.1, Vasalos I. A.1 (Chem. Proc. Eng. Res. Inst., Thessaloniki, GR; 1Univ. Thessaloniki, GR) [1745]

H8 - Thursday afternoon
PRES 2004

Energy saving technology

Chairpersons: B. Thonon, J. Manninen

H8.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: Structural optimisation of distributed energy systems. *Soderman J., Pettersson F. (Abo Akad. Univ., FI) [271]

H8.2   14:40   Audit for energy savings in sites with chemical processes. *Vaclavek V. (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1274]

H8.3   15:00   Future directions of integrated distillation-permeation processes. *Brinkmann T., Ebert K., Ohlrogge K., Wenzlaff A. (GKSS Forschungszentrum Geesthacht, DE) [1519]

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

H8.4   16:00   Keynote lecture: Chemical and process integration: Synergies from co-production of power and chemicals from natural gas, with CO2-capture. *Kaggerud K. H., Gundersen T. (Norwegian Univ. Sci. Technol., Trondheim, NO) [342]

H8.5   16:40   Chemical reactors energy integration applied to SCWO. *Lavric E. D., Weyten H.1, De Ruyck J., Plesu V.2, Lavric V.2 (Vrije Univ., Bruxelles, BE; 1Vlaamse Instel. Technol. Onder., Mol, BE; 2Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [253]

H8.6   17:00   Process intensification pathways in the treatment of incinerator flue gases. *Fino D., Russo N., Saracco G., Specchia V. (Politech. Torino, IT) [692]

H8.8   17:20   Energy Level Composite Curves - a new graphical methodology for the integration of energy intensive processes. *Anantharaman R., Abbas S. O., Gundersen T. (Norwegian Univ. Sci. Technol., Trondheim, NO) [1610]

H8.9   17:40   Pinch analysis - a tool for energy management within and across industrial plants. Iacob V., *Popescu D. C., Ivanescu I.1, Plesu V.2 (PETROM, Ploiesti, RO; 1PETROM, Bucuresti, RO; 2Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [329]

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