CHISA 2010 - 19th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering

Posters P7, Wednesday

PRES 2010

P7.1   New issues in biodiesel synthesis – project TINOCIP. *V. Plesu, P. Iancu, H. V. Halmajan1, S. Jurcoane1, A. E. Bonet-Ruiz, J. Bonet, I. Bulatov, C. Patrut (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO; 1Cent. Microb. Biotechnol., Bucuresti, RO) [16]

P7.2   Using polymers as a binder to improve the green mechanical strength of tableware in isostatics press technology (powder test). A. Arasteh Nodeh (Islamic Azad Univ., Quchan, IR) [20]

P7.3   Modeling and simulation of alumina drying process in spray dryer with co-current flow. M. Kalbasi, M. Khanlarkhani, A. Ahmadpour, *D. Abbaspour (Nat. Iranian Petrochem. Co., Asalooyeh, IR) [21]

P7.4   Electrostatic enhancement of coalescence of benzene droplets in water. A. Maghsoudlo, *M. Hosseini (Babol Univ. Technol., IR) [38]

P7.5   Energy saving by the intensification of the electro- Fenton process for water treatment using boron doped diamond electrode. *I. Siminiceanu, C. I. Alexandru, E. Brillas1 (Tech. Univ., Iasi, RO; 1Univ. Barcelona, ES) [39]

P7.6   Heuristic algorithms for 3D optimal chemical plant layout design. *V. Meshalkin, V. Menshikov, A. Obraztsov (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol. Russia, Moskva, RU) [48]

P7.7   Optimization and modification methods to increase the capacity of gas in dehydration and sweetening unit in refinery. M. S. Parvandad Asadollahi (Toosi Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [57]

P7.8   Study of effective surface area and approximation of the thickness of liquid film on structured packing employing CFD analysis. M. Vaziri, *M. T. Sadeghi (Iran Univ. Sci. Technol., Tehran, IR) [121]

P7.9   Optimal design of heat exchanger network in oil refineries. E. M. Al-Mutairi (King Fahd Univ. Pet. Min., Dhahran, SA) [124]

P7.10   Utilization of incineration waste ash residues as Portland cement clinker. *H. K. Lam, G. McKay (Hong Kong Univ. Sci. Technol., Kowloon, HK) [130]

P7.11   Equilibrium approach to reactive distillation calculations with identification of phases. *Y. Saboohi, A. Avami (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [146]

P7.12   Optimal networking of fishing actors to organize a responsible, optimal and sustainable exploitation of marine resources. *L. T. Antelo, A. Franco Uría, A. A. Alonso (CSIC, Vigo, ES) [154]

P7.13   Impact analysis of the Spanish electric energy market liberalization on chlor-alkali industry. *R. Aldaco, R. Onandía, A. Irabien (Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES) [182]

P7.14   Dawsonite production with Caterpillar microreactor. *D. C. Dubert, R. Garcia-Valls, J. Pérez-Ramírez1 (Univ. Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, ES; 1ETH, Zurich, CH) [197]

P7.15   Effect of a horizontal frame member on transitional heat transfer from a recessed window to a room. P. H. Oosthuizen (Queen's Univ., Kingston ON, CA) [198]

P7.16   Enhanced sulphur compounds adsorption from Jordanian diesel fuel by microemulsion-modified activated carbon. *M. A. Al-Ghouti, Y. S. Al-Degs1, F. Khalili2 (Royal Scientific Society, Amman, JO; 1Hashemite Univ., Zarqa, JO; 2Univ. Jordan, Amman, JO) [204]

P7.17   Exploitation of interactions between hydroprocesses and hydrogen networks based on molecular management . *Y. Wu, N. Zhang (Univ. Manchester, UK) [205]

P7.18   DNA imitation model, theory and application. T. Mutlu (Univ. Kocatepe, Afyon, TR) [235]

P7.19   Monetarised impacts on human well-being and ecosystems as the basis for product system assessment. M. Z. Zgurovsky1, *G. O. Statyukha, I. M. Dzhygyrey (Nat. Tech. Univ., Kyiv, UA; 1Inst. Appl. Syst. Anal., Kyiv, UA) [260]

P7.20   Simultaneous mass and heat integration in water network design. K. Wałczyk, *J. M. Jeżowski (Rzeszow Univ. Technol., PL) [270]

P7.21   Shallow spouted beds for drying of sludge from the paper industry. *M. J. San Jose, S. Alvarez, A. Ortiz de Salazar, A. Morales, J. Bilbao (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [323]

P7.22   Rheological characterization of recovery yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) cream from brewing process. *M. A. Cremasco, K. P. Melo (UNICAMP, Campinas, BR) [335]

P7.23   Modified deterministic algorithm for automated HEN design in waste-to-energy applications. *V. Turek, Z. Jegla (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [340]

P7.24   Production of biodiesel from palm oil by extractive reaction. L. F. Gutiérrez, *O. J. Sánchez, C. A. Cardona1 (Univ. Caldas, Manizales, CO; 1Univ. Nac. Colombia, Manizales, CO) [356]

P7.25   Computer-aided analysis of industrial energy systems applied to a paper machine. *S. Kirschbaum, P. Voll1, G. Wrobel (RWTH, Aachen, DE; 1Soc. Prom. Appl. Comp. Sci., Berlin, DE) [362]

P7.26   A method for the regeneration of used Fe-ZSM5 catalyst in Fischer–Tropsch synthesis. *Y. Zamani, S. H. Yousefian, A. Nakhaei Pour, B. Moshtari, F. Bahadoran, S. A. Taheri (Res. Inst. Pet. Ind., Tehran, IR) [369]

P7.27   Control strategies for a biodiesel process by reactive absorption. *C. S. Bildea, A. A. Kiss1 (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO; 1AkzoNobel, Arnhem, NL) [372]

P7.28   Evaluation of refuse derived fuel (RDF) utilization in cement industry by using analytic network process (ANP). *A. Ozkan, M. Banar (Anadolu Univ., Eskisehir, TR) [378]

P7.29   Fischer–Tropsch synthesis : investigation of increasing space velocity on products selectivity over nano-sized iron catalyst. *Y. Zamani, M. Bakavoli1, A. Mohajeri, M. Rahimizadeh1 (Res. Inst. Pet. Ind., Tehran, IR; 1Ferdowsi Univ. Mashad, IR) [379]

P7.30   Improvement of solid product quality in pyrolysis of tyre derived fuels (TDF). *V. Akyıldız, A. Özkan, Z. Cokaygil, M. Banar, S. Baydar (Anadolu Univ., Eskisehir, TR) [381]

P7.31   Life cycle assessment of electricity production from natural gas combined cycle. M. Banar, *Z. Cokaygil (Anadolu Univ., Eskisehir, TR) [386]

P7.32   Practical process integration in an integrated steel plant. *C.-E. Grip, J. Karlsson1, C. Wang2, M. Larsson2 (Lulea Univ. Technol., SE; 1SSAB, Lulea, SE; 2Swerea-MEFOS, Lulea, SE) [397]

P7.33   Simultaneous batching and scheduling in multi-product multi-stage batch plants through mixed-integer linear programming. *G. M. Kopanos, L. Puigjaner (Univ. Politec. Catalunya, Barcelona, ES) [402]

P7.34   Solving scheduling problems in a multi-stage multi-product batch pharmaceutical industry. *G. M. Kopanos, C. A. Méndez1, L. Puigjaner (Univ. Politec. Catalunya, Barcelona, ES; 1INTEC, Santa Fe, AR) [403]

P7.35   Hydrothermal pretreatment for enzymatic saccharification of rice straw. *S. Inoue, T. Yoshimura (Nat. Inst. Adv. Ind. Sci. Tech. Cent., Ibaraki, JP) [425]

P7.36   Supply chain modeling as a tool for balancing environmental perfor-mance and profitability in oil and gas industry. *G. Zakhodiakin, V. Meshalkin, A. Medvedeva, V. Menshikov (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol. Russia, Moskva, RU) [444]

P7.37   Energy efficiency improvement in the interface between industry and its service providers: views from process industry, consulting firms and equipment and system providers. *L. Sivill, J. Federley, I. Hippinen, J. Manninen1, P. Ahtila (Aalto Univ. , FI; 1Tech. Res. Cent. Finland, VTT, FI) [447]

P7.38   CFD modelling of CO2 capture in the SE-SMR process in the fluidized bed reactors. *Y. Wang, Z. Chao, H. Jakobsen (Norweg. Univ. Sci. Technol., Trondheim, NO) [453]

P7.39   Mathematical modelling of biomass combustion: packing conditions issues. *T. Juřena, J. Hájek (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [469]

P7.40   Removal of 4-chlorophenol in the presence of methyl green using KrCl excilamp and H2O2: an approach to the treatment of dye effluents. *M. Gomez, M. D. Murcia, E. Gomez, J. L. Gomez, N. Christofi1 (Univ. Murcia, ES; 1Edinburgh Napier Univ., UK) [471]

P7.41   Multicomponent study of solubility of ampicillin and phenilglicine in enzimatic synthesis media. *M. C. Santana, M. P. A. Ribeiro1, E. R. Nucci1, R. C. Giordano1, S. Mattedi (UFBA, Salvador, BR; 1UFSC, Sao Carlos, BR) [493]

P7.42   Multi-stage waste tyre pyrolysis: an optimization approach. *K. L. Lam, C. W. Lee, C. W. Hui (Hong Kong Univ. Sci. Technol., Kowloon, HK) [494]

P7.43   Wall heat fluxes in swirling combustion of extra-light fuel-oil in large-scale test combustor: experiment and modeling using eddy dissipation model. *J. Broukal, J. Hájek (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [506]

P7.44   Improving the energy efficiency of industrial processes using mathematical modelling. S. Kuntzsch, R. Zwicknagl, A. Berghoff1, A. Blesgen2, *V. C. Hass (Univ. Appl. Sci., Bremen, DE; 1Umweltinst. Bremerhaven, DE; 2s&h Ingenieurgesselschaft mbH, Bremen, DE) [510]

P7.45   Direct conversion process from syngas to light olefins – a process design study. *H. Van den Berg, L. Van der Ham (Twente Univ., Enschede, NL) [516]

P7.46   Secondary combustion chamber with inbuilt heat transfer area – thermal model for improved waste-to-energy systems modelling. *Z. Jegla, L. Bebar, M. Pavlas, J. Kropač, P. Stehlik (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [537]

P7.47   Acid pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass: steady state and dynamic analysis. *T. Lopez-Arenas, P. Rathi1, E. Ramirez-Menez2, M. Sales-Cruz (Univ. Aut. Metrop., Mexico, MX; 1Indian Inst. Technol., Bombay, IN; 2Inst. Polit. Nac., Mexico DF, MX) [549]

P7.48   Biodiesel production from castor oil by transesterification reaction and investigaiton of the fuel properties. A. Aygun, *N. Azcan1, A. T. Erciyes (Istanbul Tech. Univ., TR; 1Anadolu Univ., Eskisehir, TR) [559]

P7.49   Clean energy technology approaches of mitigating greenhouse gases. *S. S. Katoch, I. K. Bhat (Indian Inst. Technol., Hamirpur, IN) [564]

P7.50   Design of heat recovery systems for batch plants having multiple washing operations. G. T. Polley, J. Lopez Marciel, *M. Picon Nunez (Univ. Guanajuato, MX) [575]

P7.51   Influence of thermo-chemical disintegration of digested sewage sludge on its dewaterability. T. Elsässer, *L. Houdková, D. Jecha, J. Boráň (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [585]

P7.52   Kinetic and thermodynamic investigations on arsenic adsorption onto dolomitic sorbents. *Y. Salameh, M. N. M. Ahmad, S. J. Allen, G. Walker (Queen's Univ. Belfast, UK) [601]

P7.53   Numerical simulation of the airflow in the pneumatic pulsator controller. K. Urbaniec, J. Wernik, *K. J. Wolosz (Warsaw Univ. Technol., Plock, PL) [611]

P7.54   Process integration of benzol distilation unit at the coke plant. L. L. Tovazhnyanskyy, P. Kapustenko, *L. Ulyev, S. Boldyryev, M. Vasilyev (Nat. Tech. Univ., Kharkiv, UA) [619]

P7.55   Propylene epoxidation in a pressurized confined Taylor flow (CTF) reactor. *S. B. Shin, D. Chadwick (Imperial Coll., London, UK) [620]

P7.56   Theoretical study of fouling in fired heaters used in crude oil distillation plants. A. Morales Fuentes, *G. T. Polley, M. Picon Nunez (Univ. Guanajuato, MX) [631]

P7.57   University-industry joint project for water evaporation reduction studies in northern Chile. *M. E. Taboada, T. A. Graber, L. R. Caceres, H. R. Galleguillos (Univ. Antofagasta, CL) [635]

P7.58   Dynamic optimization of porous media combuster through flame positioning. L. Henriquez, V. Bubnovich, *F. Cubillos (Univ. Santiago, CL) [637]

P7.59   Heat integration and optimal HEN design applied to a gas pipeline / power generation system. D. Navia, C. de Prada, *F. Cubillos1 (Univ. Valladolid, ES; 1Univ. Santiago, CL) [638]

P7.60   A methodological approach to high precision measurement of dynamic torque of engine. *Z. Dongqing, S. Tiexiong (North Univ. China, Shanxi, CN) [639]

P7.61   A study on heat exchanger network to reduce energy consumption using pinch technology. A. Ghadi, *B. Raei1, R. Mehravar, A. H. Tarighaleslami1 (Islamic Azad Univ., Amol, IR; 1Islamic Azad Univ., Mahshahr, IR) [640]

P7.62   Heat integration of heat exchangers network using pinch technology. *B. Raei, A. Ghadi1, A. Bozorgian (Islamic Azad Univ., Mahshahr, IR; 1Islamic Azad Univ., Amol, IR) [644]

P7.63   Production of extracellular protease and determination of optimize condition by Bacillus licheniformis BBRC 100053. *Z. Ghobadi Nejad, S. Yaghmaei, R. Haji Hosseini1 (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR; 1Payame Noor Univ., Tehran, IR) [653]

P7.64   Simultaneous energy & water consumption minimization in refining industries using conceptual methods. *B. Raei, H. Ansari1, F. Shahraki1 (Islamic Azad Univ., Mahshahr, IR; 1Sistan Baluchistan Univ., Zahedan, IR) [657]

P7.65   Virtual learning environment for blended learning: technology and human dimensions. *G. Zakhodiakin, V. Meshalkin, V. Menshikov (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol. Russia, Moskva, RU) [661]

P7.67   Energy, exergy and thermoeconomic analysis of a Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) system with gas turbine prime mover. H. Ghaebi, *M. Amidpour, O. Rezayan (Toosi Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [676]

P7.68   Novel graphical approach for increasing fouling formation period in heat exchanger network (HEN) of dairy industries based on pinch technology. A. Vahdat Azad, *H. Ghaebi, M. Amidpour (Toosi Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [694]

P7.69   Removal of chromium trivalent ions from aqueous solutions using bypass cement kiln dust and its application to tannery wastewater treatment. H. G. Ibrahim, *M. Al-Meshragi, H. A. Elakrami1, A. Y. Okasha (Univ. Mergheb, Khoms City, LY; 1Al-Fateh Univ., Tripoli, LY) [703]

P7.71   Extraction of canola and sesame oil with supercritical carbon dioxide: Experimental and modeling. S. A. Sajadian1, *B. Honarvar, M. Khorram1, A. Samimi1 (Islamic Azad Univ., Shiraz, IR; 1Sistan Baluchistan Univ., Zahedan, IR) [720]

P7.72   A CFD simulation of plate microchannel reactor for on-board hydrogen production in fuel cell applications. *F. Mehri, M. Taghizadeh Mazandarani (Babol Univ. Technol., IR) [729]

P7.73   Biogasoline and high alcohols production by one step ethanol conversion on densified MgO catalyst with enhanced concentration of surface active sites. E. Hemo, *R. Virduk, M. V. Landau, M. Herskowitz (Ben-Gurion Univ. Negev, Beer-Sheva, IL) [744]

P7.74   EINSTEIN – Expert system for an intelligent supply of thermal energy in industry - audit methodology and software tool. C. Brunner, *B. Muster-Slawitsch, E. Heigl, H. Schweiger1, C. Vannoni1 (Joanneum Res., Graz, AT; 1energyXperts.NET, Barcelona, ES) [757]

P7.75   Energy from bio resources. *M. Knez Hrnčič, M. Škerget, L. Ilic, Ž. Knez (Univ. Maribor, SI) [759]

P7.76   Fuel ethanol production from carob pod. *S. Sanchez Segado, D. de Juan García, L. J. Lozano, C. Godinez Seoane, A. P. de los Ríos, F. J. Hernandez Fernandez (Univ. Politéc. Cartagena , ES) [773]

P7.77   Addition of CaCO3 in the incineration of wastewater sludge at 900º C. Preparation of desulfurant sorbents with the incinerated sludge. *M. J. Renedo, J. L. Rico, C. Rico, J. Fernández (Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES) [789]

P7.78   CFD simulations of compartment fires. *H. Matheislová, M. Jahoda, T. Kundrata, O. Dvořák1 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Fire Tech. Inst., Praha, CZ) [791]

P7.79   Cogeneration from biomass combustion in units with medium capacities. O. Grolig, M. Pavlas, J. Šikula1, *P. Stehlik (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ; 1Eveco Ltd., Brno, CZ) [803]

P7.80   Life cycle assessment analysis of ethanol production from carob pod. *S. Sanchez Segado, L. J. Lozano, D. de Juan García, C. Godinez Seoane, A. P. de los Ríos, F. J. Hernandez Fernandez (Univ. Politéc. Cartagena , ES) [806]

P7.81   Methods for industry to measure and improve the energy efficiency of utility systems. *I. Hippinen, P. Ruohonen, L. Sivill, J. Federley, J. Hakala1, J. Manninen1, P. Ahtila (Helsinki Univ. Technol., TKK, FI; 1Tech. Res. Cent. Finland, VTT, FI) [813]

P7.82   A new approach for water cost reduction of cooling water system in oil refinery. *A. H. Tarighaleslami, R. Hosseinzadeh Hesas1, M. R. Omidkhah2 (Islamic Azad Univ., Mahshahr, IR; 1Islamic Azad Univ., Amol, IR; 2Tarbiat Modarres Univ., Tehran, IR) [829]

P7.83   Preliminary investigation of an integrated solar-energy driven photobioreactor system for microalgal fixation of carbon dioxide. *W. Den, S. Yang1 (Tunghai Univ., Taichung City, TW; 1Byotec Co. Ltd., Toufen Township, TW) [842]

P7.84   Process integration of vacuum distillation of crude-oil unit in Tehran oil refinery through pinch analysis. *F. Mehri, M. Johanshahi (Babol Univ. Technol., IR) [845]

P7.85   Purification processes –biodegradation of vinyl acetate from waste air in a trickle-bed bioreactor (TBB). *D. Kasperczyk, G. Bartelmus (Inst. Chem. Eng., Gliwice, PL) [848]

P7.86   Upgrading of tars from waste valorisation processes by HPLC fractionation: scale up from analytical to preparative. M. Amutio, A. Onaindi, G. Lopez, *M. Artetxe, G. Elordi, R. Aguado, M. Olazar (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [879]

P7.87   A process integration analysis of hydrogen production from gasification of biomass in the oil refinery industry. *D. Johansson, P.-A. Franck1, T. Berntsson (Chalmers Univ. Technol., Göteborg, SE; 1CIT Ind. Energianalys, Göteborg, SE) [881]

P7.88   Analysis of energy consumption in professional laundry care process. *P. Bobák, M. Pavlas, V. Kšenzuliak1, P. Stehlik (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ; 1Professional Support, Brno, CZ) [884]

P7.89   Catalytic filtration of flue gases polluted by NOx. *R. Dvorak, P. Chlapek, L. Hanak, F. Jedlicka, P. Stehlik (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [888]

P7.90   Computer analysis of waste utilization at the leading enterprises of phosphoric industry of Russia and Kazakhstan. *A. Bessarabov, J. Klemeš1, M. Zhekeyev2, A. Kvasyuk, A. Kochetygov (IREA, Moskva, RU; 1Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU; 2State Univ. South Kazakhstan, Shimkent, KZ) [892]

P7.91   Desulfurization behaviour of CaCO3 added during the calcination of wastewater sludge at 900º C. Reuse of the ash after reactivation. *M. J. Renedo, J. Fernández (Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES) [897]

P7.92   KombiGas: Combined methane and hydrogen production for the application in the stationary motor. *D. Ochs, V. Kastner, W. Ahrer (PROFACTOR GmbH, Steyr, AT) [912]

P7.93   On application of the polynomial models for water usage networks design. *G. O. Statyukha, J. M. Jeżowski1, A. Shakhnovsky, A. Kvitka (Nat. Tech. Univ., Kyiv, UA; 1Rzeszow Univ. Technol., PL) [920]

P7.94   Production of vanillin and methyl vanillate by catalytic oxidation of Kraft lignin in acidic aqueous solvent. *H. Werhan, T. Voitl, P. Rudolf von Rohr (ETH, Zurich, CH) [926]

P7.95   Biosorption of Cd(II) by different biosorbents: thermodynamic and isotherm studies: a review. F. Ghaderinezhad, A. Ebrahimian, L. Kermanshah, *M. Mansouri Majoumerd (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [948]

P7.96   Process design of biodiesel production from rapeseed oil. *E. Vlad, C. S. Bildea, V. Plesu, G. Marton, G. Bozga (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [965]

P7.97   Simulation of furfural production process for revamping with ethanol technology from lignocellulosic residuals. *M. Morales, H. Verelst1, L. Mesa, E. Gonzales (Cent. Univ. Las Villas, Santa Clara, CU; 1Vrije Univ., Bruxelles, BE) [972]

P7.98   Selection of membrane contactors used in a membrane distillation based micro-separator. *C. Adiche, K. Sundmacher (Otto v. Guericke Univ., Magdeburg, DE) [1001]

P7.99   Experimental study on combustion of liquid renewable fuels. *V. Kermes, P. Bělohradský (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [1016]

P7.100   Characterization of solid biomass as complementary combustible and kinetic modelization for biomass boilers. *R. García, C. Pizarro, A. G. Lavín, J. L. Bueno de las Heras (Univ. Oviedo, ES) [1020]

P7.101   Photovoltaic solar electrochemical oxidation (PSEO) for lignosulphonate waste water treatment. *A. Dominguez-Ramos, R. Aldaco, A. Irabien (Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES) [1030]

P7.102   Systematic generation of optimal syngas reactor configurations. *P. Klimantos, M. Hillestad (Norweg. Univ. Sci. Technol., Trondheim, NO) [1042]

P7.103   Wall effects on terminal falling velocity of spherical particles moving in a Carreau model fluid. *J. Strnadel, I. Machač (Univ. Pardubice, CZ) [1044]

P7.104   Performance of conical spouted bed contactor for drying sawdust. *G. Lopez, H. Altzibar, M. Amutio, G. Elordi, M. Artetxe, M. Olazar (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [1062]

P7.105   Absorption cleaning of flue gas with special focus on SO2 elimination. *D. Jecha, P. Chlapek, R. Dvorak, L. Bebar (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [1078]

P7.106   Modelling and simulation of CO2 absorption in alkaline buffer solutions in gPROMS. *P. Iancu, S. Velea1, V. Plesu, C. Muscalu, R. David (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO; 1Nat. Res. Develop. Inst. Chem. Petrochem., Bucuresti, RO) [1100]

P7.111   Effect of temperature on the performance of Microbial Fuel Cells. A. Larrosa Guerrero, K. Scott1, I. M. Head1, F. Mateo, A. Ginesta Anzola, *F. J. Hernandez Fernandez, C. Godinez Seoane (Polytech. Univ., Cartagena, ES; 1Univ. Newcastle, UK) [1135]

P7.112   Evaluation of hybrid desalination system combined with power generation plant. *S. E. Shakib, M. Amidpour, C. Aghanajafi (Toosi Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [1146]

P7.113   Experimental study and CFD simulation of viscous heating by wind heater. A. Saffar, *S. H. Hashemabadi, M. Hajighasemi, S. Noroozi (Iran Univ. Sci. Technol., Tehran, IR) [1150]

P7.114   Implementation of the dynamic modeling for development of chemical processes. L. M. Ríos Hidalgo, *R. Santos Herrero, B. F. Guerra Valdez, L. M. Peralta Suárez, F. A. Goya, G. Esperanza Pérez (Cent. Univ. Las Villas, Santa Clara, CU) [1165]

P7.115   Industrial sampling and gas emission monitoring in stationary source. *F. Almeida Filho, M. L. Aguiar1, M. A. M. Costa, S. P. Morais (State Univ. Sao Paulo, BR; 1UFSC, Sao Carlos, BR) [1170]

P7.116   Influence of feedstocks composition on the composting of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste. *C. Montejo, C. Costa, M. C. Márquez, P. Ramos (Univ. Salamanca, ES) [1172]

P7.117   Integrated reaction/separation process for the production of (S) ibuprofen using supported liquid membranes based on ionic liquids. *A. Perez de los Rios, F. J. Hernandez Fernandez, A. Larrosa Guerrero, L. J. Lozano Blanco, C. Godinez Seoane (Univ. Politéc. Cartagena , ES) [1177]

P7.118   Isobaric vapor-liquid equilibrium for binary mixtures involved in TAME synthesis. *A. E. Bonet-Ruiz, J. Bonet1, G. Bozga, J. Llorens Llacuna1, J. Costa Lopez1, V. Plesu (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO; 1Univ. Barcelona, ES) [1186]

P7.119   Kinetic study of pyrolysis of poly(methyl methacrylate). *M. Artetxe, G. Lopez, M. Amutio, M. Olazar, G. Elordi, J. Bilbao (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [1192]

P7.120   Lignocellulosic biorefinery approach: a challenge for a new world. *A. Toledano, I. Egües, M. A. Andrés, R. Llano-ponte, J. Labidi (Univ. Pais Vasco, San Sebastian, ES) [1195]

P7.121   Local wall heat fluxes in swirling non-premixed natural gas flames in largescale combustor: Data for validation of combustion codes. *J. Vondál, J. Hájek, V. Kermes (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [1197]

P7.122   Microalgae Chlorella sp. as an alternative source of fermentable sugars. *B. Maršálková, M. Širmerová, M. Kuřec, T. Brányik, I. Brányiková1, K. Melzoch, V. Zachleder1 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Inst. Microbiol., Praha, CZ) [1204]

P7.124   Pressure drop and friction factor measurements for flow through circular tubes fitted with turbulence promoters. *V. Bologa, G. Jinescu (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [1226]

P7.125   Pressure drop optimization in multi-stream heat exchanger networks using genetic algorithms. *M. H. Panjeshahi, F. Joda, N. Tahouni (Univ. Tehran, IR) [1227]

P7.126   Process analysis for spent lithium-ion batteries valorization. G. Granata, F. Trabucco, *E. Moscardini, G. Furlani, F. Pagnanelli, L. Toro (Univ. La Sapienza, Roma, IT) [1228]

P7.127   Process integration of DAP production plant. *F. Chouaibi, M. Jaouadi, J. Belghaieb, N. Hajji, A. García1, J. Labidi1 (ENIG, Gabès , TN; 1Univ. Pais Vasco, San Sebastian, ES) [1229]

P7.128   Process simulation for improve energy efficiency, maximize asset utilization and increase in feed flexibility in a crude oil refinery. *Z. Varga, I. Rabi1, K. Kubovics Stocz1 (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU; 1MOL Hung. Oil Gas Plc., Szazhalombatta, HU) [1230]

P7.129   Selective separation of Zn(II) over Fe(III) from acidic media using ionic liquids as sole extraction agents. *A. Perez de los Rios, F. J. Hernandez Fernandez, S. Sanchez Segado, L. J. Lozano Blanco, J. I. Moreno Sánchez, C. Godinez Seoane (Polytech. Univ., Cartagena, ES) [1239]

P7.130   Simulation of a continuous process for biodiesel synthesis from triacylglycerol based on reactive distillation. *J. Bonet, A. E. Bonet-Ruiz1, J. Llorens Llacuna, V. Plesu1, M. T. Bercaru1, R. E. Bozga2 (Univ. Barcelona, ES; 1Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO; 2Cent. Ind. Econom. Serv., Bucuresti, RO) [1244]

P7.131   Simulation of the batch fermentation stage in the process to obtain ethanol from final molasse. *Y. Albernas, H. Verelst1, E. Gonzales, J. Pedraza (Cent. Univ. Las Villas, Santa Clara, CU; 1Vrije Univ., Bruxelles, BE) [1247]

P7.132   The effect of bioalcohols on the water solubility in reformulated gasolines. *M. Neagu (Petre), P. Rosca, R. E. Dragomir, O. Mihai (Petrol.-Gas Univ. Ploiesti, RO) [1273]

P7.133   Diagnosis of the air quality in a zone affected by combustion gases sources. D. Alejo Sanchez, *M. C. Morales Perez, G. Alfonso, E. Rosa Dominguez, I. Herrera, V. Nunez (Cent. Univ. Las Villas, Santa Clara, CU) [1285]

P7.134   Use of ionic liquids as ‘green’ solvents for extraction of Zn2+, Cd2+, Fe3+ and Cu2+ from aqueous solutions. *F. J. Hernandez Fernandez, A. Perez de los Rios, A. Ginesta Anzola, S. Sanchez Segado, L. J. Lozano Blanco, J. I. Moreno Sánchez, C. Godinez Seoane (Univ. Politéc. Cartagena , ES) [1290]

P7.135   Development of a module for predicting thermodynamic calculation of the solubility of hydrogen in diesel. *E. Petit, E. Rodriguez, J. Freitez (Univ. Nac. Exp. Polit., Barquisimeto, VE) [1314]

P7.136   Enhanced thermal treatment of tannery sewage sludge. *D. Sannino, V. Vaiano, P. Ciambelli, D. Caracciolo1, B. Naviglio1, G. Calvanese1 (Univ. Salerno, Fisciano, IT; 1Res. Inst. Leather Ind., Napoli, IT) [1317]

P7.137   Expert approach to technology optimization toward energy efficiency of wort boiling process in brewing industry. *H. Do Thi Thu, H. Le Thanh1, H. Schnitzer (Graz Univ. Technol., AT; 1Inst. Env. Res., Ho Chi Minh City , VN) [1322]

P7.138   Improved process integration between individual plants at a large dairy factory via the use of heat recovery loops. *M. J. Atkins, M. R. W. Walmsley, J. R. Neale (Univ. Waikato, Hamilton, NZ) [1328]

P7.139   Investigation of extra oxygen on electricity consumption in electric arc furnace steel making to saving energy. *A. A. Mottahedi, S. Amani1 (IROST, Tehran, IR; 1Arak Univ., IR) [1333]

P7.140   Kinetic studies on the etherification of C5-alkenes to fuel ether TAME. *A. E. Bonet-Ruiz, J. Bonet1, G. Bozga, J. Llorens Llacuna1, V. Plesu, V. Bologa, M. Ghimbasi (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO; 1Univ. Barcelona, ES) [1335]

P7.141   Optimization of the biodiesel obtaining for African oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) for transesterification. E. Rodriguez, *E. Caguana, O. Morillo1 (Univ. Nac. Exp. Polit., Barquisimeto, VE; 1Cent. Inv. Est. Prod. Exp. Agro., San Felipe, VE) [1347]

P7.142   Energy optimization of a network of exchangers-reactors in a nitric acid production plant. O. Dkhil, A. Elhajbelgacem, J. Belghaieb, N. Hajji, *J. Labidi1 (ENIG, Gabès , TN; 1Univ. Pais Vasco, San Sebastian, ES) [1377]

P7.143   Exploitation of low-grade heat in site utility systems. A. Kapil, I. Bulatov, *J.-K. Kim, R. Smith (Univ. Manchester, UK) [1389]

P7.144   Exploiting C++ polymorphism for operational optimization of chemical processes. *F. Manenti, N. M. N. Lima1, L. Zuñiga Liñan1, S. Colombo (Politecnico, Milano, IT; 1UNICAMP, Campinas, BR) [1390]

P7.145   Evolution of biological oxygen demand in biofiltered seawater. *F. X. Simon, J. Labanda, E. Rude, J. Llorens Llacuna (Univ. Barcelona, ES) [1404]

P7.146   Modeling of the extent of reaction curve for the transesterification process between 2-methylpropan-1-ol and methyl ethanoate. *A. Calvet-Tarragona, J. Bonet1, A. E. Bonet-Ruiz1, J. Costa Lopez1 (Univ. Politec. Catalunya, Barcelona, ES; 1Univ. Barcelona, ES) [1411]

P7.147   Evaluation of fuel evaporation during the splash loading of tank by using computational fluid dynamics. A. Hassanvand, *S. H. Hashemabadi, M. Bayat1 (Iran Univ. Sci. Technol., Tehran, IR; 1Res. Inst. Pet. Ind., Tehran, IR) [1442]

P7.148   Exergy analysis for third generation biofuel production from microalgae biomass. Y. Y. Peralta, *V. Kafarov, E. Sanchez (Univ. Ind. Santander, Bucaramanga, CO) [1453]

P7.149   Prediction of solid hold-up distribution in the riser of CFB reactor with core-annulus flow. *H.-J. Chae, S.-S. Park, T.-W. Kim, K.-E. Jeong, C.-U. Kim, S.-Y. Jeong (Korea Res. Inst. Chem. Technol., Daejeon, KR) [1463]

P7.150   Thermophilic Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) treatment using a mixed culture cultivated from POME. *P. E. Poh, M. F. Chong (Univ. Nottingham, Selangor, MY) [1469]

P7.151   Design of a multifunctional reactor for third generation biofuels production. A. D. Gonzalez, *V. Kafarov (Univ. Ind. Santander, Bucaramanga, CO) [1471]

P7.152   Energy saving and emission minimization by means of semicentralized integrated supply and disposal systems in rapidly growing urban regions. *H. R. Böhm, S. Schramm, C. Zeig (Tech. Univ., Darmstadt, DE) [1479]

P7.154   Model development of a membrane gas permeation unit for the separation of hydrogen and carbon dioxide. D. Rodrigues, *D. Foglia, W. Wukovits, A. Friedl (Vienna Univ. Technol., Wien, AT) [1487]

P7.155   Life cycle assessment for joint production of biodiesel and bioethanol from African palm. D. Martinez, *V. Kafarov, P. Acevedo (Univ. Ind. Santander, Bucaramanga, CO) [1492]

P7.156   Microwave assisted thin layer drying of wheat. *M. Hemis, C. B. Singh1, D. S. Jayas1 (Univ. Cent. Khem. Miliana, Ain Defla, DZ; 1Univ. Manitoba, Winnipeg, CA) [1495]

P7.157   Modelling of 1 MW solid biomass combustor: Simplified balance based bed model coupled with freeboard CFD simulation. *M. Recman, J. Hájek (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [1497]

P7.158   Research for better reliability and availability of industrial machines. *A. Benmounah, T. Hachemi, D. Mebarkia (Univ. M’Hamed Bougara, Boumerdes, DZ) [1505]

P7.159   The application of the graph theory to improve the availability of the Algerian refineries. *A. Benmounah, T. Hachemi, D. Mebarkija (Univ. M’Hamed Bougara, Boumerdes, DZ) [1513]

P7.160   Energy efficiency of a gas separation system processing the mixture of hydrogen and carbon dioxide obtained by hydrogen fermentation. *A. Budek, M. Markowski (Warsaw Univ. Technol., Plock, PL) [1516]

P7.161   Evaluation of different combined cycles with considering SGT5-4000F gas turbine. H. Farbod2, *M. H. Khoshgoftar Manesh1, M. Amidpour (MAPNA, Tehran, IR; 1Toosi Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR; 2Islamic Azad Univ., Tehran, IR) [1517]

P7.162   Fuel cells as an energy source for a plant to process potato starch to hydrogen. *M. Markowski, K. Urbaniec (Warsaw Univ. Technol., Plock, PL) [1518]

P7.163   Rigorous optimisation of refinery hydrogen network. *N. Jia, M. Loughrey, N. Zhang (Univ. Manchester, UK) [1535]

P7.164   Comparison of nuclear and conventional steam power plant through energy level and exergoeconomic analysis. *M. H. Khoshgoftar Manesh, M. H. Hamedi, M. Amidpour (Toosi Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [1540]

P7.165   Complex technology trap and burial greenhouse gases. *G. V. Terpugov, A. Truberg, D. Terpugov (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol. Russia, Moskva, RU) [1598]

P7.166   Multi-objective optimization of a PEM fuel cell system. *S. O. Mert, Z. Ozcelik, Y. Ozcelik, I. Dincer1 (Ege Univ., Izmir, TR; 1Univ. Ontario, Oshawa ON, CA) [1609]

P7.167   S-graph based scheduling method for parallel architecture. *J. Smidla, I. Heckl (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU) [1628]

P7.168   Natural gas oxy-combustion with flue gas recycling for CO2 capture. *A. Bensakhria, M. Leturia (Univ. Technol., Compiegne, FR) [1639]

P7.169   Development of synthesis reactor in supercritical CO2 medium: study of the catalytic hydrogenation of organic components. *K. Kriaa, J.-P. Serin1, F. Contamine1, J. Mercadier1 (Ec. Nat. Ing., Sfax, TN; 1Univ. Pau, FR) [1643]

P7.170   Optimisation of combustion process in biomass-fuelled cogeneration plant. *R. Strzalka, R. Ulbrich, U. Eicker1 (Univ. Opole, PL; 1Univ. Appl. Sci., Stuttgart, DE) [1648]

P7.171   Catalytic conversion of Fischer-Tropsch waxes. G. Pölczmann, *Á. Szegedi1, J. Valyon1, J. Hancsók (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU; 1Inst. Chem., Budapest, HU) [1657]

P7.172   Catalytic hydrotreating of triglycerides for the production of bioparaffin mixture. *S. Kovács, L. Boda1, L. Leveles1, A. Thernesz1, J. Hancsók (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU; 1MOL Hung. Oil Gas Plc., Szazhalombatta, HU) [1658]

P7.173   Analysis of nozzle damage on hydrocrack unit during media mixing. R. Nekvasil (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [1668]

P7.174   Extraction of fatty acids from biomass using membrane separation technology. *A. M. M. Miranda, I. M. Aasen2, I. I. R. Baptista2, A. T. Boam3, E. G. Torp, A. Livingston1 (Due Miljoe AS, Oslo, NO; 1SINTEF, Tronheim, NO; 2Univ. Coll. London, UK; 3Membrane Extraction Technol. Ltd, Wembley, UK) [1674]

P7.175   The potential of GHG emissions reduction in Macedonia by renewable electricity. N. Markovska, V. Taseska, G. Krajačić1, *N. Duić1 (ICEIM-MANU, Skopje, MK; 1Fac. Mech. Eng. Naval Archit., Zagreb, HR) [1701]

P7.176   Ground source heat pump technology use for heating and air-conditioning of a commercial/residential building. I. Dejanović, *L. Matijašević, Z. Glasnović (Univ. Zagreb, HR) [1749]

P7.177   Improving energy efficiency in natural gas refineries, using exergy analysis. *M. H. Panjeshahi, F. Harati, M. M. Nouzari1 (Univ. Tehran, IR; 1Noandish Consult. Eng., Tehran, IR) [1770]

P7.178   Alternative proposals on solid waste management system in Santa Clara based on calculation of methane emission in dumps. T. Cardenas Ferrer, R. Santos Herrero, E. Rosa Dominguez, A. M. Contreras Moya, Y. Martinez Chaviano, J. A. Dominguez Nuñez, J. Predraza Garcia, *M. Morales Perez, N. Rodriguez Fadre, F. Nieblas Armas, E. Ortiz Santos (Cent. Univ. Las Villas, Santa Clara, CU) [1780]

P7.179   Life cycle assessment on solid waste management in Santa Clara city. T. Cardenas Ferrer, R. Santos Herrero, E. Rosa Dominguez, A. M. Contreras Moya, J. Pedraza Garciga, *M. C. Morales Perez, J. A. Dominguez Nuñez, F. Nieblas Armas, E. Ortiz Santos (Cent. Univ. Las Villas, Santa Clara, CU) [1782]

P7.180   Dynamic behavior of an internally heat-integrated distillation column (HIDiC). *K. Matsuda, K. Iwakabe1, T. Ohmori2, M. Nakaiwa2 (Yamagata Univ., JP; 1Prime Polymer Ltd., Chiba, JP; 2Nat. Inst. Adv. Ind. Sci. Tech. Cent., Ibaraki, JP) [1785]

P7.181   Modelling of a dual purpose plant for waste incineration. *M. Prisciandaro, G. Mazziotti di Celso1 (Univ. l'Aquila, IT; 1Univ. Teramo, Mosciano S. Angelo, IT) [1789]

P7.182   Modeling, simulation of a PEM fuel cell dynamic model. *A. Jamali, H. Shooshtary, J. Sadeghi, R. Rahimi (Sistan Baluchistan Univ., Zahedan, IR) [1803]

P7.183   Simulation and control dynamic PEM fuel cell. *A. Jamali, J. Sadeghi (Sistan Baluchistan Univ., Zahedan, IR) [1806]

P7.184   The steady-state simulations for the gas flow in a pipeline network. J. Szoplik (West Pomeranian Univ. Technol., Szczecin, PL) [1811]

P7.185   Droplets size distribution analysis in suspension polymerization of methyl methacrylate. *R. D. Isopescu, P. Postelnicescu, R. Palau, A. M. Dumitrescu, A. M. Josceanu (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [1816]

P7.186   Energetical comparison of substrate desintegration methods used to increase a biogas production. *D. Hrušťák, M. Závacký, P. Ditl (Czech Tech. Univ., Praha, CZ) [1817]

P7.187   Water system integration by the process superstructure development. *L. Matijašević, D. Spoja1, I. Dejanović (Univ. Zagreb, HR; 1TIFON, Zagreb, HR) [1826]

P7.188   Demineralization and desulfurization process to generate clean coal. S. Vaccaro (Univ. Salerno, Fisciano, IT) [1833]

P7.189   Improvement of bioethanol production from corn by ultrasound and microwave pretreatments. *S. Nikolić, L. Mojović, M. Rakin, M. Vukašinović, D. Pejin1, J. Pejin1 (Fac. Technol. Metall., Beograd, RS; 1Fac. Technol., Novi Sad, RS) [1839]

P7.190   Model predictive control of a CVD reactor for production of polysilicon rods. L. Viganò, M. Vallerio, *F. Manenti, N. M. N. Lima1, L. Zuñiga Liñan1, G. Manenti2 (Politecnico, Milano, IT; 1UNICAMP, Campinas, BR; 2FBM Hudson Italia, Terno d’Isola, IT) [1846]

P7.191   Production of bioethanol by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of corn meal by immobilized yeast. *L. Mojović, M. Rakin, M. Vukašinović, S. Nikolić, J. Pejin1, D. Pejin1 (Fac. Technol. Metall., Beograd, RS; 1Fac. Technol., Novi Sad, RS) [1849]

P7.192   Soft sensor for diesel fuel distillation end point estimation. *I. Mohler, N. Hölbling, G. Galinec, N. Bolf (Univ. Zagreb, HR) [1921]

P7.193   Thermal treatment of sawdust and coal-tar pitch mixture to porous carbon materials by chemical activation. *S. I. Tsyganova, N. V. Chesnokov (Inst. Chem. Chem. Technol., Krasnoyarsk, RU) [1930]

P7.194   A robust model based control policy applied on a glucose-fed CSTR-type anaerobic digester. G. Savoglidis, *K. Kravaris, G. Lyberatos1 (Univ. Patras, GR; 1Inst. Chem. Eng. High Temp. Chem. Proc., Patras, GR) [1941]

P7.195   Application of nanofiltration/reverse osmosis membranes to textile effluents aiming its reclamation and reuse: influence of operating conditions. *S. Barredo-Damas, M. I. Alcaina-Miranda, M. I. Iborra-Clar, J. A. Mendoza-Roca (Univ. Politec. Valencia, ES) [1945]

P7.196   Dynamic simulation and control considerations on gas sweetening processes. P. Fabbri, S. Signor, M. G. Grottoli, *F. Manenti1, A. Cagnacci, S. Colombo (Chemoprod, Milano, IT; 1Politecnico, Milano, IT) [1959]

P7.197   Evaluation of environmental impact of the electricity production by using emergency electricity generators by means the life cycle assessment (LCA). E. Rosa Dominguez, P. Martinez, J. Leiva, M. Monteagudo Serrano, M. Morales, D. Alejo Sanchez, I. Moja, R. Martinez, A. Contreras, *R. Santos Herrero (Cent. Univ. Las Villas, Santa Clara, CU) [1970]

P7.198   Properties of FAME from used frying oils. A. Kleinová, Z. Cvengrošová, *J. Mikulec1, J. Cvengroš (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK; 1Slovnaft, Bratislava, SK) [2007]

P7.199   Pulsed ohmic heating treatment of chicory tissues. *N. Grimi, S. Ghnimi, E. Vorobiev (Univ. Technol., Compiegne, FR) [2008]

P7.200   Sensitivity analysis of thermoelectric module performance with respect to geometry. E. D. Lavric (Corning, Avon, FR) [2019]

P7.201   Dynamic simulation of chemical processes and operational scenarios to support the forensic engineer. *F. Manenti, D. D. Adamo1, F. D. Adamo2, S. Colombo (Politecnico, Milano, IT; 1Univ. Bergamo, IT; 2Stud. Legale Avvocati d'Adamo, Bergamo, IT) [2042]

P7.202   Optimization of a molten salt reactor system for a destruction of waste cationic ion-exchange resins. *H.-C. Yang, Y. Z. Cho, H.-C. Eun, K. W. Lee (Korea Atomic Energ. Res. Inst., Daejeon, KR) [2048]

P7.203   Optimization of the operation of oil pipelines HEH-Arzew, when the Arzew port is consigned and the storage tanks are in partial unavailability. *A. Benmounah, D. Mebarkia (Univ. M’Hamed Bougara, Boumerdes, DZ) [2049]

P7.204   A graphical approach to process synthesis using heat engine concept. *B. C. Sempuga, B. Patel, D. Hildebrandt, D. Glasser (Univ. Witwatersrand, Braamfontein, ZA) [2066]

P7.205   Beneficial way how to use the driving force for chemical processes. *V. Meshalkin, E. M. Sokolov1, V. M. Panarin1, A. A. Zuikova1 (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol. Russia, Moskva, RU; 1Tula State Univ., RU) [2125]

P7.206   Systematic approach for scheduling supply chain activities. *R. Adonyi, E. G. Kirilova1, N. Vaklieva-Bancheva1 (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU; 1Inst. Chem. Eng., Sofia, BG) [2128]

P7.208   Textile wastewater treatment with coagulation and GPC control. *L. C. Pekel, Z. Zeybek, H. Hapoğlu, M. Alpbaz (Ankara Univ. , TR) [2190]

P7.209   Generalized minimum variance (GMV) control in waterborne wastewater treatment. *S. Camcioglu, Z. Zeybek, H. Hapoğlu, M. Alpbaz, A. Akpinar (Ankara Univ. , TR) [2194]

P7.210   Preemptive optimization of chemical batch processes with continuous external uncertainties based on a novel S-graph branching strategy. *M. Hegyhati, J. M. Laínez1, L. Puigjaner1, F. Friedler (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU; 1Univ. Politec. Catalunya, Barcelona, ES) [2204]

P7.211   DBE for SMEs: towards a European approach of regional development in Romania and Portugal. *F. Damsa, M. Ceclan, R. E. Ceclan, I. Popa1, A. S. Dulgheru2, D. Lopes3, E. Gray4, H. Van Ekelenburg5, R. Kocina6, P. Terceiro7 (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO; 1Elect. Res. Des. Inst., Bucuresti, RO; 2Chamber Commerce Ind., Bucuresti, RO; 3Know Idea Consult., Maia, PT; 4Glasgow Caledonian Univ., UK; 5Pro Support BV, NL; 6Friuli Innovazione, IT; 7LNEC, Lisboa, PT) [2212]

P7.212   Energy saving methodology for the stage rectification in production of cyclohexanone. *V. M. Panarin, V. I. Salomykov1 (Tula State Univ., RU; 1SHCHEKINOAZOT, Pervomajsky, RU) [2213]

P7.213   Evaluation and minimisation of raw-material consumptions in chemical processes. *V. M. Panarin, A. A. Zuikova, Y. N. Pushilina (Tula State Univ., RU) [2214]

P7.214   Optimization of parameters growth conditions of yeast biomass during single cell protein production by using simplex method. *N. M. M. Al-mhanna, H. Hübner, R. Buchholz (Univ. Erlangen-Nürnburg, DE) [2216]

P7.215   Polyols from the lignocellulosic waste of biodiesel production process. *L. Serrano, R. Briones, A. Melus, Z. Herseczki1, J. Labidi (Univ. Pais Vasco, San Sebastian, ES; 1Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU) [2217]

P7.216   Synthesis of regional energy supply chain based on palm oil waste. H. L. Lam, D. C. Y. Foo1, *K. Mustafa2, J. Klemeš (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU; 1Univ. Nottingham, Selangor, MY; 2Univ. Technol. Malaysia, Johor, MY) [2225]

P7.217   Separation of hydrocarbons from methane by nano composite polyurethane membranes. A. Khosravi, *M. Sadeghi, M. Pourafshari Chenar1 (Isfahan Univ. Technol., IR; 1Ferdowsi Univ. Mashad, IR) [2232]

P7.218   Characterisation and modelling of high value natural compounds released during the salting process of codfish (Gadus morhua). *V. Ferraro, I. Braga da Cruz, R. Ferreria Jorge, F. X. Malcata, P. Castro, M. E. Pintado (Univ. Catol. Portug., Porto, PT) [2245]

P7.219   Biodiesel biorefinery from used cooking oils. J. Á. Siles, *M. Berrios, M. D. C. Gutiérrez, M. D. L. Á. Martín, A. Martín (Univ. Cordoba, ES) [2256]

P7.221   Experimental study of the carbon dioxide solubility in citric acid aqueous solutions. *S. Mazinani, A. Samsami, A. Jahanmiri, A. Sardarian (Shiraz Univ., IR) [2262]

P7.222   Fluidized bed gasification of coal-oil and coal-water-oil slurries by a gas containing carbon dioxide-oxygen mixture. *K. Svoboda, M. Pohořelý, M. Jeremiáš, P. Kameníková, S. Skoblja1, M. Šyc (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [2267]

P7.223   Road map research on biodiesel from microalgae . E. Purba (Univ. Lampung, ID) [2269]

P7.224   Modelling of shell-and-tube heat exchangers. M. Pan, R. Smith, J.-K. Kim, *I. Bulatov (Univ. Manchester, UK) [2275]

P7.225   Use of discharged minewaters to produce green energy and chemicals. J. A. Scott, *H. Shang, G. M. Ross1 (Laurentian Univ., Sudbury ON, CA; 1North. Ontario Sch. Medicine, Sudbury ON, CA) [2289]

P7.226   Comparison of different methods in bioleaching of tungsten-rich spent hydro-cracking catalyst using adapted Penecillum Simplicissimum BBRC-20019. *F. Amiri, S. Yaghmaei, S. M. Mousavi1 (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR; 1Tarbiat Modarres Univ., Tehran, IR) [2292]

P7.227   Comparison of two different flow types for CO and CO2 removal along a two-stage methanol synthesis reactor. S. Mazinani, F. Rahmani, *M. S. Baktash, Z. Jamshidnejad1, M. A. Ekhtiari, M. R. Rahimpour (Shiraz Univ., IR; 1Gas Transmision Co., Shiraz, IR) [2302]

P7.228   Enhancement of gasoline production in a novel optimized hydrogen-permselective membrane Fischer-Tropsch reactor in GTL technology. M. Bayat, F. Rahmani, *S. Mazinani, M. R. Rahimpour (Shiraz Univ., IR) [2317]

P7.229   The separation of methane-ethane mixtures on activated carbon. A. Tafazoli, *S. Fatemi, F. Jadidi (Univ. Tehran, IR) [2319]

P7.230   Direct osmosis and trap carbon dioxide and ammonia. A. Truberg, D. Terpugov, *J. M. Averina, O. Silos, V. Smorgunova (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol. Russia, Moskva, RU) [2321]

P7.231   Exergy analysis of palm oil biodiesel production. W. Jaimes, P. Acevedo, *V. Kafarov (Univ. Ind. Santander, Bucaramanga, CO) [2322]

P7.232   A quantum mechanics approach to biofuel synthesis. *G. Marton, V. Plesu, A. Marton, M. T. Bercaru (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [2326]

P7.233   Pollution reduction in Kuwait using building integrated photovoltaic systems. A. A. Ghoneim (Coll. Technol. Studies, Shuwaikh, KW) [2329]

P7.234   Particle incorporation to nanofibre structure for surface membrane modification. *J. Dolina, T. Leder (Tech. Univ., Liberec, CZ) [2331]

P7.235   Observation of Crabtree effect and diauxic behaviour of yeast by using absorption. N. M. M. Al-mhanna (Univ. Erlangen-Nürnburg, DE) [2337]

P7.236   Treatment of wastewater containing carbohydrates using Pichia saitoi culture. V. Maghsoodi, *S. Maghsoodi (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [2347]

P7.237   Process design data for liquid phase pyrolysis of biogenic feedstock. *V. Mertlitz, N. Schwaiger1, E. Ahn, M. Siebenhofer1 (BioDiesel Int., Grambach, AT; 1Graz Univ. Technol., AT) [387]

Heat transfer processes and equipment

P7.251   Temperature field on structural carbon steel under fire conditions. *J. A. Trilleros, S. Mato, I. Huertas, S. J. Alvarez, A. M. Ramos del Olmo (Univ. Complutense, Madrid, ES) [278]

P7.252   The numeric optimization of cooling gasturbine blade. *A. Frąckowiak, M. Ciałkowski, A. Wroblewska (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [282]

P7.253   Optimum design of distributor and collector in a specific u-tube heat exchanger. *V. Turek, J. Kohoutek, J. Hájek, Z. Jegla (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [344]

P7.254   Comparison of methods for fluid pressure drop calculation in 180° elbows. *B. Kilkovský, Z. Jegla, M. Jonák (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [351]

P7.255   Research of the contact heating layer of fruits and vegetables in the glass canning jar . *Y. Verkhivker, E. Altman1 (ONAFT, Odessa, UA; 1OSAR, Odessa, UA) [400]

P7.256   Local heat transfer distribution on a sphere surface in high turbulent flow. L. Bogusławski (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [690]

P7.257   Determination of the boiler efficiency burning soya straw as fuel. *D. Djurovic, B. Repic, D. Dakic, S. D. Nemoda, A. Eric (Inst. Nucl. Sci. Vinča, Beograd, RS) [795]

P7.258   Development of high temperature steam-air mixture heater for flexible energy system. K. Stárek, L. Vilimec, P. Milčák, *Z. Jegla1, B. Kilkovský1, P. Stehlik1 (Vítkovice Power Eng., Ostrava, CZ; 1Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [899]

P7.259   Carbon dioxide removal from steam-gas mixture using condensation process in tube exchanger. *J. Koloničný, P. Noskievič, D. Kupka (Tech. Univ., Ostrava, CZ) [900]

P7.260   Thermohydraulic optimization of crude preheat trains. *E. M. Queiroz, J. L. Borges, F. L. P. Pessoa, V. B. G. Tavares1, A. L. H. Costa1, F. S. Liporace2, S. G. Oliveira2 (UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, BR; 1UERJ, Rio de Janeiro , BR; 2Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, BR) [940]

P7.261   An experimental study of heat transfer during the CO2 absorption in a bubble column. F. J. Tamajón, *E. Alvarez, F. Cerdeira, M. E. Vázquez (Univ. Vigo, ES) [1303]

P7.262   Stress corrosion of partially immersed heat exchanger u-tubes. *T. Létal, R. Nekvasil (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [1687]

P7.263   Molecular dynamics simulation of the heat transfer by natural convection in a bio lubricant. *G. Soare, A. Tudor (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [1847]

P7.264   Optimal design of a compact heat exchanger. A. Gutu, *G. Soare (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [1848]

P7.265   An uncertainty review on heat integrating process design: a simulation strategy. M. Yeganehzadeh, *J. Sadeghi, V. Zare (Sistan Baluchistan Univ., Zahedan, IR) [1942]

P7.266   Thermal conductivity of non-Newtonian nanofluids: experimental data and modelling using neural network. M. Hojjat, S. G. Etemad, R. Bagheri, *J. Thibault1 (Isfahan Univ. Technol., IR; 1Univ. Ottawa, CA) [2306]

P7.267   Influence of condensing temperature on heat pump efficiency. *K. Filipan, V. Filipan (Univ. Zagreb, HR) [2285]

Drying and evaporation

P7.273   Development of fluidized bed dryer assisted by infrared heat source for vegetables. *B. Honarvar, R. Keshavarz1 (Islamic Azad Univ., Marvdasht, IR; 1Arak Univ., IR) [748]

P7.274   Six mathematical models for describing thin-layer infrared drying characteristic of foodstuff. *B. Honarvar, A. Safekordi1, D. Mowla2, G. Oordokhani2, B. Abdolhamidzadeh, R. Keshavarz3 (Islamic Azad Univ., Marvdasht, IR; 1Islamic Azad Univ., Tehran, IR; 2Shiraz Univ., IR; 3Arak Univ., IR) [1581]

P7.275   The experimental study of tray type change on heat transfer coefficients in dryers. *A. Bozorgian, B. Raei (Islamic Azad Univ., Mahshahr, IR) [1368]

P7.276   An experimental study on effect of changing tray material on the drying rate of non-continues dryers. A. Bozorgian (Islamic Azad Univ., Mahshahr, IR) [2130]

P7.277   CFD design of a drying tunnel for dehydrating the coating of iron-casting moulds. *P. Alamar, J. Esarte, C. Ruperez, V. Aceña1 (Cemitec, Noain, ES; 1Magotteaux Navarra SA, Urdiain, ES) [178]

P7.278   Application of a variable time-step method in the modeling of the primary microwave freeze-drying of random solids. *K. Witkiewicz, J. F. Nastaj (West Pomeranian Univ. Technol., Szczecin, PL) [1724]

P7.279   Modelling of the thin layer drying kinetics of pears. *R. P. F. Guiné, M. J. Barroca1, M. J. Lima, D. M. S. Ferreira (Polytech. Inst., Viseu, PT; 1Univ. Coimbra, PT) [1751]

P7.280   Study of evaporation mechanism using porous media. *A. Vakhguelt, V. Bong, E. Yeu (Swinburne Univ. Technol., Kuching, MY) [2340]


P7.286   Liquid velocity fluctuations in a liquid-solid fluidized bed. *N. Kechroud, M. Brahimi (Univ. Bejaia, DZ) [12]

P7.287   Study of the peak pressure drop in conical spouted beds with draft tubes. H. Altzibar, *G. Lopez, M. Olazar, J. Bilbao (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [19]

P7.288   Segregation of binary mixtures of dolomite-biomass wastes in conical spouted beds. S. Alvarez, *M. J. San Jose, A. Morales, A. Ortiz de Salazar, J. Bilbao (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [64]

P7.289   Stability of beds consisting of catalysts for thermal treatment in conical spouted beds. *M. J. San Jose, S. Alvarez, A. Morales, A. Ortiz de Salazar, M. Olazar (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [65]

P7.291   Considerable reduction of CO2 emission in a novel cascading fluidized-bed hydrogen-permselective membrane methanol reactor. F. Rahmani, M. Bayat, *S. Mazinani, Z. Jamshidnejad1, M. R. Rahimpour (Shiraz Univ., IR; 1Gas Transmision Co., Shiraz, IR) [967]

P7.292   Experimental and computational study of turbulent bed contactor hydrodynamics. *A. Pourverdi, B. Hashemi Shahraki (Petrol. Univ. Technol., Ahwaz, IR) [1972]

EU Projects F3 Factory, COPIRIDE and PILLS

P7.296   New technology for the intensification of multiphase continuous flow reactions. *D. Unge, B. Johnson (Alfalaval Tumba AB, SE) [449]

P7.297   Process design for micro-structured distillation devices. *B. Dercks, G. Schmidt, M. Grünewald (Ruhr Univ., Bochum, DE) [1354]

P7.298   Intensification of SO2 oxidation – comprehensive literature review. P. Stavárek, *V. Jiricny, J. Kristal, A. Simoncelli1, D. Vanhoutte1, S. Davison2, K. Haas-Santo3, W. Benzinger3 (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ; 1Procter&Gamble Eurocor, Brussels, BE; 2Britest Ltd, Oxford, UK; 3Karlsruhe Inst. Technol., DE) [2079]

P7.299   Development of methods for the investigation of the mixing and devolatilization behavior in continuous twin-shaft kneaders. *O. Seck, C. Hennig, H.-J. Warnecke (Univ. Paderborn, DE) [2188]

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