Lectures I

I1 - Sunday morning
PRES 2012

11:00 PRES Opening

Waste minimisation, processing and management

Chairpersons: M. Bakošová, J. J. Klemeš

I1.1   11:20   Keynote lecture: Integrating the compression heat in oxy-combustion power plants with CO2 capture. C. Fu, *T. Gundersen (NTNU, Trondheim, NO) [997] Abstract

I1.2   11:40   Emerging technologies in biomedical waste treatment and disposal. *Y. Thakur, S. S. Katoch (Nat. Inst. Technol., Hamirpur, IN) [1053] Abstract

I1.3   12:00   A system analysis of LKAB Malmberget heating system to centralisation and substitution of fossil fuels to biofuels. *J. Riesbeck, J. Sandberg1, C. Wang (Swerea-MEFOS, Lulea, SE; 1LKAB, Lulea, SE) [1363] Abstract

I1.4   12:20   Flue gas CO2 capture by microalgae in photobioreactor: a sustainable laboratory technology. *P. Iancu, V. Plesu, S. Velea1 (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO; 1Nat. Inst. Res. Dev. Chem. Petrochem. Bucuresti, RO) [1323] Abstract

I2 - Sunday afternoon
PRES 2012

Clean energy from biomass – a challenge for chemical technology

Chairpersons: Z. Kravanja, R. Smith

I2.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: The supply and production of rubber seed oil as biofuel and biochemicals. W. P. Q. Ng, *H. L. Lam, S. Yusup1 (Univ. Nottingham, Semenyih, MY; 1Univ. Teknol. Petronas, Tronoh, MY) [1455] Abstract

I2.2   14:20   Dynamic modelling of the gasification region of a bubbling fluidized bed gasifier. *C. Oliveira, J. D. Silva (Univ. Pernambuco, BR) [1490] Abstract

I2.3   14:40   Study of Ce promoter on nano structure iron catalyst in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. *Y. Zamani, M. Bakavoli1, M. Rahimizadeh1, A. Mohajeri, S. M. Seyedi1 (Res. Inst. Pet. Ind., Tehran, IR; 1Ferdowsi Univ. Mashad, IR) [744] Abstract

I2.4   15:00   CALS-technology for production of dibasic lead phosphite in phosphoric sludge utilization. A. Kvasyuk, E. Koltsova1, *A. Bessarabov, I. Bulatov2, T. Stepanova (Sci. Cent. Low-tonnage Chem., Moskva, RU; 1Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol. Russia, Moskva, RU; 2Univ. Manchester, UK) [68] Abstract

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

Industrial & experimental studies

Chairpersons: V. Lavric, F. Marechal

I2.5   16:20   Keynote lecture: Polygeneration system design with optimal predictive control strategies. *R. P. Menon, F. Marechal (EPFL, Lausanne, CH) [751] Abstract

I2.6   16:40   Industrial energy optimization: a case study in a biodiesel production site. *J. Palmeira, J. Silva, H. A. Matos1 (Inst. Sup. Eng., Lisboa, PT; 1Inst. Sup. Tec., Lisboa, PT) [1086] Abstract

I2.7   17:00   Implementation and validation of a three-dimensional multiphase-CFD-model for blast furnace processes. *C. Maier, C. Jordan, M. Harasek, C. Feilmayr1, C. Thaler1 (Vienna Univ. Technol., Wien, AT; 1Voestalpine Stahl GmbH, AT) [822] Abstract

I2.8   17:20   Continuous function approximation for dispersed phase distribution in suspension polymerization. *G.-R. Palau, R. D. Isopescu, V. Lavric (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [255] Abstract

I2.9   17:40   Data reconciliation and energy audits for ptt gas separation plant (gsp5). *P. Yongkasemkul, K. Siemanond, N. Nivartvong, Y. Chaleoysamai, R. Chuvaree1 (Chulalongkorn Univ., Bangkok, TH; 1PTT Company, TH) [862] Abstract

I3 - Monday morning
PRES 2012

Clean technologies - Low emissions technologies

Chairpersons: J. Labidi, P. Seferlis

I3.1   11:00   Keynote lecture: Solution strategies for the synthesis of heat-integrated process water networks. *E. Ahmetović1, Z. Kravanja (Univ. Maribor, SI; 1Univ. Tuzla, BA) [1175] Abstract

I3.2   11:20   On the production of liquid synthetic motor fuels. *J. Lin, C. Bouallou1, F. Werkoff1 (Beijing Gas Group, CN; 1MINES ParisTech, Paris, FR) [155] Abstract

I3.3   11:40   Environmental implications of the valorisation of the residual fraction refused by MBT plants. *D. Zambrana Vásquez, G. Ferreira, A. Aranda Usón, I. Zabalza Bribián (Univ. Zaragoza, ES) [784] Abstract

I3.4   12:00   Steelmaking integrated with a polygeneration plant for improved sustainability. *H. Ghanbari, M. Helle, F. Pettersson, H. Saxen (Abo Akad. Univ., Turku, FI) [1181] Abstract

I3.5   12:20   A mathematical model for removal of VOCs from polluted air utilizing a biofilter. *L. Vafajoo, A. Naserranjbar (Islamic Azad Univ., Tehran, IR) [1] Abstract

I4 - Monday afternoon
PRES 2012

Towards hydrogen economy

Chairpersons: B. M. Güell, N. Ozalp

I4.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: Techno-economic assessment of the fermentative hydrogen production from sugar beet. *K. Urbaniec, R. Grabarczyk (Warsaw Univ. Technol., Plock, PL) [780] Abstract

I4.2   14:20   Integration of a biomass-to-hydrogen process in an oil refinery. *J.-F. Brau, M. Morandin, T. Berntsson (Chalmers Univ. Technol., Göteborg, SE) [828] Abstract

I4.3   14:40   Comprehensive modeling of hydrogen network in petrochemical complexes. *N. Tahouni, M. Shariati, M. H. Panjeshahi (Univ. Tehran, IR) [1018] Abstract

I4.4   15:00   Hydrogen integration in petroleum refining. *R. Smith, N. Zhang, J. Zhao1 (Univ. Manchester, UK; 1Luoyang Petrochem. Eng. Co., CN) [1249] Abstract

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

Sustainable biofuel production

Chairpersons: F. Manenti, K. Urbaniec

I4.5   16:20   Keynote lecture: Modelling and optimisation of gasification for palm kernel shell (PKS) in a fluidized bed gasifier. R. T. L. Ng, *D. K. S. Ng, D. H. S. Tay1, W. A. W. A. K. Ghani2 (Univ. Nottingham, Selangor, MY; 1Global Green Synergy, Kuala Lumpur, MY; 2Univ. Putra Malaysia, Selangor, MY) [648] Abstract

I4.6   16:40   Process integration of algae production and anaerobic digestion. *G. Polakovičová, P. Kušnír, S. Nagyová, J. Mikulec (VURUP, Bratislava, SK) [400] Abstract

I4.7   17:00   Utilization of sweet sorghum as a catch crop for providing raw materials for the production of bioethanol and biogas. *F. Theuretzbacher, P. Kravanja1, M. Becker, A. Bauer, B. Amon, A. Friedl1, A. Potthast, T. Amon (Univ. Nat. Resources Appl. Life Sci., Wien, AT; 1Vienna Univ. Technol., Wien, AT) [795] Abstract

I4.8   17:20   Energy efficient recovery of methanol and glycerol in biodiesel production. *R. M. Ignat, A. A. Kiss (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [1055] Abstract

I4.9   17:40   Biofuels in aviation – an overview. J. Sandquist, *B. Matas Güell, L. Sorum (SINTEF, Tronheim, NO) [933] Abstract

I5 - Tuesday morning
PRES 2012

Integration of renewable, biomass and energy conversion technologies (Part 1)

Chairpersons: C. Deng, S. R. Wan Alwi

I5.1     8:30   Keynote lecture: A novel and flexible energy management strategy with application in a hydrolytic solar hydrogen autonomous system. C. Ziogou, D. Ipsakis, *P. Seferlis1, S. Bezergianni, S. Papadopoulou2, S. Voutetakis (Chem. Proc. Eng. Res. Inst., Thessaloniki, GR; 1Aristotle Univ., Thessaloniki, GR; 2Technol. Educ. Inst., Thessaloniki, GR) [983] Abstract

I5.3     8:50   Adsorptive removal of hydrogen sulfide from bioethanol-derived propylene using porous iron oxide. *T. Yamamoto, A. Endo, T. Ohmori (Nat. Inst. Adv. Ind. Sci. Technol., Tsukuba, JP) [120] Abstract

I5.4     9:10   Estimating the energy savings potential in a residential area of Valparaiso (Chile) by roof integrated unglazed solar collectors for domestic solar water heating. *D. Carvajal, D. Araya (Pontif. Univ. Catol., Santiago, CL) [565] Abstract

I5.5     9:30   Integration of solar thermal energy and heat pump in a fish canning process. *J. A. Kijera, A. Garcia, J. Labidi (Univ. Pais Vasco, San Sebastian, ES) [740] Abstract

I5.6     9:50   Environmental impacts of grid connected photovoltaic system adapted for peak load reduction in Kuwait . A. A. Ghoneim (Coll. Technol. Studies, Shuwaikh, KW) [696] Abstract

10:10   Coffee break, poster session

Integration of renewable, biomass and energy conversion technologies (Part 2)

Chairpersons: K. Matsuda, M. Narodoslawsky

I5.7   11:00   Keynote lecture: Area targeting for heat recovery loop temperature selection and optimum energy and cost reduction. *M. R. W. Walmsley, M. J. Atkins, T. Walmsley, J. Neale (Univ. Waikato, Hamilton, NZ) [1221] Abstract

I5.8   11:20   Analysis in a test bench for geothermal heat pump with simultaneous production of domestic hot water with heating or cooling and efficiency improvements. *J. Tamajon, F. Cerdeira, M. E. Vázquez Alfaya, S. Farina Toimil, J. I. Rodríguez Fernandez, E. Álvarez da Costa (Univ. Vigo, ES) [994] Abstract

I5.9   11:40   Integration of renewables for improving companies’ energy-supplies within regional supply networks. *A. Kiraly, B. Pahor, Z. Kravanja1 (Perutnina, Ptuj, SI; 1Univ. Maribor, SI) [1295] Abstract

I5.10   12:00   Production of diesel fuel via hydrogenation of rancid lard and gas oil mixtures. *P. Baladincz, C. Tóth, J. Hancsók (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU) [1297] Abstract

I5.11   12:20   Improving the low-temperature properties and filterability of biodiesel. V. Plata, E. Castillo1, *V. Kafarov (Univ. Ind. Santander, Bucaramanga, CO; 1ECOPETROL, Piedecuesta, CO) [923] Abstract

I6 - Tuesday afternoon
PRES 2012

Waste water treatment and soil remediation

Chairpersons: D. Ng, P. Oosthuisen

I6.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: Optimization of water network integrated with process models. *C. Deng, X. Feng (China Univ. Petrol., Beijing, CN) [774] Abstract

I6.2   14:20   Removal of dyes from aqueous solution by the bagasse of sugar cane. *I. Cabrera, I. Rodriguez, L. E. Arteaga-Pérez, J. Ojeda, M. Cortes, I. Aloma (Cent. Univ. Las Villas, Santa Clara, CU) [523] Abstract

I6.3   14:40   Application of an innovative process for improving mesophilic anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge. *A. D. Shana, S. Ouki1, M. Asaadi2, P. Pearce (Thames Water, Reading, UK; 1Univ. Surrey, Guildford, UK; 2AD Technologies, UK) [692] Abstract

I6.4   15:00   Disintegration of sewage sludge for improved dewaterability. T. Elsäßer, *L. Houdková, P. Bělohradský, P. Stehlík (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [810] Abstract

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

Heat exchangers and heat transfer processes

Chairpersons: S. Boldyryev, M. Picón-Núñez

I6.5   16:20   Keynote lecture: Accounting for thermal resistance of cooling water fouling in plate heat exchangers. *O. Arsenyeva, L. Tovazhnyansky1, P. Kapustenko, O. Demirskyy (Sodruzhestvo, Kharkiv, UA; 1Nat. Tech. Univ., Kharkiv, UA) [118] Abstract

I6.6   16:40   Methodology of calculating reaction-diffusion processes with moving boundaries of kinetic zones. *L. M. Musabekova, N. N. Dausheeva, M. A. Jamankarayeva1 (State Univ. South Kazakhstan, Shimkent, KZ; 1State Pedagog. Inst. South Kazakhstan, Shimkent, KZ) [833] Abstract

I6.7   17:00   Geometry optimization of a gas preheater inlet region – a case study. *V. Turek, P. Bělohradský, Z. Jegla (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [217] Abstract

I6.8   17:20   Best available techniques in municipal solid waste incineration: state of the art in Spain and Portugal. *M. Margallo, R. Aldaco, A. Bala1, P. Fullana1, A. Irabien (Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES; 1ESCI-UFP, Barcelona, ES) [857] Abstract

I6.9   17:40   Challenges in design of polymer falling film heat exchangers. *C. Dreiser, H.-J. Bart (Tech. Univ., Kaiserslautern, DE) [134] Abstract

I7 - Wednesday morning
PRES 2012

INTHEAT: Profit recovery through heat recovery (Part 1)

Chairpersons: I. Bulatov, J. J. Klemeš

I7.1     8:30   Keynote lecture: Retrofit procedure for intensifying heat transfer in heat exchanger networks prone to fouling deposition. *M. Pan, I. Bulatov, R. Smith (Univ. Manchester, UK) [188] Abstract

I7.2     8:50   CFD-based optimisation of spiral wound heat exchanger geometry. *J. Steube, A. Lautenschleger, M. Piper, D. Böe1, T. Weimer1, E. Kenig (Univ. Paderborn, DE; 1Makatec Apparate GmbH, DE) [1232] Abstract

I7.3     9:10   Optimising plant economic and environmental performance over a full lifetime. *A. Nemet, J. J. Klemeš1, Z. Kravanja (Univ. Maribor, SI; 1Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU) [1276] Abstract

I7.4     9:30   Mitigation of fouling in plate heat exchangers for process industries. *P. Kapustenko, L. Tovazhnyansky1, O. Arsenyeva, A. Yuzbashyan (Sodruzhestvo, Kharkiv, UA; 1Nat. Tech. Univ., Kharkiv, UA) [151] Abstract

I7.5     9:50   Capital cost targeting of total site heat recovery. *A. Nemet, S. Boldyryev2, P. S. Varbanov, P. Kapustenko1, J. J. Klemeš (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU; 1Sodruzhestvo, Kharkiv, UA; 2Kharkiv Polytech. Inst., UA) [249] Abstract

I7.6   10:10   Ammonia refrigeration cycle integration in buildings heating system. *S. Boldyryev, P. Kapustenko, L. Tovazhnyansky1, A. Garev, O. Perevertaylenko, G. Khavin, O. Arsenyeva, J. J. Klemeš2 (Sodruzhestvo, Kharkiv, UA; 1Nat. Tech. Univ., Kharkiv, UA; 2Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU) [121] Abstract

10:30   Coffee break, poster session

INTHEAT: Profit recovery through heat recovery (Part 2)

Chairpersons: I. Bulatov, E. Kennig

I7.7   11:00   Keynote lecture: Effect of turbulence enhancement on crude oil fouling in a batch stirred cell. M. Yang, Z. Wood, B. Rickard, *B. Crittenden, M. J. Gough1, P. Droegemueller1, T. Higley1 (Univ. Bath, UK; 1Cal Gavin Ltd., Alcester, UK) [684] Abstract

I7.8   11:20   Robust model predictive control of heat exchangers. *M. Bakošová, J. Oravec (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [945] Abstract

I7.9   11:40   Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and its contribution to teaching and learning in Chemical Engineering. *S. J. Perry, I. Bulatov (Univ. Manchester, UK) [1091] Abstract

I7.10   12:00   Large scale capillary based plastic heat exchangers. M. Raudenský, *M. Dohnal (Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [926] Abstract

I7.11   12:20   Increasing solar energy utilisation by rescheduling operations with heat and electricity demand. *A. Nemet, M. Hegyháti, J. J. Klemeš, F. Friedler (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU) [632] Abstract

I8 - Wednesday afternoon
PRES 2012

Industrial application & optimal design (Part 1)

Chairpersons: M. Atkins, P. Stuart

I8.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: Development and evaluation of enhanced heat transfer tubes for transitional Reynolds number flow. *D. J. Kukulka, R. Smith (State Univ. New York, Buffalo NY, US) [136] Abstract

I8.2   14:20   Optimization of process operation strategies by combining process models with plant operating data. *D. Müller, S. Höser, O. Kahrs, H. Arellano-Garcia, G. Wozny (Tech. Univ., Berlin, DE) [792] Abstract

I8.3   14:40   Modelling and experiments for application of catalytic distillation to TAME synthesis. *A. E. Bonet-Ruiz, J. Bonet-Ruiz1, G. Bozga, J. Llorens1, V. Plesu, A. Tuluc, G. Bumbac, C. Muscalu (Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO; 1Univ. Barcelona, ES) [835] Abstract

I8.4   15:00   Dividing wall column for industrial multi purpose use. *T. Grützner, D. Staak, B. Schwegler, D. Roederer (Lonza AG, Visp, CH) [10] Abstract

15:20   Coffee break, poster session

Industrial application & optimal design (Part 2)

Chairpersons: J. Bonet-Ruiz, P. Kapustenko

I8.5   16:20   Keynote lecture: Minimising energy use in milk powder production using process integration techniques. *M. J. Atkins, M. R. W. Walmsley, T. Walmsley, Z. Fodor1, J. Neale (Univ. Waikato, Hamilton, NZ; 1Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU) [1113] Abstract

I8.6   16:40   CFD analysis of a cement calciner for a cleaner cement production. *H. Mikulčić, E. von Berg1, M. Vujanović, P. Priesching1, R. Tatschl1, N. Duić (Univ. Zagreb, HR; 1AVL-AST, AT) [906] Abstract

I8.7   17:00   Experimental investigation of adsorption of heavy metals (copper (II)) from industrial wastewater with synthetic zeolite (4A). *N. Dizadji, S. S. Seyed Vossoughi, S. Dehpouri (Islamic Azad Univ., Tehran, IR) [1063] Abstract

I8.8   17:20   Solving separation-network synthesis problem adopting interval optimization techniques. *A. G. Szlama, K. Kalauz, B. Bertok, I. Heckl (Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU) [1176] Abstract

I8.9   17:40   Planning evacuation routes with the P-graph framework. *J. C. Garcia-Ojeda, B. Bertok1, F. Friedler1 (Aut. Univ. Bucaramanga, CO; 1Univ. Pannonia, Veszprém, HU) [1497] Abstract

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