Strategic Goals

The enormous expansion of human population and industrial production has led mankind to be aware that economic motivation only is insufficient for the further industrial development and may even represent a danger for the future of human existence.

This recognition has resulted in the formulation of the concept of sustainable development. Subsequently, CHISA Congress within all its topics and specialised symposia supports the concept of sustainability in chemical engineering and industry.

Congress Structure

The Congress is structured as follows:

Organisation of Scientific Program

For the general organisation of the scientific program refer to the Table "Organisation of Scientific Program". Letters A - K refer to parallel sections and lecture rooms. Numbers 1 through 8 indicate a number of the half-day in which the paper is located (the first on Monday morning, the eighth on Thursday afternoon). The Final program is available; you can check the Author Index when looking for a particular author.

Plenary Lectures

Morning sessions start with two parallel plenary lectures delivered from 8.30 to 9.15 h.

Lecture and Poster Sessions

Eleven parallel lecture sections will take place during each half-day. Lecture sessions: 9.30-12.30 h. and 14-17 h. Poster sessions will take place the whole day from 9.30 to 17 h. Authors should attend their posters at least from 9.45 to 10.45 and from 14 to 15 h.

Congress Topics

Original contributions, process applications, case histories, state-of-the-art papers and company profiles will be presented in sessions on

Reaction Engineering
Separation Processes and Equipment
(session on Membrane processes is promoted by the EFCE WP on Membranes)
Hydraulic Processes and Equipment
Heat Transfer Processes and Equipment
Phase Equilibria and Physico-Chemical Properties
Process System Engineering
General Topics

For details see the Table "Organisation of Scientific Program".

Specialised Symposia

Symposium on Environmental and Safety Engineering

Organised in co-operation with the EFCE Working Parties on Environmental Protection and Loss Prevention, EPSC - European Process Safety Centre, and CCPS AICHE - Center for Chemical Process Safety of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Scientific Committee: J. Venselaar, H. J. Pasman, J. Calzia, J. Weaver, J. Skarka, J. Horak, M. Puncochar

Topics: Integrated safety and environment management systems Cleaner and sustainable processes Material properties and characterisation Recycling, recovery and reuse of materials Products life cycle Hazard identification and risk assessment Vapour cloud dispersion UVCE and BLEVE accidents Emergency process shut-down Management of changes Accident investigation Emergency preparedness

3rd Conference PRES 2000 - Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction

Chairmen: J. Klemes, P. Stehlik --- Scientific committee
International Scientific Committee: S. Clave, K. Edelmann, C. A. Floudas, Z. Fonyo, F. Friedler, R. Gani, A. Gorak, J.-P. Gourlia, G. Gruhn, T. Gundersen, C. W. Hui, B. Kalitventzeff, P. Kapustenko, P. Miszey, M. Narodoslawsky, S. Pierucci, R. W. Pike, P. Pilavachi, V. Plesu, L. Puigjaner, D. Reay, R. Smith, M. Sorin, B. Thonon, D. Tsahalis, K. Urbaniec, V. Wadekar, G. Wozny, X. X. Zhu

Topics: Energy saving technology Combined process heat transfer and process integration Process integration for sustainable development Waste minimisation Heat utilisation in waste treatment Batch processes Dynamic and flexible plant operation Industrial & experimental studies Industrial application Optimal design Batch processes Advanced design

Workshop with software demonstration, exhibition and thematic presentation will be organised. The selected papers will be published in special thematic issues of Applied Thermal Engineering, Waste Management, and Heat Transfer Engineering.

Symposium on Electrochemical Engineering

Organised in conjunction with the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE), and EFCE Working Party on Electrochemical Engineering.

Scientific secretary: K. Bouzek

Topics: Electrochemical reactor design and mathematical modelling Batteries and alternative power sources - materials and process development Electrocatalysis - theory and practice Environmental protection and decontamination General session

Selected papers will be published in Chemical Engineering Journal.

Symposium Powder technology - future trends

Organised by the EFCE Working Parties on Comminution and Classification (Chairman E. Forssberg), Agglomeration (Chairman K. Sommer), Characterisation of Particulate Systems (Chairman K. Leschonski) and Mechanics of Particulate Solids (Chairman J. Novosad)

Topics: Environmental consequences of particulate solids processing New solutions to old problems in powder technology Contribution of powder technology towards sustainable technologies Future outlooks

Symposium on supercritical fluids

Organised in co-operation with the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Scientific secretaries: H. Sovova, I. Wichterle

Topics: Thermodynamics and physico-chemical properties Extraction and fractionation of natural products Reactions in supercritical fluids Chromatography and analytical SCF extraction Other applications

Symposium on computational fluid dynamics

Scientific secretaries: J. Kosek, D. Snita

Scientific Committee: F. J. Muzzio, R. O. Fox, J. Drahos, Z. Jaworski, H. E. A. Van den Akker, B. H. Hjertager, A. Brucato, J. Bertrand

Topics: General papers Mixing processes Multiphase problems Heat and mass transport Applications for reaction engineering Microtechnology

Distillation Symposium

Organised in co-operation with the EFCE Working Party on Distillation, Absorption and Extraction

Scientific Committee: A. Brambilla, E. Eckert, A. Gorak (co-chairman), J. Jelinek, W. Meier (co-chairman), L. Spiegel (co-chairman)

Topics: Column internals: trays, random and structured packings Hydraulic behaviour efficiency and mass transfer Commercial aspects Case histories debottlenecking Experimental techniques
Simulation of the distillation process: Advanced fundamentals Methods Emerging problems Data acquisition Software Commercial information Full size applications Dynamics and control Training Optimisation Teaching

Chemical technology for sustainable future

Scientific Committee: J. Koubek (Chairman), J. Skarka (co-chairman), B. Bernauer, J. Hanika, V. Macho, J. Mikulec, L. Nemec, J. Paca, J. Pasek

Topics: Inorganic and organic chemical technology Petrochemistry Polymers Oil and gas processing Bio, agro and food technology High performance material science and engineering

Chemical engineering education in the 21st century

Organised in co-operation with the EFCE Working Party on Education

Scientific secretary: V. Machon

The ideas for teaching the various branches of chemical engineering in the future will be presented and discussed at the symposium. Special emphasis will be given to the contribution of chemical engineering to the development of sustainable technology and product design and how these subjects should be taught.

Main topics for discussion: The proportion of theoretical and practical work in university chemical engineering education Optimisation of chemical engineering education with respect to the dramatic increase of new knowledge, disciplines and societal demands

Symposium on sorption, mass transport and catalytic phenomena in microporous membranes and related materials

Scientific secretaries: B. Bernauer, M. Kocirik

Scientific Committee: J.-A. Dalmon, J. Kaerger, M. Eic, M. Derewinski

Topics: Materials: microporous matrices and composites Synthesis and modification Characterisation and experimental techniques to investigate structure, surface chemistry, sorption and mass transport Theory of sorption and mass transport Catalytic functions Mechanical and thermomechanical properties Application in membrane, sorption and catalytic processes

Sets of Summaries with Preprints on CD-ROM

Summaries of lectures are grouped thematically into five Sets numbered from 1 to 5 and distinguished by colour cover. Each set contains also the summaries of posters displayed in one particular poster session. One selected Set and the Set 5 are included in the registration fee. The selected set will be provided with a CD-ROM containing the full texts of all lectures and posters submitted to the Congress.

Extra sets of summaries without CD-ROM may be purchased at the Congress at a price of 10 EUR/each and extra CD-ROMs at a price of 20 EUR/each. The summaries and CD-ROMs can also be ordered after the Congress by contacting the CHISA 2000 Organising Committee.

Full Texts

Full texts of individual papers may be purchased at the Congress as print-outs from the CD-ROM at a price 0.15 EUR/page.

Publication Policy

The full texts on the CD-ROM are the Congress preprints. Proceedings of the CHISA Congress will not be published. Therefore, authors are free to publish their contributions at will after the Congress.

3rd EFCE Discussion Forum on Research Support, Education and Sustainability

A special section will be organized to host the 3rd EFCE Discussion Forum on Research Support, Education and Sustainability under the chairmanship of Professor K. R. Westerterp, President of EFCE. Dr. J. Novosad will be Forum scientific secretary to whom all correspondence should be addressed.

The Forum will consist of:

Exhibition MARCHES 2000

The Exhibition MARCHES 2000 - MARket of CHemical Engineering and Services will take place on Tuesday, 29 - Thursday, 31 August in the entrance hall of the Congress premises. Standard exhibition booths (stands) of approx. 5 m2 floor area will be available. A Catalogue of exhibitors will be distributed to all Congress participants (within the Set 5 of summaries).

An interest in exhibiting at MARCHES 2000 should be indicated on the Registration Form. All those interested in MARCHES 2000 shall receive more detailed information thereafter.

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