Posters P3, Monday

Reaction engineering

P3.1   Calculation of the reactor catalytic oxidation of methanol in formic acid on metal-containing zeolite catalysts. A. M. Aliyev, *E. M. Mammadov, Q. S. Aliyev, U. A. Abasova (Inst. Chem. Probl., Baku, AZ) [4] Abstract

P3.2   Minimizing CO2 formation in Ir-catalyzed methanol carbonylation process . M. Kazemeini, *V. Hosseinpour (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [26] Abstract

P3.3   Experimental investigations of the combustion processes in the furnace for straw combustion. *B. S. Repic, D. V. Dakic, A. M. Eric, D. M. Djurovic, M. R. Mladenovic, S. D. Nemoda (Inst. Nucl. Sci. Vinča, Beograd, RS) [52] Abstract

P3.4   Ethylene polymerization using in situ supported nano size silica (MCM-41) with BisIndZrCl2 metallocene catalyst. S. M. Mortazavi, H. Arabi, G. Zohuri1, S. Ahmadjo, G. Nejabat, M. Nekoomanesh, *S. Neyrizi (Iran Polymer Petrochem. Inst., Tehran, IR; 1Ferdowsi Univ. Mashad, IR) [61] Abstract

P3.5   Kinetic modelling of methyl formate hydrolysis in the presence of formic acid as a homogenous catalyst. *O. Jogunola, T. Salmi, J.-P. Mikkola (Abo Akad. Univ., Turku, FI) [75] Abstract

P3.6   Inhibiting effect of water on the deactivation of the metallic function in the syngas to dimethyl ether process. *I. Sierra, J. Ereña, A. Ateka, A. T. Aguayo, J. M. Arandes, J. Bilbao (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [86] Abstract

P3.7   A UBI-QEP microkinetic study for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis on iron catalysts. M. Moqadam, M. Rahmani, *Z. Karimi, A. Naderifar (Amirkabir Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [95] Abstract

P3.8   Coherent-synchronized oxidation of 4-ethylpyridine and piperidine by hydrogen peroxide. N. I. Ali-zadeh, I. T. Nagieva1, *T. M. Nagiev (Inst. Chem. Probl., Baku, AZ; 1Baku State Univ., AZ) [130] Abstract

P3.9   Hydrodesulfurization NiMo catalysts supported on Co, Ni and B modified Al2O3 from Anderson heteropolymolybdates. *L. Kaluža, R. Palcheva1, A. Spojakina1, K. Jirátová, G. Tyuliev1 (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ; 1Inst. Catal., Sofia, BG) [145] Abstract

P3.10   Kinetic investigation of ethylene monooxidation reaction by hydrogen peroxide by applying of determinant equation. U. V. Nasirova, I. T. Nagieva1, L. M. Gasanova, *T. M. Nagiev (Inst. Chem. Probl., Baku, AZ; 1Baku State Univ., AZ) [149] Abstract

P3.11   Effect of 2-butene cis/trans isomers on metathesis reaction for produce propylene over tungsten catalyst. *N. Poovarawan, K. Suriye, P. Praserthdam1 (Chulalongkorn Univ., Bangkok, TH; 1SGC Chemicals, Bangkok, TH) [216] Abstract

P3.12   A CFD model for methane autothermal reforming on Ru/g-Al2O3 catalyst. S. M. Safdarnejad, *S. Rowshanzamir, M. H. Eikani (Iran Univ. Sci. Technol., Tehran, IR) [232] Abstract

P3.13   Activity of CoMo/MSA catalysts in benzothiophene hydrodesulfurization, cumene cracking and cyclohexene isomerization. *D. Gulková, L. Kaluža, M. Zdražil, Z. Vít (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [243] Abstract

P3.14   Comparison of the HDS performances of unsupported and carbon supported cobalt molybdenum catalysts. *G. E. Luckachan, J. Whelan, I. Banu, N. D. Banu, M. S. Katsiotis, A. Tharalekshmy, S. Stephen, S. Alhassan, R. Vladea (Petroleum Inst., Abu Dhabi, AE) [253] Abstract

P3.15   Modified metal oxides for energy and hydrogen production from biogas. STA thermogravimetric study of the reduction step. J. Plou, P. Durán, E. Romero, *J. Herguido, J. Á. Peña (Univ. Zaragoza, ES) [293] Abstract

P3.16   Poly(ethylene terephthalate-co-2,6- naphthalene dicarboxylic acid): synthesis, characterization and thermal properties, and comparison with PET. *A. Abbasi, A. Keshavarzian1, S. Mohammadi, R. Rezaeinejad (Nat. Petrochem. Co., Tehran, IR; 1Amirkabir Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [303] Abstract

P3.17   Rigorous modeling and simulation of a batch MMA polymerization process to medical purposes. L. Zuñiga Liñan, *N. M. Nascimento Lima, L. Plazas Tovar, R. Maciel Filho, M. R. Wolf Maciel, F. Manenti1, M. Embiruçu2 (UNICAMP, Campinas, BR; 1Politecnico, Milano, IT; 2UFBA, Salvador, BR) [310] Abstract

P3.18   Thermokinetic study of menthone synthesis. *D. Pečar, A. Goršek (Univ. Maribor, SI) [338] Abstract

P3.19   Transformations of Pd acetate in polymeric matrices of non-functionalized and functionalized hypercrosslinked polystyrenes. *A. Bykov, V. G. Matveeva, E. M. Sulman, I. Tyamina (Tver State Tech. Univ., RU) [343] Abstract

P3.20   Mechanism evaluation for reforming processes. *H. Svensson, C. Hulteberg (Lund Univ., SE) [380] Abstract

P3.21   Phenol degradation by heterogeneous Fenton-like reaction using Fe supported over activated carbon. *S. A. Messele, F. Stuber, C. Bengoa, A. Fortuny1, A. Fabregat, J. Font (Univ. Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, ES; 1Univ. Politec. Catalunya, Vilanova i la Geltru, ES) [395] Abstract

P3.22   Simplifying complex computer-generated reactions network to suppress its stiffness. *A. Karaba, P. Zamostny (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [403] Abstract

P3.23   Using the semi-mechanistic steam-cracking model to improve steam-cracker operation. *A. Karaba, P. Zamostny, T. Herink1, J. Lederer2 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Unipetrol RPA, Litvínov, CZ; 2Res. Inst. Inorg. Chem., Usti n/L, CZ) [410] Abstract

P3.24   Hydrogenation of scrap tires oil (STO) on a Pt-Pd/activated-carbon catalyst for clean fuel production. *I. Hita, P. Castaño, A. Gutiérrez, G. Lopez, M. J. Valero1, A. Gallardo1, T. Cordero1, J. Rodríguez-Mirasol1, J. M. Arandes (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES; 1Univ. Málaga, ES) [457] Abstract

P3.25   Effect of catalyst acidity on the catalytic cracking of glycerol under FCC conditions. A. Errekatxo, M. J. Azkoiti, M. Olazar, *J. M. Arandes, J. Bilbao (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [484] Abstract

P3.26   Numerical simulation of exhaust gas catalytic combustion in open-cell ceramic catalyst. *A. S. Shaymardanov, A. V. Zhensa, E. Koltsova (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol. Russia, Moskva, RU) [508] Abstract

P3.27   Photocatalytic oxidation of Rhodamine B over TiO2/Zr mixed oxides: kinetics and pilot-scale reactor modelling. *C. O. Castillo-Araiza, K. De la Cruz-Lopez, L. Gallardo-Amezcua, T. Ramirez-Trejo, R. Ruíz-Martínez, C. Martinez-Vera, J. A. De los Reyes (Univ. Aut. Metrop., Iztapalapa, MX) [514] Abstract

P3.28   Adsorption of nitrogen compounds using silicoaluminates: process modelling. *J. F. Guayaquil-Sosa, C. O. Castillo-Araiza, F. Lopez-Isunza, J. A. De los Reyes (Univ. Aut. Metrop., Iztapalapa, MX) [576] Abstract

P3.29   Pt catalysts supported on modified Zr-SBA15 employed in HDS reactions. *J. A. Colín-Luna, A. K. Medina-Mendoza, J. A. De los Reyes, J. A. Montoya1, H. F. Puebla, J. Ramírez-Muñoz (Univ. Aut. Nat., Mexico, MX; 1Inst. Mex. Petrol., Mexico DF, MX) [598] Abstract

P3.30   Structural model of Pt catalysts supported on modified Zr-clays employed in the HDS reactions of sulphur molecules. *J. A. Colín-Luna, A. K. Medina-Mendoza, J. A. De los Reyes, J. A. Montoya, H. F. Puebla, J. Ramírez-Muñoz (Univ. Aut. Metrop., Mexico, MX) [601] Abstract

P3.31   Electrochemical treatment for disinfection of saline waters. M. Mascia, A. Vacca, *S. Palmas, A. Da Pozzo (Univ. Cagliari, IT) [628] Abstract

P3.32   Design of a natural gas based ATR reformer for solid oxide fuel cells using ASPEN+. M. H. Eikani (IROST, Tehran, IR) [748] Abstract

P3.33   Dynamic modelling for a trickle-bed reactor using the numerical inverse Laplace transform technique. J. D. Silva (UFPE, Recife, BR) [754] Abstract

P3.34   A novel cobalt-based catalyst for light olefins production from synthesis gas. *F. Torabi, F. Shayegh, Y. Zamani (Res. Inst. Pet. Ind., Tehran, IR) [762] Abstract

P3.35   Design and fabrication of a 300 W PEM fuel cell test station. *M. H. Eikani, A. Eliassi, N. Khandan, V. R. Nafisi (IROST, Tehran, IR) [763] Abstract

P3.36   Effect of operation conditions on the catalytic performance of Co/Mn/TiO2 catalyst for conversion of synthesis gas to light olefins. *F. Shayegh, C. Ghotbi1, R. Bozorghomhery1, D. Rashtchian1 (Res. Inst. Pet. Ind., Tehran, IR; 1Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [768] Abstract

P3.37   Packing fixed bed reactors with cylinders: influence of particle length distribution. *F. Dorai, M. Rolland, A. Wachs, M. Marcoux1, E. Climent1 (Inst. Fr. Pet., Solaize, FR; 1Inst. Mech. Fluids, Toulouse, FR) [842] Abstract

P3.38   Bistability in the glucose – glucose oxidase – ferricyanide reaction. *A. Nováková, T. Veber, L. Schreiberová, I. Schreiber (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [890] Abstract

P3.39   Dynamics and bifurcations in the CSTR with a pH-oscillatory reaction – experiments and modelling. *T. Veber, A. Nováková, I. Schreiber, L. Schreiberová (Inst. Nanobiol. Struct. Biol., České Budějovice, CZ) [892] Abstract

P3.40   Turing patterns in linear array of four coupled continuous stirred tank reactors and their usage as parallel logic gates. *F. Muzika, I. Schreiber (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [902] Abstract

P3.41   Computer simulating the reaction-diffusion processes in systems with moving front of reactions. *L. M. Musabekova, N. N. Dausheeva, M. A. Jamankarayeva1 (State Univ. South Kazakhstan, Shimkent, KZ; 1State Pedagog. Inst. South Kazakhstan, Shimkent, KZ) [908] Abstract

P3.42   Effect of the acidity of the HZSM-5 zeolite catalyst on the catalytic pyrolysis of HDPE in two steps. *M. Artetxe, G. Lopez, M. Amutio, J. Alvarez, A. Erkiaga, I. Barbarias, M. Olazar (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [911] Abstract

P3.43   Multi-scale modelling and measurements of diffusion through porous catalyst coating: an application to exhaust gas oxidation. *M. Dudák, V. Novák, P. Kočí, M. Marek, F. Štěpánek, P. Blanco-García1, G. Jones2 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Johnson Matthey Technology Centre, Reading, UK; 2Univ. Coll. London, UK) [928] Abstract

P3.44   Study of influence of reaction temperature and the nitric acid concentration in the reaction with dolomite. *J. David, I. Sedlářová, J. Vídenský (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [949] Abstract

P3.45   Experimental testing and parameter estimation of various macro- kinetic schemes for dmfc. *Z. İlbay, M. Bayramoğlu1 (Istanbul Univ., Avcilar, TR; 1Gebze Inst. Technol., Kocaeli, TR) [971] Abstract

P3.46   Catalytic and physicochemical properties of the aluminium-nitrate-supported rhenium oxide catalysts over metathesis reaction. *S. Vorakitkanvasin, K. Suriye1, P. Praserthdam, J. Panpranot (Chulalongkorn Univ., Bangkok, TH; 1SGC Chemicals, Bangkok, TH) [1007] Abstract

P3.47   Catalytic upgrading of distilled tall oil (DTO) in a trickle-bed reactor: An investigation of catalyst deactivation mechanism. *J. M. Anthonykutty, J. Pohjantähti, O. Aaltonen, J. Linnekoski1, A. Laitinen, A. Harlin, A. O. I. Krause1 (VTT, FI; 1Aalto Univ., FI) [1009] Abstract

P3.48   Decomposition of ethanol over Ni-Al catalysts: effect of copper addition. *G. Souza, N. M. Balzaretti, N. R. Marcílio, O. W. Perez-Lopez (UFRG, Porto Alegre, BR) [1025] Abstract

P3.49   Effect of extra support on metathesis of ethylene and 2-butene over tungsten catalysts. *W. Limsangkass, K. Suriye1, P. Praserthdam, S. Phatanasri, J. Panpranot (Chulalongkorn Univ., Bangkok, TH; 1SGC Chemicals, Bangkok, TH) [1039] Abstract

P3.50   Effect of post-esterification step and mixing rate on synthesis of poly(ethylene terephthalate) in a semibatch reactor. *A. Keshavarzian, M. Rafizadeh, F. Afshar-Taromi, A. Abbasi (Amirkabir Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [1047] Abstract

P3.51   Influence of precipitation conditions on precursor particle size distribution and activity of methanol synthesis catalyst. *M. Bahmani, M. Ghelichkhani, A. Naderifar1, F. Hosseinpourrajabi2 (Nat. Petrochem. Co., Tehran, IR; 1Amirkabir Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR; 2Imam Khomeini Int. Univ., Qazvin, IR) [1088] Abstract

P3.52   Influence of semi-batch operations on morphological properties of polystyrene made in suspension polymerization. A. L. Nogueira, M. B. Quadri, P. H. H. Araújo, *R. A. F. Machado (UFSC, Santa Catarina, BR) [1089] Abstract

P3.53   Investigation of analogy between gas-solid fluidized-bed and gas-liquid-solid slurry bubble-column reactors. S. Aryafar, N. Mostoufi, R. Sotudeh-Gharebagh, *R. Zarghami (Univ. Tehran, IR) [1097] Abstract

P3.54   Mineralization of oxalic acid by high temperature Fenton's reagent. *G. Pliego, J. A. Zazo, J. A. Casas, J. J. Rodriguez (Univ. Auton., Madrid, ES) [1112] Abstract

P3.55   Modeling and simulation of a methanol-to-olefins laboratory fixed-bed reactor with electrical resistance furnace in steady-state and dynamic conditions. *A. Farzi, M. J. Jomea, A. Niaei (Univ. Tabriz, IR) [1115] Abstract

P3.56   Pelletized catalysts for VOC oxidation with non-uniform distribution of mixed oxides – preparation and characterization. *J. Ludvíková, J. Klempa, K. Jirátová (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [1134] Abstract

P3.57   Synthesis gas production by steam reforming of ethanol over M-Ni-Al hydrotalcite-type catalysts, M = Mg, Zn, Mo, Co. *G. Souza, V. D. C. Ávila, N. R. Marcílio, O. W. Perez-Lopez (Univ. Fed. Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre , BR) [1195] Abstract

P3.58   Temperature effect on steam reforming of crude bio-oil over Ni/La2O3-alpha-Al2O3 catalyst in a two-step reaction system. *B. Aramburu, A. Remiro, B. Valle, A. G. Gayubo, J. Bilbao (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [1201] Abstract

P3.59   New process for continuous co-precipitation of methanol synthesis catalyst in large scale: study on optimum catalyst preparation condition . *F. Yaripur, M. Bahmani, R. Miremadoddin (Petrochemical Research & Technology Company, IR) [1248] Abstract

P3.60   Fabrication and testing of the secondary zinc-air battery. J. Dundálek, J. Chmelar, *J. Kosek (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1281] Abstract

P3.61   Hydrodynamics characteristics of HDS trickle bed test reactor. *A. Prokešová, V. Tukač, M. Zbuzek1 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Res. Inst. Inorg. Chem., Usti n/L, CZ) [1302] Abstract

P3.62   Fabrication techniques for the production of metallic structures in microfluidic devices. *J. Kotowski, P. Červenka, T. Kotoala, P. Kutal, Z. Slouka, D. Šnita (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1328] Abstract

P3.63   Selectivity of NOx storage catalyst regeneration in automotive applications. *Š. Bártová, D. Mráček, P. Kočí, M. Marek, J. Pihl1, J.-S. Choi1, W. Partridge1 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Oak Ridge Nat. Lab., Knoxville TN, US) [1329] Abstract

P3.64   Effect of tetralin, decalin and naphthalene as hydrogen donors in the upgrading of heavy oils. *L. O. Aleman-Vazquez, J. L. Cano-Dominguez, J. L. Garcia-Gutierrez (Inst. Mex. Petrol., Mexico DF, MX) [1370] Abstract

P3.65   Presentation a kinetic model for conversion of methanol to light olefins. N. Fatourehchi1, M. Sohrabi1, *S. Sadeghpour Galooyak, F. Yahyazadeh Saravi (Islamic Azad Univ., Tehran, IR; 1Amirkabir Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [1374] Abstract

P3.66   Synthesis of biobased polyurethane from ricinoleic acid, evaluation and reaction kinetics study. *E. S. Mallmann, M. I. R. Barbosa, R. Maciel Filho (UNICAMP, Campinas, BR) [1379] Abstract

P3.67   Optimization of naphtha steam cracking conditions for production of light olefins by statistical design of experiments. P. Sandiani (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [1382] Abstract

P3.68   Study on the deactivation of the MCM-22 catalyst in liquid phase cyclopentene hydration. *A. Hlavačková, J. Krupka1, J. Otmar1, M. Kubu1, J. Lederer (Res. Inst. Inorg. Chem., Usti n/L, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1404] Abstract

P3.69   A low conversion Ni-loaded Y zeolite catalyst during ODH of ethane to ethylene: kinetics and packed bed reactor modeling. G. Che-Galicia, R. Ruíz-Martínez, R. Quintana-Solórzano1, J. Sánchez-Valente1, *C. O. Castillo-Araiza (Univ. Aut. Metrop., Iztapalapa, MX; 1Inst. Mex. Petrol., Mexico DF, MX) [1428] Abstract

P3.70   A novel catalytic membrane reactor for phenol degradation via in situ generated hydrogen peroxide. *O. Osegueda, A. Dafinov, F. Medina, J. Sueiras (Univ. Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, ES) [1429] Abstract

P3.71   Pattern formation and chaotic dynamics in a cross-flow catalytic converter with kinetics of detoxification of exhaust gases. *M. Kohout, O. Hadač, J. Havlica1, I. Schreiber (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [1443] Abstract

P3.72   Investigations on reaction kinetics for continuous hydrogenation. *M. Ludwig, A. Müller, R. Lange (Tech. Univ., Dresden, DE) [1475] Abstract

P3.73   Kinetic modeling of NOx reduction process by ammonia over Cu/ZSM-5 nanocatalyst. Z. Jamalzadeh, *A. Farzi, P. Panahi, M. Mousavi, N. Hadi, A. Niaei, D. Salari (Univ. Tabriz, IR) [1494] Abstract

P3.74   Role of ion exchange on HZSM-5 zeolites in the conversion of chloromethane to light olefins. M. Gamero, *E. Epelde, A. Ateka, M. Ibañez, A. T. Aguayo, J. Bilbao (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [311] Abstract

P3.75   Elucidating tyre pyrolysis kinetic scheme by PCA. A. Arrizabalaga, *R. Aguado, M. Arabiourrutia, G. Lopez, M. Artetxe, M. Olazar (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [1052] Abstract


P3.83   Cinnamon bark volatile oils separation and determination using solid-phase extraction and gas chromatography. *F. Golmohammad, M. H. Eikani, Z. Bashiri Sadr, H. Salar Amoli, H. M. Maymandi (IROST, Tehran, IR) [6] Abstract

P3.84   Optimization of platinum extraction by trioctylphosphine oxide in the presence of alkaline-metal salts. H. Hassan Nejad, *M. Kazemeini (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [30] Abstract

P3.85   Biodesulfurization of a system containing synthetic fuel by Rhodococcus erythropolis ATCC 4277. *A. A. Ulson de Souza, D. Maass, S. Guelli Ulson de Souza (UFSC, Santa Catarina, BR) [123] Abstract

P3.86   Reduction of oil and grease amount of effluents using biomass for adsorption. *A. A. Ulson de Souza, H. Boni, S. Guelli Ulson de Souza (UFSC, Santa Catarina, BR) [167] Abstract

P3.87   Valorisation of marine macro-algae Laminaria digitata for the separation and recovery of trivalent chromium ions from aqueous solutions. *S. Guelli Ulson de Souza, I. Dittert, V. Vilar, E. Borges da Silva1, A. A. Ulson de Souza, C. Botelho1, R. Boaventura1 (UFSC, Santa Catarina, BR; 1Univ. Porto, PT) [183] Abstract

P3.88   Passivation of sphalerite during the leaching in oxidative sulphuric acid solution. *M. Sokić, B. Marković, V. Matković, N. Štrbac1, D. Živković1, J. Stojanović (Inst. Technol. Nucl. Min. Raw Mat., Beograd, RS; 1Tech. Fac., Bor, RS) [301] Abstract

P3.89   Selective extraction of lactoferrin with imidazolium-based ionic liquids. E. Alvarez-Guerra, *A. Irabien (Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES) [463] Abstract

P3.90   Separation of benzene from heptane using three ionic liquids: BMimMSO4, BMimNTf2 and PMimNTf2. I. Domínguez, N. Calvar1, E. Gómez, *Á. Domínguez (Univ. Vigo, ES; 1Univ. Porto, PT) [619] Abstract

P3.91   Separation of benzene from hexane using 3-butyl-1-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethylsulfony)imide as entrainer: liquid-liquid equilibrium data, process simulation and process separation in a packed bed column. A. González, I. Domínguez, E. Gómez, J. Canosa, *Á. Domínguez (Univ. Vigo, ES) [678] Abstract

P3.92   Separation of folic acid by synergic extraction with aminic and organophosphorus extractants mixture. L. Kloetzer, A.-I. Galaction1, D. Cascaval, *A. C. Blaga (Tech. Univ., Iasi, RO; 1Univ. Med. Pharm., Iasi, RO) [679] Abstract

P3.93   Study on influence of organic phase polarity on propionic acid extraction with Amberlite LA-2. M. Postaru, A.-I. Galaction1, *A. C. Blaga, D. Cascaval (Tech. Univ., Iasi, RO; 1Univ. Med. Pharm., Iasi, RO) [680] Abstract

P3.94   Sugaring out effect in aqueous two phase systems composed of acetonitrile and carbohydrate. T. Mourão, F. Pereira1, G. B. Cardoso1, A. T. Fricks1, M. G. Freire, C. M. F. Soares1, J. A. P. Coutinho, *Á. S. Lima1 (Univ. Aveiro, PT; 1Tiradentes Univ., Aracaju, BR) [760] Abstract

P3.95   Pepsin extraction process from swine wastes. *E. Jurado, J. M. Vicaria, M. Lechua Villena, I. Moya (Univ. Granada, ES) [1135] Abstract

P3.96   Influence of particles size and nature of solvent in reflux and ASE extraction of anthraquinones from RubiaTinctorum L.. J.-F. Blanco, N. Habbadi1, D. Kleiber2, *Y. Pérès-Lucchese, D. Riboul, F. Violleau2 (LGC, Toulouse, FR; 1Univ. Sci., Kenitra, MA; 2Ec. Ing. Purpan, Toulouse, FR) [1283] Abstract

P3.97   Different microwaves applicators for the intensification of extraction processes. *R. Rosa, P. Veronesi, C. Leonelli, C. Villa1, R. Boggia1, E. Caponetti2, D. Chillura Martino2 (Univ. Modena, IT; 1Univ. Genova, IT; 2Univ. Palermo, IT) [1358] Abstract

P3.98   The solvent extraction of uranium(VI) using alkyliminodimethylenediphosphonic acids. *M. Bouhoun Ali, A. Y. Badjah Hadj Ahmed1, M. Attou, A. Elias2, M. A. Didi3 (Nucl. Res. Cent., Draria, DZ; 1King Saud Univ., Riyadh, SA; 2Univ. M. Mammeri, Tizi-Ouzou, DZ; 3Univ. Tlemcen, DZ) [1411] Abstract

P3.99   Synthesis under microwave irradiation, characterization and application of alkyliminodimethylenediphosphonic acids in solvent extraction of iron(III). *M. Bouhoun Ali, A. Y. Badjah Hadj Ahmed1, M. Attou, A. Elias2, M. A. Didi3 (Nucl. Res. Cent., Draria, DZ; 1King Saud Univ., Riyadh, SA; 2Univ. M. Mammeri, Tizi-Ouzou, DZ; 3Univ. Tlemcen, DZ) [1422] Abstract

P3.100   Synthesis under microwave irradiation, characterization and application of alkyliminodimethylenediphosphonic acids in solvent extraction of uranium(VI). *M. Bouhoun Ali, A. Y. Badjah Hadj Ahmed1, M. Attou, A. Elias2, M. A. Didi3 (Nucl. Res. Cent., Draria, DZ; 1King Saud Univ., Riyadh, SA; 2Univ. M. Mammeri, Tizi-Ouzou, DZ; 3Univ. Tlemcen, DZ) [1423] Abstract

P3.101   Study and modeling of solvent extraction kinetics within instant controlled pressure drop DIC expanded granule powder. S. Mounir1, T. Allaf2, *K. Allaf (Univ. La Rochelle, FR; 1Zagazig Univ., EG; 2ABCAR-DIC Proc., La Rochelle, FR) [1186] Abstract

P3.102   A study of the extraction of Pectin from dried lemon peels. *M. Carsky, L. Lerotholi, D. Ikhu-Omoregbe1 (Univ. Kwazulu-Natal, Durban, ZA; 1Cape Penninsula Univ. Technol., ZA) [1500] Abstract

P3.103   Modeling of extraction of Zataria multiflora Boiss. *M. Khajenoori, A. Haghighi Asl (Semnan Univ., IR) [152] Abstract

P3.104   Purification process and separation of Ni (II) - Co(II) and Cu(II)-Pb(II) from chloride solutions. *F. Hassaine-Sadi, A. Boudaa, S. Chelouaou (USTHB, Algier-Bab Ezzouar, DZ) [166] Abstract

Symposium on porous materials, nanostructures and nanocomposites

P3.110   Synthesis and characterization of TiO2/hydroxyapatite nanostructured bioceramics. R. Parra, *P. T. Jaeger1, M. A. Fanovich (INTEMA, Mar del Plata, AR; 1Tech. Univ., Hamburg-Harburg, DE) [177] Abstract

P3.111   Sonochemical preparation of SAPO-34 nanocrystals. *S. Askari, R. Halladj (Amirkabir Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [228] Abstract

P3.112   Preparation and characterization of chitosan coated maghemite nanoparticles for enzyme immobilization. *G. Hojnik Podrepšek, M. Primožič, Ž. Knez, M. Habulin (Univ. Maribor, SI) [305] Abstract

P3.113   Synthesis of temperature-responsive adsorbent by click reaction. *K. Murakami, X. Yu, T. Kato, Y. Inoue, K. Sugawara (Akita Univ., JP) [329] Abstract

P3.114   Preparation of Pickering emulsions by water-soluble gold nanoparticles. *K. Yamanaka, K. Naoe, M. Imai1 (Nara Nat. Coll. Technol., JP; 1Nihon Univ., Fujisawa, JP) [399] Abstract

P3.115   Carbon nanotube dispersion for reinforcement of aluminum oxide ceramic matrix. *N. A. Fedosova, K. S. Zaramenskih, P. P. Faikov, N. N. Popova, E. Koltsova, E. V. Zharikov, E. A. Poryseva (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol. Russia, Moskva, RU) [411] Abstract

P3.116   Investigation of effective thermal conductivity aluminum foams. *R. Dyga, S. Witczak (Opole Univ. Technol., PL) [495] Abstract

P3.117   Photocatalytic potential of concrete with TiO2 to reduce the greenhouse gas. *M. S. Cabussú, M. Portella1, K. F. Portella1, P. A. Pereira1, M. M. Bonato1, J. M. D. Silva1, K. F. C. Brambilla1, E. Esmanhoto1, B. L. Medeiros1, D. P. Cerqueira, R. Salles (COELBA, Salvador, BR; 1LACTEC, Curitiba, BR) [513] Abstract

P3.118   Systematic analysis of the behaviour of TiO2 nanotubes prepared by electrochemical anodization. *S. Palmas, A. Da Pozzo, M. Mascia, A. Vacca (Univ. Cagliari, IT) [528] Abstract

P3.119   Electrochemical properties of TiO2 electrode prepared by various methods. *M. Morozová, P. Klusoň, J. Krýsa, M. Veselý1, P. Dzik1, O. Šolcová (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ; 1Brno Univ. Technol., CZ) [788] Abstract

P3.120   Nanoparticles produced by electrospraying method in energy-related applications. *J. Maršálek, K. Zuček, J. Kosek (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [929] Abstract

P3.121   Photocatalytic processes for degradation of endocrine disruptors from wastewater. *L. Spacilova, Y. Maleterova, S. Krejcikova, T. Cajthaml1, O. Solcova (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ; 1Inst. Microbiol., Praha, CZ) [935] Abstract

P3.122   Characterization of surface and internal porous structure of nanoporous materials by high-resolution FE-SEM. *A. Endo, M. Yamada (Nat. Inst. Adv. Ind. Sci. Tech. Cent., Ibaraki, JP) [1022] Abstract

P3.123   Effect of packing type on operational parameters of an amine regenerator column . A. Esmaeili (Islamic Azad Univ., Tehran, IR) [1044] Abstract

P3.124   Preparation and properties of hydrophobic / oleophobic coating materials for glass surfaces. *S. Deniz, B. Bicak, T. K. Kantarci (Yildiz Tech. Univ., Istanbul, TR) [1149] Abstract

P3.125   Synthesis of sphere-like nanoparticles of hydroxyapatite . *T. Dedourkova, J. Zelenka, M. Zelenkova, L. Benes1, L. Svoboda (Univ. Pardubice, CZ; 1SYNPO a.s., Pardubice, CZ) [1198] Abstract

P3.126   Zinс chloride is electrophilic activator in silicone sulfides technology. *R. T. Akhmetova, A. A. Yusupova, A. G. Shamov, V. A. Pervushin, G. I. Tuktarova, A. Y. Akhmetova (Kazan Nat. Res. Technol. Univ., RU) [1218] Abstract

P3.127   New polymers based on ester derivates of vinyl ether of diethylene glycol. D. Adikanova, *A. Shaikudinova, A. Kerimkulova, G. Yeligbayeva (Kazakh Nat. Tech. Univ., Almaty, KZ) [1261] Abstract

P3.128   Characterization of polymers by micro/nano-CT and prediction of their transport properties. *T. Gregor, A. Nistor1, K. Smolna1, J. Chmelar1, A. Zubov1, J. Kosek1 (Univ. West Bohemia, Plzeň, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1332] Abstract

P3.129   Preparation and characterization of the nanostructures based on (Co, Mo, Ti and Si). *A. Boucenna, B. Khalili (Univ. M’Hamed Bougara, Boumerdes, DZ) [1444] Abstract

P3.130   Poly (lactic acid) production for tissue engineering applications. *M. Savioli Lopes, M. S. Lopes, A. L. Jardini, R. Maciel Filho (UNICAMP, Campinas, BR) [1424] Abstract

P3.131   Dental material processing. *R. M. Stevanovic, J. Savkovic-Stevanovic1 (Srbisim, Beograd, RS; 1Fac. Technol. Metall., Beograd, RS) [1461] Abstract

P3.132   Synthesis of polyaniline nanocomposites by using PVA as surfactant in aqueous and aqueous/non-aqueous media. E. Chavooshy, *M. Nasiri Zarandi, H. Eisazadeh1 (Semnan Univ., IR; 1Babol Univ. Technol., IR) [814] Abstract

P3.133   Effect of stabilizer on morphology of polyaniline nanocomposites prepared in aqueous/non-aqueous media. E. Chavooshy, H. Eisazadeh1, *M. Nasiri Zarandi (Semnan Univ., IR; 1Babol Univ. Technol., IR) [849] Abstract

P3.134   Selected surfaces properties of nanostructured polymer foils. *Z. Kolska, V. Svorcik1, A. Reznickova1, J. Siegel1, S. Trostova1 (Purkyne Univ., Usti n/L, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1164] Abstract

Filtration, sedimentation, centrifugation, hydrocyclons

P3.140   Experimental determination of seeds terminal velocity by optical fibers probe. *M. A. Cremasco, G. J. Castilho, E. A. Santos (UNICAMP, Campinas, BR) [242] Abstract

P3.141   Water absorbing material to removal water from biodiesel and diesel. *P. B. L. Fregolente, M. R. Wolf Maciel (UNICAMP, Campinas, BR) [350] Abstract

P3.142   Comparative study of the collection efficiency of nanoparticles of TiO2 by cellulose and polyester filters. *J. V. M. Zoccal, F. O. Arouca1, J. R. Coury, J. A. S. Gonçãlves (UFSC, Sao Carlos, BR; 1UFU, Uberlandia, BR) [650] Abstract

P3.143   Calculation of non-isothermal flow of thin layer of two-phase medium permeable surface. *F. G. Akhmadiev, R. R. Fazylzyanov, R. A. Galimov (Kazan State Univ. Arch. Eng., RU) [693] Abstract

P3.144   Gas dehydration by supersonic swirling separator. *M. Netušil, P. Ditl, P. Stoček1, C. Gonzalez Torrez2 (Czech Tech. Univ., Praha, CZ; 1Ateko, Hradec Králové, CZ; 2Univ. Simón Bolívar, Caracas, VE) [894] Abstract

Symposium on environmental engineering

P3.148   Codigestion of raw sludge and cattle manure: influence of temperature conditions and substrate composition. K. Garcia, *M. Pérez (Univ. Cadiz, ES) [7] Abstract

P3.149   Improving organic matter removal and methane production by temperature-phased anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge: A pilot-scale experience. V. Riau, M. A. De la Rubia1, *M. Pérez (Univ. Cadiz, ES; 1CSIC, Sevilla, ES) [22] Abstract

P3.150   Study of the influence of the hydraulic retention time in the performance of a SBR treating tannery wastewater. E. Balaguer-Arnandis, B. Cuartas-Uribe, *J.-A. Mendoza-Roca, M.-V. Galiana-Aleixandre, M.-I. Iborra-Clar (Univ. Politec. Valencia, ES) [39] Abstract

P3.151   The analysis of temperature redistributions in biomass burner. J. Bartoszewicz (Poznan Univ. Technol., PL) [47] Abstract

P3.152   Dimethyl disulfide: An efficient sulfurizing agent for producing mercury selective activated carbons. N. Asasian, *T. Kaghazchi (Amirkabir Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [82] Abstract

P3.153   Wastewater sewage sludge management: evaluation of the thermal treatment option. *D. Panepinto, G. Genon (Politecnico, Torino, IT) [117] Abstract

P3.154   Adsorption of Cr(VI) by NH4Cl modified activated carbon from aqueous solutions. S. Mohammadamini, *T. Kaghazchi (Amirkabir Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [119] Abstract

P3.155   Artificial neural network model for prediction of PM10 concentration in Tehran urban and comparison with multiple regressions. M. Soltanieh, *P. Moslehi, M. Allahyari (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [122] Abstract

P3.156   Microbial agents for the biodegradation of Metal Working Fluids at flask and bioreactor scale. F. Moscoso, *F. J. Deive, M. Longo, M. Á. Sanromán (Univ. Vigo, ES) [150] Abstract

P3.157   Municipal solid waste leachate treatment using microbial fuel cell. L.-F. Deng, *H.-R. Yuan, H.-Y. Huang, Y. Chen (Guangzhou Inst. Energ. Conv., CN) [154] Abstract

P3.158   Modeling of the fungal growth kinetics in the presence of Ni/Mo spent catalyst -as an inhibitor- at optimal bioleaching conditions. F. Amiri, *S. Yaghmaei, M. Mousavi1, Z. Ghobadi Nejad (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR; 1Tarbiat Modarres Univ., Tehran, IR) [201] Abstract

P3.159   Managing uncertainty in environmental decision-making within ecological constraints - A model based reasoning approach. *C. G. Siontorou, F. A. Batzias (Univ. Piraeus, GR) [288] Abstract

P3.160   Vertical subsurface wetlands for wastewater purification. M. M. Pérez, E. Rosa, J. M. Hernández, F. Tack1, R. Sánchez Morales, *L. E. Arteaga-Pérez (Cent. Univ. Las Villas, Santa Clara, CU; 1Univ. Ghent, BE) [348] Abstract

P3.161   Hydrometallurgical treatment of nickel based secondary raw materials. *B. Marković, V. Matković, M. Sokić, Z. Gulišija (Inst. Technol. Nucl. Min. Raw Mat., Beograd, RS) [354] Abstract

P3.162   Numerical research of aerodynamic characteristics of combustion chamber BKZ-75 mining thermal power station. A. S. Askarova, S. A. Bolegenova, *V. Y. Maximov, A. Bekmuhamet (Al-Farabi Kaz. Nat. Univ., Almaty, KZ) [389] Abstract

P3.163   Adsorption of ion chloride onto micellar compound. A. Djebri, M. Belmedani, *Z. Sadaoui (USTHB, Algier-Bab Ezzouar, DZ) [412] Abstract

P3.164   The study of the properties of fly ash based concrete composites with various chemical admixtures. M. Ondová, *N. Števulová, A. Estoková (Tech. Univ., Košice, SK) [441] Abstract

P3.165   Analysis of the chromium concentrations in cement materials. *A. Estoková, L. Palaščáková (Tech. Univ., Košice, SK) [447] Abstract

P3.166   Prediction of pollutant concentration in Laborec river station, Slovak Republic. *M. Zeleňáková, M. Čarnogurská (Tech. Univ., Košice, SK) [462] Abstract

P3.167   Study of the deterioration of concrete influenced by biogenic sulphate attack. A. Estoková, V. O. Harbulakova, *N. Števulová (Tech. Univ., Košice, SK) [464] Abstract

P3.168   Chemically treated hemp shives as a suitable organic filler for lightweight composites preparing. *N. Števulová, E. Terpáková, J. Čigášová, J. Junák, L. Kidalová (Tech. Univ., Košice, SK) [479] Abstract

P3.169   Measurements of particulate matter smaller than 2.5μm emitted from the burning of the Amazon forest. *M. A. M. Costa, J. A. Carvalho Junior, T. G. Soares Neto, E. Anselmo, J. C. Santos, B. D. A. Lima (UNESP, Sao Paulo, BR) [502] Abstract

P3.170   Utilization of ash from a thermal power plant for ceramic composites. *G. Predeanu, E. Volceanov, T. A. Abagiu, L. G. Popescu1, M. Cruceru1, C. Racoceanu1 (Metall. Res. Inst., Bucuresti, RO; 1C. Brancusi Univ., Targa Jiu, RO) [537] Abstract

P3.171   Assessment of heavy metal content and leaching characteristics of ash from a coal-fired power plant in Romania. L. G. Popescu, M. Cruceru, *G. Predeanu1, E. Volceanov1, T. A. Abagiu1, M. Balanescu2, R. Popa, E. C. Schiopu (C. Brancusi Univ., Targa Jiu, RO; 1Metall. Res. Inst., Bucuresti, RO; 2Univ. Politehnica, Bucuresti, RO) [563] Abstract

P3.172   Adsorption of methyl green on activated carbon prepared from cryogenic grinding used tire. I. Ould Brahim, *M. Belmedani, A. Belgacem, Z. Sadaoui (USTHB, Algier-Bab Ezzouar, DZ) [622] Abstract

P3.173   The ecological and power analysis of industrial production. Y. G. Verkhivker, *R. Shevchenko (Odessa Nat. Acad. Food. Technol., UA) [673] Abstract

P3.174   Optimization of operating parameters for competitive adsorption of heavy metal ions (Pb+2, Ni+2, Cd+2) onto activated carbon. M. Kavand, *T. Kaghazchi, M. Soleimani (Amirkabir Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [677] Abstract

P3.175   Dehalogenation of Sovtol-10 using a no-destructive method: pilot plant design. *M. Zorrilla-Velazco, P. G. Velazco-Pedroso, G. Villanueva-Ramos, H. Van Langenhove1, L. E. Arteaga-Pérez (Cent. Univ. Las Villas, Santa Clara, CU; 1Univ. Ghent, BE) [683] Abstract

P3.176   Study of the mesophilic anaerobic biodegradation of agricultural waste (sugar beet pulp). M. Jimenez-Lopez, *M. Pérez, R. Solera (Univ. Cadiz, ES) [703] Abstract

P3.177   The potential use of soil washing and Fenton oxidation to remediate contaminated soils. *J. M. Rosas, F. Vicente, A. Santos, A. Romero (Univ. Complutense, Madrid, ES) [719] Abstract

P3.178   Electrocoagulation pretreatment of oily wastewater. *O. Škorvan, M. Holba, K. Plotěný, P. Mikulášek1, J. Chýlková1, Z. Palatý1, L. Novotný1 (ASIO, Brno, CZ; 1Univ. Pardubice, CZ) [750] Abstract

P3.179   Development of an in-situ sensing device for the detection of very low concentrated hazardous compounds in sea water . *D. Pupke, B. Rathjen, B. Niemeyer1 (Inst. Coastal Res., Geesthacht, DE; 1Helmut-Schmidt-Univ., Hamburg, DE) [863] Abstract

P3.180   Qualitative characterisation of sediment from the Smolnik creek influenced by acid mine drainage. *M. Balintova, E. Singovszka, M. Holub (Tech. Univ., Košice, SK) [878] Abstract

P3.181   Evaluating health risk of VOC exposure in compost facilities. *R. Aguado, J. F. Saldarriaga1, G. E. Morales1 (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES; 1Univ. Medellín, CO) [914] Abstract

P3.182   Changes of PCDD/Fs concentration during the advanced oxidation of landfill leachates. M. Vallejo, M. F. San Román, *I. Ortiz (Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES) [955] Abstract

P3.183   Assessment of nutrient concentration in reservoir bottom sediments. N. Junakova, *M. Balintova (Tech. Univ., Košice, SK) [964] Abstract

P3.184   Application of hybrid process of coagulation/flocculation and membrane filtration for the removal of protozoan parasites from water. L. Nishi, *A. M. S. Vieira, M. F. Vieira, A. L. Falavigna-Guilherme, R. Bregamasco (State Univ. Maringa, BR) [998] Abstract

P3.185   Chemical oxidation for removal of hydrocarbons from gas-field produced water. S. Shokrollahzadeh, *F. Golmohammad, N. Naseri, H. Shokouhi, M. H. Armanmehr (IROST, Tehran, IR) [1023] Abstract

P3.186   Hybrid process of coagulation/flocculation with Moringa oleifera followed by ultrafiltration to remove Microcystis sp. cells from water supply. L. Nishi, *A. M. S. Vieira, M. F. Vieira, M. Bongiovani, F. P. Camacho, R. Bergamasco (State Univ. Maringa, BR) [1075] Abstract

P3.187   Hydrogen fuel cell with stainless steel bipolar and consideration of copper effect on the performance of bipolar plates. A. Ghadi, *M. B. Limooei, M. Sharifian1, S. Hoseini, R. Mehravar (Islamic Azad Univ., Amol, IR; 1Iran Univ. Sci. Technol., Tehran, IR) [1077] Abstract

P3.188   Removal of cadmium from aqueous solution by adsorption onto micellar compound . C. Oussalah, M. Belmedani, A. Amrane1, *Z. Sadaoui (USTHB, Algier-Bab Ezzouar, DZ; 1Univ. Rennes, FR) [1157] Abstract

P3.189   Removal of phosphate in wastewater using an oyster shell derived CaO. *D. Na-Ranong1, R. Yuangsawad (Rajamangala Univ. Technol., TH; 1King Mongkut’s Inst. Technol., Ladkrabang, TH) [1159] Abstract

P3.190   Trace elements of Kef Es Sennoun natural Phosphate (Djebel Onk, Algeria) and how they affect the various mineralurgic modes of treatment. *N. Bezzi, T. Aifa1, S. Hamoudi, D. Merabet (Univ. Bejaia, DZ; 1Univ. Rennes, FR) [1191] Abstract

P3.191   Development of process for disposal of plastic waste using plasma pyrolysis technology and option for energy recovery. *M. Punčochář, B. Ruj1, P. Chatterjee1 (Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 1CMERI, Durgapur, IN) [1264] Abstract

P3.192   Biodegradation of simulated leachate from tobacco dust waste by indigenous microorganisms. *M. Vuković, I. Ćosić, N. Kopčić, D. Kučić, F. Briški (Univ. Zagreb, HR) [1280] Abstract

P3.193   Modelling of process of biodegradation simulated leachate from tobacco waste. *I. Ćosić, M. Vuković, N. Kopčić, D. Kučić, F. Briški (Univ. Zagreb, HR) [1285] Abstract

P3.194   Effect of winery waste and tobacco waste mixture on composting performance. *N. Kopčić, D. Kučić, I. Ćosić, M. Vuković, F. Briški (Univ. Zagreb, HR) [1292] Abstract

P3.195   Sorption of exhaust gases, CO2 and NH3, during biodegradation of solid waste in reactor system. *D. Kučić, N. Kopčić, I. Ćosić, M. Vuković, F. Briški (Univ. Zagreb, HR) [1298] Abstract

P3.196   Carbon dioxide trapping and hardness removing. *D. Terpougov, G. Terpougov, M. Nosyrev (Mendeleev Univ. Chem. Technol. Russia, Moskva, RU) [727] Abstract

P3.197   Mathematical simulation of pulverized coal in combustion chamber. A. S. Askarova, *S. A. Bolegenova, V. Y. Maksimov, A. Bekmuhamet (Al-Farabi Kaz. Nat. Univ., Almaty, KZ) [656] Abstract

P3.198   Influence of ozonation processes on the microbial degradation of surfactants. M. Lechuga, *M. Fernandez-Serrano, E. Jurado, A. Fernandez-Arteaga, A. Burgos, F. Ríos (Univ. Granada, ES) [766] Abstract

P3.199   Concentrations of HCl, HF and sulfur compounds in fuel gas from fluidized bed gasification of coals and wood by steam-oxygen mixtures. *K. Svoboda, M. Pohořelý, M. Jeremiáš, P. Kameníková, S. Skoblja1, Z. Beňo1, M. Šyc (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ) [1403] Abstract

P3.200   Mass transfer improvement in electrochemical copper recovery using an electrode vibrating system. *M. I. Iorga, N. Mirica, O. R. Pop, D. Buzatu, M. C. Mirica (Nat. Inst. Electrochem. Cond. Matter, Timisoara, RO) [1451] Abstract

P3.201   Removing of nitrates from waste water by using pond culture. J. Palarčík, *E. Erbanová, M. Slezák, P. Mikulášek (Univ. Pardubice, CZ) [1452] Abstract

P3.202   Study of the influence of magnetite size and the magnetic field on arsenic compound type and their concentration. *I. Balcu, A. C. Macarie, F. Fitigau, N. Vlatanescu, U. Zoltan (Nat. Inst. Electrochem. Cond. Matter, Timisoara, RO) [1454] Abstract

P3.203   BIORAF – Biorefinery Research Centre of Competence. *P. Topka, J. Hajšlová1, K. Demnerová1, V. Cepák2, M. Vosátka2, V. Jiricny, Z. Jandejsek3, J. Kopenec4, M. Šmejkal5, P. Kaštánek6, O. Šolcová (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Technol., Praha, CZ; 2Inst. Botany, Pruhonice, CZ; 3Rabbit, Trhový Štěpánov, CZ; 4Agra Group, Střelské Hoštice, CZ; 5Briklis, Malšice, CZ; 6EcoFuel Lab., Praha, CZ) [1495] Abstract

P3.205   Chemical process system toxic effects. *T. Mosorinac, M. Stevanovic-Huffman1, J. Savkovic-Stevanovic2 (Refinery Pančevo, RS; 1Chemem Bartlett, Memphis TN, US; 2Fac. Technol. Metall., Beograd, RS) [1460] Abstract

P3.206   Safety plant design. M. Milivojevic, *J. Djurovic, J. Savkovic-Stevanovic (Fac. Technol. Metall., Beograd, RS) [667] Abstract

P3.207   Safety and environment. J. Djurovic, *D. Brzic, J. Savkovic-Stevanovic, A. Mirkovic, D. Antonovic (Fac. Technol. Metall., Beograd, RS) [1472] Abstract

P3.208   Supervised algorithm and chaotic parameters to detect and quantify adulterations in foods with given minimum information. *J. S. Torrecilla, C. Ceña, G. Matute, C. Calvo, F. Rodriguez (Univ. Complutense, Madrid, ES) [779] Abstract

P3.209   Oil contents of Moringa oleifera seeds at different drying temperatures. M. O. Silva, M. A. Ugri, *M. F. Vieira, R. Bergamasco, A. M. S. Vieira (State Univ. Maringa, BR) [1127] Abstract

P3.210   Performance of fluidized bed reactor with cellobiase immobilized. *M. F. Vieira, J. F. Bernabé, N. Leme, P. W. Tardioli1, G. M. Zanin (State Univ. Maringa, BR; 1UFSC, Sao Carlos, BR) [934] Abstract

P3.211   Effect of biomass high-frequency pre-treatment on combustion characteristics. I. Barmina, *A. Lickrastina, M. Purmalis, M. Zake, R. Valdmanis, J. Valdmanis, A. Arshanitsa1, V. Solodovnik1, G. Telisheva1 (Univ. Latvia, Salaspils, LV; 1Latv. State Inst. Wood Chem., Riga, LV) [1462] Abstract

P3.212   Effect of main characteristics of pelletized renewable energy resources on combustion characteristics and heat energy production. I. Barmina, *A. Lickrastina, M. Zake, A. Arshanitsa1, V. Solodovnik1, G. Telisheva1 (Univ. Latvia, Salaspils, LV; 1Latv. State Inst. Wood Chem., Riga, LV) [1463] Abstract

P3.213   The application of polyaniline/polyvinyl alcohol composite for adsorption of arsenite from aqueous solutions. *S. M. Borghei, M. Y. Roghani (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR) [1505] Abstract

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