CHISA 2010 - 19th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering

Plenary lectures

Sunday morning

Chairperson: J. Drahoš

A1.1     8:30   Nanostructured materials through combustion synthesis. L. Maedler (Univ. Bremen, DE) [1610]

A1.2     9:30   Environmental footprint of energy production: process engineering challenges. P. A. Tanguy (Total SA, FR) [1786]

Monday morning

Chairperson: P. Stehlík

A3.1     8:30   Moving towards a sustainable food chain through the total exploitation of agri food chain co-products and biomass. K. W. Waldron (Inst. Food. Res., Norwich, UK) [1696]

A3.2     9:30   Framework conditions for a competitive chemical industry in Europe. H. Mandery (Cefic (European Chem. Ind. Council), Brussels, BE) [2149]

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